A Martial Odyssey Book 2: The Celestial Realm – Chapter 59

The lcy Dragon Maiden

As the Celestial Fairy collapsed next to the Goddess Isa, the blue marking on her forehead and her light blue hair had reverted to her normal raven black at the same time!

Yi Ping and the rest of the maidens had rushed forward immediately!

Both the Celestial Fairy and the Goddess Isa were very pale; their breathings and pulses were also very weak!

Yi Ping was holding Yixian in his arms and her body was cold to the touch!

Lele was examining Yixian while the Celeste Wind Maiden and the Stellar Heaven Fairy were examining the Goddess Isa.

Lele was ashen she shook her head, “Sister Xian’Er…”

Even if Lele did not say it, Yi Ping could tell that Yixian had sustained serious internal injuries. It was because even though he had tried to infuse his internal energies to her, there was not a single respond from her body. It was as though he was infusing to an inanimate object!

Youxue was also trying to revive Yixian with her internal energies but to no avail. Her Icy Heavenly Tears was of the same origin as the Celestial Fairy. If there was any other who could treat Yixian’s internal injuries right now, it had to be Youxue!

But Youxue was already in tears as she shook her head!

Yi Ping asked panicky, “I have an Aiel Rejuvenation Divine Pill here. It may be helpful…”

Youxue said, “They are both injured by the Universal Force which severely impaired their energy channels. I have tried using my internal strength to force out the Universal Force from her but no matter how I hard I have tried, my internal energies cannot amalgamate with her vital channels…”

Yi Ping was stunned as he turned completely white, “Is Xian’Er going to die then…”

The Stellar Heaven Fairy was also shaking her head as she examined the Goddess Isa, “Her internal injuries are also hopelessly serious. Her energy channels are broken completely…”

The Celeste Wind Maiden was looking blankly at the Goddess Isa; it seemed that she was contemplating something.

Jing’Er shook her head, “Don’t think about it. She deserves an honorable burial.”

The Celeste Wind Celeste said melancholy, “That is because all of you are golden celestial practitioners and did not know what dark celestial practitioners have to undergo…”

All of a sudden, Lele stood up and said. “I do not know? Like you, I am a dark celestial practitioner in the past. But now I am a golden celestial practitioner. If I can do it, why can’t you? And you claim to be one of the seven most powerful celestial fighters of this generation? Where is your willpower? If you really want to be a golden celestial then you must first overcome yourself.”

The Celeste Wind Maiden was startled, “You were once a dark celestial practitioner?”

Lele nodded melancholy, “Why should I lie to you? So that I can make fun of you?”

Yunzi nodded as she said, “That is the truth. Lele was once a dark celestial practitioner…”

Youxue whispered panicky all of a sudden, “Be careful! There are intruders approaching. Judging from the pace of their swiftness movement, they are certainly no ordinary opponent…”

The Celeste Wind Maiden had also detected the slight movements of the intruders. However, her superior sense seemed to tell her that the intruders were not moving steadily and seemed to have broken into an argument!

Yi Ping had already stood up with the Celestial Alice as he said to Youxue, “Xue’Er, I leave Xian’Er to you. Please do your best to help her. I will fight the intruders off.”

The Stellar Heaven Fairy said quietly to Yi Ping, “I will join you as well. You are really in no condition to fight alone in your present state.”

Lele said to Youxue, “Take care of Sister Xian’Er first. I will join to fight off the intruders too.”

Youxue nodded with a soft sigh while Yunzi, Yang Min and the Celeste Wind Maiden had also readied a defensive combat stance around Youxue, Yixian and the Goddess Isa!

Yunzi said quietly, “Lele and Shi Shi will fight off the intruders first while the three of us will form a second defensive perimeter against the intruders then.”

Lele laughed softly as she fingered with her Divine Echo, “Maybe I alone is enough to deal with them.”

Shi Shi smiled gently, “Lele be careful please. There are many cunning fighters in the Celestial Realm. Unless you have seen their secret techniques or attacks before, there is no guarantee of a win all the time.”

Yi Ping looked blankly at Yixian and the Goddess Isa as he muttered incoherently, “It is all my fault…Xian’Er, you must pull through…”

Lie Qing took Yi Ping gently by his right arm as she tried to console him, “Ping’Er…if we take Yixian to the Holy Ascension Sect then there is a good chance that we may be able to help her. Right now, there are numerous celestial experts that have gathered at the Holy Ascension Sect.”

