A Martial Odyssey Book 2: The Celestial Realm – Chapter 66

The Crimson Gates of the Stellar Sanctuary

Three groups were walking rapidly in the mountain paths below and they were looking for the entrance of the Stellar Sanctuary.

There was supposed to be a fourth group but the Three Banners Clan had suddenly abstained after getting a divine lot with the Celestial Aiel Sect.

If anyone was there in the Golden Ascension Hall and got the same draw as the Celestial Aiel Sect, they may abstain or decide to travel on their own too!

An icy demeanor maiden had stood guard over the Sagess Ai in the Golden Ascension Hall!

Even though no one had tried to ask, quite a number of celestial exponents had actually fought with her and the Celestial Aiel Sect previously!

She was not only the number one celestial exponent of the Celestial Aiel Sect, she was also one of seven most powerful newly celestial fighters in the Celestial Realm!

Not only did she had the reputation of besting Old Reverend Vanquishing Sage, she had also beaten quite a number of the very top fighters in the Celestial Realm to arrive at her present position. Indeed she had a fearsome reputation!

And the Celestial Mistress had a fearsome reputation of deploying poisons to control the various celestial clans that were under the sphere of influence of the Celestial Aiel Sect.

Also this Goddess Isa whose glares was so piercingly chilling that she could send a shiver down the spine of even the most highly attained celestial.

Therefore there were few celestial clans that wanted to be in the same group as the Celestial Aiel Sect!

The Three Banners Clan was not the only clan that had abstained after drawing the divine lot. All in all, an additional ten celestial clans had suddenly abstained after seeing the results of the divine lots!

All these clans had abstained for a number of reasons such as an existing feud with each other, fear of the other or simply because they disliked each other.

Those that had decided to go to the Stellar Sanctuary had all either grouped themselves or set off as a solitary group.

Again, the reasons for doing so were many.

Even if any celestial clans were deemed lucky enough to pick the same lot as the Lord Supreme or the Immortal Sword of Saints, chances were that these two eminent Ancient Celestials had already set off as a solitary individual without waiting for anyone!

As for Yi Ping group, he had quietly grouped with the Sagess Ai and the Deadly Wanderer as they made their way to the gates of the Stellar Sanctuary.

With Yi Ping were the Heaveness, the Universal Old Man, Yixian, Lele, Lie Qing, Youxue, Shi Shi and Yang Min.

With the Sagess Ai were Han Lin, the Celeste Wind Maiden, Jing’Er and the Goddess Isa.

The Deadly Wanderer had dismissed his clan protégés halfway when several of them were injured fatally by the torrential winds and a landslide.

He had not intended to take them into the Stellar Sanctuary in the first place so he quickly dismissed them for their own good.

They were the last group to actually move into positions for their designated destination and were late for almost a day!

The Stellar Sanctuary would shut its gates in eighty-nine more days and would disappear from the Celestial Realm for the next few centuries or perhaps even for a few millennium years!

Yet these three groups seemed to be unhurried!

Actually that was not Yi Ping’s intentions at all. He was actually eager to enter the Stellar Sanctuary; he was not only curious about the Stellar Sanctuary, he wanted to overcome the challenges inside and to aid Yu’Er, Mei’Er, Ye Yin and Shen Xingyue!

Lingfeng had said coolly, “Let wait three days when the Stellar Sanctuary has completely descended before we move on.”

Yi Ping was startled as he asked, “What if others are to enter the Stellar Sanctuary first?”

Lingfeng just smiled quietly before she nodded to the rest of the maidens.

All the other maidens were all giggling and soon even the Goddess Isa and the Sagess Ai were doing the same too!

The Sagess Ai said, “We are also setting off three days later. Why don’t we set off together?”

The Deadly Wanderer was stunned as he protested weakly, “But we will miss the…”

Youxue said coldly, “One day less, one day more. Does it matter? If you are so eager to enter the Stellar Sanctuary, you can go alone!”

Jing’Er and Han Lin were laughing softly even as the Celeste Wind Maiden was muttering softly, “That is a good idea. I don’t want to let that happen either…”

Lele laughed merrily as she brushed aside her long hair while winking at Lie Qing!

Lie Qing laughed softly, “Me either!”

Yi Ping was smiling weakly.

He knew that Lingfeng had used her Great Divine Whisper to secretly whisper her intentions to everyone.

