A Martial Odyssey Book 3: The Stellar Sanctuary Chapter 55

The Second Feather Sword Shard

The archway of this passage was even grander than the earlier levels and instead of gold and white, was cobalt blue and white.

Yi Ping muttered, “It is beautiful…”

The Goddess Celestial Alice smiled, “But it is also dangerous. I have never been past the 80th level.”

Skylord Jun agreed, “I am sure of it too.”

Everyone was slightly surprised that the Skylord Jun was actually the first to agree with Alice. It seemed that after they were grouped together for a while, their animosities were no more!

The Goddess Isa and the Goddess Asura were with them and they knew the reason; in the trials of the Stellar Sanctuary they had all learnt new respect for each other!

Their group was lively and despite their weariness, they were all energized by the presence of each other, especially by Yi Ping and Yixian!

Everyone was interested to know what had happened to Yixian and what exactly had happened during their separations!

Yi Ping and Yixian hastily spent some time doing quick explanations even though they were on the brink of exhaustion but the joyous sight of everyone had kept them going!

Ye Yin stared at Yi Ping in disbelief, “So in the end, it is Sister Lie Qing that end up saving your group? And not you?”

Yi Ping protested weakly with a weak sigh, “Just one little bit more, I can bring that Guardian Divine Naga down but at the last moment, I have completely lost all my strength…”

At this Lingfeng became upset as she knocked Yi Ping’s head, “You thick head! You are already so exhausted and yet you have to display your Ten Thousands Memories Sword. Of course your strength will be snapped! You have almost lost your life because of that!”

Yi Ping smiled weakly, “I wasn’t thinking…”

That was the truth. 

As he engaged the Guardian Divine Naga, he was totally immersed in it as he instinctively gave himself to defeat it. In that instant he was acting upon his pure intuitional reflexes. 

He muttered weakly when he had thought of that instant, “If I can still persist a little longer, I would have defeat that monster…”

Lingfeng knocked his head again angrily, “Right!” 

Yu’Er, Mei’Er, Xingyue, the Goddess Asura, the Goddess Isa and all the other maidens were gasping out for Yi Ping, “Lingfeng, that is enough…”

Yi Ping said weakly to everyone, “No matter.”

Lingfeng immediately softened as she turned her head around, “Go and take a rest first…”

Yi Ping could see and feel her silent tears as he tapped her gently on her shoulder, “Lingfeng…”

But she shrugged her shoulder as she turned aside, “Just leave me alone, you heartless man…”

Yi Ping could see her silent tears that were dripping on the ground even though he could not see her face. He was heartbroken and was at a loss to comfort her. It was because he knew that Lingfeng was worried for him and he knew that this time, he had come really close to hovering on death’s door. 

That he could still stand was because he was sustaining himself by his sheer willpower alone! 

Yi Si noticed her father dejected look and asked anxiously, “Father, are you alright?”

Yi Ping answered weakly, “I am alright…”

Yu’Er immediately said with a flustered concern, “No, you are not!”

Mei’Er was carefully tendering to him and she was almost closed to tears!

When the Lord Supreme saw their worried look, he was worried for them; it was because he knew that they were being too emotional and that was bad for their future cultivations!

But Yu’Er and Mei’Er could not care less. They knew Yi Ping as the White Sage in the past and they had fond memories of him as the White Sage and as Yi Ping. They had already lost him once and they were not willing to lose him again!

Yu’Er and Mei’Er were not the only ones that were surrounding Yi Ping and showering him with care; he was also surrounded by Xingyue, Yixian, Lele, the Ascension Goddess Ye Yin, Youxue, Lie Qing, the Goddess Aiel, Han Lin, the Goddess Asura and the Goddess of Mercy Xiang! 

When Yi Si had noticed the concerns that were being showered upon her father at this moment, she smiled. “Father, I don’t know if I should envy you or not…”

She managed a wry smile before saying, “You have to watch your back. It seems that all of them are not easy to handle.”

Han Lin laughed softly, “You little brat. We won’t eat your father up!”

The Goddess Aiel flushed as she protested enthrallingly, “What is so good about your father?”