Yi Ping had a glitter of hope in his eyes as he muttered, “That’s right…surely one or two of these celestial experts will have a way…”

“When have you become such a coward? It is you who has insisted on coming along and now you are asking me to turn back?”

“Han Lin, you don’t understand. I have a powerful enemy. If she sees me then I am dead…”

“If you really want to turn back then why are you still following me?”

“Han Lin, I am telling you it is dangerous to go ahead. Trust me this time…”

“So you are worried for me? Or you don’t want to get your Aiel Rejuvenation Divine Pill back anymore?”

“Let’s turn back as soon as possible…”

“There are only less than ten opponents in front of us. Come on, what are you so afraid of?”

Yi Ping, Shi Shi, the Celeste Wind Maiden and Jing’Er were all startled. It was because they had recognized that these voices belonged to the Celestial Mistress and Han Lin!

The Celeste Wind Maiden heaved a soft sigh of relief to the others as she said, “They are not enemies. One day, their bickering will cost them dearly. They should exercise stealth in hostile territories.”

All of a sudden, Jing’Er said aloud. “Yi Ping!”

Yi Ping was startled when the Chaste Lunar Maiden had suddenly called out his name as he asked, “Yes?”

Jing’Er said, “The Celestial Mistress! If there is a celestial expert that can save Revelation Star and this Goddess Isa, it has to be her!”

Yi Ping asked hurriedly, “Really?! She has a way?”

Jing’Er nodded as she looked at Xiao Qian the Celeste Wind Maiden, “That is right. The Celestial Mistress may specialize in using poisons but she is also a divine physician. Or else she won’t be able concoct the Aiel Rejuvenation Divine Pill.”

The Celeste Wind Maiden added, “The Celestial Mistress is really good. In fact, she is one of the three Divine Physicians of the Celestial Realm. She is the best person to consult.”

An attractive and jovial maiden in white and green dress had just walked into view. Just behind her was a veiled maiden in a revealing white dress. Even though she was veiled but it was impossible to hide her peerless exquisiteness.

Indeed, they were Han Lin and the Celestial Mistress respectively. When they saw Jing’Er, Yi Ping and the Celeste Wind Maiden, they were equally startled!

Lele, Yunzi, Youxue, Lie Qing, Shi Shi and Yang Mi were looking intently at them as they did not know if they were really friends or foes.

Yi Ping was stunned to see her again but somehow he was also glad as she reminded him too much of his late mother.

Jing’Er and the Celeste Wind Maiden immediately said respectfully, “Our respects to the Celestial Mistress!”

The Celestial Mistress appeared to be a little distracted and she was actually looking in the direction of the unconscious Yixian and the Goddess Isa as she gasped aloud, “The Heavenly Tears Divine Sword and the Divine Constellation Sword!”

She was secretly startled as she thought, “The Heavenly Tears Divine Sword has actually revealed her true form to that maiden? How can this possibly be happening? It is something that even I am unable to do so…”

The Celeste Wind Maiden asked, “You are here alone?”

Han Lin laughed softly, “Our Mistress is worried about…”

The Celestial Mistress gasped shyly, “Han Lin, you…”

Han Lin added quickly, “She is worried about her Aiel Rejuvenation Divine Pill…I mean for Xiao Qian and Jing’Er. Therefore we have decided to come incognito ourselves. The sounds of battle here have brought our attentions to this place. It seemed that a fierce battle had taken place here a while ago? The vicinity here is still filled with deadly martial energies that have not dissipated yet.”

The Celestial Mistress heaved a soft sigh of shy relief but she muttered coldly, “Worried about the Aiel Rejuvenation Divine Pill? It is not even a living thing!”

Yi Ping and the rest of the maidens who had heard them were all smiling weakly. No one could find the heart to believe that they were traveling incognito for they had heard them from a mile away!

Han Lin ignored the Celestial Mistress and looked at Yi Ping with a broad smile, “It seems that you have brought our dear Jing’Er back to us. How did you manage to do it? It is simply too astonishing. You must tell me about it or I will be upset!”

She was obviously flirting with YI Ping!

