A Martial Odyssey Book 3: The Stellar Sanctuary – Chapter 47

The Eternal Lotus

In a desolate valley, a lone fighter was being surrounded by dozens as brilliant weapon clashes thundered like lightning and the rippling shockwaves of the occurring martial clashes imploded furiously!

That lone fighter was Yi Ping and surrounding him were all the people that was familiar to him! 

He was fighting against Ye Yin, Lie Qing, Yu’Er, Mei’Er, Lele, Yunzi, Shen Xingyue, Yunzi, Lingfeng and Youxue one by one while the rest of the group was watching keenly! 

Yi Ping had raised his two divine swords, the Celestial Alice and the Fantian Sovereign in a whirling dance of blades against Lie Qing who had surrounded herself with twelve dazzling hovering discs as their martial strength clashed in titanic explosions!

Yi Ping was thrown back by the titanic explosions but he had recovered quickly as he whirled his swords against Lie Qing’s divine sword which was beaming with sword energies!

But once again, he was flung aside in an explosive impact onto the ground!

Lie Qing immediately gasped out, “Ping’Er, are you alright?”

Lele said panicky, “Sister Qing, why did you hit Ping’Er so hard?”

Yi Ping shook his head as he picked himself up, “Lele, I am alright…”

Lie Qing laughed jovially, “Sorry, I cannot resist…”

Yi Ping panted heavily before he looked at the Fiery Phoenix, “Xingyue, I am ready…”

Shen Xingyue nodded as she raised her Blue Heavens Divine Sword while looking at Yi Ping, “Ping’Er, are you sure? I am coming…”

Lie Qing laughed jovially, “It seems that Sister Xingyue is afraid of hurting Yi Ping and she has to give him some warnings!”

Mei’Er immediately protested as she looked lovely-dovey at Yi Ping, “Master Yi Ping has been fighting nonstop for the past two hours and his martial strength is almost spent, what is wrong with giving a little warning?!” 

Han Lin was feeling a little miserable as well so she said aloud, “You call yourselves his consorts yet all of you are bullies!”

Lingfeng smiled alluringly as she winked at Han Lin, “He is asking for it!”

Youxue looked at Yunzi and smiled, “The world has indeed changed. Someone has been so conceited as to fight us at the same time and he even has a supporter?!”

Yunzi smiled gently, “Indeed! The world has indeed changed!”

Han Lin began to fluster. She quickly turned to look at Aiel who was meditating on a rocky ledge as though it was none of her concern, “Mistress is sleeping again?”

Aiel opened her eyes and said rudely, “I am meditating! Meditating!”

But she was soon gasping when Shen Xingyue had suddenly flashed toward Yi Ping in a startling speed as dozens of bluish strokes were displayed in an instant!

She was not the only ones who were astonished; half of the group was also startled and fearful for Yi Ping!

Yi Ping raised his swords in rapid successions as he parried the multiple sword attacks that were raised by Xingyue!

In a blink of an eye, Shen Xingyue was upon Yi Ping in six different directions and had unleashed dozens of strikes!

Yi Ping thought as he took hurried steps back, “Xingyue has improved so much since we have last dueled?”

Xingyue flashed behind him to deliver several bursting strikes as she smiled, “You didn’t think that you are the one that is improving? Don’t forget I am an immortal practitioner now and is a Revelation Immortal Practitioner now! ”

Ever since she had reached the Immortal Stage of Revelation, her speed attacks seemed to be enhanced and were even more formidable than previously!

Even though Yi Ping was startled by her speed attacks, he was more caution of her unpredictable movements that could switch positions instantly even before he could ready an attack against her!

The truth was that Shen Xingyue was also startled that Yi Ping was able to counter all her strikes almost effortless even though he was not as fast as her!

Alice, Isa, Xiang, Asura, Aiel, Han Lin, the Sacred Embodied Heavenly Goddess, the Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa, Yi Si, Skylord Jun, the Universal Old Man, the Lord Supreme and the Immortal Saint of Swords were actually watching their martial practices quietly. 

At first they seemed to display no interest but as the martial practice continued, their interests seemed to be aroused as well!

The Goddess Isa said gently, “It seems that the Fiery Phoenix martial strength is her speed. When a practitioner reaches the Immortal stage of Revelation, things may change depending on the exact circumstances that have passed at that point of time.”

