A Martial Odyssey Book 2: The Celestial Realm – Chapter 71

The Peacock Heresy

It took Yi Ping, the Universal Old Man, the Goddess Aiel, Han Lin, Yixian, Youxue, Shi Shi, Jing’Er and Yang Min a good one hour to finally reach the other end of the platform!

While the Goddess Isa, Lele, the Celeste Wind Maiden and Lingfeng were watching at a safe distance, they were nearly nerve racked just by watching them treading slowly in a single file and anxiously hoping that nothing would happen to them!

The martial windforce was lashing most furiously from the middle onward. It was so furious that they could see the furies of the forceful winds on their faces and from their flurrying clothing!

Lingfeng cursed softly, “Old Man, you sure like to take your time…”

Even though the distance was far and the winds were muting the voices but the Universal Old Man had heard the Heaveness. It was because the Heaveness was an internal art expert and while her alluring voice was soft, it could easily be picked up by another internal art practitioner.

The Universal Old Man cursed under his breath as he said to Yi Ping, “If I were to lose my concentration and fall down the bottomless abyss, remember to light a joss stick for me. Remember to ask the Heaveness along for she is the cause of my demise.”

Yi Ping was smiled bitterly…

Lie Qing was laughing softly, “I help you to remember!”

The Goddess Aiel chipped in, “I will take vengeance for you for sure. Rest in peace then!”

Han Lin was in no mood for humor. Usually, she was able to make fun in any difficult situation but not today!

She took a peek at Yi Ping and quickly shied away!

Her heart was strangely beating very fast when she was looking at Yi Ping!

The truth was that she had taken a liking for Yi Ping but that was it. She knew very well that it was impossible between them and was reluctant to mess around with either the Goddess Isa or the Goddess Celestial Alice. It was because she knew that Yi Ping was the Dark Cosmos Lord!

But earlier Yi Ping had risked his life to save her!

He had actually jumped down to catch hold of her without any hesitation. If there was any hesitation on his part, he would never, never be able to catch hold of her!

She simply could not believe that Yi Ping could jump down for her sake…

And when she had thought of him clinging close to her…

“Han Lin, what are you doing? You seem to be in a daze.” The Goddess Aiel asked her.

Han Lin muttered, “Nothing…”

The Goddess Aiel muttered, “Don’t you fall again. This time I surely won’t have the strength to save either of you…”

She took a peek at Yi Ping…

Yi Ping of course did not dare to look at her. It was because she was too scantily dressed and she was thoroughly embarrassed that she did not bring an extra dress along…

Han Lin quickly muttered with flushes of red, “Fat hope! I am just careless…this is so embarrassing…”

Jing’Er looked at Han Lin quietly. She had never seen her with such expressions before…

Even the Goddess Aiel was not in her usual self.

The Goddess Aiel was sighing softly to herself.

All of a sudden she had a sudden thought, “If the Dark Chaos Lord is able to aid the Goddess Isa to open her Heaven Eyes again then he may be able to help me to open my Heaven Eyes again? Should I ask him later? But will he? He just aids the Goddess Isa and has expended at least half of his martial strength. Am I asking for too much?”

She muttered softly, “Maybe the Celestial Fairy can help me to ask him? We are such good sisters previously…my Heavenly Tears Divine Sword…”

Yixian asked gently, “Yes?”

The Goddess Aiel muttered, “Nothing. I just talking to myself…I really happy to see you again Ishtar…”

Yixian smiled weakly, “I am not the one you know. But nevertheless I am really grateful that you have saved my life that day. I have a familiar feeling with you…”

The Goddess Aiel smiled, “Same here…”

But her thoughts quickly returned to what happened that day…

She had felt that she had ruined herself while pretending otherwise. That day when she had exercised her Inverting Universe Intricate Energies to aid the Goddess Isa, Yixian, the Celeste Wind Maiden, Jing’Er, Lie Qing and Yi Ping, she had actually stripped herself…

Even though Yi Ping had closed his eyes at that time but the thought that she was stripping in front of a stranger caused her to be extremely uncomfortable.

To be honest, she did not want to aid Yi Ping at all at the last minute!

But somehow she was quite impressed by him when he had defeated the Mad Conqueror and got rid of him for her…

“What am I doing? For goodness sake. My honor is ruined…” She thought miserably as she held her short skirt tightly down…

And it was an embarrassing pose that she had to maintain for an hour or so…

An hour later, the Universal Old Man was the first to reach the other end of the platform. When he did, he was so exhausted that he had fallen almost flat onto the ground!

