A Martial Odyssey Book 2: The Celestial Realm – Chapter 58

The Celestial Fairy versus the Goddess Isa

The golden hair heavenly maiden walked rapidly through the difficult winding mountains and even when a powerful earthquake sent an avalanche of rocks to fall down the mountain paths, she did not slow down her pace!

Yi Ping and his group were forced to follow her pace.

Lele was the first to break the silence, “Ping’Er, can you tell me why you are with her? Aren’t you supposed to find the camps of the Celestial Aiel Sect? And who injure you? I can see that Sister Shi Shi has a divine sword now. How did she get it? And that Heavens Encompassing Stroke, how did you learn it?”

The Stellar Heaven Fairy was also smiling weakly. It was because Lele did not ask her directly but instead, she had asked Yi Ping.

Yi Ping was smiling awkwardly at the many questions that were fielded at once, “We did not have an easy time reaching the camps of the Celestial Aiel Sect. Along the way, we had fought with many opponents. I will tell you the details the next time. Eventually, we have met the Celestial Mistress and she had agreed to the proposal of the Holy Ascension Sect. It was then that the Wind Celeste Maiden brought us news that the Chaste Lunar Maiden had been captured by the Martial Deviant Clan. That was why I had turned back and that was how we had chanced upon you.”

He began to sigh deeply when he realized how close he was to losing them…

Lele asked coldly, “She will risk herself to go to the camps of the Martial Deviant Clan with you?”

The Celeste Wind Maiden interrupted coldly, “You can ask me directly instead of making wild guesses.”

However Lele was immediately suspicious as she tugged Yi Ping, “You took a divine sword to the camps of the Celestial Aiel Sect. Instead of greeting you with swords and punches, Shi Shi even got a divine sword in return. And the Celestial Mistress will agree to your terms so readily with no strings attached?”

She looked unhappily at the Celeste Wind Maiden before adding, “And she will send her to aid you? Why is that our treatments are completely different from what you have received? Now tell me honestly, is the Celestial Mistress such a beautiful lady?”

Yi Ping smiled weakly as he said, “This has nothing to do with her appearances. She is really an understanding lady…”

The Celeste Wind Maiden interrupted with a wryly smile, “Oh. The Celestial Mistress is a peerless beauty in the Celestial Realm. There are only just a few who are able to grace her epitome beauty and Yi Ping is the lucky one. What’s more, he had seen her almost naked.”

Lele was startled and so were the other maidens except for Shi Shi!

The Chaste Lunar Maiden was even more startled as she gasped aloud, “That is impossible. The Celestial Mistress won’t see anyone. Moreover, she follows her rules religiously and there are no exceptions. Qian’Er, you are joking right?”

When Yi Ping had heard what Xiao Qian the Celeste Wind Maiden had just said, he coughed aloud and there was a drip of blood from his nose!

Lele did not want to believe what she was hearing but after seeing the expressions on Yi Ping, she turned exasperatingly to Shi Shi to ask, “Sister Shi Shi, is that true?”

Shi Shi said gently, “This is really hard to explain at the moment. We should try to maintain our pace with her first and be vigilant. We do not know where she is bringing us and what her motives are.”

Yi Ping quickly said, “That is right. Lele, things are not what you have Imagined. I tell you the details later alright?”

Yixian said gently, “Lele, Shi Shi is right. We should try to be vigilant first.”

Youxue shot Yi Ping a cold glance, “Tell me the details later as well. I will really like to know.”

Yi Ping was smiling bitterly and knew that he was in terrible trouble!

While he was smiling bitterly, Yang Min and Jing’Er were both secretly looking at him…

Lele had to give up her questions but barely a moment had passed, she began to ask. “I give up. Why are we following a stranger?”

Yi Ping said, “Lele, let have a little patience first.”

He called out to the golden hair maiden, “Maiden, where are we going? Where are you taking us?”

The golden hair heavenly maiden said without turning back, “You will know very soon.”

She seemed slightly disturbed but no one could see her expressions. It was because she had been secretly eavesdropping on their conversations. And this Yi Ping did not seem to be the one that she was looking for…

Yang Min said discreetly to the Stellar Heaven Fairy and the Chaste Lunar Maiden, “She seems to be leading us down all the dangerous tracks. As soon as we walked past a path, the path behind us will collapse soon after. It is as though she is able to sense the movements of the earth.”