But Yi Ping was looking at the Celestial Mistress instead while he said quickly to Han Lin, “I will.”

He quickly mustered his courage to ask the Celestial Mistress respectfully, “I have a favor to ask…”

But before Yi Ping could state his request, Lele had asked coldly. “Who are they? How come you have never told me about them?”

Yi Ping smiled weakly as he said, “I did mention the Celestial Mistress to you. Lele, I will explain to you later…”

Han Lin smiled at Lele, “I am Han Lin the Celestial Priestess of the Celestial Aiel Sect and who you are?”

Lele replied coldly, “I am the Joyful Goddess and I am not pleased to know you!”

This immediately invited chuckles from Jing’Er who quickly said, “She saved my life earlier.”

Yi Ping was in no mood to be involved in their minor squabbles so he quickly turned to the Celestial Mistress to say, “I have a favor to ask the Celestial Mistress. I have two…”

He had raised his fingers to point at Yixian and the Goddess Isa when the Celestial Mistress rolled her eyes demurely to say, “I refuse to. Especially that Goddess Isa.”

Jing’Er and the Celeste Wind Maiden were startled that the Celestial Mistress would reject Yi Ping’s request even before he could even state his request and were even more surprised that she had known the name of the Goddess Isa!

Yi Ping and the rest of the maidens were also startled!

Yi Ping immediately fell onto the ground; his eyes were teary as he began to plead to her but the Celestial Mistress sent out a quick kick that knocked him aside as she said, “The knees of a man are his gold and dignity. How can you be so callous as to kneel down to anyone just like this? And a real man sheds blood and not tears.”

Yi Ping wept aloud and everyone could see the hot tears that were on his face as he hit the ground with his fist in frustration, “Yixian is very important to me. I will do anything for her…”

Han Lin muttered to the Celestial Mistress, “Why are you so cold today? It is not like asking you to chop off your arm to save someone.”

The Celestial Mistress hummed coldly, “They are not my sect protégés or even affiliated with our clan. Why should I help them? Let them die. It will only be for the best.”

Han Lin muttered, “Weird, someone just gave out her Aiel Rejuvenate Divine Pill earlier to a stranger.”

But the Celestial Mistress hummed coldly with an unhappy look in her eyes.

Jing’Er coughed weakly as she lifted her vital breath to move next to the Celestial Mistress as she pleaded, “Mistress, please help them. Yixian and this Goddess Isa have saved us from the camps of the Martial Deviant Clan. Otherwise you wouldn’t be able to see Xiao Qian and I today!”

She paused to catch her breath, “I know Yixian as Revelation Star in the past. She is my protégé…”

She looked at the Celestial Mistress silently. It was because she was hinting to her that Yixian was also her great grand protégé before saying, “Isn’t that obvious since she is the mistress of the Heavenly Earth Sword?”

The Celeste Wind Maiden was also saying coldly, “You are able to help or you are actually incapable of helping?”

Lele, Lie Qing, Youxue, Shi Shi and Yunzi were all pleading at the same time, “Will the Celestial Mistress please lend a helping hand!”

The resolute of the Celestial Mistress seemed to have weakened as she took a step forward before halting again!

There were hesitations in her eyes!

She was looking at the Goddess Isa and there seemed to be a delighted smile in her expression as she muttered incoherently, “To think that you will fall into my hands. This is really something that I have always been dreaming of. So our invincible battle maiden will actually fall? Defeated by my Heavenly Tears Divine Sword? So the prophecy is true. You will actually chase me because of a stupid prophecy?”

Han Lin asked, “What are you rambling about? Can you do anything or not?”

Yi Ping asked nervously, “Is there a thing you can do?”

The Celestial Mistress looked up at Yi Ping, “You will do anything for me if I agree to treat them whether I can succeed or not?”

Yi Ping replied quickly, “As long as it is not against the righteousness of the martial code, I will. As long as you are willing to try…”

The Celestial Mistress said quietly, “I can try to treat this Maiden Yixian but not the Goddess Isa.”

All of a sudden, the Goddess Isa had stirred weakly as she coughed out a bout of blood!

Immediately Shi Shi was by her side as she struck her back rapidly to help her to clear her blocked channels as she said quietly, “You should rest. Your injuries are too serious and you are aggravating your injuries.”

