Jin Yong factions

See: Jin Yong factions

The factions in Jin Yong novels are loosely related across different novels.

Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils

See: Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils factions

  • Shaolin Order (少林派)
  • Beggars’ Guild (丐帮)
  • Xiaoyao Order (逍遥派)
  • Deaf Mute Sect (聋哑门)
  • Lingjiu Palace (灵鹫宫)
  • Duan Clan of Dali (大理国段氏)
  • Murong Clan of Gusu (姑苏幕容氏)
  • Mantuo Manor (曼陀山庄)
  • Wuliang Sword School (无量剑)
  • Shennong Guild (神农帮)
  • Valley of Ten Thousand Calamities (万劫谷)
  • Penglai School (蓬莱派)
  • Qingcheng School (青城派)
  • Western Xia First-rank Hall (西夏一品堂)
  • Bull Subduing School (伏牛派)
  • Dalun Temple (大雪山大轮寺)
  • One Character Hui Sword School (一字慧剑门)
  • Heroes’ Manor (聚贤庄)
  • Mount Heaven Order (天山派)
  • Kunlun School (昆仑派)
  • Tiantong Temple (天童寺)
  • Alliance of the Thirty-six Caves and Seventy-two Islands (三十六洞七十二島)
  • Qin Family Stronghold (秦家塞)
  • Qingliang Temple (清凉寺)
  • Ruan Family of Hubei (湖北阮家)
  • Crimson Flame Cave (赤焰洞)

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