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WuxiaSociety aims to provide encyclopaedic information and good wuxia translations in English. This is to give wuxia greater exposure to non-Chinese speaking audience and promote interest in a genre that is deeply rooted in Chinese culture.

Many translation works have been lost when sites die and bring all the precious translation and community content with it. We are doing our best to preserve the history of the online wuxia community.

I love wuxia.

We volunteer our free time and fork out our own money to keep this community going. A big thank you to the donors who have chipped in to help keep us going.

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Like you, I love wuxia. I work on these wuxia translations in my free time and pay for the web hosting bills from my own pocket. I do this out of my passion for the wuxia genre, and to promote the genre to English-speaking readers. I choose to keep the site ad-free to provide the best reading environment for you.

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