But that did not stop him from quickly turning over to look at the naked white slender legs of the Goddess Aiel.

He almost choked when he saw the state of her flimsy and see through silk dress that was almost blown tattered apart!

And Lie Qing too! Her skirt was also too short!

Lie Qing gasped coldly, “You! I dare you to look!

And his nose began to bleed!

For the Goddess Aiel was extremely beautiful and as heavenly moving as the Goddess Isa and the Celestial Fairy!

The Heaveness Lingfeng tapped the Universal Old Man on his shoulder as she said with displeasure, “If you don’t exercise your intricate energies to clear your energy channels now, you are going to get phenomenon deviation soon.”

But the Universal Old Man did not seem to hear her as he stared blankly at the Goddess Aiel!

The Goddess Aiel muttered weakly, “Hey…don’t…look…please…”

But there was not a single response from the Universal Old Man!

So Lingfeng slapped him on his face hard!

But the Universal Old Man continued to stare blankly with his mouth wide-open at the Goddess Aiel!

Lingfeng gave him a martial imbued hard slap as she said coldly, “You are really afflicted by phenomenon deviation! You lecherous old man!”

It was only then that the Universal Old Man seemed to recover from his daze as he stammered hastily, “I…I…no…I was just…thinking…about the…difficulties ahead…”

Just then, Yi Ping, Shi Shi, Jing’Er, Youxue, Yang Min, the Goddess Aiel and Han Lin had all stumbled weakly on the platform!

But that did not stop the Goddess Aiel from rushing angrily forward to lift her leg and gave the Universal Old Man a kick on his face!

The Universal Old Man stared at her skirt as he muttered, “Can you do that again…”

Before he could finish what he had intended on his mind, Lele and Youxue were next to him in an instant as they kicked him hard!

Youxue was exasperated, “Yi Ping, is this your protégé master?!”

The Universal Old Man protested weakly, “If I am Yi Ping then you won’t kick me…”

Lele said coldly as she brandished her long scythe, “What did you say? If I don’t castrate you today then I am not the Joyful Goddess!”

The Goddess Aiel said coldly, “Good! I will surely help you!”

The Universal Old Man was panicky as he protested, “I am a highly attained celestial practitioner. How is it possible for me to be sway by mortal emotions…”

The Goddess Aiel hummed coldly, “My foot!”

Yi Ping was also panicky as he rushed forward. If it was Lele then everything was possible!

He mustered all his last remaining strength as he stepped between the Universal Old Man and the upset maidens, “No wait please!”

Lingfeng said coldly, “Go ahead. I won’t help him. I happen to have a Sunflower Sacred Scroll with me. That is especially good for eunuchs.”

The Universal Old Man protested weakly as he received several kicks at the same time, “Never! I will never be a feminine gay…”

Yi Ping was now clumsily intercepting blows after blows and kicks after kicks from Youxue, Lingfeng, Lele and the Goddess Aiel at the same time. But he was really too weak and exhausted to stop them…

Shi Shi, Jing’Er and Yang Min were smiling weakly. The Universal Old Man was renowned throughout the lower realm and the Celestial Realm. They could not believe that it was the renowned Universal Old Man was getting beaten up right in front of their eyes!

The Celeste Wind Maiden was also staring in disbelief too!

But she soon looked the other way and stared melancholy at the ground.

Who could understand her innermost feelings?

As a dark celestial practitioner, she had longed to be a Golden Celestial and yearned to be one of the seven top fighters in the Celestial Realm. She used to think these only two things mattered to her. But now she had finally got what she had dreamed but why was she feeling empty all of a sudden?

Or she had finally known what she had always been yearning for after meeting Yi Ping?

But he was like a fleeing cloud that was impossible to hold on to!

Lie Qing had also joined in to hit the Universal Old Man as she said coldly, “If I don’t gorge your eyes out then I am not the Heavenly Temptress!”

The Goddess Isa raised her eyebrows as she asked innocently, “So this is an internal strife? Aiel, do you need my help?”

The Universal Old Man turned as white as sheet when he had heard the Goddess Isa!

Yi Ping was in a daze and he had almost fainted with shock!

The Universal Old Man panicky said aloud, “There is no time to lose. Someone else is ahead of us. It will be terrible if the Lord Supreme or the Immortal Saint of Swords gets ahead of us! We must hurry and enter the sealed gate!”

