A Martial Odyssey Book 2: The Celestial Realm – Chapter 54

The Celeste Wind Maiden

Yi Ping, the Stellar Heaven Fairy and the Celeste Wind Maiden moved rapidly through the forested mountains. Even when a lightning bolt had flashed down thunderously and exploded a tree in the vicinity, they did not slow down their paces.

The Celeste Wind Maiden had taken them through several mountain paths. Along the way, they were met by dozens of celestial practitioners of the various celestial clans that were under the sphere of the Celestial Aiel Sect, giving them vital information and warning them of enemies ahead.

Finally they had reached a mountain path that was littered with many newly dead. It seemed that a recent battle had just been fought here!

Yi Ping looked around for the wounded but he quickly discovered that there were none!

Yi Ping sighed at the number of dead as he clenched his fists.

The Stellar Heaven Fairy gasped, “What has happened yet?”

The Celeste Wind Maiden looked at her dark surroundings keenly as she said aloud, “You can come out now. I know that you are there.”

To the surprise of Yi Ping and the Stellar Heaven Fairy, dozens of celestial practitioners actually emerged from the shadows!

The Celeste Wind Maiden said coldly, “So it is the Lofty Sword Sect, the Sovereign Sword Clan and the Espirit Clan.”

She quickly whispered, “Don’t worry, they are on our side. The Lord of the Lofty Sword Sect, Lu Zhongli is one of the strongest celestial fighters and his clan is one of three strongest three clans that are on our side.”

The protégé leader of the Lofty Sword Sect, Lu Zhongli said coolly. “So it is the Celestial Priestess…”

At the same time, he was startled to see Yi Ping and the Stellar Heaven Fairy. It was because he did not recognize them as any leaders of the Celestial Aiel Faction but the fact that they were carrying divine swords on them marked them out differently from the ordinary celestial practitioners!

He quickly added, “Unfortunately, you have come a little too late and miss the battle by an hour. Who are these two?”

The Celeste Wind Maiden said quietly, “They are the honorable guests of the Celestial Aiel Sect, the Lord of the Tranquil City and the Stellar Heaven Fairy.”

Lu Zhongli thought, “Why is name of the Lord of the Tranquil City so familiar?”

Before he could ponder further, he was startled by the Celeste Wind Maiden who said to him, “And I didn’t come to partake in the battle.”

There were mutterings from the dozens of celestial practitioners that were presented.

Lu Zhongli groaned, “Then what are you here for?”

The Celeste Wind Maiden said, “We are going to the camps of the Martial Deviant Clan to teach Grandmaster Bai a lesson. Do you want to join us?”

This time, all the celestial practitioners from the Lofty Sword Sect, the Sovereign Sword Clan and the Espirit Clan were stunned!

A thin man from the crowd said, “Surely you are not thinking of asking us to assault the bases of the Martial Deviant Clan? We have just been through a difficult battle and have not recovered. You have no idea the grim situation that we are in earlier; it was only the timely withdrawal of the Fire Martial Master and his protégés that we have managed to turn the tide of the battle in our favor.”

The Celeste Wind Maiden said coolly, “Greetings. Elder Li Yan of the Espirit Clan.”

She had deliberated. It was as though she wanted Yi Ping and the Stellar Heaven Fairy to know who they were, stating all their names and their clans slowly.

The Stellar Heaven Fairy thought, “Why is she being so polite and respectful to us? She doesn’t have to introduce them to us…”

The Celeste Wind Maiden soon interrupted her thoughts as she smirked coldly, “It is not a request or an edict. Anyway, we are going there now. Rest well.”

And to the startled surprise of everyone, she had already walked away!

Lu Zhongli was startled as he stammered, “You are really going there!? You won’t be able to come back!”

Even though he had known that the Celeste Wind Maiden was one of the newly seven super celestial fighters but the camps of the Martial Deviant Faction were filled with many crouching tigers and hidden dragons!

But the Celeste Wind Maiden did not turn back anymore and her two companions were showing no sign of fear either as they followed her hurriedly!

He sighed softly as he looked at Li Yan, “Madness! Foolish! Or they are defectors?”

