A Martial Odyssey Book 3: The Stellar Sanctuary Chapter 83

Floor 100th

There was a bright stellar light and soon after, the group found themselves in a gigantic white gold hallway surrounded by huge monuments of giant beasts, many which they had not seen before. 

Yi Ping was the first to recollect his wits and asked, “We are now in the 100th floor of the Stellar Sanctuary?”

Lele gasped weakly as she nodded. It was obvious that the effort of transmigrating so many people had sapped her strength.

Yi Ping quickly caught hold of her as he asked, “Lele, you are alright?”

Lele closed her eyes for a while as she nodded again. 

Yi Ping knew that she was trying to restore her vital energy flow and could not speak. Without a word more, he quickly hit several times on her back to infuse to her his internal strength.

At the same time, everyone was wobbly collapsing on the ground or was exercising their internal strength to adapt to their new surroundings. Transferring through the Stellar Sanctuary like this, was taxing for everyone.

Only Xian’Er, Nuwa and the rest of the other Immortals who were of the Seventh Immortal Positioning were not so affected by the wobbly experience and they were now looking and keenly inspecting at their surroundings.

The Goddess Celestial Alice said melancholy, “So this is the 100th floor. The floor that the Dark Chaos Lord went to and had never returned…”

The Goddess Isa was equally melancholy as she stared blankly at the hallways…

The Martial Sage gasped out in astonishment at the magnificent white gold hallway. It was unlike any that they had seen so far.

Even the Celestial Liege commented, “Magnificent! Beautiful!” 

Ye Ling smiled, “Indeed!” 

All of a sudden Lele began to cough aloud and everyone was looking in her direction. It seemed that she had regained her vital strength as she began to laugh jovially as she lifted her large scythe around her with just her three right fingers and patted hard on her Divine Echo, “We are finally on the 100th level floor now!”

Lie Qing immediately caught the blade of her large scythe with her two fingers as she growled, “Watch where you swing that thing. I am not worried if you injured anyone accidentally but if you tore my clothing and make me embarrassed then I will slap you, even if you are my dear sister!” 

Yi Ping said at the same time, “Lele, do you need more rest? You have exerted quite a bit…”

Lele grinned wryly, “Oh, um, oh!”

Lie Qing furrowed coldly, “What is up with this oh, um and oh! Can’t you say something intelligent?”

But Lele continued her pretense as she shook her head, “Oh, um, oh!” 

Lie Qing shook her head in resignation, “I’ll give up on her! Yi Ping, settle her yourself!” 

The Heavenly Pagoda King looked at the Nirvana Heavenly Queen as he asked, “Is that some kind of a secret divine code?”

The Nirvana Heavenly Queen stared at him, “My foot! You are self-delusional.”

The Heavenly Pagoda King looked at the Avant-garde Heavenly King and the Formosa Heavenly King and they were all muttering secretly. To them, it must be some kind of a divine code! 

They were now on the 100th level floor now and they must not miss any clues to obtain the Essential Righteous Energy of the Great God Pangu! 

Lele was the Alma of the Great God Pangu so therefore she must have already known quite a bit about the 100th floor! 

Even the Great Khan Heavenly King was murmuring, “Oh, um, oh!…”

Mei’Er giggled as she whistled, “Oh, um, oh!…”

Han Lin and Aiel were also muttering to each other, “Oh, um, oh!…oh, um, oh!”

Aiel gasped suddenly, “When the Great God Pangu created the Three Known Realms, legends say that the first sound he made is Ohm!” 

The Goddess of Mercy Xiang gave Aiel a strange look as she tried to pull a solemn face, “Yelp, that’s right.”

Lingfeng secretly moved her lips to whisper to her Dual Celestial counterparts, “Lele, look what you have done! Thanks to you, the whole party is confused now.”

Lie Qing whispered to them, “She just enjoying it. Just ignore her. Yi Ping is so smart. He isn’t even trying to entertain her.”

Lele whispered jovially, “Because I like. Oh, um, oh!”

Nuwa whispered teasingly, “Oh, um, oh!”

