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We have WuxiaSociety’s translations, official texts, and works hosted on external sites. With uncertainty hanging over some of the other sites, we are collecting translations to host them on WuxiaSociety. Let us know if you think a particular wuxia translation should be listed here.

External translations are done by fans and posted on other sites. These are often forums that are not optimised for reading and commenting on novels. Many of these sites run on outdated software and have a risk dying off like one of the many that litter the wuxia fan site graveyard.

Moving those translations to WuxiaSociety is a big undertaking as it requires contacting the translators (many of whom are no longer active on those forums), collating the translations, and, ideally, editing them for quality and accuracy. The novels were often casual translations by several people with no consistency in style and terms used making them rather disjointed when combined.

We have also listed the official books, for those of you who prefer translation authorised by the authors. These are Amazon affiliate links, meaning if you purchase anything on Amazon via the links, we earn a commission that goes to maintaining the website.

Jin Yong aka Louis Cha #

Known as one of the Three Xiake侠客 – xiákè. A person who engages in chivalrous acts. of Wuxia, Jin Yong is considered a pioneer in modern wuxia literature and a titan in the world of wuxia pop culture. Learn more about Jin Yong on his profile.

External translations


Official books

Gu Long aka Xiong Yaohua #

The youngest of of the Three Xiake of Wuxia, Gu Long was the most prolific. His novels employ short sentences and paragraph, relying heavily on dialogues. Unlike the other two Xiake who weaved Chinese history and culture into their writing, Gu Long focused on idiosyncrasies of life, wit, philosophy, and plot filled with mystery and thrill.

His works have been adapted into television series and films. He later started a film studio to produce adaptions of his own works.


Lu Xiaofeng

Xiaoli Feidao

Qizhong Wuqi

Official book

Liang Yusheng aka Chen Wentong #

One of the Three Xiake of Wuxia, Liang Yusheng is credited as the pioneer of new school wuxia literature. He infused historical elements in his stories and his peers such as Jin Yong later followed his style that has come to define the genre.

His works have seen numerous movie adaptations. However, the translations of the books are lacking. Something we hope to rectify in the future.

External translation

Downloads #

While we try to optimise the website for the best reading experience, we understand that some of you prefer to read offline using your favourite ebook app and device. So we have created ebooks of the fan translations in both .epub and .mobi formats.

Jin Yong

  • The Book and the Sword
    《書劍恩仇錄》EPUB · MOBI
  • The Legend of the Condor Heroes
    《射鵰英雄傳》EPUB · MOBI
  • The Return of the Condor Heroes
    《神鵰俠侶》EPUB · MOBI
  • The Heaven Sword and the Dragon Sabre《倚天屠龍記》EPUB · MOBI
  • A Deadly Secret
    《連城訣》EPUB · MOBI
  • Ode to Gallantry
    《俠客行》EPUB · MOBI
  • Laughing Proudly at the World
    《笑傲江湖》EPUB · MOBI
  • The Deer and the Cauldron
    《鹿鼎記》EPUB · MOBI

Gu Long

Liang Yusheng

  • Legend of the White-Haired Demoness
    《白髮魔女傳》EPUB · MOBI
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