A Martial Odyssey Book 3: The Stellar Sanctuary Chapter 80

The Heaven Sundering Divine Calamity

Multiple purple lightning crackled thunderously above the dark skies as the mountains itself were shaking violently!

Only Yi Ping was left standing in the midst of the howling winds and the relentless tremors. It was because he had said to the group, “Go and seek refuge in the cave over there. This is my battle only. If you wish me well then don’t come anywhere near me!”

At the edge of the cave, the Goddess Isa pursed her lips as she clenched the sides of the Dragon Silver Robe, “Yi Ping, why didn’t you want to take my robe…”

Yunzi sighed softly, “I don’t think it may do any good for him and may even be a hindrance for him.”

Yi Si muttered, “Father…”

Xian’Er, Nuwa, Ye Yin, Lie Qing, Lele, Yu’Er, Mei’Er and all the maidens that love him were now praying anxiously for him!

Xian’Er was trembling as she murmured silently, “Ping’Er, you must be strong. If something happens to you, I really don’t know what to do next…”

Suddenly Yi Ping had raised his thumb to her as he nodded at the same time. It was as though that he could hear her silent words amidst the maddening howling winds.

Reluctantly, Xian’Er nodded as a tear dropped onto the ground. She gasped silently, “I am crying? My years of emotionless meditation have actually comes to naught…”

Yu’Er and Mei’Er looked at each other as they lowered their heads, unable to bear witness to the sorrow that they were sensing from her heart…

The Jade Emperor and the other Heaven Kings on the other hand were all watching nervously but for entire different reasons. They were now witnessing a super divine calamity known as the Heaven Sundering Divinity Calamity and this would gain them valuable insight for their own progression! 

Nuwa sighed softly, “We can only watch this now. Not that we are able to help him but if we were to assist him, then this will only increase the wrath of the Divine Calamity and will only be detriment to him. He can only undertake this alone.”

Lele had turned completely ashen and she was deadly solemn. Because she was Yi Ping’s Alma, she could feel the terrifying wrath of the Heavens and the fear that was in Yi Ping’s heart.

She asked quietly, “I have an ominous feeling. What is it that is to come…”

Nuwa replied quietly, “There are three calamities that are to come, one more dangerous after the other. The first one that is to come is the Purple Lightning Calamity. The second forthcoming will be the Golden Lightning Calamity. Yi Ping will be able to pass the Purple Lightning Calamity with his present strength but for the second one, this will depend on his luck.”

Lingfeng was startled as she asked with trembling voice, “Luck? What do you mean? What is this Golden Lightning Calamity?” 

Nuwa answered melancholy, “The Golden Lightning Calamity is the most powerful of the lightning calamity that can consume even a Ninth Positioning Immortal. We call it the Three Asunder Lightning. So what do you think?”

Lingfeng was startled, so were everyone that had overheard it! 

She stumbled for words, “But Yi Ping is only at the Eighth Immortal Positioning! This is the impossible!”

Alice murmured softly, “There is a huge gap between the Eighth and the Ninth Immortal Positioning. Right now, Yi Ping is going against the natural laws of the Heavens as he attempts to overcome his own limitations. If he can succeed then he would be able to attain to the Ninth Immortal Positioning. Naturally, this is not going to be any easier. We can only let Heavens decide his fate.”

Youxue stared coldly at Alice, “You sound like he is an outsider. Or is it because you have chosen to spirit link to him because you think that he is the future Great God Pangu? If he perishes, then are you going to say it is too bad and you will be off to wait for the next future Great God Pangu?”

Alice looked gently at Youxue as she said quietly, “What makes you think that I am composed? Just because I am looking composed? I am not. I just don’t know how to love another. That is our way…”

She paused before continuing, “That is my way for countless millenniums. I…I like him…”

She corrected herself as she hold he hands to her bosom, “I love him whether he is the future Great God Pangu or not. Whether you believe it or not, it doesn’t matter to me.”

Youxue and everyone else were all startled by Alice. They did not expect Alice to profess her affection for Yi Ping so openly.

Youxue muttered, “Sorry, I am a little too rush. I didn’t know better.”

The Goddess Isa heaved melancholy, “Alice is better than me in many ways. Now I know why the Dark Chaos Lord has picked her…now I know why Yi Ping has chosen her…”

Lingfeng turned to Nuwa to ask, “I can only imagine the Golden Lightning Calamity now. What about the third calamity then?”

