A Martial Odyssey Book 3: The Stellar Sanctuary Chapter 78

The Monster Bestial Typhon

The gigantic black obsidian door was pushed opened by a gentle tap. Almost immediately a hot howling wind was felt rushing through!

Hundreds of sphere of hovering lights were lit from within immediately, revealing a monstrous dark shape immediately; it was a huge stooping dark giant measuring 10m, with eight bulky arms and a golden horn on its forehead!

It opened its jaws as it exhaled breath of dark diaspora. All of a sudden a hidden eye in its forehead blinked opened, causing an air of fear, desperation and nausea to sweep into the hearts of everyone that looked into it! 

Nuwa gasped, as Alice behind her and this was followed by the other Heavenly Kings behind!

Even the battle hardened Western Paradise Heavenly King expressions were twitching; such was the effect of the terrifying presence of this monstrous giant! 

The Goddess Aiel tumbled weakly into a startled Han Lin who quickly called out to her, “Mistress, are you alright?”

Aiel muttered weakly, “I…I am alright…I have never seen anything like this before…”

The Universal Old Man muttered, “What is that…”

He was trembling and so were the rest!

The Martial Sage panicked called out, “Xian’Er, be careful. There is still time to turn back…”

But Xian’Er turned around to give him a gentle smile, “My destiny is in my hands.”

Nuwa inhaled hesitatingly, “This is a Typhon monster, one of the most powerful desolate monsters that exist since the beginning of time!”

Alice nodded warily, “It is extremely powerful and its strength is not beneath a divine beast!”

Xian’Er said, “I am afraid, it is even more…stronger.”

Yi Ping nodded, “That may be so but I am not afraid of it.”

Nuwa and Xian’Er looked at Yi Ping with a smile as they said almost at the same time, “I think the same as you.”

Nuwa said, “Do you know what I am thinking?”

Xian’Er nodded quietly but did not reply her; the two of them were willing to sacrifice themselves to pave the way for Yi Ping. It was because they believed that he was the inheritor of the mantle of the Great God Pangu.

Nuwa smiled at Xian’Er as she murmured, “Is that so? So you are thinking the same as I too.”

Yi Ping asked gently, aware of what was exchanged between them as he was focused on the foe in front of him. “Are we ready?”

Xian’Er replied, “I am ready.”

Nuwa giggled softly, “I am already ready. What takes you so long?”

At the same time Lingfeng, Alice and Lele had already formed a side by side line behind them as they chorused almost at once, “We are also ready!”

“Wait a minute!”

It was Mei’Er and she was accompanied by Ye Yin and Yu’Er!

Yi Ping was startled but he quickly smiled, “So it is my Mei’Er the Axis Heavens Goddess.”

But he was soon solemn as he said sternly, “Mei’Er, go back!”

Lingfeng gave them a reproaching look, “Don’t come near us or it will only distract us!”

Ye Yin laughed softly, “We are here to help. No one can sense the slightest movements as good as any of us. We will relay the information to you, just to be doubly sure.”

Yu’Er smiled gently, “Eyes can be deceiving. You have to rely on us. Our Dual Inertness Intricacy senses the slightness exchange between the material and immaterial. Mistress, what do you think? We are able to help and we want to help.”

Xian’Er appraised Yu’Er and Mei’Er for a while before she gave them a broad smile, “Indeed. Your divine state in the Dual Inertness Intricacy has surpassed new heights. I am afraid that I won’t be able to handle the two of you as easily as before.”

Yu’Er and Mei’Er broke into grins as they winked to the rest that were behind them. They were extremely delighted that their protégé mistress was praising them!

The Avant-garde Heavenly King began to mimic Yi Ping as he rubbed his nose, “How I wish that I am a protégé of the Great Goddess Fantian. These two little maidens are so interesting…”

The Formosa Heavenly King raised his eyebrows as he muttered, “I have never heard of you taking an interest in anyone. Moreover, you have only known them for such a brief time.”

The Avant-garde Heavenly King gave a weak smile as he whispered to him, “You are talking too much!”