Shi Shi the Stellar Heaven Fairy nodded slowly, “I have the same familiar feeling as well. She is making sure that no one will be able to follow us…”

Lele had overheard them and she had chipped in sarcastically, “Or to lead us into an ambush as to seize our divine swords.”

She was obviously trying to provoke a reaction from the golden hair maiden but she appeared not to hear her.

Yixian said gently, “Speaking of the Divine Constellation Sword, it is more of a saddle sword than a swordsman sword. It is really unusual for someone to wield such a long sword to expert proficiency. Moreover did you see how she bends the sword?”

Yunzi replied demurely, “Normally if a sword can be bend forty-five degree and is still able to revert to the original position, then it can be considered as a precious sword. But she has the tenacity to bend it even more. Moreover, the length of the sword is really long. The longer it is, the more prone to breaking. You can imagine how difficult it is to craft such a precious divine sword.”

The Chaste Lunar Maiden sighed softly as she said, “I feel a little wasteful though that a precious divine sword of that rarity is given to Bai Liangong just like that.”

Youxue could not resist adding, “Same here but somehow I feel that something is amiss here.”

Lie Qing nodded, “I will never give up my divine sword for any other reasons. I will probably be like Sister Xingyue and fight to keep my divine sword.”

Yang Min nodded, “That is right. I don’t understand…”

Lie Qing looked at Yi Ping and teased him, “Ping’Er, what do you think?”

Immediately, all the maidens other than the golden hair heavenly maiden were looking at Yi Ping.

Yi Ping had a weird feeling because he had suddenly noticed that they were all looking at him with a curious look. But this curious look was not simply a curious look; their eyes were affectionate and tender when they were looking at him!

This caused Yi Ping to be uncomfortable as he replied, “I…sorry. I am not paying any attention. What is it?”

Lie Qing smiled as she repeated gently, “If you were her, will you give up your divine sword in such a carefree manner?”

Yi Ping smiled awkwardly, “I guess I will if it is for a worthy cause…”

Immediately Lie Qing groaned while Yixian had an amused smile on her.

Yi Ping was startled at the reaction that Lie Qing had so he asked, “Qing’Er, what is the matter?”

Lie Qing muttered softly, “If it is others, I will never believe. But if it is from you, I will surely believe. I shouldn’t have asked someone like you in the first place!”

Not only did Yi Ping not steal her Perpetual Darkness, he had also tried to revive her by giving her the Divine Dragon Pill!

Yunzi, Yixian, Lele, the Stellar Heaven Fairy and Youxue were all looking at Yi Ping affectionately as they recalled their adventures in the past with him!

The Celeste Wind Maiden appraised Yi Ping quietly as she thought, “He really meant to give me the Aiel Rejuvenation Pill?”

The Chaste Lunar Maiden and Yang Min were thinking at the same time, “He is a real selfless hero. Sister Shi Shi is so lucky to be with a hero like him…”

Lie Qing said, “No matter what, it seems that Bai Liangong has a really good bargain. What I am afraid of right now is that after he has obtained the divine sword, he will be right after us. We need a contingency plan first.”

All of a sudden, the golden hair heavenly maiden paused in her tracks as she turned around with a cold smile, “That Bai Liangong won’t be coming anytime soon.”

Yi Ping was startled as he asked, “What do you mean?”

The golden hair heavenly maiden replied coldly, “That is because he will be in for a real shock.”

There was a tinge of amusement in her eyes that was followed by a wry smile. It seemed that she had thought of something funny.

Yunzi asked her, “Just now when you have thrust the Divine Constellation Sword into the ground, I have noticed a brilliant flash of light that seemed to project the Universal Force. Only a few divine swords are able to exhibit the Universal Force and the Celestial Alice is one of them. If I am not wrong, Bai Liangong won’t be able to pull the Divine Constellation Sword from the ground.”

Immediately the golden hair heavenly maiden was groaning softly as she replied coldly, “So you know?”

She took a look at Yi Ping and Yixian before she added, “I have forgotten that someone here is also capable of wielding the Universal Force.”