Nuwa smiled weakly, “The third calamity of the Heaven Sundering Divine Calamity can take many forms. No matter what form the third calamity will take, it will be even more formidable than the Golden Lightning Calamity for sure…”

All of a sudden, the entire heavens exploded thunderously!

Three brilliant purple lightning had zapped from the heavens above and had struck Yi Ping as the ground around him exploded in upheaval, causing plummets of ashes and debris to fill the entire vicinity!

Everyone gasped but they were quickly able to see a golden aura around Yi Ping, an illusion created by the manifestation of his Invincible Divine Force. 

Yi Ping gasped as the ground beneath him seemed to have sunk after he was struck by the three purple lightning. He felt wobbly after the tremendous impact but he stood his ground and he knew that this was only the start. 

He thought, “I am now experiencing the Heaven Sundering Divine Calamity. This is only the beginning and I already feel like my strength is been drained away…”

Indeed, these three purple lightning had the power to cause any practitioners that had less than the Seventh Immortal Positioning to turn ashes immediately!  

But Yi Ping refused to falter in his will and focused his martial power to execute the Thousand Weight Fall as the fierce howling winds were now threatening him to lift him up to the skies!

He shouted to the heavens as he mustered his entire martial power to stabilize himself against the furious windforces that were threatening to seize him, “I am waiting!”

As though the heavens could hear him, it answered with hundreds of lightning that flashed across the entire heavens and the ground around him exploded thunderously as lightning strikes flashed from the heavens to the earth!

Yi Ping clasped tightly the Celestial Alice and the Fantian Sovereign; he knew that he was now going to battle against the elements of the Heavens as he prepared for the next befalling calamity.

All of a sudden the purple lightning in the dark heavens above, turned golden and the thunders that were generated were so terrifying, so deafening that anyone that was hearing it could feel as though a thousand arrows had pierced through their hearts!

Yi Ping’s fingers were trembling at the deafening thunders and the golden flashes of lightning!

His resolute will begin to falter as he raised all his martial power to embrace it. 

His first thought was, “These golden lightning must be even more powerful than the purple lightning. Can I trust my Golden Invincible Force to protect me from it? There must be something that I can do?”

As he thought of this, his will automatically reacted as guided by the Dark Emperor Artefact that was in his veins as he lifted his martial power again, causing the air around him to explode into explosive martial bursts!

Even Yi Ping did not know why he had done so for he was reacting to the powers above as he utilized the hidden Universal Force and the Desolate Force that were within him!

Those were the strengths of Xian’Er and Nuwa! 

All of a sudden, a golden dazzling light exploded from within him and this became the tenth hovering golden disc!

Through the joining of Lie Qing with him as one, his potential in the Golden Invincible Force had also increased and now his body was automatically reacting to all his natural potentials to embrace the forthcoming calamity!

A golden lightning with multiple forks as brilliant as the sun exploded thunderously from the heavens and flashed on Yi Ping in the next instant, raining golden lighting strikes that torn the mountain sides asunder and the entire ground was literally sundered unrecognizable into a furious blizzard of flying debris! 

Yi Ping screamed aloud as the golden lightning struck him, breeching through his Golden Invincible Force as he kneeled onto the ground. He coughed a bout of blood as he thrust the Celestial Alice and the Fantian Sovereign into the ground as support or else he would have been hurled into the fierce vortex above him!

Before he could recover his senses, the heavens above roared again as a second golden lightning thundered above him and had flashed down onto him in the next instant!

This time, his Golden Invincible Force was broken and was dissipated as he coughed out another bout of blood!

Yi Ping found his visions grew dim and he was dazed as his blood began to reverse through his heart!

His martial power had been broken through as the golden lightning pierced through his very soul, showing him no mercy!

He murmured weakly to his two divine swords, “Is this going to be my last?”

His two divine swords began to shake furiously in his hands as though they were answering him. They began to resonant beautifully and in his ears floated the apparition melody tunes that were sung by Yu’Er and Mei’Er to him previously. 

He muttered, “Yu’Er, Mei’Er…your melodies are ever so refreshing in my heart…”

Somehow his heart found courage again and he was lifted by the apparition music. When his visions had cleared, he was startled that to find the resonating divine swords of Yu’Er and Mei’Er, the Harp Whisperer and the Lyrical Whisperer to be positioned next to his divine swords!

