A Martial Odyssey Book 3: The Stellar Sanctuary – Chapter 43

New Brotherhood

Yi Ping bade the Immortals farewell even as he gave them a parting word, “It is wiser for all of you to exit the Stellar Sanctuary as soon as possible if you are able to leave it or to lie low to avoid the powerful Heavenly Kings.”

Alice warned them as well, “The three earlier Heavenly Kings don’t even come close to the Ancient Heavenly Sage King and the Sacred Embodied Heavenly Goddess. Not to mention there are still the Dark Primordial Heavenly King, the Great Ascetic Heavenly King or the Western Paradise Heavenly King…”

Skylord Jun sighed softly as he recalled the fighting stance of the Western Paradise Heavenly King as he muttered, “Yes, that is right…”

Yi Ping said to them, “Please keep it to yourself and don’t go around telling everyone that I am the Great God Pangu. Unless I am able to reach the top myself, even I can’t convince myself!”

The three hundred Immortals gave him the promise as they slowly departed until eventually only Skylord Jun was the only one left…

Yi Ping looked at him curiously, “You are not leaving?”

Skylord Jun looked at Yi Ping, looked at Alice and Xiang before looking at Yi Ping again. He seemed to be hesitating and having difficulty finding words!

Yu’Er smiled, “He seems to have many things to say but he seems to be terribly shy to say it!”

Mei’Er laughed softly, “But he is a man, why should he be shy?”

The Lord Supreme looked at them none too pleased as he pretended to cough to warn them to be more disrespectful as this Skylord Jun was after all one of the highest ranking Immortals in the Immortal Realm!

Yi Ping said quietly to him, “It is alright. If you have anything to say, please say it. If you have any request to make and if it is within my ability to help then I will surely do my utmost!”

Lingfeng sighed softly, “How generous are you!” 

Yi Ping looked at her with a smile. Somehow he simply enjoyed her tease…

But he quickly asked, “Lord Skylord Jun, please ignore her…”

Lingfeng hummed coldly as she walked playfully to the rest of the maidens who were all watching with playful wiles as she winked at them.

Skylord Jun looked hesitating at the others before he bowed with his hands respectfully, “I wonder if I can be a sworn brother to the Immortal Hero Yi? If you don’t mind someone like me…”

Yi Ping was surprised by this request but he quickly said weakly as he had still not gotten used to being called an Immortal Hero, “Of course I do not mind. You are one of the Eight Heavenly Dragon Generals and it is actually my honor. Brother Jun then?”

Skylord Jun was delighted as he quickly said, “Brother Yi!”

Lele quickly interrupted, “Wait a minute! Isn’t that too hasty? Who is the elder and who is the junior of the brotherhood?” 

Skylord Jun smiled weakly, “Naturally I am the elder…”

Yi Ping was also smiling, “Naturally…”

The Goddess of Mercy Xiang hummed coldly, “Elder Brother indeed! Don’t forget that the two of us are also one of the Eight Heavenly Dragon Heavens and we are equal. Then do I need to call you Big Brother in the future?”

She was also discreetly looking at Alice, Asura, Aiel and Isa who were all looking none the pleased as well!

Skylord Jun suddenly felt that there was a gathering storm of malevolent air in the atmosphere!

It was as though all these maidens were all saying to him, “What make you think that you are fit to be Yi Ping’s sworn brother?”

The cold glaze from the Goddess Celestial Alice was more terrifying than the rest because her position was actually being threatened if he had become Yi Ping’s sworn brother; it was because she was already the supreme leader in the Immortal Realm by the default strength of the Goddess Theocracy in the Immortal Realm and she was unwilling to share her position of power with the others except for Yi Ping! 

Skylord Jun stammered quickly, “Of course we are equals. We are brothers. There is no need for an older or younger…”

Yi Ping bowed respectfully as he said with a righteous air, “Brother Jun!”

But Skylord Jun was still smiling weakly; it was because the malevolent air still did not disappear from these maidens! 