With his current progression in his Emptiness Translucence, it was not hard to know what Lingfeng was up to. Unfortunately, he had not reached the level of attainment that could allow him to eavesdrop on her Great Whispering Divine Skill!

But when he asked the Universal Old Man for a reason, the Universal Old Man simply shrugged his shoulder and said. “There is a reason for everything. If you think hard enough, you will know why. Otherwise continue to meditate for the next three days for the answer. Treat it as a trial to test your current state of divinity.”

Somehow Yi Ping felt that somewhere something was amiss…

Three days later, all the maidens were wearing a curtain silk hat that reached all the way to their legs!

Once the Stellar Sanctuary had descended, it seemed even more massive and forbidden looking than what Yi Ping had first imagined!

The ominous shape of the Stellar Sanctuary was now lurking overhead as circular lightning arcs exploded across the skies.

The huge gloomy Stellar Sanctuary had completely landed and crashed alongside the hundreds of tall mountains, topping mountains, destroying old pathways and creating new pathways!

Its massive impact had created such a terrifying tidal force that several of the massive towering white celestium towers of the Holy Ascension Sect were toppled over and the entire vicinity was strewing with plume of dirt and dust!

Yi Ping muttered, “Now I know why they want to set off three days later…”

The Deadly Wanderer was startled as he asked curiously, “I have been thinking of the same thing for the last three days as well. Have you discovered anything? I must say that the wisdom of the Heaveness is simply beyond me!”

The Universal Old Man almost choked as he smiled weakly.

Yi Ping heaved a soft sigh even as Lingfeng said sharply, “What a surprise that Yi Ping is able to second guess it. Hmph! He does seem to be getting smarter nowadays.”

She smiled alluringly at Yi Ping as she winked at him.

Lie Qing laughed softly, “Finally there is someone dumber than Ping’Er. But let him take a guess first. He could be wrong after all.”

Yi Ping shifted uneasy as he looked at all these maidens before he said coolly, “I am not blind. You are all afraid of getting dirty. If the Stellar Sanctuary had crashed while we are going toward it then your clothes will all be very dirty.”

Lie Qing was really surprised, “Why are you so smart now?”

Han Lin was clapping her hands, “That’s right, that’s right! Bingo! It is the noblest of reasons!”

The Deadly Wanderer was stunned at the reason. He was really not expecting it!

Yi Ping could only smile bitterly, “I am not smart but I have been with all of you for far too long…”

He was naturally unhappily for he was in a great hurry to rush to the Stellar Sanctuary.

But somehow these maidens did not seem to be in a hurry!

Yixian the Celestial Fairy was looking at Yi Ping with gentle eyes. They were not in a hurry to go to the Stellar Sanctuary because they were not in a hurry to face the challenges in there. The challenges of the Stellar Sanctuary would well be their last!

Rather all these maidens would rather spend some quiet time to be with Yi Ping. For the first time since they had arrived at the Celestial Realm, they had felt at peace.

Maybe that was the calmness before the storm!

All of a sudden the Celeste Wind Maiden interrupted sharply, “There is a strong stench of blood ahead!”

Lele immediately said, “Go!”

The Celeste Wind Maiden, Lele and Youxue had sped ahead!

Yixian was quickly behind them as she warned them gently, “Be careful!”

The Goddess Isa was not slow to react either, “I am spoiling for a fight. Wait for me!”

The five of them vanished instantly as they moved away from the group!

When Yi Ping saw their swiftness movement display, he could not help feeling in awe even though it was not the first time that he had witnessed their swiftness skill.

Immediately Yi Ping and the rest of the group sped after them!

When the Deadly Wanderer saw their swiftness skill, he was stunned.

He was shouting, “Wait for…” But before he could finish, everyone had vanished into the fog!

He was left muttering, “Be careful of the treacherous cliffs and move with caution…”

After trying to follow them for a while, he sighed softly as he stroked his beard, “I think I am lost and has been abandoned…”

He was a golden celestial and his swiftness speed was not weak at all.

But still he could not catch up with them. All of a sudden, he felt old…

It was not before long that Yi Ping could finally catch up with Yixian, Youxue, Lele, the Goddess Isa and the Celeste Wind Maiden but that was only because they had stopped in their tracks!

A crimson and cinnabar colored gate stood towering over them and scattered all around the gate were scores of dead celestial practitioners that belonged to the factions of the Celestial Aiel Sect and the Martial Deviant Clan!