The apparition melody tunes were real and had come from the Harp Whisperer and the Lyrical Whisperer!

He murmured, “Has Yu’Er and Mei’Er heard me and their divine swords have flown to my side?”

But to his startled surprise, the Harp Whisperer and the Lyrical Whisperer vanished all of a sudden in front of him!

He muttered, “It is only an illusion?”

He wiped the golden blood from his lips as he struggled to stand again as he shouted to the heavens, “Is that the best that you can do?!”

The Heavens did not take long to show its wrath as hundreds of golden lightning thundered and flashed like hundreds of golden dragons above! 

Yi Ping closed his eyes briefly to meditate, “My divine swords seem to be telling something. Can this be?…”

He fluttered his eyes opened as he lifted his two divine swords. He had a new insight as he began to incite the intricate formula of the Exalting Obliteration as he exercised his intricate energies to form the intricate sword energies of the sword technique that he had created a while ago, the ‘Thousand Memories Swords’!

As he swung the Celestial Alice and the Fantian Sovereign Swords, one phantasm white sword after the other sprung from the ground after the other until there were eight beaming white swords that stood upright in a wide circle around him!

Yi Ping willed all his focus on one of the white phantasm sword until it took the shape of the Divine Constellation Sword, the divine sword of the Goddess Isa! 

He was surprised that it could really take the shape of the Divine Constellation Sword! 

He uttered, “The Divine Constellation Sword is of the lightning element and it can summon lightning. Now that Isa has just sanctorum released the sanctorum power of the Divine Constellation Sword, this may help…”

He was suddenly interrupted by the thunderous descending golden lightning that was so bright that it was like a thousand suns!

Immediately, he swung the two divine swords that were in his hands as he displayed dozens of strokes to lift the phantasm Divine Constellation Sword and the seven other phantasm swords, to fly up to the heavens above him!

As the phantasm Divine Constellation Sword speed upward, the other seven phantasm white swords caught up with it as it merged into it! 

It was in time as the Divine Constellation Sword intercepted the golden lightning that was flashing down. The impacting conflict between the Divine Constellation Sword and the Golden Lightning were so thunderous that it exploded into a brilliant golden sun, shaking the heavens and the earth so violently that it seemed to be the end of the world! 

Yi Ping was flung to the ground by the powerful shockwaves that were being generated. He was gasping as he thrust the Celestial Alice into the ground so that he would not be sucked into the vortex above him, “I…I have made it!”

The onlookers in the cave were all stunned. They seemed to have recognized the familiar shape of the Divine Constellation Sword in the thick smog just before it disappeared in mid-air when it struck the golden lightning! 

Yi Ping had used the Thousand Memories Swords to create a spiritual element of the Divine Constellation Sword. He had never thought that this was possible but after seeing the phantasm form of the Harp Whisperer and the Lyrical Whisperer, he had decided to take a gambit to do so. 

At this moment even he did not know how he was able to accomplish it. But one day, he would know that this was only possible because of the affectionate love of the divine swords’ mistresses that were for him. The divine swords and their mistresses had divine harmonized together as one, their wills are as one and they are as one with Yi Ping as well! 

But still, the brilliant thunderstorms above Yi Ping did not go unabated even though it had turned to white now. Now dozens of tornadoes with spiraling lightning around it could be seen all over the vicinity and seemed to be heading to his direction!

Yi Ping was startled, “What is this phenomenon?!”

But even before he got the time to contemplate, the smog and the thunderstorms had merged into the shape of a monstrous monster!

Just when Yi Ping thought that he was seeing things, this monstrous monster swiped its huge paws against the side of the mountains with such tremendous power that it caused the cliff to asunder!  

Now even the entire ground was cracking under its heavy weight! 

Yi Ping was stunned for this monstrous monster was as big as a hill and it was more formidable than anything that he had fought. 

He stared unbelievably at this monstrous form, “Is it even possible to defeat it?”

He was not the only one who was having the same thoughts; the rest of the onlookers in the cave were all stunned, even the Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa and the Jade Emperor! 

Yu’Er gasped, “What is that monster?”

Xian’Er said quietly, “That is the Heaven Sundering Monster. It is created by the Heaven Sundering Divine Calamity.”

Youxue stammered in shock, “How can everyone defeat anything this big? If he can then he would have already reached the top of the Stellar Sanctuary!”

Nuwa answered softly, “Need luck and plenty of luck.”