Lingfeng answered coldly, “We still need an hour or so to recuperate your martial strength or it will be suicide to simply barge into the sealed gate…”

All of a sudden Yang Min had coughed out a bout of blood and causing everyone to freeze in place!

Shi Shi and Jing’Er were panicky as they cried out, “Sister! Min’Er!”

Yang Min had turned ashen and she was trembling uncontrollably!

Jing’Er gasped panicky when she had touched her, “Her body…is so hot!”

Yi Ping was also shocked as he asked panicky, “Maiden Yang…are you alright?”

To everyone’s surprise, Yang Min opened her eyes weakly to look at Yi Ping.

Yang Min was shivering, “I…”

She was looking extremely pale!

Yi Ping was startled by her appearance and he quickly looked around at the other maidens for help!

Shi Shi was asking panicky, “Sister, are you alright?”

She quickly examined her pulses and said angrily, “Bai Liangong! You!”

Yang Min smiled weakly, “Shi Shi…I am alright…”

However everyone could see that it was not the case!

Yixian had also come to Yang Min aid but as soon as she touched Yang Min, she gasped softly. “Her vital energies are completely in disarray…”

Lele nodded as she examined Yang Min quickly before saying, “Even my Celestial Force is not able to neutralize her conflicting energy channels. She is burning hot and cold at the same time!”

All of a sudden Yi Ping could feel a sudden burning sensation coming from Yang Min and she was looking flustered!

The Goddess Aiel immediately said after taking a look at Yang Min, “How vicious!”

Yi Ping immediately asked, “What’s wrong?”

The Goddess Aiel gently touched the forehead of Yang Mi before she hit the back of her neck, “It is the effect of a certain type of drug. If I am not wrong, it is the Peacock Heresy, a powerful aphrodisiac…”

Yang Min had already broken into beads of perspiration and she was muttering incoherently!

Shi Shi immediately pleaded to the Goddess Aiel, “Please help her…”

The Goddess Aiel smiled bitterly, “I don’t have an antidote for her. There is no antidote for this type of drug as far as I know. Usually celestial practitioners like us are immune to the hypnotizing effects these type of drugs but still that also depend on the state of divinity of the practitioners. But there are certain powerful prescriptions that offer no immunity and the Peacock Heresy is one of them. There are many side effects to this drug. It is really so vicious of Bai Liangong to use such a manipulating drug on her.”

Jing’Er was pleading, “Mistress, surely you have a remedy? You are so skillful in herbalism. Please do something about it.”

The Goddess Aiel sighed softly, “I just say I don’t have any remedy and there isn’t any antidote to it…”

Yi Ping pleaded panicky, “May the Celestial Mistress helps her please. I am sure you are able to do something…”

The Universal Old Man muttered, “What a bad timing. If even the Sagess Ai says that there is nothing she can do, we shouldn’t try to impose upon her. Ancient celestial practitioners like us are …”

He quickly corrected himself, “Immortal practitioners like her are incapable of lying.”

The Goddess Aiel who was also the Sagess Ai interrupted, “Maybe there is a way but I am not so sure about it.”

Yi Ping quickly asked anxiously, “May the Celestial Mistress enlightens us!”

Jing’Er and Shi Shi too were pleading anxiously, “May the Sagess Ai enlighten us please!”

The Goddess Aiel muttered shyly, “There are two options as a matter of fact…”

Everyone was startled!

Yi Ping was stammering, “Two options? Quick, tell us…”

The Goddess Aiel looked at the other maidens before she said nonchalantly, “Isn’t this obvious? She must lay with a man to preserve her life.”

Yi Ping was stunned. It took him a little while to recover, “What is the second option?”

The Goddess Aiel replied coolly, “Actually it is possible to use internal strength to force the effects of the drug out. But only someone whose internal strength isn’t negative or positive is able to do so.”

Lingfeng asked curiously, “Really? How come I do not know about it?”

The Goddess Aiel replied calmly, “Any practitioner that has managed to attain the Lesser Cosmos Position will be able to use the Diaspora Force to expel the Peacock Heresy.”

Yi Ping stammered, “Really?”

The Goddess Aiel nodded, “And you are the only one who has attained past the Lesser Cosmos Position.”

Yi Ping muttered, “But I don’t know any Diaspora Force…”

The Goddess Isa interrupted with a smile, “You better believe her. The Goddess Aiel used to be at the Lesser Cosmos Position before she got expelled from the outer heavens.”

Lingfeng was startled as she gasped, “So high!”