Yi Ping was appalled at the sight even as he tried to look into pitch black gate of the Stellar Sanctuary, “There are so many dead…what is going on here…have they forgotten about the peace treaty?”

Youxue hummed coldly, “Peace treaty? Only for convenient sake.”

Han Lin took a look at their wounds and said, “There are more dark celestials here than golden celestials. It appears that they are a vanguard for a much larger parties.”

The Sagess Ai said, “It seems that we have company inside waiting for us.”

Yang Min scanned the dead bodies as she said quietly, “The Golden Eagle Clan, the Silver Spear Protégé Clan, the Great Heroes Clan…these are the clans that are affiliated with the Martial Deviant Clan.”

Han Lin added, “And these are the protégés of the Divine Poison Sect and the Curved Swords Clan. They are affiliated with the Celestial Aiel Sect.”

Yang Min was looking at the Stellar Sanctuary which lay beyond the crimson gate as she said coolly, “So it seems that someone else has already taken the first initiative and enter the Stellar Sanctuary. We are a little late.”

Jing’Er smiled, “We are never early in the first place. It is really within our expectations.”

Han Lin laughed softly as she looked at Yi Ping, “No need to worry for us. This is our gate. You have better hurried and watch over your gate. I suspect that your gate has also been taken!”

Yi Ping was smiling bitterly.

It had taken them more than a day to find a path to this gate. Even though the perimeter of the Stellar Sanctuary was circular in diameter and seemed as easy to follow, it was not as easy as it seemed. If they had taken a wrong path to climb up to the wrong perimeter of the Stellar Sanctuary and could not find any gate, then they would have to descend down the winding path again!

And moreover the constant earthquakes and the thick fogs had the effect of severely impaired their movements and their visibilities!

That was why they had taken more than a day to find the entrance of the Stellar Sanctuary!

The Sagess Ai said quietly as she looked at the crimson gate that was in plain view in front of them, “We have arrived and it is time for our groups to part ways.”

Jing’Er nodded quietly as she looked at Shi Shi and Yang Min before stealing a shy glance at Yi Ping!

Shi Shi and Yang Min were also looking at Jing’Er with woeful expressions!

The three of them were the Three Heaven Fairies of the Melody Palace and were extremely close to one another. When they had ascended to the Celestial Realm, they had gone on their own separate ways and until recently was finally together again. But today they had to part once again.

Shi Shi muttered, “I wonder in which year, which month, which day can we meet again after this parting…”

“Sisters!” Jing’Er cried out aloud.

Jing’Er could not hold back tears anymore as she rushed into their embraces as she sobbed with such melancholy sadness that even Lele and Yi Ping could not hold back their hot tears!

Yang Min said tearfully, “Be strong! We will surely have the chance to meet again!”

Yang Min was looking at the Sagess Ai before she took a step toward her as she said, “Jing’Er has told me that you are actually Goddess Aiel the Heavenly Tears. Our respects to grand matriarch!”

Yang Min was a protégé of the Melody Palace and the founder of the Melody Palace was none other than Goddess Aiel the Heavenly Tears!

Shi Shi was also bowing her respects with her hands, “Our respects to grand matriarch!”

The Sagess Ai was smiling weakly, “What is it? It is not like I won’t return.”

Yi Ping bowed with his hands to her, “Farewell and may we meet again!”

The Goddess Isa was trembling, “You…” But she kept quiet immediately!

The Sagess Ai, the Goddess Isa, Jing’Er the Chaste Lunar Maiden, Xiao Qian the Celeste Wind Maiden and Han Lin were all looking at Yi Ping reluctantly.

The Universal Old Man was sighing softly, “Ai, be really careful…”

The Sagess Ai looked at the Universal Old Man from head to bottom, “You are sure that you are not coming with me?”

The Universal Old Man shook his head, “You know that the Heaveness and I are inseparable. Moreover she has saved my life all too many times…”

Lingfeng flipped her long sleeves over before saying nonchalantly, “If you want to follow her, I don’t mind at all. We once vowed to undertake the Stellar Sanctuary together with the Great Sage Lord. But he is no longer with us now. So that vow no longer stands. You are free to choose again.”

The Universal Old Man was startled as he rubbed his chin as he looked at the Heaveness and the Sagess Ai…

The Sagess Ai raised her thin eyebrows to say, “No need! We are fine on our own!”

The Goddess Isa smirked coldly, “With a man around, it won’t be convenient at all.”