All of a sudden, a purple stroke of lightning exploded thunderously from the skies with such earthshaking resonate that it seemed that the entire mountains were collapsing!

Yi Ping and the rest of the maidens were so startled that they had turned pale!

The golden hair heavenly maiden smiled coldly, “It seems that someone had now received a great shock when he had exercised his martial power to lift the Divine Constellation Sword.”

Yang Min was startled as she muttered, “He…will die?”

The golden hair heavenly maiden said coolly, “With his level of divinity and martial power, he won’t but he will probably lose more than half of his martial power. It will take him some time for him to fully recuperate. That will teach him a lesson for lusting after something that he shouldn’t set his sight on.”

She coolly raised her fingers to the heavens and all of a sudden, there was a golden light in the heavens!

Before everyone could react, a golden beam of light flew down and landed thunderous next to her!

At the same time, several ringing bursts of windforce exploded outward!

Yi Ping, Yixian, Shi Shi, Youxue and the rest of the maidens immediately exhibited their martial skills or raised their long sleeves to shield themselves from the flying debris and the dust!

Almost immediately, Yixian and Youxue had cleared the remnants of the sudden exploding outburst with their Divine Emerald Skill as they sent gentle flurrying windforce one after another to steer clear of their group.

When the dust had cleared, the Divine Constellation Sword had reappeared and it had thrust itself halfway into the ground!

Everyone was startled to see the Divine Constellation Sword again!

The Celeste Wind Maiden drawn out her Celeste Wind Divine Sword as she asked coldly, “Just who are you? You can actually recall your divine sword in this manner? I know of no other celestial practitioners that can do that!”

Yi Ping was unhappy, “You have actually broken your promise. If you don’t want to give him the divine sword, you can choose not to offer it. But you have actually resort to such an underhand method to humiliate him…”

The golden hair heavenly maiden interrupted coldly, “Do you think that he will keep his promise? Do you think that the rest of the celestial practitioners will let it rest just like this? Let me tell you, they are simply waiting for reinforcements and waiting for the smaller clans to take us out first. In this way, they can simply wait it out and conserve their martial strength for the Stellar Sanctuary.”

She lifted her fingers and pointed down the mountains, “Look carefully.”

Everyone turned and looked behind them.

Indeed, hundreds of moving black dots could be seen in the distant!

Yi Ping was startled, “Bai Liangong didn’t intend to keep his promise?”

Yang Min said gently, “He is a scheming man. He will use both soft and hard tactics to get what he wants. If you really believe that he will keep his word, then you are very much mistaken.”

The golden hair heavenly maiden added coldly, “If he keeps his word then he won’t be struck by the Divine Lightning.”

All of a sudden, there was a rush of light wind and the Celeste Wind Maiden had raised her divine sword as she flew towards the golden hair maiden with a startling speed, “Just who are you? No one is able to control the nature forces…”

In a blink of an eye, the Celeste Wind Maiden had made four piercing attack strokes on the golden hair heavenly maiden. She was so close to hitting her when the golden hair heavenly maiden had suddenly grabbed the Divine Constellation Sword, blocked all her attacks with the scabbard and pushed her back with her martial force!

The Celeste Wind Maiden was sent skipping backward with a tremendous martial outburst as dusts were sent whirling in all directions. She was startled as she gasped, “She is so strong!”

And before she could regain her footing, the golden hair heavenly maiden had appeared in front of her with her fingers that was aimed at her forehead!

The Celeste Wind Maiden was startled!

But all of a sudden, Yixian the Celestial Fairy had appeared in front of her as she exchanged a few blows with the golden hair heavenly maiden before she was knocked backward as well!

The golden hair heavenly maiden said coldly to Yixian, “I have almost thought that you are her reincarnation. But I have guessed you are not.”

But before the golden hair heavenly maiden could take another step forward, Yi Ping had drawn out the Celestial Alice in front of her as he said, “That is enough. Who are you? You say you have something to ask me?”

The golden hair heavenly maiden sighed softly as she withdrawn her stance before saying, “That is right. I have almost forgotten about it.”

But she continued to look at Yixian coldly.

Yixian was also a little startled. After exchanging a few blows with the golden hair heavenly maiden, her fingers were now trembling!