Yi Ping raised his voice, “Then it is settled. Let’s go in now!”

Xian’Er and Nuwa nodded as the three of them stepped past the gigantic entrance at the same time!

A blinking golden light was seen briefly as they entered inside; this was an indication that they had entered a sealing celestial formation that was within!

As soon as they entered through the gate, the Typhon began to roar thunderously as it readied a charge! 

Yi Ping took a quick look at his surroundings and with a single glance he had noted all the spaces of his possible maneuvers. This inner chamber was much large than it had looked from the outside. 

Almost immediately, Alice whispered. “It is preparing to charge at you. Don’t let it touch you or it will be terrible. Its charge can kill instantly. Also it is almost impervious to most attacks. You must find its weakness as fast as possible!”

Lele’s startled voice could be heard, “Almost impervious to most attacks? Why didn’t you say so earlier?”

Lingfeng’s alluring soothing voice could be heard, “Lele, it is only to be anticipated. This is the same as our past battles. Don’t distract them and focused on more what is at hand.”

Yi Ping had mustered his Golden Invincible Force as nine wisps of faint golden lights began to hover rapidly around him, “I will distract it upfront…”

Xian’Er immediately said as she flashed right, “I will flank it to find its weakness.”

At the same time, Nuwa smiled as she flashed to his left. “Good. Let see who will be the one that can find its weakness first!”

As the Typhon bellowed loudly, a ring of tremendous force exploded around it as pebbles flew at tremendous speed all around!

Yi Ping raised the Celestial Alice in front of him, willing the nine hovering golden wisps to in front as it seemingly formed the shape of a golden hexagon shield that deflected the speeding pebbles!

Xian’Er nimbly evaded all the pebbles, deflecting all the speeding pebbles with her sword. She had only a single vital breath and she was not going to execute her Divine Emerald Force against such puny attacks!

Nuwa deflected the speeding pebbles with her sleeves as she murmured, “It is going to charge at you now, Yi Ping!”

Indeed the Typhon was upon Yi Ping in an instant!

Yi Ping slashed furiously at the Typhon but all his attacks deflected off its hide, imploding into brilliant sparks. He was not surprised but he was nevertheless startled. It was because that was already all the martial strength that he could muster!

Lele shouted panicky in his ears, “Ping’Er! Watch out for its arms! Disengage immediately!”

Yi Ping quickly swung his swords around, just in time to avoid eight simultaneous pounding fists around him that imploded into pillars of explosive forces all around him!

Xian’Er gasped as she flew into the back of the Typhoon as she slashed furiously but in vain!

Lingfeng shouted panicky, “Sister Xian’Er, it is aiming at you!”

Almost immediately the Typhon had turned slightly around as it punched its muscular fist at Xian’Er, who flipped dexterously around its gigantic arm, even as a tremendous force exploded all around!

It was akin to a gigantic version of the Ultrapowerful Force as the air exploded thunderously! 

Yi Ping raised his swords over him to shelter against the tremendous windforces that were imploding around him he continued to zigzag around the Typhon, even as he gasped. “Xian’Er!”

But Xian’Er tiptoed onto the arm, then the shoulder, followed by the head of the Typhon as she evaded the furious explosions all around her. “Ping’Er, I am alright. Watch out too!”

Nuwa raised her palm to strike against the Typhon but her attacks were like a soft stick against a hard rock!

Alice whispered to her, “It’s no good. Even the sanctorum strengths of the divine swords are futile against it, much less your palm attacks…”

Nuwa whispered back, “I know, I know. But I don’t have any divine swords…”

All of a sudden a golden beaming light flashed past and struck the body of the Typhon next to her!

It was Youxue who had thrown her divine sword!

Alice whispered to her, “We know. Your Alma wants me to say to you; you can borrow her Divine Nine Cauldron for the time being!”

Nuwa immediately picked the divine sword as she puffed out, “Why, thank you! Much appreciated!”

Immediately, she had unleashed nine golden bursts of stellar light on the Typhon, as half the body of the Typhon imploded into a thunderous burst of explosion, causing it to shriek in deafening pain that sent multiple waves of shockwaves all around!  