The Goddess of Mercy Xiang hummed coldly, “So it seems that someone wants to make use of us to give him a ride up to the Stellar Sanctuary. The lofty ambitions of the immortals are like the mortals; they never give up until they meet with their demise!”

Youxue was saying coldly, “So now my Brother Ping now has a Brother Jun. How wonderful can it be!”

Mei’Er laughed softly as she pointed at the Lord Supreme and the Immortal Saint of Swords, “So, are the two of you thinking of the same thing as well?”

Yu’Er looked at the Skylord Jun keenly before she smiled, “And before long, he is going to ask to travel with us!”

Skylord Jun was startled as he thought, “How did she know? She can read my mind?”

The Lord Supreme and the Immortal Saint of Swords were both smiling weakly…

The Lord Supreme growled softly, “Yu’Er and Mei’Er, I am your father…”

Mei’Er sighed softly, “Even though we are not related by blood now but in my heart, you are always my father. But if my father is also the brother to my hubby, won’t the relationship be confusing?”

The Lord Supreme laughed aloud as he patted Mei’Er on her shoulder, “It will not. You are still my daughter and he is still your husband. If my son-in-law is also my brother then won’t it be a good thing after all?” 

The Universal Old Man seemed to be grumbling, “It seems that everyone wants to be a brother to my protégé. That is so weird…”

The Heaveness Lingfeng whispered to him with a teasing smile, “So this protégé that I have forced you to take turns up good after all?”

When Yi Ping first arrived in the Celestial Realm and had met the Universal Old Man, the Heaveness Lingfeng had forced him to take Yi Ping as his protégé in exchange for the Negative Core Divine Pill that was in his hands by saying to him, “He is after all the White Sage, our ex-protégé. I know that this Negative Core Divine Pill is extremely precious but we need it to save the Celestial Fairy…”

Looking back now, the Universal Old Man was glad that he had taken Yi Ping as his protégé. Not only was he now an Immortal Practitioner, he had also opened his Heavenly Eyes!

He answered the Heaveness Lingfeng, “Indeed very good. But now I don’t want to be his protégé master anymore!”

The Heaveness Lingfeng raised her eyebrows, “Huh? Are you thinking like the rest of them as well?”

The Universal Old Man laughed as he patted his belly, “Indeed! I wonder what Yi Ping has to say to it?”

Yi Ping rubbed his nose as he looked at the Universal Old Man, the Lord Supreme, Immortal Saint of Swords, the Skylord Jun and the rest of the maidens before bowing respectfully with his arms, “It is actually my honor to have brothers like you! My brothers!”

The Lord Supreme, the Universal Old Man, the Immortal Saint of Swords and Skylord Jun said spiritedly as they all laughed together, “Brother Yi Ping! Brother Yi Ping! Brothers!”

Lingfeng kicked the Universal Old Man lightly as she whispered, “So now the Lord Supreme and you are now brothers? How wonderful. I am going to be lonely from now on!”

Aiel was also smiling, “Don’t worry, from now on you have me. He is renowned for abandoning his old comrades so just ignore him!”

The Universal Old Man protested immediately, “Alas! We are all in the same group what…”

The Lord Supreme laughed as he said to the Universal Old Man, “I fear for you brother!”

But everyone was laughing and they exchanged teasing expressions and glances at each other!

Alice laughed softly as she clapped her hands as she winked at the Skylord Jun, “Welcome to our group then!”

Skylord Jun was a little startled that these maidens had changed from malevolent to jovial all of a sudden; it was only then that he knew that they were all teasing him and giving him a test to discourage him!

Yi Ping smiled, “Let’s go!”

All of a sudden Skylord Jun said, “Brother Yi, hold first!”

Yi Ping asked, “Yes?”

Skylord Jun said, “I just happen to know the way to the next level. I wonder if Brother Yi is willing to trust me enough to allow me to lead the way?”

Yi Ping bowed respectfully to him, “May Brother Jun please lead the way for us!” 

Lie Qing and Lele immediately stepped forward as they said together, “Let’s us go now!”