A Martial Odyssey Book 3: The Stellar Sanctuary Chapter 82


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The Secrets of Immortality

When Yi Ping opened his eyes, he found himself looking the glaring light of the heavens and by the aromatic grasses that were around him.

He was startled by the affectionate cries of a dozen maidens that were surrounding him, everyone was trying to talk to him excitingly at the same time!

“Yi Ping! Ping’Er, you’re awake!”

The Universal Old Man could be heard saying over his top, “Look at this scene! We are his brothers yet we cannot even be the first to greet him!”

The Celestial Liege was heard, “He is my worthy opponent. How can he die just like this?”

Aiel was overheard saying, “Men, go away!”

Yi Ping was wobbly as he touched his head, “How long have I been unconscious?”

Xian’Er smiled gently as she touched his face gently, “It has only been just a little while.”

Yi Ping was startled as he looked around him; the surroundings were serene and there were grasses and flowers everywhere!

Lingfeng kicked him gently, knowing what he was thinking. “It has miraculous appears shortly after the Heaven Sundering Divine Calamity. It was a pleasant surprise to us as well. It is really so beautiful…”

Yi Ping touched his forehead as he muttered, “I have reached the Ninth Immortal Positioning now…”

Alice smiled gently at him as she extended a hand to lift him up, “I am curious. How do you feel? What exactly is the Ninth Immortal Positioning?”

Yi Ping looked up at the Goddess Celestial Alice, “Ziyan…”

This Maiden Ziyan was actually the Goddess Celestial Alice. She was the first immortal that Yi Ping had met even though at that time he was not aware who she was. 

Alice asked shyly, “Yes?”

Yi Ping halted for a while before he smiled weakly, “Nothing…oh yes, you ask about the Ninth Immortal Positioning? It is actually the Heavens and Earth as one. It is what you have instructed me in the past…”

All of a sudden Alice gave him an embrace as she fell onto him, her eyes were beaming as she murmured. “Yes, you have truly become one with the heavens and the earth. It is easily said than done and you have done it.”

Nuwa laughed, “As far as I know, he is only the forth to attain the Ninth Immortal Positioning, unless I have missed anyone in my long sleep!”

The Great Khan Heavenly King was curious to ask, “Only three? Who are they?” 

Nuwa yawned softly but she replied him nevertheless, “They are naturally the Great Rift God Xuan Yuan, the World Ruler Fu Xi and the Great God Pangu. Are you thinking that you can be one of them? I can tell you, you can dream on. This is something that even millions of Desolate Immortals have tried but failed and I am not even saying they can even hope to attain to the Eighth Immortal Positioning!”

The Great Khan Heavenly King looked down shamefully but he was not the only one. The Jade Emperor and the other Heavenly Kings were all shifting uncomfortably. That was because after they had witnessed the descend of the Heaven Sundering Divine Calamity, they were all stunned by its ferocity and they were all asking the same question, “The Ninth Immortal Positioning seems impossible to overcome. Is it even possible for us to attain to the Eighth Immortal Positioning?”

Nuwa gleefully said, “Hmph, the lot of you can’t even imagine all the ten dimensional space and how it is related to the Immortal Positioning. The Great God Pangu is the first one that could comprehend the imaginable into the surreal space…”

Xian’Er panicky interrupted, “Lady Nuwa, you are revealing too much of the secrets of Heavens and you will only harm them.”

Nuwa turned flustered as she panicky said, “Did I say something?”

She smirked coldly as she stared with cold malevolent at the Great Khan Heavenly King, “Very well then, I shall obliterate you first so that you will not reveal Heavens’ secrets…”

The Great Khan Heavenly King took panic steps backward as he said panicky, “No wait! I didn’t hear anything at all!…”

Xian’Er said quietly as she interrupted Nuwa, “That is enough, Lady Nuwa.”

As sudden as the cold malevolent had stirred, it was gone in the next instant. She quickly smiled as she groaned, “That reminds me of something that I have to do.”

All of a sudden, she raised her fist and knocked against Yi Ping’s head, stunning everyone!

Han Lin gasped out, “What are you doing? Are you trying to kill him?”

Yi Ping coughed out weakly as he looked blankly at Nuwa, blinking his eyes…

All the other maidens were surrounding Yi Ping protectively now!

Lingfeng shot Nuwa an angry glance, “Hey, what are you doing?”

Xian’Er asked gently, “Lady Nuwa, why did you hit Yi Ping for?”

Nuwa hummed coldly, “Why are everyone panicking for? He deserves a lesson!”

Yi Ping blinked at Nuwa, “I did something wrong?”

Nuwa pretended to be upset, “What else? Let me tell you. Why didn’t you consume the Fire Sanctorum Pill and the Immortal Quintessence Pearl? Do you know that these two divine pills can protect you against the elements?”

Yi Ping stared weakly at the Nuwa, “I didn’t know and you didn’t tell me earlier…”

Youxue felt wobbly as she stared at Nuwa in disbelief, “Why didn’t you tell Yi Ping earlier?”

Everyone was staring at the Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa and they were all thinking the same too! 

Nuwa blinked at them as she rebuked them gently, “I didn’t? Shouldn’t you all high immortals have any common sense to tell? Alas, I forget. Our divinity has such a wide gap that it is impossible for anyone of you to think the same as me. Oh well, never mind then!”

What could the rest of them do but to smile weakly at her? 

The Western Paradise Heavenly King was growling, “What does this have to do with common sense? Did someone just give us a slap on our face?”

Yi Ping quickly bowed with his hands, “Senior, Nuwa really don’t mean it. She is always careless with her choice of words…”

The Western Paradise Heavenly King growled again but he did not pursue further. Because he could see that the other Heavenly Kings were looking weakly at him as though they were all saying to him, “Even if this is an insult but what can we do? Can we fight her? She is a Desolate Immortal of the Eighth Immortal Positioning and she can whack us anytime.”

It was not impossible to defeat her, given that there were so many of them but they had to sacrifice half of them. The real question was; who was going to be the sacrificial lamb first? Obviously none of them wanted to be one therefore the majority of them had chosen to keep quiet over it! 

The Sacred Embodied Heavenly Goddess smiled, “Of course