The Universal Old man smiled weakly, “That is true…”

Everyone was looking uneasy. It was obvious that they were all reluctant to part ways!

To Yi Ping, he was actually reluctant to part with the Sagess Ai. It was because he had yet to repay her for saving Yixian’s life. If they were not able to meet again then he could never be able to repay her the debt of gratuitous that he had owed her!

But instead Yi Ping sighed softly as he looked at the Sagess Ai, “Yes, it is almost time. You ought to be careful…I will repay your kindness in my next life if I am not able to do so in this lifetime…”

He had no right to stop her from leaving…

Moreover this was their designed gate and not his!

All of a sudden the Goddess Isa had given Yi Ping a tight slap and startling everyone!

It was so sudden that Yi Ping was completely taken by surprise even though he had heard the windforce!

But the real reason why Yi Ping was completely taken by surprise was because the Goddess Isa had no malevolent intention and also because he was too unfocused!

She had burst into tears all of a sudden!

She was kicking and hammering Yi Ping with her fists as she said tearfully, “You! Why this talk about the next life again?! If you want to repay her kindness, can you do it in this lifetime instead?”

Yi Ping was stunned as he muttered, “But…”

Lie Qing was looking at Youxue and Lele…

Why was the Goddess Isa so emotional?

Even Lingfeng was startled by her as she thought, “What is going on? This Goddess Isa doesn’t seem to be the type that can be this emotional especially for someone with her attainment…”

The Sagess Ai sighed softly as she thought melancholy, “Isa, after so many years have passed…you still cannot let it go? You are not the one that that the Dark Lord loves but rather it is the…”

Yixian was saying gently to the Goddess Isa, “Is something wrong?”

The Goddess Isa quickly wiped away her tears as she turned around. But she continued to tremble emotionally with soft sniffing, “Nothing…nothing…nothing!”

Yi Ping was completely at a loss as he muttered weakly, “I…am…sorry…”

The Goddess Isa cried out with her back facing him, “You did nothing wrong. Take care and don’t die!”


It was Lie Qing!

Everyone was startled and looked at her curiously!

Lie Qing laughed softly, “Actually, why don’t we go as a group into this wicked looking gate together?”

Yi Ping protested weakly, “But the divine lot…”

Lie Qing laughed jovially as she looked at everyone, “Don’t you all get it by now? The divine lots, the designated gates and the groupings do not matter at all!”

Yang Min and Youxue had a sudden realized as they said at the same time, “That is right!”

Lie Qing had just reminded them of something!

Lingfeng clapped her hands, “Why didn’t I think of it earlier?”

Yi Ping was bewildered, “What do you mean?”

The Sagess Ai said, “Then shall we have Maiden Lie Qing to explain to us?”

Lie Qing laughed softly before she said, “Suppose we leave to find our designed gate but could not find it? You must know it may be hanging in the air or even buried by the rocks. Then won’t we be forced to find another gate? If we have to find another gate then why not pick this gate in the first place?”

She smiled before adding, “Do you think that the Lord Supreme is expecting everyone to follow strictly accordingly to the divine lots and sit on the fence? Probably even as we speak, dozens of celestial clans that have abstained from the divine lot are all rushing or are already inside the Stellar Sanctuary!”

Indeed more than a hundred celestial clans had suddenly taken leave all of a sudden by giving all kinds of excuses!

The most common excuse was that they were all either escorting the allied clans or scouting for the sight of the Celestial Aiel Sect and the Martial Deviant Clan that were nearby!

Youxue added coldly, “We should have all thought of this earlier. The divine lots are but a convenient excuse for everyone to know where their enemies are going and hence avoid them. In this way, it will minimize the internal conflicts.”

Lie Qing nodded, “In fact many of the celestial practitioners have been deliberately giving secret hand gestures and expressions while in the Golden Ascension Hall. If they are not planning to go secretly into the Stellar Sanctuary, there won’t be so many that are abstaining. What is fishy is that after the divine lot has been drawn, there are ten more clans that have suddenly decided not to go to the Stellar Sanctuary.”

Lie Qing had been secretly observing everyone. Even though they had been very subtle but they could not fool her eyes!

Few were her match in the arts of subversion!

Lie Qing looked at everyone keenly, “Therefore I propose that we merge our group and simply enter the Stellar Sanctuary together. What do you all have to say about this?”

Lingfeng looked at the Sagess Ai and the Sagess Ai was looking at Lingfeng…

Finally the Sagess Ai said, “If the Heaveness wants to follow us, I don’t mind but I have to be the leader of the combined group.”