But what she was saying was contrary to her actions; she was wiping Yi Ping’s sweats with her hankie even as she spoke!

Yixian said gently, “You must be Yi Si. You are so lovely now. I have remembered holding you in my arms in the past. It seems like that it has happened only yesterday.”

Yi Si was in awe of Yixian because she was not only extremely beautiful but extremely elegance, more beautiful than she had imagined and her peerless beauty was simply out of the world!

Yixian was not the only one with unrivalled beauty. There were the Goddess Celestial Alice, the Goddess Isa, the Goddess Aiel, Lie Qing and the others were all enthralling and alluring in their own mesmerizing ways! 

Lele gasped softly as she beamed with pride, “Sister Xian’Er, I have almost forgotten to introduce you to my daughter!”

Just as Yi Si had thought that her mother would cuddle Yixian and her together, Lele seemed to have forgotten all about her as she began to describe her earlier experiences to Yi Ping, “Ping’Er, do you know how the harrowing experiences that I have been through? Do you know, do you know…”

She smiled miserably and thought, “My goodness! My mother has totally forgotten about me…”

Yi Ping coughed weakly and that immediately created a storm of concerns from the group!

He quickly said weakly, “We need to recuperate first before we continue on my way.”

Everyone was nodding or agreeing, unsure why Yi Ping was saying the obvious to them.

Yi Ping took out the Mystique Core Divine Pills as he grinned at the Lord Supreme and the Immortal Saint of Swords, “Brother Lord Supreme, Brother Immortal Saint of Swords, please take one…”

The Universal Old Man was stunned by the number of Mystique Core Divine Pills that were with Yi Ping as he stammered, “How did you get so many…”

Except for those that were with Yi Ping, all the rest of the group was equally stunned!

Even the Sacred Embodied Heavenly Goddess was trembling as she gasped in disbelief, “Impossible!…”

The Goddess Asura clasped her mouth with her hands, “Yi Ping!…”

That was because she had owed it to the Mystique Core Divine Pills to attain the mystical Seventh Immortal level Positioning!

The Goddess Isa, the Goddess of Mercy Xiang and the Goddess Aiel were all looking pleadingly at Yi Ping, hoping that he could give them the Mystique Core Divine Pills to advance their Heavenly Eyes to the next level!

Yi Ping grinned at the Immortal Saint of Swords, “I still remembered that the first time that I have met you. I have no confident of winning…”

The Immortal Saint of Swords stroked his white beard and laughed, “But now you may not lose to me anymore.”

Yi Ping coughed weakly before he grinned, “That time you have said how frustrating that you have felt and the countless heavenly tribulations that you are forced to endure without finding a breakthrough to the Gods’ Realm. With your present attainment, with the Deific Divine Skill, with this Mystique Core Divine Pill, I am sure you will finally cultivate as an immortal practitioner finally.”

The Immortal Saint of Swords had already queried their adventures from Yunzi and knew how precious this Mystique Core Divine Pill was!

Finally he could become an immortal practitioner!

He was trembling, “Brother Yi Ping, you are indeed generous. How can I repay you?”

Yi Ping smiled weakly, “Don’t mention it. How about exchanging it for the Blue Heavens Divine Sword?”

Xingyue smiled as she tugged Yi Ping…

The Immortal Saint of Swords smiled, “I have already lost the Blue Heavens Divine Sword to you and gains Yunzi as my protégé. That is an unfair exchange…”

Yunzi was also smiling. It was because she knew that her protégé master could finally put the loss of the Blue Heavens Divine Sword to rest and that would only help to advance his future cultivation attainment!

The Lord Supreme was sighing, “I have never expected to be given such a precious pill just like this…”

The Goddess Aiel who had known the Lord Supreme for a long time, “One Mystique Core Divine Pill can even spark a war in the Immortal Realm. That is how rare and precious it is. Even though I have not reached the Sixth Immortal Positioning, if I have one in my hands I will surely wait till the time that I have reached that level to consume it…”

Han Lin said teasingly, “Oh mine! Mistress! You are openly hinting Yi Ping to give you a Mystique Core Divine Pill?! You already have so many stuff from Brother Yi Ping already. You are so greedy!”