At the same time, the Celeste Wind Maiden and Yixian were silently exchanging startled look with each other while the rest of the maidens had surrounded them in a defensive position!

Lele and Lie Qing immediately asked Yixian, “Sister, are you alright?”

Yixian nodded as she replied gently, “She is really strong. Her attack stance is exactly like the…”

The golden hair heavenly maiden looked intently at Yi Ping as she asked coldly, “The Goddess Celestial Alice. You have met her and have ended her? Or else the Astronomic Stellar Formation will not vanish just like this. So you have finally managed to harden your heart. Well done.”

Yi Ping could feel a cold chill in his heart when she was asking him. It was because he could feel her piercing cold malevolent air in his entire body!

But he willed through his Absolute Spirits and calmed himself down with the Emptiness Translucence as he said quietly, “Yes, I have destroyed the Astronomic Stellar Formation. But until today, I don’t know if she is the Goddess Celestial Alice or the Dark Lord of the Chaos Cosmos. If you want to look for her for answer, then you have to go to the underworld for an answer.”

Lie Qing smiled to herself as she thought, “Ping’Er is not good with lying but this time he manages well.”

Even Yunzi could not help having a secret smile!

Actually Yi Ping did not lie at all. He was really confused. But because he had sensed the ill-intentions of this golden hair heavenly maiden toward Maiden Ziyan, he did not want to tell her anything. Since he figured out that everyone would eventually go to the underworld, he decided to use that as an answer.

The Celeste Wind Maiden, Jing’Er and Yang Min were startled. It was because the Goddess Celestial Alice and the Dark Lord of the Chaos Cosmos were mythical figures. Yi Ping had met one of them and had even destroyed the Astronomic Stellar Formation?!

How could this even be possible?

The golden hair heavenly maiden seemed pleased with the answer though and she was smiling, “She must have died or else the Astronomic Stellar Formation will still be around.”

When Yi Ping had mentioned the underworld, she seemed to have assumed that the Goddess Celestial Alice had passed on to the underworld.

Now that she was smiling, it seemed like the gloomy atmosphere had been lifted from the vicinity!

Yi Ping was startled at her suddenly transformation!

The golden hair heavenly maiden said gently, “Do you know that I have been waiting for you all this while? Do you know how hurt I was when you take her side? I don’t understand how you can forgive her for decimating half of our race? You…really can’t remember me or is it because you refuse to acknowledge me?”

Yi Ping said respectfully, “Maiden, I really don’t know who you are. I am Yi Ping and I am a newly arrival in the Celestial Realm. Therefore it isn’t possible for me to know who you. But if you can honor me with your name, then at the very least we can still be friends…”

The golden hair heavenly maiden took a step back as she shook her head melancholy, “No, that is impossible. He is dead…she is dead as well…I am now all alone…to think that I have awakened from my thousand year slumber only to find that everyone that I had once known is no longer here…”

She shook her head again as she gasped softly, “But the voice that has awakened me from my slumber is his voice. Or else, I won’t be awakened for another thousand years. It is his voice that has lent strength to my will…”

All of a sudden, she began to cough weakly. As she moved her hands to cover her coughing, everyone was startled to see her fingers soaking with her blood!

Yi Ping was startled as he asked, “Maiden, you have internal injuries?”

The golden hair heavenly maiden muttered, “It is all thanks to the Goddess Celestial Alice and the Goddess Aiel…”

Jing’Er and Xiao Qian looked quietly at each other at the mention of the Goddess Aiel…

All of a sudden, the golden hair heavenly maiden looked melancholy at Yi Ping, “You are Yi Ping?”

Yi Ping nodded quietly.

She said quietly, “I am the Goddess Isa. That is my celestial name.”

Yi Ping was a little startled. It was because her celestial name was unlike the majority. A celestial name like a martial fraternity name was a title that had clear meaning. But her name was exactly like the Goddess Celestial Alice. It was as though Isa was her name and Goddess was her honorific title!

Lele hummed coldly, “Yet another Goddess.”

But the Goddess Isa ignored her as she said to Yi Ping, “I have forcefully awakened and aggravated my internal injuries. There is nothing for you to worry about. I won’t die.”

Yi Ping heaved a sigh of relief.