Even though her whisper was soft, it echoed clearly in everyone’s ears!

Yi Ping thought, “Xian’Er once says to us that this Revelation is the divine state of great empathy. To feel the heavens and the earth, an empathy over the vast boundless cosmos while Aiel has said that this divine staging requires the practitioner to be one with the heavens and the earth…”

The Goddess Isa was heard saying, “So the Fiery Phoenix has truly become one with the heavens and the earth. If I am not wrong, her ‘True Revelation’ is enhance speed! She has not opened her Heaven Eyes yet. If she has, then she may truly be formidable!”

The Goddess of Mercy was heard commenting, “At ‘True Revelation’, depending on the circumstances of the Revelation Crisis, there are enhance martial strength, enhance fortitude, enhance internal strength, enhance mental and enhance speed. Most practitioners usually gain enhance fortitude and enhance mental due to the nature of their current Revelation Crisis. It is most unusual to get enhance speed unless the crisis requires of that.”

The Goddess Asura nodded quietly, “That is right. Among the Immortal Stages, the Revelation Stage is one of the hardest to overcome and be able to benefit from it.”

The Goddess Aiel nodded, “However it is not to say that enhance mental is useless. That is important to awaken the Heaven Eyes and most of the immortal practitioners actually failed at this stage because they fail to fortitude their mental strength. At least, it is useful to me during my various advancements in my Heaven Eyes…”

The Goddess of Mercy interrupted with a smile, “So you are enhance mental…”

All of a sudden Aiel was blushing; it was because she had accidentally let slip of her innate strength which could potential be used against her!

She quickly protested weakly, “No, I am not…”

Han Lin looked at the flustering Aiel, “Mistress, you are a terrible liar. Now everyone knows…”

She wondered aloud, “I wonder what may be the “True Revelation” of Alice and Yi Ping?” 

The Goddess Alice stared coldly at Han Lin, “I won’t tell you.”

Han Lin smiled weakly, “Then I make a guess on Yi Ping instead…mistress what do you think?”

Aiel smiled, “Definitely not enhance speed. Most likely it is enhance martial strength. But still I find it difficult to believe till now that he now has the strength to defeat a Heavenly King…”

Asura interrupted softly, “I think Yi Ping has got the enhance mental instead and it is still too early to say that Yi Ping has the strength to defeat one of the eleven Greater Heavenly Kings.”

The Goddess of Mercy nodded, “I hate to agree but the eleven Greater Heavenly Kings are on a different league altogether!”

The Sacred Embodied Heavenly Goddess smiled wryly, unable to resist adding a comment. “You are praising me?”

The Goddess of Mercy replied respectfully, “Indeed!”

This time even the Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa commented wryly, “What is there to be afraid of? It is only a Greater Heavenly King, am I right?”

The Sacred Embodied Heavenly Goddess looked at her coldly, “So, will you like to try me?”

The Sacred Embodied Heavenly Goddess was one of the Greater Heavenly King and even though she knew that the Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa was formidable, she had no fear of her. 

The Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa smiled but said nothing as she returned her attention to the fight between Yi Ping and the Fiery Phoenix Shen Xingyue. After a while she muttered, “I wonder what will happen once this Fiery Phoenix has awakened her Heaven Eyes? Will her Heaven Eyes enhance her speed even further? That will be interesting, isn’t it? She may even be able to match my speed.”

Alice, Isa, Aiel, Asura, the Sacred Embodied Heavenly Goddess, Han Lin, Yi Si and Aiel were all smiling weakly. It was because she was hinting to them that her speed attacks were even more formidable!

Even the Universal Old Man, the Lord Supreme, Skylord Jun and the Immortal Saint of Swords were smiling weakly at the arrogant hint of the Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa. 

But it was a fact that they had to admit because they had witnessed how the Sovereign Wind Heavenly King was killed by her with a single swift hit!

Of course that was also due to the fact that the Sovereign Wind Heavenly King had not suspected that the Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa would suddenly turned around to give him a stab on his forehead or else he would not have been killed by her instantly! 

On the other hand, it spoke volumes of her precision, timing and startling speed!

Therefore it was a boast that none of them wanted to verify with her! 

At this moment Shen Xingyue had tumbled back with a startling speed as she gasped breathlessly, “No good, I am still not quick enough to breech his defenses…”

Yi Ping was also panting breathlessly but he called out for Yunzi, “Yun, your turn!”