Lingfeng smiled alluring and all of a sudden she said coldly, “Fat hope!”

The Universal Old Man quickly went between the two of them as he said panicky, “At this rate we will never progress at all. Why don’t we appoint Ping’Er as temporary leader?”

The Sagess Ai and Lingfeng said at the same time, “That is fine…”

They quickly kept quiet as they looked at the rest.

The Celeste Wind Maiden said nonchalantly, “I don’t mind at all.”

Han Lin had quickly grabbed Yi Ping, “I don’t mind too!”

Lele yawned, “I am too lazy to walk up and down in a random direction just to look for a silly entrance.”

The Universal Old Man laughed jovially as he patted Yi Ping, “So let’s decide it. It will be the first time that the Sagess Ai and the Heaveness have joined hands. I can imagine the odes in the future when others speak of this moment!”

But Yi Ping was looking at the Goddess Isa instead as he said quietly, “I am sorry…for causing you to be so upset. But…”

All of a sudden he knocked his fists into a tree with a loud cracking impact, “But…I really want to know more. I don’t want anyone to be hurt because of me. I don’t want anyone that I cherish and love to fight with each other. So please, let me know what I should know!”

The Goddess Isa turned around slowly, “You really want to know?”

Yi Ping was trembling even as he nodded, “Yes, I do! So please tell me!”

The Goddess Isa said coldly, “What past is the past. The memories of the past are no more…”

Yi Ping shook his head, “The Emptiness Translucence! If I can attain the Great Emptiness Translucence and open my Heaven Eyes then I may still have some fragments of the distant memories. Whatever little I can remember, whatever little is good…”

The Goddess Isa smirked coldly, “It is impossible…”

Yi Ping said firmly, “That is not impossible. If even Yu’Er, Mei’Er and Lingfeng can remember their past life, maybe I can too!”

The Goddess Isa was truly startled as she looked at Lingfeng, “You…can remember your past life?!”

The Sagess Ai was also startled!

Lingfeng nodded, “I don’t know for Yu’Er and Mei’Er but like Yi Ping has said, my Great Emptiness Translucent is an epitome heart intricacy skill that void out all emotion like a mirror. Even though it void out all emotions but that reflection in the mirror is a reminder of the past for us to meditate upon. So it may be a possibility to remember past memories. However I must say it first. The odds are low for anyone to remember anything…”

She met the glance of the Sagess Ai as she said coolly, “The Heaveness that you know in the past is dead. I am the new Heaveness.”

The Sagess Ai was in disbelief as she probed, “You have previously passed on? But how is it possible for you to regain your memories and achieve the same state of divinity so fast?!”

The Sagess Ai and the Goddess Isa exchanged startled look with each other.

They had drawn upon only one conclusion!

That the Heaveness must be an immortal practitioner in the past as well!

The Goddess Isa asked quietly, “That Yu’Er and Mei’Er…is the Eclipse and Axis Heaven Goddess?”

Lingfeng replied, “That is right.”

The Goddess Isa said, “In that case, I will like to speak with them next time. Can you make the introductions…”

All of a sudden Yi Ping said to the Goddess Isa, “I know that you have the same attainment as the Goddess Celestial Alice. Can you open my Heaven Eyes for me? She had…once forcefully opened Lele’s Heaven Eyes for her.”

Lingfeng said, “She is different. Her heart is very pure…probably the Goddess Celestial Alice knows it as well. Even without any intervention from anyone, Lele will probably be the first one among our group to open her Heaven Eyes.”

Lele laughed softly, “That is only because I am the Joyful Goddess and have the aid of the Celestial Force…”

The Goddess Isa gasped as she looked at Lele, “The Goddess Celestial Alice will actually open your Heaven Eyes for you!? So you have seen her? Is she your protégé mistress?”

Lele replied nonchalantly, “Yes I have seen her but she is not my protégé mistress. In fact, I don’t know her at all.”

Lele was not as foolish as she looked even though she had appeared frivolous. She had remembered that they were not supposed to reveal that the Goddess Celestial Alice may be alive after all.

It was very obvious that the Goddess Isa had an enmity with the Goddess Celestial Alice!

The Goddess Isa said quietly, “I don’t believe.”

Lele was startled, “You don’t believe?”

Had the Goddess Isa discovered their lie?