This time Yi Ping grumbled back, “Not you too, Nuwa…”

Nuwa whispered, “Now I finally got your attention!”

Alice whispered coolly, “You are all attention seekers. I can’t believe it.”

Nuwa raised her eyebrows as she whispered back, “Don’t tell me you are not interested to seek Yi Ping’s attention?”

Alice hummed coldly aloud as she raised her divine voice, “We are all ready to proceed?”

Yi Ping suddenly said, “Wait! Yu’Er and Mei’Er…”

Yu’Er and Mei’Er were startled as they looked at each other before looking at Yi Ping curiously. It was because they found it weird that Yi Ping would call them suddenly out of the blue. They asked, “Yes Master Yi Ping?”

Yi Ping smiled weakly. After all these years, he still could not get used to them calling him Master Yi Ping in such a polite manner. After all six years ago, they had already remembered who they were; they were the Eclipse and Axis Heaven Goddess, the most exalted of all the celestial practitioners. They did not need to bow or be humbled to anyone. But they had remained very humble. 

He sighed softly for he had remembered as Eclipse and Axis Heaven Goddess, they used to be so aloof and exalted. But Yu’Er and Mei’Er had rarely made mention of their previous past, even though they had already regained their previous memories due to their ten thousand years of cultivation. 

Yi Ping smiled at them as he reached for his pouch, “Yu’Er, I want you to take this Immortal Quintessence Pearl and Mei’Er, this Fire Sanctorum Pill is for you.” 

Yu’Er and Mei’Er were surprised as they said together, “This is for me? But why?”

All the others were also startled and were surprised.

Nuwa said coolly, “These two divine pills are two of the rarest under the heavens and you are giving to them just like this?”

Yi Ping answered coolly as he held the two pills, “I am afraid that other than Yu’Er and Mei’Er, none of them are able to absorb the fiery and the icy essences of these two divine pills.”

Xian’Er nodded, “That is true. Yu’Er and Mei’Er have ten thousand years of practice each. Moreover, they have already mastered the Dual Inertness Intricacy and are able to absorb the essences of the heavens, earth, the sun and the moon.” 

Nuwa smiled, “Sister Fantian, have you forgotten that the two of us are also qualified to take it. Imagine this, if we can both take one pill each then sooner or later, we will also be able to reach the Ninth Immortal Positioning. When that day comes, even the Great Rift God Xuan Yuan and the World Ruler Fu Xi will have to think thrice before they would want to offend us!”

She lifted her fingers and pointed wildly, “I have the Chaotic Desolate Force and I am sure that I can absorb the Fire Sanctorum Pill without any problem. As for Sister Fantian, for sure you can use your Creation Universal Force to absorb the Immortal Quintessence Pearl!” 

Xian’Er smiled gently, “That may be the case but even for us, there are still considerable risks for us. But for Yu’Er and Mei’Er, due to their bonding together, they will be able to aid each other for the Fire Sanctorum Pill and the Immortal Quintessence Pearl are the extremes of each other.”

Nuwa laughed softly, “If these two young lasses can be compatible, so can we. We have known each other for such a long time already…”

Xian’Er smiled weakly, “It is not a matter how long we have known each other. Our intricate energies practices are different. If you or I would run into difficulties, so who can aid us?”

Nuwa protested weakly, “Naturally it will be the Great God Pangu!…”

Yi Ping interrupted with a quiet smile, “I will find a better one for you next time. These pills may or may not be able to aid you. It is better to be careful.”

Nuwa sighed softly, “Well, if you say so…”

Actually the rest of the group was also all looking covetously at these two pills but as they knew that Yi Ping would not give it to them and there was no reason for him to do so, so they could only watch quietly.

Yi Ping put the two divine pills in Yu’Er and Mei’Er hands, as he urged them with a smile. “Quickly take it. I would like to see what effects those wondrous pills have on you!”

Mei’Er laughed softly as swallowed the Fire Sanctorum Pill, “Master Ping, you are so bad. You just want to use us as your guinea pigs!”

Yu’Er laughed as she took the Immortal Quintessence Pearl, “Unfortunately sister, that is our fate.”

