A Martial Odyssey Book 2: The Celestial Realm – Chapter 68

The Ultimate Heavens Encompassing Stroke!

Lingfeng commanded sternly, “Even if we have to split, run first!”

The Goddess Aiel was also issuing the same warning, “A divine beast is now approaching. The Heaveness and I will try our best to delay it. Quick, go!”

The two former rivals were actually working together for the first time!

The Universal Old Man was shouting, “Those who are slower, quickly run to the nearest passage and don’t look back! There is no time to lose!”

Yi Ping was startled as he turned back to look at Lingfeng and the Goddess Aiel, “Lingfeng!”

But Lingfeng pretended not to hear him!

Youxue, Shi Shi, Jing’Er, the Celeste Wind Maiden, Yixian, Lele, Lie Qing and the Goddess Isa had all stopped in their tracks when Yi Ping had suddenly turned back to confront Lingfeng and the Goddess Aiel!

The Universal Old Man was startled as he shouted, “What are all of you doing?!”

Every moment was precious!

At a few blinks of an eye, these martial practitioners could move hastily away and mystified non martial practitioners.

But at this moment, every second that had passed was crucial; that was because a terrifying monster was also approaching them with speed that matched these super martial exponents!

And by pausing in their tracks, they were wasting these precious seconds that they could use to make their escape.

But now it was too late!

A gigantic white beast with a fiery mark on its head had suddenly appeared from the furthest passage; it looked like a tiger except that it was ten times larger than a normal size tiger and had a pair of protruding long white fangs!

Yi Ping was startled at the size and ferocity of this gigantic beast that looked like it could snap his head with a single bite!

While startled, he was not afraid.

Compared to the black kirin that he had fought in the Astronomic Stellar Formation, this gigantic white beast seemed like intimidating but no less dangerous. However Yi Ping’s courage had always been like steel.

He had already brandished the Celestial Alice silently and was about to charge at the gigantic beast when he was startled by two maidens by his side; it was Han Lin and the Goddess Isa!

The Goddess Isa was smiling sweetly at him, “Just like old times, isn’t it? When we have rebelled against the Gods, we have fought together…”

But she quick smiled, “This is a rare divine beast and a powerful one. If I can get a Heavenly Relic when it dies, I may be able to restore my heavenly armor…”

Yi Ping was startled, “A divine beast?!”

Han Lin laughed jovially, “It is one of the four most powerful divine beasts despite its small size. Usually we won’t encounter it in the lower levels of the Stellar Sanctuary. Yi Ping, are you afraid now? Let big sister takes care of you!”

Yi Ping smiled bitterly for she did not look any older than him.

Again Yi Ping was startled when Yixian, Lie Qing, Lele, Shi Shi, Jing’Er, Yang Min and the Celeste Wind Maiden had also stepped quietly behind him!

Lie Qing laughed softly, “Surely you are not thinking of fighting alone?”

Lele added, “Don’t forget we are in here together!”

Yixian looked at Yi Ping tenderly, “They are right!”

Even Lingfeng and the Goddess Aiel were beside Yi Ping in an instant!

Lingfeng smiled, “Since you want to die, you need some company right?”

The Goddess Aiel was trembling quietly, “This is the White Tiger Divine Beast. Its hide is as hard as steel. We should exercise absolute caution…”

Lingfeng muttered out, “This White Tiger Divine Beast is more powerful than the Kirin that we have seen in the Astronomic Stellar Formation…”

The Universal Old Man was smiling weakly as he ran back, “Good grief. You are all so foolish!”

The White Tiger Divine Beast had actually paused in his track when it had caught sight of them.

All of a sudden it gave a terrifying resonant roar that was likened to a martial shout!

Immediately everyone reacted intuitively by defending with their internal martial arts and intricate heart formula!

The martial roar was so powerful that those without epitome internal arts to protect them could feel the flow of their vital energies reversing its flow!

Jing’Er and Yang Min immediately coughed out blood as they stumbled backward!

Shi Shi gave a startled outcry as she immediately hit their backs furiously to clear their vital channels!

Yi Ping was startled but he knew that there was no time to run because the White Tiger Divine Beast was upon them in the next instant with a single leap!

This gigantic divine beast was startling agile despite its size!

Yi Ping leapt back when the White Tiger Divine Beast had pounced on them.

He had narrowly managed to evade the sudden attack but Lie Qing, Youxue, Lele and the Universal Old Man were knocked back and hit the wall with a thunderous impact!

Lie Qing had just raised her Invincible Divine Force when she got struck!

Protected by her Golden Impervious Body and the defensive globes of her Invincible Force, Lie Qing managed to absorb most of the impact but she was left in a daze!