Yunzi nodded as she unsheathed her divine sword with a beaming burst of white light as she sent it flying toward with a startling speed onto Yi Ping with her flying sword technique, “Ping’Er, be careful. Evade if you think you are unable to block it!”

As the flying sword flew to him, the ground beneath was sundered with sword energies!

Yi Ping was startled as he had suddenly realized that Yunzi had just merged her flying sword technique with the Ley Negative Sword Energies and the Flawless Sword Energies Technique, “What?! A new flying sword technique!”

He immediately mustered his martial power and immediately was surrounded by six glimmering golden discs!

Lie Qing laughed softly, “So our hero is now forced to use his Golden Invincible Force!”

There was a cracking burst of explosive force that sent him sliding seven steps backward when he raised his swords to parry Yunzi’s flying sword!

When he had stabilized himself again, Yunzi’s flying sword had rebounded back to her hands again!

Yi Ping was sweating profusely and he was staring at Yunzi with shock!

Yunzi gasped to him, “Ping’Er, are you alright?”

Lingfeng laughed alluringly, “Good one Yunzi! Help me to teach him a lesson!”

Ye Yin was also laughing jovially, “So the future Great God Pangu cannot even withstand a hit from a maiden?” 

Yi Ping was not the only one that was gasping with astonishment. Even the Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa had turned rigid at the astonishing power of Yunzi’s flying sword technique! 

The Immortal Saint of Swords was muttering, “She is really good. It is a good thing that I have the foresight to make her the protégé leader of the Infinity Sword Celestial Clan…”

The Lord Supreme muttered, “You really got a good catch there…”

The Universal Old Man looked heaved a soft sigh, “You think that Yunzi’s martial level is on par with us now?”

The Lord Supreme nodded, “Definitely very close or on par.”

The Immortal Saint of Swords smiled as he looked at them wryly, “What if I tell you that she is even better than any of us now?”

All of a sudden Yi Ping was shouting, “Yunzi! Can you execute your flying sword again?”

Yunzi was startled, “Ping’Er, are you sure?”

Yi Ping nodded gently, “Aye! I like to try your flying sword again.”

Yunzi nodded in response as she readied her flying sword in a swirling motion, “Incoming! Be careful…”

Yi Ping nodded as he steadied his footing, “Ready…”

Once again Yunzi displayed her flying sword technique with a startling power and speed in the direction of Yi Ping!

Yi Ping immediately swung his two divine swords in quick successive in a defensive stance. 

Just as everyone was assuming that Yi Ping would muster his Golden Invincible Force again, they were startled to see that he had actually displayed the Thousand Memories Sword as another two beaming swords could be seen by his side!

And in the next splitting instant, these two beaming swords began to encircle rapidly around Yi Ping before it suddenly flown toward Yunzi’s flying sword!

But instead of flying straight into the flying sword, these two beaming swords were spinning just like Yunzi’s flying sword technique! 

Yunzi and the others were startled because Yi Ping’s Thousand Memories Swords were not real physical swords and would dissipate instantly on impact with anything.

The Goddess Isa observed and said, “No, these two flying swords are real!”

As soon as she had said that, Yi Ping’s flying swords and Yunzi’s flying sword had clashed in a startling burst of erupting shockwaves in the middle!

Everyone was gasping at the brilliant burst of shockwave but barely had it started, they began to see that Yunzi’s flying sword had flew back to her while Yi Ping’s two flying swords had continued on its projectile path toward Yunzi!

Yunzi immediately raised her scabbard and had unsheathed her waist sword!

But Yi Ping gave a loud martial shout and his flying swords fell onto the ground, transmuting into two beaming Heavenly Relics!

The real forms of Yi Ping’s flying swords were actually two Heavenly Relics!

Yunzi smiled, “So you are shamelessly copying my flying sword technique, huh?”

Lele asked curiously, “Ping’Er, why did you expend so much trouble to spin your swords instead of hurling it in a straight line?”

Yi Ping smiled, “If I don’t spin my flying swords then I am afraid that Yun’s flying sword will surely come straight for me!”

Lele asked with a queer expression, “What do you mean?”

Ye Yin the Ascension Goddess smiled, “He is using the principle of motion borrowing the motion to maintain the martial energies of his flying swords. If he just hurled it in a straight line, his martial energies will have dissipated too fast to be effective!”