The Goddess Aiel began to fluster as she quickly protested, “I am not! I am a Divine Physician and it is in my interest to study it…”

Han Lin said exasperatingly, “When did you become a Divine Physician?!”

Many of the maidens were secretly looking at the Goddess Aiel in disbelief as they pursed their lips; it was not because they were offended by the Goddess Aiel who had shamelessly hinted to Yi Ping to let her have a Mystique Core Divine Pill but because they were all thinking the same but had not asked due to pride and did not want to be viewed as being greedy by the others.

But the Goddess Aiel did not seem to be bothered as she looked enthrallingly at Yi Ping!

The Goddess Celestial Alice smiled, “I wonder if it is possible to advance the Seventh Immortal Positioning to the Eighth Immortal Positioning with these Mystique Core Divine Pills?”

Everyone was suddenly gasping at this possibility!

Everyone was thinking; Yi Ping and the Goddess Celestial Alice had not taken the Mystique Core Divine Pills and there may be a chance for them to advance their Seventh Immortal Positioning to the Eighth Immortal Positioning!

The Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa hummed coldly, “One is surely not enough. Maybe three of the Mystique Core Divine Pills can do it but he will surely die of an overdose first!”

All of a sudden she smiled mysteriously as she flashed the Mystique Core Divine Pill with her fingers!

Everyone was startled that the Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa actually had a Mystique Core Divine Pill too!

The Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa took a sudden look at Yi Ping with a mysterious smile, immediately startling Yi Ping who thought. “Why is she looking at me like that?”

All of a sudden the Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa popped the Mystique Core Divine Pill into her mouth!

Lele immediately stepped forward to ask Yi Ping, “Ping’Er, why did you give a Mystique Core Divine Pill to that demoness? Why didn’t you…give me any?!”

The Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa was startled by Lele’s audacity, “You call me a demoness?”

But Lele totally ignored her as she flew into Yi Ping’s embrace, “Ping’Er! Say something!”

Yi Ping had turned ashen when Lele had suddenly crashed into him and he felt as though all his joints would give way. He smiled bitterly, “We have agreed to share the loot together. Lele, I have a Sanctorum Relic for you…”

Not only Lele was stunned, the rest of the group was equally stunned as they gasped out, “The Sanctorum Relic!”

The Sanctorum Relic had the power to advance the divine weapon into an immortal weapon and unlocked a sanctorum power!

Lele gasped, “Is it really for me?”

Yi Ping muttered, “Don’t worry, I have three of those…”

“Three?!” Again, the majority of the group was stunned!

Lingfeng was suddenly turned around as she shook her head, “I sense that something terrible is going to happen very soon…”

The Universal Old Man was looking at Lingfeng with a weak smile as he said, “How come your group gets all the good stuff. I swear that I will never lose my sight on Yi Ping ever again…”

Lingfeng shot him an angry glance as she muttered almost incoherently, “You greedy pig!”

Then she shot Yi Ping with an exasperated look that was equaled to, “You generous pig!”

When Yi Ping saw Lingfeng’s expressions, he smiled even more bitterly but at the same time he was secretly pleased that she was looking at him again…

Xingyue was shaking her head, “I guess they know everything now…”

Yixian was smiling gently at Yi Ping and was amused, “Ping’Er, I think you are in a fine mess…”

Lele muttered, “How come I cannot be in the same group as Yi Ping. This is so unfair. What else have you got?”

Yi Ping smiled weakly as he took out the Feather Sword Shard, “Only this…”

The Universal Old Man asked, “What is that?”

And many in the group were asking the same as well as they crowded around Yi Ping to look curiously at it. 

Yi Si gasped all of a sudden, “This is!…”

Yi Ping asked curiously, “Si’Er, you recognize this?”

Yi Si nodded as she took out a sharp white metallic that looked like what Yi Ping had shown!

Yi Ping, the Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa, Xingyue, Lie Qing, Lingfeng and Yixian were all equally stunned; it was because they knew how precious this Feather Sword Shard was and how difficult it was for them to obtain it!