As soon as Yu’Er and Mei’Er had taken the pill, Yi Ping had struck them on their shoulders, starting them!

He moved his lips as he said secretly to them, “Yu’Er and Mei’Er, I am whispering to you via the Great Whispering Skill. The others who are lower than my divinity won’t be able to hear me. I have infused my Essential Righteousness Energy into your body to aid you. Just focus on amalgamate the divine pill into your body.”

Yu’Er and Mei’Er nodded quietly as they began to exercise their internal strength. Barely had it began, it was done!

Their countenances were glowing and their transformation was startling!

The Lord Supreme gasped, “Yu’Er and Mei’Er, you have reached the peak of your divinity!”

Lingfeng laughed softly as she clapped her hands, “Good! Then I have some company when I am in the Immortal Realm!”

Yu’Er nodded as she looked at Yi Ping with appreciative eyes, “The Heaven Sundering Divine Calamity will descend upon us soon and it is all thanks to you…”

Mei’Er muttered softly as she tried to suppress her tears, “We can join Master Ping in the Immortal Realm too…no not yet! After the Heaven Sundering Divine Calamity…”

Yi Ping patted her on her head as he stood towering over her, “Mei’Er, soon. I am sure destiny will surely permits it…”

He sighed softly as he added, “After all, it has been a long time ever since to this day.”

Mei’Er looked melancholy into his eyes as she saw the reflection of the White Sage in his eyes. It was soon followed by her very own reflection as the Axis Heaven Goddess. Indeed, that was a long time ago…

She looked at him as she held his fingers with both her hands, “Master Ping…”

These six years seemed to fly in a blink of an eye. When she had first met Yi Ping, he was just a thin young man. Over the years due to the numerous tough fights that Yi Ping had, he had grown into a muscular young man, although his long sleeves hid his slow transformation. 

But Mei’Er had always been attentive to him and was aware of his slow transformation.

Yu’Er tapped Mei’Er gently as she smiled to her sister, “Some things are better left unsaid.” 

Yi Ping forced a smile as he said, “I wonder where we are? I hope that this time that we are at the Life Gate, then we can get to the epicenter without a single fight.”

Lingfeng laughed softly, “So what are we waiting for then? So let’s us explore the 100th level!”

Even Xiao Ping was howling loudly in excitement! 

The Goddess Celestial Alice nodded lightly as she walked sexily across the hallway as she snapped her fingers, “This may be our greatest battle ever and the trials on this level won’t be any easier. I am ready but what about the rest? If anyone is afraid, you can remain where you are and waited for the Stellar Sanctuary to time up.”

The Goddess Isa laughed softly, “I love challenges. Needless to say, I am going to continue!”

The Western Paradise Heavenly King banged his golden rod on the floor with a large treble as he laughed, “Even though I know that the trials will be formidable, I am still going forward. I am just wondering if Yi Ping dares to bring us along?”

The Jade Emperor stroked his long beard as he looked at Yi Ping, “Surely you are not thinking of going off on your own?”

Everyone was looking at Yi Ping now. It was because none of them wanted to be one to be left out even if it meant that they would perish!

The ultimate prize for witnessing the true mystery of the Stellar Sanctuary was simply too much for everyone to bear!

Yi Ping grinned, “Of course not…”

All of a sudden Yi Ping stopped in his tracks as he saw the Great Khan Heavenly King flashed into the passage in front of them!

Just as Nuwa and Alice were about to go after the Great Khan Heavenly King, Yi Ping said to them without any expression. “Let him go. It doesn’t matter.”

The Formosa Heavenly King was outraged as he shouted, “That traitor!”

All of a sudden, the mocking thunderous voice of the Great Khan Heavenly King could be heard via the Thousand Miles Resonant Skill, “You are all so foolish! Fools! By going in such a large group, you are only making the trials impossible to overcome! If you are wise, you will break into smaller groups or even venture alone! The trials of the Stellar Sanctuary exist for only the individuals. There is only one Great God Pangu and the first one to obtain the Great God Pangu’s Life Force will be the true Great God Pangu! Needless to say, I will be the one and only chosen Great God Pangu!…”