Shen Xingyue nodded, “That is right!”

Yi Ping nodded as he said breathlessly, “I have been wondering the same for many years. Now I have finally understood the principle behind her flying sword technique!”

Yunzi broke into a smile, “So you finally understand now. Good!”

Lele laughed jovially as she leapt next to Yunzi, “Be careful Sister Yun. He is always trying to steal our secret arts and techniques!” 

Yi Ping smiled at Yunzi quietly as he looked at her lovingly. Yunzi and Lele were the ones that had taught him how to fight ambidextrously. Only a few actually knew that Lele was capable of fighting ambidextrously!

Youxue was next to Yi Ping as she took out her handkerchief, “Look at you, it is time for you to take a rest. What is the point of practicing every day? Aren’t you tired? You should spend more time advancing your state of divinity like Aiel…”

When Aiel heard her, she began to fluster as she quickly protested. “It…is not true!”

Many of the maidens broke into jovial laughter! 

The Great Desolate Goddess muttered aloud, “Isn’t it foolish to display your martial skills in front of me? Over the past few days, I have almost seen all your skills!”

Indeed she had observed them closely over the last couple of days. She had taken a mental note of each of their special skills for example the Heaveness Lingfeng was capable of using two different martial techniques at the same time, the Eclipse Heaven Goddess Yu’Er and Axis Heaven Goddess Mei’Er were capable of reading their opponents’ moves, the Ascension Goddess Ye Yin was able to sense energy movements…

Alice, Isa, Asura, Xiang, Aiel and Han Lin were all looking at each other. That was the truth. That was why they had refused to partake in Yi Ping’s martial practice! 

Yi Ping and the rest of the maidens had obviously heard the Great Desolate Goddess but they pretended not to hear her!

Yi Si was watching her father martial practice with great interest. This was the first time that she had observed the martial practice of her parents and her ‘aunts’. To her astonishment, her ‘aunts’ had all become her mothers! 

She took a quick glance at the Goddess Celestial Alice, the Goddess Isa, the Goddess of Mercy Xiang, the Goddess Aiel and the Goddess Asura. These past few days, she had been observing them and found out that they too, had an interest in her father even though it was subtle!

Yi Ping heaved a soft sigh as he sat down on a rock as he looked at the mountains that lay in the horizon dreamily. He was immediately joined by the rest of the group. 

After a short while, he began to look at each and every one. “It has been several days already and yet we have not found a way up the next level of the Stellar Sanctuary yet.”

Mei’Er comforted him with a smile, “It won’t be too long. After all, we still have two months to complete the rest of the Stellar Sanctuary!”

Lingfeng nodded quietly, “In the past, we have taken a whole of three months and we could not even reach half the levels of the Stellar Sanctuary. Therefore our progressions are already quite rapid!”

The Lord Supreme nodded, “This is the 60th level of the Stellar Sanctuary and it is not surprising that it will be a little harder.”

Lele looked at the Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa as she said casually, “Or maybe it is because someone here brings us bad luck?” 

The Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa looked at her, “Who are you hinting at?”

Yi Ping said gently, “Lele didn’t mean anything.”

The Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa hummed coldly, “Oh really?”

But she soon kept quiet as she pretended to look away.

Yi Ping appraised her quietly. After having been with the Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa for some time, he knew that while her tongue may be sharp but she did not seem to have any hostile intentions, at least not for now.

Yi Si was hugging the Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa in her arms, “Big Sister Nuwa, my mother don’t mean that!”

Yi Ping looked quietly at Yi Si, his daughter. He was glad to see her once again and that she had all grown up…

According to Yi Si; after they had left for the Celestial Realm, she was adopted and raised by the Jade Emperor. The Jade Emperor had taught her just like he had taught Lele for the next eighteen years. Her celestial progression had been fast and when she was eighteen, she had overcome her Divine Calamity and could begin her celestial training.

But one day the Jade Emperor had urgently summoned Yi Si, the Celestial Liege and the Confession Lady Ye Ling to him. At that time, Yi Si was wandering the martial fraternity and happened to encounter Nangong Le. Her encounter with Nangong Le was almost near comical. She had literally beaten him up for posing as a sworn brother to her father and for using his name! 

When she had returned to the Celestial Palace, the Jade Emperor had suddenly said to them that it was time for him to ascend to the Celestial Realm. That announcement had taken Yi Si, the Celestial Liege and Ye Ling by surprise!