She gasped out as she almost exhausted her last vital breath, “Yi Ping! It is up to you now!”

All the onlookers were stunned and overwhelmed by the Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa sudden show of strength as they all secretly thought, “So that is the difference between an Eighth Positioning Immortal and us. So that is really her true strength! She has only one vital breath of strength and she is able to unleash such power?!”

Perhaps the most startled were the Heavenly Kings, their jaws almost dropped as they stared in disbelief when the huge body of the Typhon had received such an astounding amount of impact!

Even though the Typhon was still largely unscathed and unaffected but all the Heavenly Kings that had previously fought against her, thought panicky. “The difference between an Eighth Positioning Immortal versus a Seventh, Sixth Positioning Immortal did not seem that great when we fought her. If she had leashed this power in the Pangu Monument, then won’t we already be a goner already?”

Yi Ping was also startled at the power display of the Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa but he had quickly regained his composure. He had remembered how she was able to slay a Heavenly King outright when she had the chance. He sighed softly, “We have never stood a chance against her in the first place…luckily she is on the same side as us.”

Actually the Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa was also secretly startled. She had never expected that she would be able to unleash the sanctorum power of the Divine Nine Cauldron Sword! 

She was able to feel the soothing strength of the Divine Nine Cauldron Sword as it coursed through her. She took a glance at Youxue who nodded at her. She thought, “She is the mistress of the Divine Nine Cauldron but she is willing to lend me the ownership of her divine sword…”

The Typhon was completely enraged as stood upright as it punched its way all around. All of a sudden, its golden horn began to glitter as sparks of purple lightning began to form around it, generating intense pressures that grind pebbles to powder to dust immediately!

Purple lightning!

That was the strength of the most powerful of the Lightning Calamity and this monster was able to unleash it!

With just a single vital breath or less, none of them would be able to survive the full strength of the Purple Lightning Calamity!

Alice gasped, “The Purple Lightning Calamity! Avoid it all costs! Everyone, brace for the worst!”

Lingfeng voice turned weak, “At this distance, even we will be hit by the Purple Lightning Calamity. This piece of cheating monster…”

The Jade Emperor shouted, “Everyone back! Run as fast as possible! I will fight the Purple Lightning Calamity!”

The Western Paradise Heavenly King slammed his golden rod as he summoned nine hovering blue discs. His expression was solemn as he said, “I will not flee.”

Lie Qing smiled as she brandished her divine sword as she summoned seven hovering blue discs, “I will not flee too.”

It was obvious to everyone that Lie Qing had insufficient strength to summon the full strength of her Invincible Divine Force!

Xingyue flashed in front of her as she said gently, “Heh. Don’t forget about me. I have always wanted to test my Divine Rejuvenation Force against the most powerful of the Lightning Calamity. The rest of you have better fled. There is no space for weaklings here!”

The Goddess Isa and the Goddess Asura broke into smiles as they said together, “Who is the weakling here?”

The Goddess Isa shrugged her shoulder as she smiled, “My Divine Constellation Sword is of the lightning element. I am not so worried…”

Asura said quietly to her, “If you are planning to draw all the lightning to yourself then you will surely incinerate to nothingness. I can’t allow that.”

Isa smiled, “Isn’t that good? One less rival for you.”

Asura fingered her divine staff, “One less good rival. It is really bad for my future attainment. Why should I let you achieve nirvana and be remembered by the Great God Pangu forever? I can’t allow that!”

Isa brushed her golden streaks of braided hair, “That will depend if you are able to be faster than me or…Alice.”

Asura laughed softly, “We are all at the Seventh Positioning and are equally headstrong. Good!”

The Goddess of Mercy Xiang laughed softly as she raised her Heavens Sundering Mirror, “Don’t forget about me. How I hate the two of you, leaving me out just like this as though I am a lowly immortal, Hmph!” 

Yunzi and Youxue smiled at the same time, “Don’t forget about us as well!”