Yi Si smiled shyly as she looked at everyone before she tossed it gently to Yi Ping, “Father, you may have it. I have no real use for it!”

As Yi Ping took the second Feather Sword Shard, he asked. “Yi Si, how did you get this?”

Yi Si smiled, “Is it rare? After we defeat the boss on the 30th level, it dropped for us. Grandpa said that he had never seen this before. After divining, he gave it to me and told me that one day I may find a use for it. But for what purpose, he did not know either. But I am going to give it to you, Father.”

Yi Ping coughed weakly before he grinned, “Good daughter! I suppose to collect three Feather Sword Shards. Now I have two now. Good! I have to be honest with you and to everyone. The Great God Pangu had told me to collect all three of the Feather Sword Shards for the fate of the Three Known Realms may well depend on it. I am not sure of the details actually but these Feather Sword Shards are extremely important.”

Lele smiled, “Good daughter. You have helped your father!”

Yi Si flushed slightly, “It is nothing!”

Lele tugged Yi Ping, “Ping’Er, you have received something so precious from our daughter. Surely you are not thinking of taking it for free? Why not give her something in return?”

Yi Ping nodded as he looked gently at Yi Si, “Si’Er, this is the Mystique Core Divine Pill. Take this. But only take it when you have reached the Sixth Immortal Positioning or have reached a deadlock in your celestial practice. Use it wisely.”

Yi Si clapped delightfully, “Father, thank you!”

The Sacred Embodied Heavenly Goddess muttered, “You are so lucky…”

The Goddess Celestial Alice, the Goddess Isa and many others were secretly looking with at the Sacred Embodied Heavenly Goddess with an amused expression. They knew that she was envious…

The Sacred Embodied Heavenly Goddess was not the only one who was looking at Yi Ping with weird looks; all the rest of the group was actually counting the number of Mystique Core Divine Pills that were in Yi Ping’s hands. There was just five left!

All of a sudden Yi Ping kept of the two of the Mystique Core Divine Pills, startling the rest!

Youxue smiled wryly, “Ping’Er, you are keeping two for who?”

Yunzi smiled gently, “I guess that it is for Yang Min and Shi Shi?”

Yi Ping rubbed his nose, “Yunzi really knows me.”

Lingfeng hummed coldly, “You still have three so who will you give?”

All of a sudden Yi Ping flickered his fingers to send one of the Mystique Core Divine Pills straight at Lingfeng who caught it immediately!

Lingfeng was startled as she gasped, “What is the meaning of this?!”

Yi Ping grinned, “If I don’t give you one, you will forever be mad at me. I don’t want that to happen. So don’t you think that I can at least try bribing you a little?”

Lingfeng flushed shyly as she quickly looked down and said nothing…

Only two of the Mystique Core Divine Pills were left now…

Yi Ping suddenly walked to the Goddess Isa and said quietly to her, “If the Dark Chaos Lord is here then he will surely give one to you…”

The Goddess Isa was gasping, “This is for me? Really…”

Yi Ping nodded, “I owe this much to you!”

The Goddess Isa was closed to tears as she fell weakly into Yi Ping’s embrace, startling him and causing him to flush awkwardly!

Yi Ping muttered, “I think…”

The Goddess Isa was trembling, “Finally I can attain to the Seventh Immortal Positioning…”

The Goddess Celestial Alice and the Goddess Asura immediately said at the same time, “Congrats!”

It was easier for them to react so naturally because the two of them had already reached the Seventh Immortal Positioning!

Skylord Jun and the Goddess of Mercy Xiang were smiling weakly as they eyed the last remaining Mystique Core Divine Pill as they thought at the same time, “Even the Goddess Isa has one. She will be the third Zen Practitioner to have cultivated to the Seventh Immortal Positioning then…”

The Goddess of Mercy was already at the Sixth Immortal Positioning. She just needed one step but that step was one giant step. She pursed her lips as she sighed terribly, “The Goddess Celestial Alice and the Goddess Isa, they are all one Immortal Ranking higher than me. I am the weakest of the three predestined consorts…”

Yi Ping looked at the last remaining Mystique Core Divine Pill as he sighed quietly. It was because he knew that this was going to be a hard choice.