The Goddess Isa was trembling weakly as she stared blankly in the air. Without looking at the Celestial Mistress, she said melancholy. “Aiel, you…have come. I am defeated by your divine sword. You must really be delighted to see me in this wrenched state. The prophecy of the Goddess Celestial Alice has finally come to fruition…”

Yi Ping said quietly, “You should really rest first.”

The Goddess Isa was startled, “You…do not blame me?”

She looked at the unconscious Yixian as she muttered, “You should because I have killed your beloved.”

Yi Ping muttered with a heartbreaking sadness, “Yes, I should hate you but you are almost at your end. So even if there is a feud, there is no point pursuing anymore.”

Lele said coldly to the Goddess Isa, “If Sister Xian’Er dies, I will surely cut you to pieces.”

Lie Qing was thinking, “Will you really do it? I doubt very much.”

The Celestial Mistress said coldly, “When has the all-powerful Goddess Isa become so humble?”

The Goddess Isa said quietly, “I pray that you will let me die with some decent honor…”

The Celestial Mistress hummed coldly, “I remember someone who once said to me that she will slice me to pieces and feed my flesh to the dogs? She also says that she will squash me like a fly and defiled me.”

The Goddess Isa lowered her melancholy eyes as she muttered, “Yes, I did say that…”

Yi Ping said quietly to the Celestial Mistress, “I may not know what feuds that you have in the past but I hope that you can be gracious enough to aid her as well. He who seeks equity must do equity. I am sure that you are actually a compassionate person at heart. Or else you will not have given me the Aiel Rejuvenation Divine Pill and even allows the Celeste Wind Maiden to accompany me to save my companions.”

The Celestial Mistress was startled that Yi Ping had actually pleaded to her for the Goddess Isa.

The Goddess Isa was looking at Yi Ping with a curious look as she thought, “He is actually pleading for a demoness like me?”

The Celestial Mistress looked at the Goddess Isa briefly for a while before saying, “If she doesn’t bother or plot against me in the future, I am fine with it. I am really afraid of her, you know. You have no idea how terrifying a foe that she can be. And I can only do my best. They are injured by the Universal Force and it is not something that can be easily expelled from their bodies.”

Han Lin smiled, “That is my good Mistress.”

The Celestial Mistress ignored her and said to the Goddess Isa, “What do you think?”

The Goddess Isa lifted her eyes as she looked at Yi Ping and the Celestial Mistress before she said weakly, “I…am anything!”

The Celestial Mistress looked into the eyes of the Goddess Isa quietly and was surprised that she could no longer find the arrogant look that were her trademark as she said, “Then swear it.”

The Goddess Isa lifted herself to stand steadily as she supported herself with the Divine Constellation Sword, “I, the Goddess Isa hereby swear solemnly by the eternal heavens above that I will not plot against the Goddess Aiel the Heavenly Tears for all eternity. I will remember her kindness and grace in my heart always.”

Yi Ping and the rest of the maidens were startled to hear the Goddess Isa addressing the Celestial Mistress as the Goddess Aiel the Heavenly Tears!

Yi Ping thought curiously, “Aiel the Heavenly Tears? What is her relationship with the Eternal Ice Palace? I have heard the Goddess Isa referring the Heavenly Earth Sword as the Heavenly Tears Divine Sword…”

Han Lin said aloud, “There are no feuds between the two of you in the first place. Why are you so hard with each other in the first place? Just because the Goddess Celestial Alice prophesied that you will be defeated by the Heavenly Tears? Or because of the Dark Lord of the Chaos Cosmos?”

The Goddess Isa said weakly as she looked at her, “If I am not wrong, you are the Icy Dragon Maiden? Why are you with her?”

Han Lin smiled, “No one calls me by that name anymore and why shouldn’t I be with her? She is not the one that had annihilated half of my race. Unlike the Goddess Celestial Alice and you, we are also not fascinated by that Dark Lord of the Chaos Cosmos.”

The Goddess Isa smiled weakly as she looked at Yi Ping…

The Celestial Mistress said gently, “Let me get to work first.”

She began by examining Yixian and the Goddess Isa at the same time. After a while, she lifted and channelled her Inverting Universe Intricate Energies into their bodies!

Immediately, the Goddess Isa and Yixian had some colours on their cheeks!

When Yi Ping saw the vital signs on Yixian’s cheeks, he called out excitedly. “Xian’Er!”