Li Yan laughed aloud and for a moment, his martial laughter was rumbling louder than the tremors of the mountains and the earthquakes!

Lu Zhongli asked, “You also find it funny?”

Li Yan looked at his long sword, “If the protégé master of the Espirit Clan is here today, I would surely introduce him to this Lord of the Tranquil City.”

Lu Zhongli was bewildered, “The weak looking pale man that is with the Celeste Wind Maiden?”

Li Yan laughed, “That is right. Even though he is quiet but did you see the righteousness in his eyes and the indomitable spirit that is around him? It is like nothing is impossible!”

Lu Zhongli hummed coldly, “Righteousness nowadays isn’t worth much. Weird, why is the protégé leader of the Sovereign Sword Clan so quiet?”

The Sovereign Lord of the Sovereign Sword Clan said quietly, “Pardon me. I was overwhelmed by the pureness of their divine swords, especially that Lord of the Tranquil City.”

Lu Zhongli hummed coldly, “They are just lucky to have a divine sword. If I am not ally with the Celestial Aiel Sect, I will surely seize his divine sword. He looked so weak as though he is going to die anytime.”

The Sovereign Lord smiled weakly, “My martial skills are not as good as the Elder Li Yan or Protégé Master Lu and I am lucky that I do not have a divine sword in my hands. Therefore I count myself fortunate not to become your target. However, how do your sword skills fare against the Immortal Saint of Swords?”

Lu Zhongli hummed coldly, “Naturally by a wide margin. He is a true sword saint. Are you trying to say that you have the backings of the Immortal Saint of Swords and even if you are weaker than us, we have better not to mess with you?”

The Sovereign Lord smiled, “I will not dare to offend either the Espirit Clan or the Lofty Sword Sect. In fact, it is my honor to fight alongside the major celestial clans of the Celestial Realm. However that weak man that you have seen earlier, that Lord of the Tranquil City had just defeated the Immortal Saint of Swords a couple of months ago. That is why I am in awe of him naturally.”

It came as a thunderbolt to Lu Zhongli and Elder Li Yan! It was because they had suddenly why the name of the Lord of the Tranquil sounded so familiar!

They began to stare blankly in front of them for a long time, long after the Celeste Wind Maiden, the Lord of the Tranquil City and the Stellar Heaven Fairy were long gone…

Yi Ping coughed weakly as he looked at the back of the Celeste Wind Maiden with her splendor long flowing white hair. Her steps were extremely graceful and the ground that she had covered left no evidence that she had ever walked past. At the same time, she was constantly on her alert as she watched her surroundings keenly.

The Stellar Heaven Fairy whispered to Yi Ping, “Ping’Er, are you feeling better now? Do you want to have a rest first?”

Yi Ping shook his head as he sighed miserably, “We must hurry. I am so stupid. We shouldn’t have split into two groups in the first place…”

The Celeste Wind Maiden turned around to say coldly, “If you want to take a rest, by all means do so. It is not like we are in a hurry.”

Yi Ping was startled, “But the Chaste Lunar Maiden…”

The Celeste Wind Maiden interrupted coldly, “To me, she is dead. Anyone that falls into the hands of the Martial Deviant Clan is dead. That applies the same to your companions too. Frankly speaking, it is foolish of them to even confront Bai Liangong. Do you know that besides the Martial Deviant Clan and the Five Deviant Masters, there are still five other powerful celestial clans that are also in their camps? The Purple Divine Clan, the Giga Sword Sect, the Brilliant Access Clan, the Heartless Manor and the Divine Shadow Clan.”

Yi Ping and the Stellar Heaven Fairy were startled that she could be so cold.

Yi Ping asked, “Then why did you offer to come with us…”

The Celeste Wind Maiden seemed to be momentarily startled before she looked away. Slowly she lifted her eyes to the dark heavens as she muttered softly, “Even knowing that it is a suicidal thing to do, you are still going to the camps of the Martial Deviant Clan and her allies?”

She had answered his question with her question!

Yi Ping said firmly, “Unless I have seen it with my own eyes, then there may still be a chance that they are still all alive. Even if the chance is slim, I won’t give it up. Even if it means I may die trying then so be it!”