The Goddess Isa added as she looked at Yixian coldly, “Your divine sword is too dangerous to be in your hands. You have better surrender to me for safeguarding.”

Immediately, Yixian, Yi Ping and the rest of the maidens had turned ashen!

It was because from her icy tone, it did not seem that she was joking.

The Goddess Isa said, “You do realize that you are all not my equal even in my present weaken state. If you don’t want to force my hand, then you have better persuade her to hand over her divine sword quietly.”

Yi Ping said firmly, “That is impossible. Maiden, if you continue to insist on it then don’t blame me…”

The Goddess Isa interrupted coldly, “You have already hurt me so much. I don’t mind anymore.”

Yi Ping was startled, “I…don’t know what you mean…”

All of a sudden, the Goddess Isa flipped her long sleeves and stirred up a powerful martial windforce that was directed at them!

This immediately caused all of them to prepare a defensive stance as a respond to her sudden provocation!

Yixian raised her fingers to dispel the martial windforce that was around her as she stepped forward while saying gently, “I am the Celestial Fairy. I am sorry that I cannot surrender my sword to you. It is because this sword has saved my life while I am attempting my Divine Calamity. Even though I am not your match, this does not mean that I will not fight you.”

Yi Ping raised the Celestial Alice and he was followed by all the other maidens as he called out aloud, “Xian’Er, don’t fight her alone. We will fight her together!”

The Goddess Isa looked at Yi Ping melancholy as she muttered, “You will fight me…”

Youxue nodded, “My dear protégé mistress and sister! Don’t be foolish!”

Lie Qing added, “We know we may not be her match but we are all going to try anyway!”

Lele had raised the Divine Echo in front of her as she said, “I am not afraid of her.”

Xian Qian the Celeste Wind Maiden smiled coldly, “The same goes for me as well.”

The Goddess Isa said coldly, “That is your choice to make…”

Yixian said coldly, “You have only one opponent and that is me.”

Shi Shi called out, “Xian’Er, don’t…”

Yang Min had also called out, “Revelation Star, she is not an opponent that you can win…”

Jing’Er said, “Don’t. Together, we may still stand a fighting chance…”

Yixian replied firmly, “She is indeed very strong. I already know it when I had exchanged strokes with her earlier. However, this is my fight alone. If anyone wants to intervene then I will have to fight you first.”

Yi Ping was startled, “Xian’Er, no!”

Yixian said coldly, “Even if it is you, Ping’Er.”

Yi Ping was stunned, “Xian’Er…”

Yixian said silently to herself, “Forgive me, Ping’Er. I don’t want to give up the Heavenly Earth Sword and I don’t want any harm to come to all of you…”

The Goddess Isa said coldly, “I applaud your courage to challenge me alone. If you able to exchange thirty strokes with me and if I fail to defeat you, then you can keep your divine sword and I will go away quietly. How is that?”

Yi Ping shook his head, “Xian’Er, no please…”

However Yixian said to the Goddess Isa, “I will accept your challenge.”

Yixian looked at Yi Ping before looking at the rest of the maidens quietly, “Thirty strokes will pass very quickly. Please accede to my request. This is my fight alone.”

Yunzi said aloud, “Thirty strokes are not a problem for Sister Xian’Er. Why are we worrying so much? I bet that the Goddess Isa will be the one who will be regretting soon after. Am I right, sisters?”

Yunzi knew this was not the time to distract Yixian anymore. She had already made up her mind and the only thing she could do now was to support her quietly…

The Celeste Wind Maiden was quiet as she thought, “I am not sure if I can even handle ten strokes from this Goddess Isa…”

Lele said to Yi Ping, “Ping’Er, let us accede to Sister Xian’Er or we will only be distracting her.”

Lie Qing closed her eyes and said, “I have faith in Sister Xian’Er…”

But deep inside their hearts, they were secretly afraid.

Yi Ping was trembling, “Lele and Lie Qing, she is really strong…”

Yixian and the Goddess Isa were already encircling each other rapidly with cold stares!

Yi Ping was worried.

How could he not be worried?

Yixian may be an internal art expert and her martial level may be impressive but she had rarely practiced her swordplay.

Swordplay was unlike unarmed martial arts; the sword practitioner had to constantly practice with it to be accustomed to the weight of the sword while revolving the many different types of sword strokes.

