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An overview of wuxia translations on this site.

This page lists all the wuxia translations loved by the community. We have translations done by the WuxiaSociety team, official texts, and works hosted on external sites. Let us know if you think a particular wuxia translation should be listed here.

By WuxiaSociety.

Our in-house fan translations are web pages that come with annotation to let you easy refer to footnotes while you read. Due to popular demand, we have also added other existing fan translations as web pages, however they are not annotated for the time being.

All these web pages are optimised to be easily read on all devices.

External translations

External translations include official and fan translations.

We have linked you to external sites where you can buy the official translations. You can also read fan translations by translators who are not affiliated with us. These fan translations have also been made available as ebook downloads for those of you who prefer to read offline.

Jin Yong novels

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  • Off-site translations
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The Book and the Sword – 書劍恩仇錄 | 书剑恩仇录

The Legend of the Condor Heroes – 射鵰英雄傳 | 射雕英雄传

Flying Fox of the Snowy Mountain – 雪山飛狐 | 雪山飞狐

The Return of the Condor Heroes – 神鵰俠侶 | 神雕侠侣

Other Tales of the Flying Fox – 飛狐外傳 | 飞狐外传

Blade Dance of the Two Lovers – 鴛鴦刀 | 鸳鸯刀

The Heaven Sword and the Dragon Sabre – 倚天屠龍記 | 倚天屠龙记

A Deadly Secret – 連城訣 | 连城诀

Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils – 天龍八部 | 天龙八部

Ode to Gallantry – 俠客行 | 侠客行

Laughing Proudly at the World – 笑傲江湖 | 笑傲江湖

The Deer and the Cauldron – 鹿鼎記 | 鹿鼎记

Liang Yusheng novels

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  • Off-site translations

Huang Yi novels

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  • Off-site translations

The Search for Qin – 尋秦記 | 寻秦记

Gu Long novels

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  • Off-site translations

Poise of the Famed Sword – 名劍風流 | 名剑风流

Joyous Hero – 歡樂英雄 | 欢乐英雄

Big Shot – 大人物

Heroes Shed No Tears – 英雄無淚 | 英雄无泪

The Legendary Twins – 絕代雙驕 | 绝代双骄

Righteous Blood Cleanses the Silver Spear – 碧血洗银枪 | 碧血洗银枪

Seven Assassins – 七殺手 | 七杀手

Sword of the Third Young Master – 三少爺的劍 | 三少爷的剑

Sword and the Exquisiteness – 名劍風流 | 名剑风流

Lu Xiaofeng series

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  • Off-site translations

The Legend of Lu Xiaofeng – 陸小鳳傳奇 | 陆小凤传奇

Embroidery Bandit – 繡花大盜 | 绣花大盗

Before and After the Decisive Battle – 決戰前後 | 决战前后

Silver Claw Gambling Den – 銀鈎賭坊 | 银钩赌坊

Mansion of Spirits – 幽靈山莊 | 幽灵山庄

Phoenix Dances in the Ninth Heaven – 鳳舞九天 | 凤舞九天

Laugh of the Sword God – 劍神一笑 | 剑神一笑

Xiaoli Feidao series

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  • Off-site translations

Sentimental Swordsman and the Ruthless Sword – 多情劍客無情劍 | 多情剑客无情剑

Border Town Wanderer – 邊城浪子 | 边城浪子

Flying Eagles of the Ninth Month – 九月鷹飛 | 九月鹰飞

Qizhong Wuqi series

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Xiao Shiyilang series

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  • Off-site translations

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