It was because the force that had struck her was so startling that it broke through her Invincible Divine Force!

Lele had underestimated the divine beast that she was fighting. When she had realized how agile it was, it was too late. She had to raise her Celestial Force to its fullest so that she could neutralize as much of the impact as possible.

Like Lie Qing, she could barely stand after receiving such a hard knock!

The Universal Old Man had mustered all his martial power with both hands as he displayed the Ultrapowerful Force but no sooner had he forwarded his Ultrapowerful Force, the White Tiger Divine Beast had brushed him aside with in an explosive force!

Yi Ping shouted panicky, “Qing’Er, Lele, Protégé Master!”

The Goddess Isa had raised her long sword and had slammed it into the ground just in time to block the mighty attack of the White Tiger Divine Beast. The brutal force of the attack was so powerful that a thunderous tremendous force occurred at the same time!

At the same time Yi Ping had raised his martial power to execute the Ultrapowerful Fore to hit the White Tiger Divine Beast as he made a piercing thrust with the Celestial Alice!

The White Tiger Divine Beast roared with raging pain as it slammed with lighting speed in retaliation against Yi Ping!

Yi Ping immediately split the Celestial Alice into the Celestial Antonym Alice and the Celestial Synonym Alice into a cross above him as the iron paw of the White Tiger Divine Beast came slamming down onto him!

He immediately mustered all his martial strength but it was too much for him as he coughed out a bout of blood!

Just when he was almost depleted of his strength, Lie Qing and Yixian were at his side as they tanked against the crushing paw of the White Tiger Divine Beast together!

Lie Qing had raised her divine sword and hovering around her were ten faint blue spheres!

Yixian had unsheathed the Heavenly Earth Sword and had pierced the paw of the White Tiger Divine Beast with her Divine Emerald Skill!

Yixian’s forehead was glowing with a blue insignia and her long raven hair had turned light blue!

And around her was a martial force that was spiraling upward against the divine strength of the White Tiger Divine Beast!

She had displayed the Absolute Defense of the Divine Emerald Skill!

The Celestial Fairy said weakly, “Ping’Er, are you alright?”

Yi Ping was startled, “Xian’Er, Qing’Er!”

Lie Qing smiled weakly as an irresistible force was crushing down onto her, “Don’t worry. I am alright. We can win…”

Yi Ping was anxious despite what she had said. It was because she was one of the first to be hit by the White Tiger Divine Beast!

The White Tiger Divine Beast became enrage as it withdrew its paw and slammed it down upon them again!

At the same time Lingfeng, the Goddess Isa , Youxue, Lele, the Celeste Wind Maiden and the Goddess Aiel were hitting the White Tiger Divine Beast with all their killing techniques hoping to distract it!

Their puny attacks managed to slow down the White Tiger Divine Beast as Yi Ping, Lie Qing and Yixian leapt out of danger before the powerful paw of the White Tiger Divine Beast hit the ground with a crackling powerful impact!

The Goddess Isa raised her long curved sword as she evaded blow after blow from the White Tiger Divine Beast while warning aloud, “This is a divine beast. It is impervious to most attacks, including our divine swords!”

But while she was warning the others, Han Lin, Lingfeng and the Goddess Aiel were all hit by the White Tiger Divine Beast and they were sent flying backward!

The divine strength of this White Tiger Divine Beast was simply too irresistible!

Yi Ping coughed out more blood in his anxiety when he saw that Lingfeng had taken a brutal hit!

Yi Ping was still trembling from the earlier exchange but he mustered his entire strength as he hit the face of White Tiger Divine Beast with the Asper Divinity Horizon Hands!

Three bursts of martial force exploded around him as he leaped and hit the face of the White Tiger Divine Beast with a large resounding impact!

Even though the martial power of the Asper Divinity was earthshaking, there was no significant impact to it at all!

But before the White Tiger Divine Beast could react, Yi Ping had sliced a dozen slashes against it with the Celestial Antonym Alice and the Celestial Synonym Alice!

The slashes were furious, swift and exploded into furious martial force!

But still, it was not enough to pierce through the hide of the White Tiger Divine Beast which was harder than steel!

All of a sudden the White Tiger Divine Beast had struck him and had flung him hard against the walls!

Yi Ping coughed out more blood as he tried to pick himself weakly but he soon stumbled to his knees on the ground; he had barely any strength left now and some of his bones seemed to be broken too!

The Goddess Isa gasped aloud when she saw Yi Ping flying and slamming with a thunderous bang against the white celestium wall!

That distraction was fatal; the White Tiger Divine Beast struck her with its paw and had pinned her on the ground!