Lele asked, “Is it hard?”

Lingfeng smiled bitterly, “More extreme than you can imagine…”

The Goddess Aiel said blankly, “That is my punishment…that is the past now. Anyway I do remember the intricacy heart formula of the Diaspora Force. It is worth to try but does Yi Ping has any strength left?”

It was because Yi Ping had fought with the divine beast, opened the Heaven Eyes of the Goddess Isa and had just been through an exhausting trial. Till now, he had not rest yet!

Yi Ping muttered weakly, “No matter. I have to try…”

Yang Min was moaning weakly, “So hot…”

She had begun to loosen her attire and even pulling her outer attire off!

Yi Ping was startled as he called out, “Maiden Yang, you must be strong and focus your will. I am going to recite the Absolute Spirits to you. Recite after me…The Will of the Absolute…”

Yang Min had suddenly put her hands on his face and pulled him to her bosoms as she muttered incoherently, “I don’t want…to recite anything…I just want you…”

The Goddess Aiel turned ashen, “Too late! The Peacock Heresy has already attacked her vital heart!”

Jing’Er stammered with shock, “What shall we do now?”

Shi Shi covered her mouth tearfully, “Min’Er, you will be alright…Min’Er…”

Yi Ping could feel the burning sensation that was from Yang Min as he tried to push her away but most of his martial strength had already been spent…

Yang Min alluring eyes were hurt as she asked Yi Ping, “Why are you pushing me away? You…don’t like me? Or…you think I am unworthy of you?”

Yi Ping stammered, “No…”

As he tried to break free of Yang Min, he turned around for help. “Someone help me…help me up…”

But to his surprise, all the maidens were not making any moves!

Yi Ping was startled, “Everyone?”

Lie Qing picked up Yang Min’s outer garment as she started to remove her outer garment. This was soon after followed by the rest of the maidens slowly except for the Goddess Aiel who did not wear any outer garment…

Yi Ping was stunned, “Everyone? What…?”

The Universal Old Man was staring wide-eyed and his jaw simply dropped!

Lingfeng said quietly, “Yang Min is one of us. We are not going to let her die here. It will be such a bad omen. We are going to make a curtain…”

Lele said coldly, “Count yourself lucky, Ping’Er. You bet I will be upset with you for a long time…”

The Universal Old Man muttered, “Maybe…let me…”

After all everyone could tell that Yang Min was a most exquisite lady. She was extremely moving and brilliant as well…

Immediately Lingfeng, Lie Qing, Lele, Shi Shi, Jing’Er, Han Lin and the Goddess Aiel said aloud at the same time, “No!”

The Goddess Isa was in a daze as she muttered, “I…everyone…are they going to…of all places…”

She was blushing shyly because she had recalled that day when she was forced to strip in order to receive treatments from the Goddess Aiel…

Lingfeng tapped her foot lightly as she stared coldly at the Universal Old Man, “You better go back to the entrance and don’t let me see you.”

The Universal Old Man was stunned as he muttered, “But I just come from there…”

Yang Min was hugging Yi Ping tightly while still moaning incoherently, “You…don’t like me?”

Yi Ping said panicky as his mind was now in a daze, “No…yes…no…I mean…”

All of a sudden Yang Min was kissing him as they rolled on the ground.

Just when Yi Ping was about to push her away when she had loosen her grip on him, Yang Min had suddenly removed her inner garment and stunning him!

Shi Shi said panicky, “Quickly, make the curtain!”

Yi Ping called out panicky to the Goddess Aiel, “What is the intricacy heart formula of the Diaspora Force? Quickly tell me…”

The Goddess Aiel replied, “Too late now. Oh, did I forget to tell you this? That even if I tell you the intricacy heart formula of the Diaspora Force, you still have to remove her clothes in order to aid her?”

Jing’Er said shyly to Yi Ping, “You…have better take good care of my sister in the future or else I won’t spare you!”

Yi Ping was a complete daze as he stammered aloud, “But…you…are all here…”

Lie Qing smiled softly, “What? Do you need me to teach you or have you forgotten what you did to the Ascension Goddess and Sister Xian’Er that day?”

Yi Ping was stunned as he stammered, “You know…”

Yixian said shyly, “Qing’Er, you!”

But before Yi Ping could protest further, he was once again rolling on the ground with Yang Min as she kissed him…

Her kiss was heavenly and Yi Ping was suddenly overwhelmed by her aromatic sensation that he was not resisting anymore…