A Martial Odyssey Book 3: The Stellar Sanctuary – Chapter 46

The Ninth Immortal Positioning

All of a sudden they had flashed toward each other with an explosive big bang that shook the entire vicinity thunderously as their martial shockwaves rippled and torn through the ground, sending multiple bursts of their martial forces and debris around them! 

Almost immediately Yi Ping was thrown back as he took seven explosive steps backward before he coughed out blood!

As for the Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa, she had coughed out a bout of black blood on the spot!

Everyone was gasping!

Yi Ping was trembling; his golden body had vanished and his Golden Invincible Force had been dissipated! 

But the most important thing was that Yi Ping was still alive and if he was still alive then he had won the challenge!

The Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa had coughed out blood not because she was injured by Yi Ping but because of the cause of her internal injuries! 

But still she was surprised that Yi Ping was able to take her full blow and could still stand! 

While the debris was still settling, Yi Ping had immediately stepped forward to say weakly. “Everyone stay where you are!”

It was because he could sense that his group was not prepared to trust this Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa and was even considering making a strike on her while she was still at her weakest state for this was the best opportune time to strike!

Yi Ping forced his trembling hands to say respectfully, “My Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa, I hope that you will keep your terms of your bargain and spare us!”

The Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa was trembling as she muttered, “Yes, you have won and indeed I have lost…”

She gathered her scarlet robes as she turned around. All of a sudden she seemed to bend over slightly as she coughed out another bout of blood!

Yi Ping immediately asked while suppressing the agonizing pain that he was feeling, “Are you alright?”

The Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa immediately turned around to say coldly to him, “I don’t need your concern!”

While Yi Ping was taken aback by her cold rebuke but he was not surprised by her reaction at all. 

When he was about to turn around, the Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa was suddenly melancholy and the air was chilled by her coldness as she said bitterly, “Great God Pangu, I hate you!”

Yi Ping was stunned by her cold rebuke! 

He sighed bitterly to himself, “Why is that I have a feeling that I am picking up the leftover messes for the Great God Pangu, the Dark Chaos Lord and the White Sage? If I can go back in time, I would surely bash them…”

The Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa burned with an icy chilling aura as she continued, “Do you know my innermost feeling when you have sealed me under the weight of the Divine Nine Cauldron?”

Yi Ping kept quiet as he listened attentively but his expressions were gloomy! 

Youxue was startled when the Divine Nine Cauldron was being mentioned as she thought, “When I have taken the Divine Nine Cauldron, I must have accidentally freed her. So does that mean that she has actually followed me from that very moment…”

Lingfeng took a quick glance at Yunzi who was looking at Youxue and her. She wondered, “So that is why she wants Youxue but why me? And she seems to know me? But I have no idea who she is…”

Lingfeng and Yunzi were among the smartest in the group but they were now looking at each other for answers…

The Great Goddess Desolate Nuwa hummed coldly as her echoing divine voice filled the vicinity, “Have you ever experienced that eternal nothingness where there is nothing but darkness? That eternal loneliness, that tranquil darkness that has no end, that helplessness, the many tears that I have shed but there are none that could reciprocate?!”

Her voice was suddenly melancholy and it pierced through the hearts of all the listeners, filling them with a sense of great sorrows!

Alice, Isa and the Sacred Embodied Heavenly Goddess were particular emotional because it struck them in the cord and they were trembling. It was because the three of them were sealed in the mystical formations for a long time!

The Sacred Embodied Heavenly Goddess was sighing melancholy as she thought, “I remember that darkness too…”

Like the Great Goddess Desolate Nuwa, she was also sealed in a spatial space by a powerful immortal formation…

After the Jade Emperor had been disposed, the Heavenly Kings began to engage in a battle for supremacy for the Immortal Realm. At first not all the Heavenly Kings were interested in the battle for supremacy but eventually even the unwilling forced to drawn into it as some ambitious Heavenly Kings even aspired to become the next Immortal Emperor!

But none of them ever succeeded to be the next Immortal Emperor because their actions had actually incurred the wrath of the mysterious Great Goddess Fantian who had descended from Beyond and bound them in the Sovereign Divine Space!

It was only recently when the Sovereign Divine Space had weakened that these Heavenly Kings had finally escaped from their imprisonment!

But they had no time to waste because the moment that they had escaped from the Sovereign Divine Space was also the eclipse descending of the Stellar Sanctuary from Beyond. That was the only chance that they could obtain the Pangu Divine Force and ascended to Beyond as a Divine Being! 

The Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa was actually trembling and that her eyes had turned beaming red, “Just because you have the power of the ten ancient immortal artefects, you can have your way to designate us to the fates that you want us to be? But now, I am freed now and had even reached the Eighth Sovereign Positioning. Great God Pangu, just one more level and I will be in the same positioning as you!”

Yi Ping was startled as he thought, “What? There is a Ninth Immortal Positioning?!”

He shivered to think of that!

The Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa hummed coldly as she walked away with her echoing voice, “Next time round, I won’t be so merciful!” 

Yi Si immediately called after her, “Big sister, you are really leaving?”

The Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa paused in her tracks before she said without turning back, “Yes I am leaving. Take care. This place is not for you…”

With that she had hastened her steps to walk away!

Almost everyone heaved a soft sigh of relief when they saw that the Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa had walked away without any further fight. 

All of a sudden Yi Ping jumped forward to say, “Wait! Why don’t you wait until you have recovered from your injuries and travel some days with us? This is the 60th floor of the Stellar Sanctuary and it is too dangerous for you to travel in your state.”

Lele was shocked, “Ping’Er!”

Even the Heaveness Lingfeng was startled! 

Alice, Xiang, Aiel, Han Lin, Asura and Isa were all stunned! 

The Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa laughed coldly, “You are not afraid that after I have recovered, I will stamp all over your group? Or you are plotting to eat my heart to further your own cultivation?”

Yi Ping smiled bitterly, “I didn’t mean any of that. If you trust us, you can travel with us.”

The Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa turned around to look at him intently, “You are not afraid of me?”

Yi Ping rubbed his nose before as he smiled, “If you are the type that has no honor then I will surely be afraid of you but I don’t think you are that or else you won’t be able to attain the Eighth Immortal Positioning.”

The Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa appeared to ponder for a while before she said but it was obvious that her tone had softened, “You have forgotten that I hate you to the core?”

Yi Ping smiled weakly, “If you want someone to scold why bottle it in your heart? You can vent it out on me anytime. But if you join us, you must continue to stick to our original agreement not to hurt any of them.””

Yi Si was also urging, “Big sister, come join us for a while. We still have many things to talk about!”

The Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa stole a glance at Yi Si and the Sacred Embodied Heavenly Goddess before she said, “But just don’t depend on me to give you any aid in the Stellar Sanctuary. I don’t like to watch out for the others. Also, don’t blame if the trials become particular overly tough!”

This was common knowledge by now that the trials of the Stellar Sanctuary would automatically scale according to the strength of the practitioner and the number of practitioners! 

But Yi Ping said firmly, “That is alright…”

Lingfeng was tapping her foot as she muttered in disbelief, “Ping’Er, you are keeping a monster in the group…”

Before he could finish and before everyone could protest, Yi Si had flown into her embrace as she called out jovially. “Big Sister Nuwa!…”

The Sacred Embodied Heavenly Goddess was shaking her head, “Little Sister Yi Si, good and evil cannot co-exist. Moreover she is a desolate goddess…”

But she soon kept quiet when she realized that Yi Si was simply not listening as she took the hands of the Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa, “Come, this is my mother…this is my father that you have met and this is my Aunt Lie Qing…”

Yi Si smiled mesmerizing at everyone, “Surely you are all not thinking of standing there? Hurry and make an introduce to both my big sisters and to me!” 

Lie Qing was smiling bitterly as she put her long sword aside, “Yes, I am Lie Qing…”

“I am Youxue…”

“I am Yu’Er and this is my sister Mei’Er…”

“Yunzi here. Yi Si, you have grown up now! I remember holding you in my arms the last time…”

“I am the Fiery Phoenix…”

The Universal Old Man was laughing as he introduced himself even though the Great Desolate Goddess was not even looking at him, “I am the Universal Old Man…”

Lingfeng smiled weakly, “I am the Heaveness…”


“I am the Goddess of Mercy…”

“I am the Goddess Aiel and this is Han Lin…”

The Skylord Jun, the Immortal Saint of Swords, the Lord Supreme and all the others began to introduce themselves one by one!

It seemed that Yi Si had the effect of affecting everyone to her jovial mood…

The Great Desolate Goddess also seemed to brighten up as she said nonchalantly, “Hmph! I am the Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa of the Six Realms and my lofty ambitions are to dominate the Six Realms…”

Yi Ping heaved a soft sigh…

The Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa looked at him, “Why are you sighing? You don’t like to hear what is in my mind?”

Yi Ping shook his head as he smiled bitterly while looking at her intently.

The Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa seemed to shudder a little when Yi Ping said all of a sudden, “I don’t understand why you are trying to make us detest you so much? What you are saying doesn’t seem to match your actions…”