The Goddess Isa coughed out blood as she landed with a thunderous impact onto the floor even as the huge paw of the White Tiger Divine Beast had struck her again and pinning her down!

In that single instant, the all-powerful battle maiden was down!

When the group began the fight with the White Tiger Divine Beast, it soon became apparent to them that the attacks of the Goddess Isa were a class above them. It was because none of them could even hurt the White Tiger Divine Beast except for her!

All of a sudden she had become the soul of their group as they attacked the divine beast with all their techniques!

But now she was down!

The battle had barely begun and their group was all but almost annihilated!

In their group, only Shi Shi was not injured but that was only because she was frantically attempting to treat the injuries of Yang Min and Jing’Er!

And now it was up to the Heaveness, the Goddess Aiel, the Celestial Fairy and the Celeste Wind Maiden that were holding the fort!

Yixian and the Celeste Wind Maiden exchanged quick knowing look at each other; they decided to make an all-out attack to free the Goddess Isa!

Almost at the same time they had flew with startling speed as they slashed furiously at the White Tiger Divine Beast!

Youxue had suddenly flashed to the White Tiger Divine Beast as she hit it with a smashing explosive blow, “Dominating Force!”

But her dominating force could not even bulge the White Tiger Divine Beast!

The White Tiger Divine Tiger gave a hallowing roar and immediately Youxue, Yixian and the Celeste Wind Maiden were forced to retreat!

It was only then when Yi Ping had witnessed such a heartbreaking sight that Yi Ping was filled with deep remorse. His moment of hesitation had cost his group dearly!

Lingfeng had warned him, “When we have entered the Stellar Sanctuary, you mustn’t be as impulsive as before. It is because not all the denizens of the Stellar Sanctuary can be settled by force of arms. Numbers mean nothing in the Stellar Sanctuary! We can only win through guile and caution!”

Yi Ping muttered weakly, “Everyone, I’m sorry. It is all my fault…Isa…!”

All of a sudden Yi Ping managed to muster all his strength to shout, “ISA!”

There was a burst of extraordinary brilliant burst of martial force from Yi Ping and at the same time the ground beneath him began to crack with furious bursts of explosive martial force!

The Goddess Aiel was in a tricky situation and she was losing her fight with the White Tiger Divine Beast when Yi Ping had suddenly called out the name of the Goddess Isa.

Because the attention of the White Tiger Divine Beast was upon Yi Ping now, the Heaveness seized the opportunity to snatch the Goddess Aiel to safety as she lifted her fingers at the White Tiger Divine Beast!

There was a brilliant shard that seemingly knocked the White Tiger Divine Beast slightly aside!

Lingfeng mustered her Divine Invigorate Force to aid the Goddess Aiel before she asked weakly, “Are you alright?”

The Goddess Aiel could only nod weakly as she eyed the Heaveness, “That is your divine sword? You have concealed it very well…”

All of a sudden, the Goddess Aiel was startled by what she was seeing!

There was a golden insignia mark with two golden circles on Yi Ping’s forehead!

All of a sudden Yi Ping had leapt forward and did a double slash straight on the face of the White Tiger Divine Beast with the Heavens Encompassing Stroke and drawing blood!

Not once but twice!

The White Tiger Divine Beast roared with agonizing pain as it stumbled backward and as a result it had released its hold on the Goddess Isa.

The Goddess Isa was almost on her breaking point when the White Tiger Divine Beast had released its crushing hold on her!

She was startled when Yi Ping had lifted her soothingly to him as he asked her gently, “Isa, are you alright?”

She was even more startled when Yi Ping had touched her gently on her forehead. Immediately she could feel a renewal of her vigor and she could breathe gently again!

A fiery mark had appeared on her forehead when Yi Ping had touched her gently!

The Goddess Isa gasped in disbelief as she muttered, “My Heaven Eyes which is sealed by the Goddess Celestial Alice is now unsealed? How is it possible? Yi Ping…Dark Cosmos Lord…”

The others were less startled by the sudden awakening of the Goddess Isa’s Heaven Eyes but more by Yi Ping; he was being surrounded by golden aura and the two Celestial Alices were enveloped by a rainbow halo!

Yi Ping said quietly to the White Tiger Divine Beast, “Go!”

To the utter surprise of everyone, the White Tiger Divine Beast began to take a few steps back before it turned around to flee completely out of sight!

Lingfeng was gasping, “The Great Emptiness Translucence! He has finally attained it…”

But the Goddess Aiel was saying with trembling voice, “The Goddess Isa has awakened…for good or bad…and…”

She was staring at Yi Ping, “It can’t be…”

Han Lin had staggered weakly next to her, “Aiel, is he…”