While a sword was easy to use, it was difficult to reach the apex of swordplay!

Yixian had drawn out the Heavenly Earth Sword to display a Heaven Forward Stance. The metallic resonate of her divine sword was thrilling; three golden halo had also appeared and disappeared just as quickly.

There was no doubt that Yixian had already divine harmonized with the Heavenly Earth Sword!

Shi Shi, Jing’Er and Yang Min were gasping at the mesmerizing beauty of the Heavenly Earth Sword. This was not the first time that they had seen the Heavenly Earth Sword but this was the first time that they had seen the Heavenly Earth Sword echoed so spiritedly!

The Goddess Isa had also unsheathed the Divine Constellation Sword with a brilliant purple light. She held her divine sword in a horizontal direction with her right hand while supporting it with her left fingers as she said coldly. “How about I let you have the benefit of three strokes?”

Yixian replied coldly, “You will surely regret it.”

The Goddess Isa hummed coldly, “Oh really? I will like to see…”

All of a sudden, Yixian had charged forward with a startling speed as she displayed the Rushing Phoenix Sword Stance from the Melody Palace!

Shi Shi was startled, “I have never seen her displaying this sword stance before but the level of expertise is that of an experienced hand! When did she learn it?”

Yixian had displayed a sword rush on the Goddess Isa with such startling speed that she was upon the Goddess Isa in an instant but still her opponent had parried it aside with a slight movement of her sword!

Immediately, there was a sudden thunderous outburst of martial force when the two divine swords had clashed!

The Celeste Wind Maiden gasped as she thought, “Her attack speed and movements are my equal…”

The Goddess Isa said nonchalantly, “First stroke!”

But Yixian had immediately changed her sword stroke to an arc when her first stroke had been blocked but the Goddess Isa blocked her second stroke just as easily!

Again there was a second thunderous martial outburst that sent Yixian knocking backward even as the Goddess Isa counted, “Second stroke!”

Almost immediately Yixian had waved her sleeve to display the Divine Emerald Skill as she sent a rebound force backward to propel herself forward again as she executed the Rushing Phoenix Sword Stance once more!

The Goddess Isa hummed coldly, “The same stance won’t works against me twice.”

Yixian was upon her again but this time there was several icy energies projections as she empowered her Icy Heavenly Tears to her apex level to execute the strongest technique of the Frosty Icicle Swordplay, the Icicle Sword Energies!

Immediately chilling cold energies exploded in front of the Goddess Isa, forcing her take a step back as she displayed a flurry of sword strokes to dissipate the offensive cold sword energies!

The Goddess Isa counted at the same time, “Third stroke!”

Yixian was not about to give up as she quickly unleashed a flurry of sword thrusts at her opponent!

But the Goddess Isa was able to evade all her sword strokes by moving a step back and turning her body!

Yixian had gasped out as she thought, “Even with that heavy armor of hers, she is still able to evade and turn so quickly. She is really formidable…”

All of a sudden, she took aim at the face of the Goddess Isa with an upward thrust!

But still, the Goddess Isa simply lifted her sword and her attack was blocked with a thunderous martial outburst even before it could even fully begin!

As Yixian was slightly swept aside by the powerful resulting martial force, the Goddess Isa had slashed her shoulder with her sword!

Immediately, all the other maidens gasped with shock…

At the same time the Goddess Isa had also raised her fingers to stab Yixian!

But Yixian was able to evade by executing several quick movements backward as she displayed her epitome swiftness skill!

However she was also breathless from the sheer physical toll as she thought. “She is like an impervious wall. How am I supposed to win against her?”

The Goddess Isa had immediately gathered her sleeves as she continued to stand in the same spot while saying, “Is that the best you can do? As the mistress of the Heavenly Tears Divine Sword, this is the best you can do? You really disappoint me.”

Yixian muttered softly to herself, “Is this the best that I, the Celestial Fairy can do? I can clearly see her strokes yet there are nothing I can do to breech her invincibility? Or you are too soft?”

The Goddess Isa hummed coldly, “Or do you want to concede? You better concede or you will only be embarrassing yourself.”

Yi Ping called out, “Xian’Er, it doesn’t matter. It is not shameful to concede…”

Even Lele and Lie Qing were calling out the same time. It was because they were worried that if the duel dragged on, Yixian may endanger herself!