But still there was no respond from her.

The Celestial Mistress said quietly, “Don’t worry. I have temporary protected her vital channels with my Inverting Universe Intricate Energies.”

The Goddess Isa looked at the Celestial Mistress quietly before she muttered, “Thank you…I am so ashamed of myself…”

The Celestial Mistress replied tenderly, “What past is the past. I can only do my best for you first. There is no promise that I will be able to do anything.”

The Goddess Isa whispered softly, “But I…I have killed…”

The Celestial Mistress interrupted, “If you really want to repay me then you must recover quickly and aid me in the Stellar Sanctuary.”

The Goddess Isa said in a trembling voice, “I will…I will.”

The Celestial Mistress nodded but she was soon sighing softly, “This is really difficult. If I still have my Aiel Rejuvenation Divine Pill, I may still be able to do something about it but…alas…”

The Goddess Isa smiled weakly, “It is alright. Death and life is predestined. I don’t blame you if you can’t do a thing.”

When Yi Ping had heard that she required the Aiel Rejuvenation Divine Pill, he quickly took out the divine pill as he said anxiously to the Celestial Mistress, “I still have it…”

The Celestial Mistress was astonished, “You still have it? You did not consume it yet?”

Yi Ping said quietly, “I know that this divine pill is very precious to you. Unless I have no other choices, I don’t want to take it. I was thinking that if I can return alive, I may still have the chance to return it to you.”

The Celestial Mistress was stunned at his reply as she looked curiously at him…

Yi Ping was flustered when he had noticed that she was looking at him blankly and he quickly lowered his gaze for he dared not look directly at her.

Lele interrupted coldly, “Hmph! This is great. I have only let him out of my sight for a single day and there are this Celeste Wind Maiden, the Celestial Mistress and Han Lin.”

Even though Lele had mentioned only three names but the Goddess Isa, Jing’Er and Yang Min had all shyly lowered their eyes quietly!

Han Lin smiled, “Good sister, are you jealous?”

Lele smiled coldly back at her, “Hmph! Who is your good sister and why should I be jealous? I am just worry for their safety when my other good sisters know about them.”

She was of course referring to Ye Yin the Ascension Goddess, Shen Xingyue the Fiery Phoenix, Yu’Er the Eclipse Heaven Goddess, Mei’Er the Axis Heaven Goddess and Lingfeng the Heaveness!

Lele added coldly as she warned Yi Ping, “You can imagine what Lingfeng will say or do to you. So you have better be prepared for the worst if she knows about this.”

Yi Ping could only smile bitterly…

The Celestial Mistress quickly regained her composure to say, “Then I may be able to do something since you still have the Aiel Rejuvenation Divine Pill.”

Yi Ping quickly placed the Aiel Rejuvenation Divine Pill into her hand.

As their hands touched each other, there was an electrifying touch that caused Yi Ping and the Celestial Mistress to withdraw their hands almost immediately!

Yi Ping was stunned and so was the Celestial Mistress.

The Celestial Mistress quickly regained her composure before anyone else could notice as she said shyly to him, “Do you still have the Fire Kirin Divine Pill?”

Yi Ping nodded as he took out the Fire Kirin Divine Pill but this time he made an effort not to touch her fingers as he handed it over to her, “I still have it.”

The Celestial Mistress smiled shyly at him, “Good! Then now I can really do something.”

Yi Ping asked curiously, “What are you going to do now?”

Youxue was also curious as she asked, “If we can give Sister Xian’Er the Aiel Rejuvenation Pill earlier, we would have given her. The chief cause of concern is the conflicting energies of the Universal Force that are creating havoc within their bodies which is endangering their lives.”

The Celestial Mistress said gently, “The Aiel Rejuvenation Divine Pill is a negative energy affiliated pill while the Fire Kirin Divine Pill is a positive energy affiliated pill. Therefore I am going to merge these two divine pills together with the Inverting Universe Divine Skill.”

This time even Shi Shi could not keep quiet as she asked curiously, “That is easier said than done. That is not the same as taking two divine pills at once.”

The Celestial Mistress nodded, “That’s right. That is not easy. But if I can merge these two divine pills as one, I can save the two of them and can even aid Xiao Qian to further her divine practice into a true celestial.”

