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  • Sword of the Yue Maiden – Part 1


    Updated 5:59 pm

    Translation by Jenxi Seow. “After you.” “After you.” The two swordsman pointed the tip of their swords downwards. With the right hand holding the hilt, they wrapped their left palm over the right hand and bowed deeply in salute. Before either of them straightened, there was a sudden flash of white light was followed by […]

  • Sword of the Yue Maiden index


    Updated 5:35 pm

    We have two translations of the Sword of the Yue Maiden on WuxiaSociety. The older translation was originally published on another site by an anonymous translator, and was later reposted here in 2015. The new translation is a WuxiaSociety translation done by Jenxi in 2022. It is an ongoing work and you can support it […]

  • War of the Immortals Millenniums ago somewhere in the Seventh Heavens of the Immortal Realm on a lofty peak that was surrounded by three spectacular waterfalls from the floating islands above. This was the renowned Three Isle Heavenly Lofty Peak. At the lofty peak were a hundred immortal practitioners from a hundred immortal sects and […]

  • Prelude to Battle Heavens The towering pristine mountains stood in front of the meditating Yi Ping but he was clearly not in the mood to admire the breathtaking views. Two days had passed after the battle with the three Arhat Practitioners of the Enamel Sect. Although still battle weary, Yi Ping had almost fully recuperated […]

  • The Heaven Sundering Divine Calamity Yi Ping shouted coarsely, “Lele, let them go and I mean now! Or you will surely die!” He could barely stand but his eyes were firm and fierce! Yixian, Lingfeng and Lie Qing were startled for they had never seen Yi Ping with such a fierce expression before! Lele muttered […]

  • The Goddess of Mercy versus the Goddess Asura The Goddess Asura hummed coldly as she stepped forward, “So you are hankering over the Celestial Alice Divine Sword. Do you think that I will allow you?” The Goddess of Mercy smiled coldly as she began to take rapid steps forward, “Did you just say that you […]

  • The White Sage But before Yi Ping could contemplate further Lord Tian Zhong had swung his long scepter at him! Yi Ping took a quick glance at Lele, Lie Qing, Lingfeng and Yixian as he shook his head before he raised the Celestial Alice to say aloud, “I am alright. I have recovered half of […]

  • The Eight Heavenly Dragon Generals Yi Ping was dumbfounded by the sight that was in front of him as he stepped forth from the shimmering portal! Ahead of him were lush meadows and rolling grasslands with lofty mountains behind. It was a sight that he had not seen for a long time and it reminded […]

  • The Guardian of the Tenth Floor The curtains were made from the outer garment of the maidens and were fastened together by their weapons. It was not the weird make shift curtains that got Yang Min’s attention nor was she attentive to the others that were at the other side of the curtains. It was […]

  • The Peacock Heresy It took Yi Ping, the Universal Old Man, the Goddess Aiel, Han Lin, Yixian, Youxue, Shi Shi, Jing’Er and Yang Min a good one hour to finally reach the other end of the platform! While the Goddess Isa, Lele, the Celeste Wind Maiden and Lingfeng were watching at a safe distance, they […]

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