Xiao Feng

Xiao Feng was the charismatic chief of the Beggars’ Sect and possessed strong leadership qualities, and exceptional prowess in martial arts.

He falls from grace after he is revealed to be a Khitan, and after he is wrongly accused of murdering several fellow martial artists to conceal his identity. He becomes an outcast and the prime enemy of the Han Chinese wulin (martial artists’ community). He is forced to sever ties with them and engages them in a one-man bloody battle in which he kills many, including some old friends and acquaintances.

Qiao Feng leaves to verify the claims that he is a Khitan and investigate the mysterious murders. He is accompanied by A’zhu, who is in love with him and stands by him. After a long journey in disguise, he finally concludes that he is indeed a Khitan and he assumes his ancestral name “Xiao Feng”. Tragically, he makes a major blunder after being tricked into believing that Duan Zhengchun (A’zhu’s father) is responsible for his parents’ death. He kills A’zhu by mistake, who is in disguise to defend her father.

Xiao Feng regrets and has since left Song territory with A’zi, A’zhu’s younger sister, whom he had promised to take care of. A’zi has a strong crush on him, but Xiao Feng does not like her at all for her mischievousness and sadism. Xiao Feng wanders into Liao territory, where he becomes a powerful noble after forging a strong friendship with the ruler, Yelü Hongji. When Yelü Hongji decides to invade Song, Xiao Feng attempts to dissuade him as he still values his past relations with the Han Chinese. Ultimately, Xiao Feng commits suicide to prevent war between Song and Liao after taking Yelü Hongji hostage and making him swear that he will never invade Song for as long as he lives.