The Celeste Wind Maiden was startled as she muttered, “I…I can be a golden celestial practitioner?”

The Celestial Mistress nodded at her before walking quietly to the Heavenly Earth Sword as she said tenderly, “Heavenly Tears, it seems that you have chosen a new mistress. If you still remember me, then let me borrow you for a while. I will need the Universal Force that is within you to purge out their conflicting external energies.”

She muttered softly as she looked gently at the transformed Heavenly Tears Divine Sword, “You look so different now. So that is your true form…”

As she reached out to lift the Heavenly Tears, a warm and brilliant white blue aurora shone forth as she laughed softly, “Good that is my beloved Heavenly Tears! You still remember me!”

She turned to wink at Yi Ping, “Remember what you have promised me, alright? Two requests since I am going to save two of them.”

Yi Ping smiled bitterly, “As long as it is not against any martial code, I will definitely do my best to accede to you…”

The Celestial Mistress laughed softly, “Good! Then my first request to you as a special envoy of the Holy Ascension Sect is to tour the grounds of the Holy Ascension Sect, especially the fabled Golden Ascension Hall.”

Yi Ping almost choked when he had heard her request!

The Celestial Mistress said aloud, “I need some protectors to guard against possible intruders. Who will want to volunteer?”

Immediately Yi Ping, Lele and Yang Min said at the same time. “I will!”

Yunzi, Youxue, Lie Qing, Shi Shi and the Celeste Wind Maiden had also said at the same time, “I will too!”

The Celestial Mistress said, “Xiao Qian, you must remain here and so must Jing’Er.”

She turned to say to Yi Ping and Lie Qing, “The two of you must stay behind here too. If I am able to concoct these two divine pills into a new divine pill then the extra dosages may be useful for your internal injuries too. Also I need some of you to be here as a secondary precaution against intruders. That is because I cannot be disturbed during this period or I will only be endangering myself.”

Yi Ping nodded and said, “We will await your instructions!”

Lele muttered, “Thank you…”

And she was gone in the next instant!

Youxue and Youxue had also left in the opposite direction!

Shi Shi said to Yang Min, “Sister, I am so happy to see you. Let us accompany each other and chat over there.”

Yang Min nodded tearfully, “Good sister, I have never thought that I will see you again…”

And they too, had left the vicinity.

The Celestial Mistress was pondering blankly when Han Lin said unhappily, “Why don’t you get it going instead of trying to think of a naming for your newly creation. I only know you too well.”

The Celestial Mistress protested immediately, “It is going to be a divine pill. If the naming is wrong, then it will affect its divinity. How can I afford to be careless?”

Han Lin smiled weakly, “Don’t forget that you actually took three years to name your Aiel Rejuvenation Divine Pill when you only asked for three minutes the last time.”

Yi Ping was startled when he had heard that as he urged anxiously, “Leave the naming for later. You better begin…”

The Celestial Mistress said coldly to Han Lin, “Why are you here? Go to the outer perimeter and stand guard. Don’t let me see you.”

Han Lin murmured softly as she walked away, “Yes, my mistress. You are really so petty.”

As she began to walk away, she winked at Yi Ping!

Yi Ping was startled and he quickly looked away!

Lie Qing looked quietly at Yi Ping as she sighed softly…

All of a sudden, Han Lin turned to look at the Celestial Mistress with a wryly smile.

The Celestial Mistress said coolly, “Why aren’t you leaving yet? If you are here, I will surely be distracted!”

Han Lin laughed softly, “My Mistress, don’t forget to strip or your internal energies won’t be able to dissipate smoothly…”

She quickly disappeared as she reminded the Celestial Mistress, “Don’t forget!”

Yi Ping was stunned when he had heard from Han Lin that the Celestial Mistress may be stripping…

At the same time Celestial Mistress had shyly removed her veil as she cursed softly, “Han Lin, I am going to demote you for being disrespectful to your sect protégé leader…”

Lie Qing gasped in astonishment as she saw the face of the Celestial Mistress for the first time as she thought, “She is so beautiful…”

The Celestial Mistress looked quietly at Yi Ping, Lie Qing, Jing’Er, the Goddess Isa and the Celeste Wind Maiden as she warned malicious, “I warn you all. I don’t want to hear anything in the future about what is going to happen today. Now swear it.”