The Goddess Isa said, “I don’t believe that she will expend her martial strength to aid you at all. Do you know that by doing so, she will expend nearly all her martial strength?”

Not only Lele was stunned, Yi Ping and the rest were also stunned!

The Sagess Ai said, “There is nothing to be surprise about. No one is able to aid the other to open their Heaven Eyes. It all depends entirely on the practitioner’s attainment. But if someone is able to do so, it is also not surprising how much effort is therefore required!”

All of a sudden Lele had a liking for the Goddess Celestial Alice as she murmured, “I thought that she is such a snob…I am so wrong…”

The Sagess Ai looked at Lele, “Don’t be too grateful yet. If it fails then you will surely die!”

Lele laughed jovially, “It didn’t happen. So that is alright!”

She deliberately touching her forehead and was intentional showing off to Lie Qing, Yixian, Shi Shi and Yang Min as she winked at them!

The rest of the maidens could only smile weakly!

Lele was saying to Han Lin, “Look Sister Han Lin! Do you think my fore mark is pretty?”

Han Lin forced out a smile, “Very pretty…”

The Sagess Ai sighed softly as she thought, “She doesn’t seem to get the second part into her head…”

When Yi Ping had heard that it would require the entire martial strength of the other practitioner, he had changed his mind. It was not because he was afraid of death.

No martial practitioner would give up their martial strength for another. Especially at this time!

Yi Ping managed a soft sigh as he said firmly, “Let us be on our way!”

The Universal Old Man nodded but he was soon muttering, “Someone seems to be missing…”

Just as Yi Ping had taken a step forward toward the crimson gate of the Stellar Sanctuary, he was suddenly blinded by a brilliant flash of white light and fell unconsciousness!

Everyone was startled!

The brilliant flash of white light was only visible to Yi Ping and they were all panicky as they did not know why Yi Ping had suddenly collapsed!

In Yi Ping’s consciousness, a vivid scene was seen…

A bloodied man with long white hair stumbled weakly as he leaned against a beautiful white marble wall. He was garbed in a black robe with nine golden dragons motif.

In the hands of this bloodied man were the Celestial Antonym Alice and the Celestial Synonym Alice!

Yi Ping had seen this man before in his dreams!

A forbidden heavenly maiden in a golden phoenix and green blue peacock silken dress had also staggered backward.

She was Maiden Ziyan!

She was saying, “Since the first time that we have met, we have been fighting with each other. Is…that what you really desire? Is this the ending that you want and desire?”

The bloodied man said, “I don’t want to fight you anymore than you want to fight me. But you are always opposing me…”

Maiden Ziyan kept quiet before she finally mustered a soft whisper as tears dropped silently onto the ground, “I oppose you? Who is the one that gives you the access to the Stellar Sanctuary? Who is the one that show you my temple shrine in the lower realm so that you can imbue your divine sword with the Universal Force? I did so much for you at a cost of my own attainment…”

When Yi Ping saw her tears, he wanted to comfort her immediately but he was trapped in a dream and he was like a silent watcher…

The bloodied man muttered, “Are you the one that has injured Isa?”

Maiden Ziyan nodded quietly before saying, “I won’t deny it. I only did it to prevent you from going to the Stellar Sanctuary.”

The bloodied man said quietly, “Why did you do that for? I didn’t believe her when she said it but now I do. I have never expected you to betray me…”

Maiden Ziyan said melancholy, “You are not readied for the Stellar Sanctuary yet. You will surely die if you try to enter the Stellar Sanctuary. If you want to go, I won’t stop opposing you.”

The bloodied man said quietly, “This is my destiny…”

Maiden Ziyan interrupted, “Have you forgotten the heavenly seal that is inscribed in the Stellar Sanctuary? Only the successor to the Great God Pangu will be able to open the way to Beyond. He who seeks immortality will not get it but he will pave the way of immortality for the others. The Great God Pangu in his dying breathe created the three Known Realm and sealed the Beyond Realm via the Stellar Sanctuary.”

The bloodied man said quietly, “You should understand. You are an immortal practitioner yourself. If I am really the successor of the Great God Pangu then that is my final destiny. The Great God Pangu gave up his immortal life to create the Three Known Realms. What I am going to do next is insignificant compared to the Great God Pangu…”

Maiden Ziyan was trembling and she was sobbing silently, “Then I will be the one to prove that you are not Pangu’s successor!”

There was a brilliant flash of light as they leapt forward to cross swords again!