But Yixian continued to raise the Heavenly Earth Sword in an attack stance as she looked quietly at Yi Ping, “I…I refuse! It is all because of me that Ye Yin almost died the last time. If i had not lost the duel or rather I had refused to use the Heavenly Earth Sword and it resulted in my defeat the last time.”

She looked at Yi Ping quietly as she thought, “When did I become so weak? I seem to have lost much of my self-confident since I have come to the Celestial Realm.”

All of a sudden she had flown at the Goddess Isa with a startling speed which resulted in a light blue aurora in the wake of her attacks!

Yixian muttered softly, “It is not over yet!”

She was not afraid of losing. She was afraid of losing Yi Ping. That was why she must not lose! She renewed her fighting spirit as she aimed her sword at the Goddess Isa!

Immediately there were several loud bursts of martial shockwaves as Yixian and the Goddess Isa exchanged several sword strokes with each other!

In a blink of an eye, both of them had encircled each other many times. Each time they had engaged with each other, several thunderous martial shockwaves and sword energies bursts would explode thunderous outward. Then they would disengage and appeared in another location as they crossed their swords furiously again!

They were moving and crossing swords so fast that it was nearly impossible to see who was really on the defensive and who was on the offensive!

Yi Ping was startled that Yixian’s swordplay actually could meet the speed and martial strength of the Goddess Isa!

Yunzi was also startled. It was not because Yixian’s speed attacks would match the Goddess Isa but because Yixian was displaying the speed swordplay of several prominent sword clans including the Infinity Sword Clan!

She was thinking, “When did Yixian learn the sword strokes of the Infinity Sword Sect to this level of mastery?”

Yi Ping was also thinking, “Yixian had once taught me the Listening Rhythm Skill. With her superior eyesight and hearing, it is entirely possible that she may have mastered the Mirror Reflection Skill?”

Youxue was startled, “Did she just display the Illusory Stroke of the Virtuous Swordplay? Without the intricacy formula of the Virtue Swords, this stroke is impossible to copy to its fullest extent. So how is it possible for Yixian to display it? Even Yunzi is unable to use this sword stroke. Unless…”

All of a sudden, she had remembered that Yixian and her father were old friends. It was entirely possible for Xiao Shuai who was her father to impart this secret sword skill to her!

At this point even Yunzi had already figured out, “Sister Xian’Er once plundered almost the entire martial fraternity of their secret martial manuals and many of her accomplices were also the future martial leaders of the fraternity…”

Lie Qing muttered, “Sister Xian’Er is so good with her swordplay but why is that we have never really seen her with a sword?”

Lele said casually, “Why do you think Yu’Er and Mei’Er fraternity names are the Jade Sword Fairy and the Beautiful Sword Fairy? It does seem to me that Sister Xian’Er is grooming them to be sword practitioners for a reason. They are so young and already so good. I really cannot imagine if they were to train for another twenty years!”

But right now, they could only pray for Yixian as they knew that it would take much more to defeat the Goddess Isa and Yixian was simply changing her sword strokes rapidly so that she could find a suitable swordplay to overcome her opponent!

At this moment, Yixian had already exercised her Eternal Heavenly Tears to her fullness, becoming one with the Heavenly Earth Sword as she sent bursts of chilling sword energies through it!

They were exchanging sword strokes so rapidly that there were many close calls between them and it was so breathtaking that it caused everyone to freeze on the spot!

The Goddess Isa had already used more than thirty strokes but everyone was totally mesmerized by the duel to remember or count!

Yixian could seem to hit the Goddess Isa but her attack would always be parried by a supernatural reflex in the last minute. The same happened when the Goddess Isa had attacked Yixian; her explosive impale attacks would be deflected at the very last minute by the martial force of Yixian’s Divine Emerald Skill.

As the two exchanged their attacks, powerful windforce exploded thunderous in all directions and the entire vicinity was completely enveloped by powerful destructive wind vortexes that were tearing all the trees and loose rocks apart!

Everyone was stunned at this martial power display; they had never seen anything like this before!

The Goddess Isa had just deflected a quick stroke that was directed at her face aside when she lifted her long sword to say, “That’s enough already.”