The Universal Old Man, the Martial Sage, Skylord Jun and the rest were stunned that none of the maidens seemed to be willing to flee while there was still time…

The Lord Supreme was shouting panicky, “Yu’Er, Mei’Er! Ye Yin!”

But Yu’Er, Mei’Er and Ye Yin were fully immersed in coordinating with Alice, Lingfeng and Lele as their voices could be heard, “Yi Ping, to the left two steps! Sister Xian’Er, an attack from behind! Nuwa, an attack is coming from your left in 2s, another attack is coming in 4s from your left…

The energy sense of Yu’Er, Mei’Er and Ye Yin were simply astonishing. It was obvious that they had awakened their seventh senses!

Alice, Lingfeng and Lele were so trustful of their warnings that they were simply repeating after them! 

All of a sudden Ye Yin cried out, “Correction, ask Yi Ping to back off immediately…Sister Xian’Er, what are you doing?…”

Everyone was startled by the sight of Xian’Er flying straight in front of the electrifying field of the Typhon’s golden horn as she evaded several attacks with astonishing speed!

And so was Yi Ping!

They had a startled expression when they caught sight of each other appearing at the same location!

Suddenly Xian’Er had raised her Icy Heavenly Tears to strike against the golden horn as she unleashed the Absolute Defense Stance of the Divine Emerald Force, as electrifying shockwaves ignited into several thunderous explosions!

At the same time, Yi Ping had slammed his two divine swords straight into the golden horn of the Typhon!

Yi Ping acted purely on instinct, guided by his natural battle sense. He knew that while the golden horn was the strongest armor of the Typhon but somehow when he saw the purple lightning that was generating, he instinctively felt that maybe that could also be the best timing to strike… 

The electrifying and explosive shockwaves were so powerful that anyone that had less than the Seventh Immortal Positioning was knocked down to their feet and it was like the entire ground was moving up and down! 

But the unbelievable thing had actually happened!

The Celestial Fairy alias the Great Goddess Fantian and Yi Ping had stopped the Purple Lightning Calamity right in its track and had blown up the golden horn of the Typhon! 

Like a fallen angel, an unconscious Xian’Er dropped from above!

Yi Ping quickly caught hold of her in mid-air as he kissed her as he transferred his vital breath to her!

He willed panicky to her, “Xian’Er, Xian’Er! Our destiny has not ended yet!”

As he landed panicky, he had completely forgotten about the Typhon that was behind him!

Everyone was gasping!

Alice had turned ashen immediately as she charged through the gate, “I am not going to be here anymore!”

She was followed by Lingfeng, Lele, Yu’Er, Mei’Er, Ye Yin, Xingyue, Youxue, Yunzi, Isa, Asura and Xiang! 

Even Aiel and Han Lin had rushed through the gate!

At this moment, none of them cared for their own personal well-being anymore! 

It was because they knew that Yi Ping had almost exhausted his vital breath and he could no longer fight!

If he was not around anymore, then these maidens would rather perish together with him! 

But luckily, the Typhon behind him had suddenly turned to stone!

Nuwa crumbled wobbly next to Yi Ping, “We have won! How is the Lady Fantian?”

She appeared to be shocked when she saw that Yi Ping was kissing Xian’Er, “What are you doing?”

Xian’Er opened her eyelids slightly; she had found herself in Yi Ping’s arms and they were kissing. She began to flush shyly as she gasped, “Ping’Er…”

Yi Ping was delighted, “Xian’Er, you are alright…”

All the maidens looked at each other mischievously as they chorused together, “What else? They are kissing!”

Yi Ping and Xian’Er turned their heads aside immediately at the same time but they knocked clumsily at each other, causing them to flush even hotter!

Nuwa muttered as she placed her fingers on her lips, “This is…kissing? Interesting…”

All a sudden the stoned Typhon behind them crumbled into dust as a brilliant feather floated above them, together with several beaming objects!

But the object of attention was actually the feather for that was the Feather Sword Shard!

One by one, the maidens were staring at it as the same question floated silently, “This Feather Sword Shard, who will Yi Ping give to?”