The Celeste Wind Maiden was startled with his reply as she asked, “What about your attainment? Don’t you feel that it will be such a waste if you have died? After all the hardships and the difficulties in order to ascend to the Celestial Realm…only to throw it away?”

Yi Ping said gently, “We can only live only once. I don’t want to leave anything for regrets later. I know I surely won’t be happy if I don’t try. Yixian, Yunzi, Lie Qing, Lele and Youxue; they mean much to me just like the Chaste Lunar Maiden means much to you.”

The Celeste Wind Maiden looked blankly, “I am not as noble as you. Or else I won’t be a dark celestial…I am only thinking of preserving my own life.”

Yi Ping shook his head, “That is not true. Or you won’t volunteer to come with us.”

The Celeste Wind Maiden looked at him quietly, “How do you know that I am not here to seize the Fire Kirin Divine Pill, Aiel Rejuvenation Divine Pill and the Fire Emblem Divine Sword?”

The Stellar Heaven Fairy gasped as she immediately drawn out the Fire Emblem, “You…!”

But Yi Ping raised his hand gently to the Stellar Heaven Fairy, “Shi Shi, wait. If she really meant what she had just said then she won’t tell us this much. Rather, she is just trying to persuade us to think again.”

The Celeste Wind Maiden asked coldly, “You really think that is so?”

Yi Ping nodded slowly, “That is right!”

The Celeste Wind Maiden hummed coldly, “That is only what you have thought. I am luring you to a deserted place first before I get down to my dirty acts. Do you know that her Aiel Rejuvenation Divine Pill is so miraculous that it can turn a dark celestial into a golden celestial? Despite all my sweats for the Celestial Aiel Sect, the Celestial Mistress won’t give it to me. I still can’t believe that she has actually given it to you. ”

Yi Ping took out the Aiel Rejuvenation Divine Pill and opened his palm, “You can have it. There is no need to fight over it. I don’t have the intention to consume it and can’t bear to. I sense that the Celestial Mistress values it a lot. But through this divine pill, if you can become a golden celestial then it will be a good thing and I will be happy for you too.”

He threw the Aiel Rejuvenation Divine Pill to her while saying to the Stellar Heaven Fairy, “Shi Shi, let’s us hurry!”

The Celeste Wind Maiden was stunned into disbelief when Yi Ping had given her the Aiel Rejuvenate Divine Pill so casually!

She quickly composed herself as she sped with startling speed next to Yi Ping in an instant, surprising Yi Ping and the Stellar Heaven Fairy!

Yi Ping was startled, “Why aren’t you leaving yet?”

The Celeste Wind Maiden smiled fainted as she lowered her eyes shyly, “There is still the Fire Kirin Divine Skill and the Fire Emblem Divine Sword.”

Yi Ping was startled as he said, “I have given the Fire Emblem Divine Sword to Shi Shi. As for the Fire Kirin Divine Pill, you can have…”

As he reached into his robe, he was startled when the Celeste Wind Maiden had suddenly put her hand on his. Immediately, there was an electrifying feeling and startling them!

The Celeste Wind Maiden was flustered as she said shyly, “I am only jesting with you. You don’t have to think that I have an ulterior motive. As for this Aiel Rejuvenation Divine Pill, how could you give it away simply like this? The Celestial Mistress has said that it is for you alone. Even if I am so bold, I will not think of taking it. Take it back!”

The Stellar Heaven Fairy was truly startled, “But you just say that this Aiel Rejuvenation Divine Pill will be able to aid you to become a Golden Celestial? You really don’t want to have it? Something as precious and extraordinary as this cannot be found even in the Stellar Sanctuary!”

Even Yi Ping was a little taken aback!

The Celeste Wind Maiden smiled, “The Celestial Mistress has already promised me if she is alive, she will concoct another one for me. But I guess that time will not come anytime soon. Even though it is very precious but the bonding between the Celestial Mistress and I meant more than anything. Do you get me?”

The Stellar Heaven Fairy asked curiously, “You are testing us?”

