About WuxiaSociety.

We are a community of wuxia lovers.

The site has been around since 2007. It was one of the several wuxia communities that I frequented back then. One day, the site disappeared without warning.

The other wuxia sites died one after another. I build websites as a hobby and to make a living. When I noticed that the domain was available. I decided to attempt reviving the community that I cherished.

Many translation works have been lost when sites die and bring all the precious translation and community content with it. It is a constant struggle to preserve the history of the online wuxia community in time where data is ephemeral.

Some communities jumped to the (then) new and exciting world of Facebook pages and groups. Only to discover that the data and content belongs to the social network and is not portable.

This site will continue the legacy of its predecessor by being a community of wuxia fans, for wuxia fans.

WuxiaSociety mission.

WuxiaSociety’s mission is to provide the most comprehensive information about wuxia, and strive to present good quality wuxia translations in English.

This brings wuxia to non-Chinese speaking audience and broadens the exposure of a genre in a genre that is deeply rooted in Chinese culture.

WuxiaSociety vision.

WuxiaSociety wants to let the world understand Chinese culture better through the shared love and passion for the wuxia genre.

Wuxia stories are set in ancient Chinese societies and immerse the readers in the Chinese traditional culture. The popularity of the genre in the Chinese diaspora has elevated wuxia into a pop culture status in the modern day.

Perhaps with greater understanding, it will help to promote awareness and acceptance of cultural differences.

I love wuxia.

I’m Jenxi, the guy who revived WuxiaSociety. I volunteer my free time and fork out my own money to keep this website and community going.

A big thank you to the donors who have chipped in to help keep us going over the years. It helps lighten the burden. More importantly, it is a pat on the back for me. A sign that my time and effort spent gained some recognition.

You can help us by making a donation or simply spread the word and be an active member of our community.



We are looking for individuals who are able to read and write well in English and Chinese to help in translating wuxia novels. If you are keen to contribute to the community, let us know.


If you are working on your wuxia novel, translations or fan-fiction, we would like to feature your work. We are accepting submissions for both English and Chinese works. Get in touch.