Yi Si asked, “Grandpa? You are able to ascend to the Celestial Realm? We all thought that you have not attained the Divine Stage of Crisis yet?”

The Celestial Liege was also curious, “Ever since Lele took away our last remaining Heavenly Relics, we have lacked a stepping stone for us to overcome the upper divine stages. It may take us a few centuries more to attain ascension…”

The Jade Emperor stroked his long beard as he sighed softly. All of a sudden the colors of his eyes turned a glaring yellow and everyone was so startled that they had taken a few steps backward!

He heaved a soft sigh, “There is something that I must let you know. All along, all of you have been taught that there are only two known realms, the Mundane Realm and the Celestial Realm. But in actual fact, there are six realms altogether. These are the Three Known Realms and the Three Invisible Realms. The Three Known Realms are the Mortal Mundane Realm, the Celestial Realm and the Ninth Heavens Immortal Realm. The Three Invisible Realms are the Desolate Realm, the Great Beyond and the Spatial Realm.” 

Yi Si, the Celestial Liege and the Confession Lady looked at each other…

Yi Si smiled, “Grandpa, I can understand there is an Immortal Realm above the Celestial Realm. But I am more interested to know about the three Invisible Realms? I like to visit the Invisible Realms one day!”

The Jade Emperor laughed jovially, “No one ever goes to the three Invisible Realms and no one really knows if it really exist or not.”

Yi Si looked a little disappointed but she quickly overcomes her disappointment as she asked jovially, “But Grandpa, how are you going to go to the Celestial Realm?”

The Jade Emperor laughed, “I am not the only one who is going to the Celestial Realm. The three of you are going with me too!”

The Celestial Liege, Yi Si and Ye Ling were startled!

Ye Ling asked, “We can go too? I am afraid that our cultivation and attainment is far from that…”

In fact, she had given up hope on ascending to the Celestial Realm a long time ago. That was because there was no one to guide her and the Jade Emperor was always meditating behind closed doors.

The Jade Emperor sighed softly, “All these years, I have never truly guided all of you. That is my greatest regret. I wish that I have more time with all of you but I can’t…it is because time flies differently in the Immortal Realm and Celestial Realm. I have to divine the major events in the Celestial Realm and the Immortal Realm. I have to prepare for the day that I can finally return to my place of origin…”

Yi Si asked suspiciously, “The Immortal Realm? Grandpa, are you a Celestial or an Immortal? You can divine the major happenings of the Immortal Realm?”

The Jade Emperor knew that he had a slip of a tongue so he quickly said, “I have with me three Ancient Immortal Artefacts, the Eternal Lotus, the Primordial Heaven Chart and the Tranquil Flute. Because all of you are already competent experts in the Celestial Force, wielding the three Ancient Immortal Artefacts to ascend to the Celestial Realm shouldn’t be a problem. However…”

He appeared to be melancholy…

Yi Si stepped forward to comfort her grandpa, “Yes Grandpa? Is there something you want to tell us?”

The Jade Emperor said solemnly, “No matter how competent you are in the Celestial Force, it is still risky to try to seize control of the Ancient Immortal Artefacts. But that is not all. The place that I will be going will be very dangerous…”

Yi Si said firmly, “Grandpa, I am not afraid. After all, I hope to be united with my parents one day!”

The Celestial Liege laughed, “My niece is indeed brave. Therefore how could your uncle be a coward otherwise? I am going there too. I will like very much to see how if Yi Ping has shown any improvements or he has been bullying my sister Huan Le!”

The Confession Lady Ye Ling smiled as she looked endearing at the Celestial Liege, “I am going as well! Someone has to keep you out of trouble!”

The Jade Emperor appeared to be considering for a while before he muttered, “Ye Ling, I am giving you the Tranquil Flute. Si’Er, I am going to give you the Eternal Lotus…”

That was how Yi Si had obtained the Eternal Lotus, an Ancient Immortal Artefact and merging one with the Eternal Lotus, she had elevated herself as a Golden Celestial! 

But that was only because of her divine state of attainment was purer and prior to this, she had already grasped the essence of the Exuberant Divine Skill, a heart intricate divine skill that belonged to the Nangong Clan. 

As for Ye Ling, she too had become a Golden Celestial after merging with the Tranquil Flute but for the Celestial Liege, he was only able to forcefully wield the Primordial Heaven Chart but failed to merge with it and he remained a celestial practitioner. 