The Celeste Wind Maiden replied, “I just want to let you not to put your hopes too high…”

All of a sudden, she froze!

It was because on the other side of the distant cliff, four maidens had burst into view panicky and they were being pursued dozens of celestial practitioners!

She had recognized one of the maidens to be the Chaste Lunar Maiden and from the looks of it her injuries were not light as she had to be supported by the other three maidens!

She gasped, “Jing’Er, is that you?”

Yi Ping had recognized three of the maidens to be Lie Qing, Lele and Yunzi as he sped towards the edge of the cliff, shouting aloud. “Qing’Er, Lele, Yunzi!”

He looked around for Yixian and Youxue but there were no sight of them anywhere!

The Stellar Heaven Fairy gasped at the number of highly skilled martial practitioners that were surrounding Lie Qing, Lele and Yunzi!

But that was not the most startling!

It was because she had noticed a familiar sight!

The injured maiden on the other side was her protégé sister, the Lunar Heaven Fairy!

She had thought that she could never see her again…

But on the other hand, they were on the other side of the cliff and they were separated by a deep chasm. It was impossible to reach them unless they could fly!

Lele was startled as she gasped aloud when she had heard his voice, “It is Yi Ping and Shi Shi!”

She quickly turned around and saw them on the other side of the lofty cliffs!

As she gasped aloud, she was forced to take three steps backward when three exponents with beaming swords hacked at her!

She simply could not believe the martial skills of these assailants as she raised her black scythe and the Divine Echo at the same time!

As she stepped backward, several beaming projectiles were aimed at her!

Yunzi immediately swirled the White Phoenix as she stepped forward to deflect the secret projectiles, “Lele! Watch out!”

At the same time, Lie Qing was enveloped by a blinding black halo as she raised her Perpetual Darkness as her opponents were hitting her with one slashing powerful windforce and sword energies after another!

Lie Qing coughed out blood after she had raised her left hand a thunderous martial blow from a muscular man who called himself the Fire Martial Master!

At the same time, she was struck by three beaming sword energies by a super exponent who called him the Dark Spectre!

She was sweating heavily as she mustered her Invincible Divine Force again and again each time it was dissipated by her foes’ external forces as she muttered, “I…I am at my limit now? I am hallucinating now? I am hearing Ping’Er voice…”

Yi Ping felt anguish and helpless at the same time when he saw the dire straits that Lele, Yunzi and Lie Qing were in as more than thirty epitome fighters surrounded them!

He wished that he got a pair of wings now!

So near yet so far, separated by a vast chasm!

“Does Heavens want to torment me by letting me be a witness to their final moments?!”

All of a sudden, the Celeste Wind Maiden caught hold of Shi Shi and his wrist as she murmured while exercising her internal strength through them. “Lift your vital breath as you follow my rhythm. Do not panic!”

He was startled to feel as light as a feather; the Celeste Wind Maiden had leapt across the vast emptiness of space with a startling speed as she pulled them along with her!

Before he had even realized what had happened, he was already across the cliff in an instant without any mishaps!

He had never seen such an astonishing swiftness and lightning skill!

He was so stunned that he was murmuring, “That is impossible…”

But before he could thank her, the Celeste Wind Maiden had got into action by drawing out her Celeste Wind with a flurrying windforce as she flashed in front of Lele and Yunzi as she intercepted a dozen epitome fighters at the same time!

Lele was startled at her sudden appearance but as her sword was aimed at her attackers, she heaved a soft relief as she smiled jovially in the direction of Yi Ping and the Stellar Heaven Fairy. “You are finally here! A little longer, you can come and collect my body!”

Yi Ping was not slow to react either as he sped next to Lele in the next instant, drawing the Celestial Alice with such startling martial force that he fell the nearest opponent that was next to Lele as he smiled bitterly, “Lele, don’t say inauspicious things…can you hold on a little longer while I go aid Qing’Er…”

There were five more assailants that were attacking Lele at the same time. They were all taken aback by the sudden appearance of the Celeste Wind Maiden and Yi Ping. When Yi Ping had suddenly cut down the Earth Martial Master who prided himself on his invincible external force, they were taken aback!