All of a sudden she had displayed four rapid powerful burst of piercing strokes aimed at Yixian as she called out coldly, “This is my special sword technique, the Unanimous Quadruplet Hits!”

Yixian gasped aloud; she was overwhelmed by the startling powerful martial outburst that had accompanied this epitome sword technique as she took a step backward. However her eyes were full of defiant as she exercised all her martial power to execute the Absolute Defense Stance of the Divine Emerald Skill to meet the incoming sword strokes!

But as soon as she had rushed forward with her sword, she had realized how deadly this sword technique was when her martial force was suddenly dissipated with only two hits. Another hit had struck her sword and disrupted her internal strength while the last hit had struck her with a powerful shockwave!

Even before she could react, the Goddess Isa had continued to unleash a flurry of sword energies as she said coldly, “You are dead.”

Yixian coughed out blood as she staggered back but not before she mustered her Divine Emerald Skill through her sword to dissipate the deadly sword energies in a nick of time!

She willed all her remaining strength for a counter-attack as she charged forward with the Rushing Phoenix Sword Stance while muttering weakly, “I won’t give up…because I am the Celestial Fairy…”

The Goddess Isa answered breathlessly, “My sword is longer than your sword. You can never win me…”

All of a sudden the golden blades of the Heavenly Earth Sword glowed with such an intense bright light that it caused everyone to shield their eyes briefly from it and much to the astonishments of everyone, the Heavenly Earth Sword began to disintegrate as blue cracks splintered on its blade!

Before everyone could realize what was going on, Yixian was upon the Goddess Isa in the next instant; the Heavenly Earth Sword had become a blue white sword that was thinner and longer. It was exactly the same length as the Divine Constellation Sword!

In that single moment, the Heavenly Earth Sword seemed to be enveloped by a globe of powerful blue white sword energies as it pierced forward!

It was so powerful that the entire ground around them had exploded violently with several secondary martial shockwaves that rippled in all directions!

Yixian too was startled at the sudden transformation of the Heavenly Earth Sword but she did not hesitate at all as she swung her long sword in a left to right sword arc at the Goddess Isa and betting everything that she had got with this single stroke!

The Goddess Isa had also empowered her Divine Constellation Sword with everything that she had got once she realized that this was not any ordinary sword energies but the Universal Force!

She was startled when she realized that Yixian was able to unseal the Heavenly Earth Sword into a true divine sword as she gasped, “You are…also one of us?!”

As they clashed with multiple quick attack strokes, cold sword energies waves and martial shockwave exploded from where their sword exchanges had taken place!

The explosion was so violent that the two of them had disappeared in a column of thick dust cloud as circles of sword energies exploded nonstop in the vicinity!

Yi Ping called out aloud, “Yixian!” as he took quick steps backward but he was flung off by the violent martial force that had not died down yet!

He was quickly caught hold by Youxue and the Celeste Wind Maiden at the same time!

Lele and Lie Qing were also stunned as they called out aloud, “Sister Xian’Er!”

All of a sudden the thunderous sword exchanges had stopped but the dust and debris were so thick that no one could see the outcome or hear any heart beats!

Yi Ping was trembling as he took trembling steps forward but his entire legs had become jelly!

Even Lie Qing and Lele had turned completely white!

Yunzi, Youxue, the Celeste Wind Maiden, Shi Shi, Jing’Er and Yang Min were also trembling lightly!

Who had won?

It was not long before a lone shadow could be in seen in the midst of the vaporizing dust storm!

Eventually a heavenly maiden in a light blue long sleeve robe and dress could be seen with a long white blue sword. She looked like Yixian but her long hair was a light blue and on her forehead were five small light blue color lines!

Yi Ping stammered out at the sight of this peerless heavenly beauty, “Xian’Er?”

But she had to be Yixian because the Goddess Isa was lying on the ground!

All the other maidens were all stunned, scarcely believing what they were seeing. Not only had Yixian won unscathed but she had also shattered the golden armor of the Goddess Isa!

The Celeste Wind Maiden muttered with stunned disbelief, “She had actually awakened her Heaven Eyes in the middle of the battle?”

But before they could celebrate her victory, Yixian had collapsed next to the Goddess Isa!