The Celestial Liege laughed it off, “Even though I have failed to become a True Celestial, the fact remains that my martial level is much higher than the two of you. What good is attainment without any competent martial skills to match it? When I have become a True Celestial, my advancement will be greater than any of you!”

It was true that divine state of cultivation attainment and martial state of advancement are different. Both are able to advance concurrently!

The instant that the Jade Emperor, Yi Si, the Celestial Liege and Ye Ling had ascended to the Celestial Realm, they had seen a gigantic black dome in the lightning harkening skies. 

The Jade Emperor said to them, “That is the Stellar Sanctuary and we are going there…”

Yi Si was startled by the gigantic size of the Stellar Sanctuary but she quickly composed herself, “We are not going to look for my parents? Maybe they are able to help you too, Grandpa…”

The Jade Emperor smiled gently to her, “There is no time to lose. But if your parents are with the Heaveness then they will surely be in the Stellar Sanctuary. Since they will be there, why look for them in other places?”

That was how they had entered the Stellar Sanctuary! 

During their most recent ascend to the Stellar Sanctuary, they had bumped into the Sacred Embodied Heavenly Goddess who had immediately recognized the Jade Emperor!

Unfortunately at that time they were facing a difficult five element tribulation of wind, fire, thunder, lightning and water which separated them!

That was how Yi Si was in the company of the Sacred Embodied Heavenly Goddess and shortly afterward they had encountered the Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa who appeared to be injured. 

The Sacred Embodied Heavenly Goddess immediately attended to the Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa while Yi Si had gathered the intricate force of her Eternal Lotus as they treated her internal injuries. 

That was then the three of them had formed a temporary party together! 

And shortly afterward, they had encountered Yi Ping and his group!

Yi Si had not dreamed that she would be able to find her parents so soon but to her shock, the mesmerizing heavenly lady that they had rescued was actually a Desolate Goddess and that the enemy that had injured her was actually her father, Yi Ping! 

Back to the present Yi Ping continued to heave a soft sigh, “We are truly lost now. The terrains here all look the same. Which are the higher mountains, it is difficult to discern. We can only go blind and hope to find a way up quickly.”

All the rest of the group could only nod.

Alice said quietly, “Even though I have been to the Stellar Sanctuary before but I have never felt as lost as now. It is like we are trapped in a formation.”

Asura nodded as she lifted her Symphony of Destiny in different directions, “Even my divine staff can’t seem to discern the direction. This is weird indeed…”

Isa said uneasily, “The Symphony of Destiny and the Stellar Sanctuary are linked together. It is indeed weird that it will malfunction here. It is like…”

The Heaveness Lingfeng lifted her fingers to divine while saying, “It is like this place is a deathtrap of the Stellar Sanctuary. On all appearances, it is a tranquil place and there are no dangers whatever so but it is this calmness that hide all manners of invisible dangers.” 

Alice tapped her foot gently before saying, “Six is the number of center points of sacred geometry of life. Six is the number of realms in the cosmos. Six is the number of days divisible by the cosmos. Therefore six represents power and authority.”

Youxue smiled mesmerizing at Yi Ping, “So that is why the Great God Pangu has eighteen consorts, six for each of the Three Known Realms?”

Yi Ping groaned, “This is not the time for this. We should try to find a way out of our predicaments first.”

The Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa asked, “Then why don’t you be on your way? It is not like there are no routes to the top, am I right?”

Yi Ping sighed, “It is not as simple as that…”

All of a sudden Yi Ping and Lingfeng said at the same time, “You know the way?”

The Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa answered them, “What is so difficult about that? Even though the formations here are intricate but I am still able to sense it. I am only curious why the whole lot of you is walking in circles.”

Yi Ping smiled bitterly, “You obviously know our intentions yet you did not tell us…”

The Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa hummed coldly, “You have never ask me so why should I be so talkative? I don’t even know where you want to go in the first place and the scenery here is so beautiful so why should I be in a hurry?”

Yi Ping was speechless as he muttered, “Indeed, indeed…”

The rest of the group was also stunned by her! 

But Yi Ping quickly asked, “Can you lead us?”

Yi Si was also pleading, “Please…”

The Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa flashed her glances at everyone, “I am more than willing to lead the way but why didn’t anyone of you say anything about this sooner?”