“This last one. Who do I give to?”

He looked quietly at the Goddess of Mercy, Yunzi, Youxue, Xingyue, Han Lin, the Goddess Aiel, Lie Qing, Lele, Yu’Er, Mei’Er and at Skylord Jun…

The Sacred Embodied Heavenly Goddess sighed softly and knew that she was being excluded as Yi Ping did not look at her at all…

Finally Yi Ping’s eyes became firm as he said aloud, “I am going to give this to the Sacred Embodied Heavenly Goddess.”

Everyone was stunned and they were all gasping with shock!

The Sacred Embodied Heavenly Goddess gasped, “It is for me?!”

Yi Ping nodded as he said, “Thank you for saving Yi Si. Without you, I couldn’t be reunited with my daughter. For this, I am really grateful.”

The Sacred Embodied Heavenly Goddess for the first time was flushing, “It is nothing…it is not something great!”

The Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa smiled, “If you take this Mystique Core Divine Pill, then you will surely be one of the most powerful Heavenly Kings. Congrats then!”

The Sacred Embodied Heavenly Goddess smiled weakly as she stole a glance at her as she thought, “Nuwa seems to have changed. I wonder what has happened. She may appear cold but from the way she looks at this Yi Ping, I am sure that there must be something ongoing…”

Yi Ping rubbed his nose as he said wryly, “Now that Ancient Heavenly Sage King will be in trouble.”

The Sacred Embodied Heavenly Goddess laughed softly, “Now I can kick his butt directly! And his best friend the Western Paradise Heavenly King!”

Lele said miserably, “I got nothing…”

Yi Ping immediately said, “Lele, this is the Sanctorum Relic. You can have it.”

Lele was immediately beaming with delight as she laughed jovially, “Oh really? Ping’Er, you have not forgotten about me!”

Yi Ping smiled weakly as he tried to be fair to everyone.

He quickly said, “Xingyue, Yunzi…these two Sanctorum Relics are for you.”

Yunzi was surprised, “For me?”

Xingyue was also surprised, “For me as well?”

Yi Ping nodded and said, “Now the Divine Echo, the White Phoenix Sword and the Blue Heavens will be able to evolve into immortal swords. And these swords will be able to aid you to progress as immortal practitioners.”

The Goddess Aiel said melancholy, “I got nothing…”

Han Lin smiled weakly, “Mistress, you are being too greedy. I got nothing as well…”

Yi Ping smiled gently as he looked at the smiling Yu’Er and Mei’Er who did not mind at all; they were highly attained immortal practitioners now and were content just to be with Yi Ping. 

He smiled at them before looking at Yixian, Han Lin, Youxue, the Goddess Aiel, Ye Yin, Lie Qing, the Goddess of Mercy, the Goddess Celestial Alice, Skylord Jun and the Goddess Asura, “Xian’Er, Yu’Er, Mei’Er, Han Lin, Ye Yin, Youxue, Qing’Er, Aiel, Xiang’Er, Ziyan, Asura, Brother Skylord Jun…I am sure that as we go further up the Stellar Sanctuary, we will be able to find better things and I will surely give you the priorities. Alright?”

Yixian, Yu’Er, Mei’Er, the Goddess Asura, the Goddess Celestial Alice, Lie Qing, Youxue, the Goddess of Mercy immediately replied, “I don’t mind!”

The Goddess Aiel took a shy look at Yi Ping as she smiled dreamily, “It is a promise then!”

Han Lin immediately said, “Can we exclude Aiel? She seems to take all the good things and wants more!”

The Goddess Aiel laughed softly, “That is because Yi Ping likes me and not like you Han Lin!”

Han Lin said exasperatedly, “Mistress, aren’t you shy at all?”

Yi Ping was also laughing. He had never known that a half-dead man would be laughing so jovially. And everyone was also laughing along together!

All of a sudden Yixian said quietly, “Ping’Er, the Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa. I have something to talk to you in private. Can we go somewhere quiet for the time being?”

Everyone was startled and was immediately silent!

The Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa replied coldly, “I don’t mind.”

Yi Ping nodded weakly, “Yes sure…”