Naturally, they did not know that Yi Ping had used all his martial power in his desperation. With his enhanced strength from the Blood of the Kirin and his present martial foundation; even if he did not use the Asper Divinity or the Ultrapowerful Force to further empowered his martial power, his full attack was extremely startling. Moreover, the Earth Martial Master did not hold him in particular regard and was withholding his full strength against the sudden appearance of the Celeste Wind Maiden!

But before the opposing celestial fighters could recover from their initial surprise; in a blink of an eye, Yi Ping had wounded another two when he had suddenly split the Celestial Alice into the Celestial Antonym Alice and the Celestial Synonym Alice!

The Water Martial Master was furious as he gave a mighty martial shout as he raised his entire martial power as he attacked Yi Ping with his fists, “Just who are you!”

The entire air exploded into furious martial force as the Water Martial Master attacked Yi Ping, forcing him to take two steps backward!

Yi Ping coughed out blood as he stumbled backward, “I am Yi Ping!”

Lele caught Yi Ping by his arm as she intercepted the Water Martial Master, “Ping’Er, are you alright? What happens to you? You are injured?”

The Water Martial Master shouted, “Worry about yourself first…”

He was suddenly interrupted when the Stellar Heaven Fairy had suddenly attacked him with her Melody Swordplay!

The sudden appearances of Yi Ping, the Stellar Heaven Fairy and the Celeste Wind Maiden rebalanced the battle equation!

Yunzi had immediately raised her White Phoenix as she struck down a foe with a stunning sword energies burst from the Ley Negative Sword Energies Technique and another foe was cut down by her speeding flying sword!

The assailants were secretly terrified of Yunzi. Along the way, she had actually killed and wounded numerous fighters that were on their side!

This beautiful maiden with a quiet demeanor was surrounded by an arsenal of secret sword techniques and hidden weapons; each time a fighter had fallen into her hands, his fallen weapon would become hers to be used as a flying object or a flying sword!

Several powerful fighters who were stronger than her were killed by her irresistible flying sword technique; more so when she had used the White Phoenix as a flying sword. The martial force and sword energies that were cumulated by the White Phoenix were like the white claws of a terrifying soaring white phoenix tearing everyone but the most skilled apart!

But even for those skilled and powerful martial exponents that could parry her flying swords, it proved to be a physically draining thing and was dangerous if she happened to launch a second follow up attack. Therefore in the end, evading her flying swords was a better option.

There were many others that tried to attack her when she had appeared to be weaponless. But they were also caught off-guarded by her hidden waist sword and her finger stances!

Yunzi was imparted the Ley Negative Sword Energies by the Immortal Sword Sages and her finger stances were equally deadly!

Yunzi was surprised that she could actually hold so many of these experienced celestial practitioners. There were many reasons for this. Firstly, most of these martial practitioners were involved in an earlier battle. Secondly, Yunzi had now reawakened as a Golden Celestial. Thirdly, she was never weak in the first place. Most of the time, her enemies were much stronger than her but this time, her internal strength and martial power were at least on par with most of the attackers!

Lastly, in her desperation she had discovered that she was able to muster up to the seventh level of the Invincible Divine Force, mustering up to seven hovering wisps of rebounding protective force around her!

But like Lie Qing, Yunzi was already feeling the physical exertion and was wobbly. It was a miraculous thing that she was not injured but the same did not happen for Lie Qing who had taunted and taken the bulk of their enemies’ attacks!

Lie Qing was virtually fighting for her life. Other than her enemies, she was totally immersed in nothing else!

That was why when she had heard Yi Ping’s voice; she had thought that she was hallucinating!

The Fire Martial Master and the Dark Spectre were hitting her with such furies that Lie Qing was totally on the defensive. Behind her blinding black halo and surrounded by her eleven hovering blue wisps, her entire body had now turned golden!

It was because she was so badly bombarded from all sides that even her Invincible Divine Force was insufficient to protect her completely hence she was forced to use her Golden Impervious Skill at the same time!

Just as her defenses were about to give way, Yi Ping had burst through the other celestial fighters that were blocking him. He was beside Lie Qing in the next instant as he raised the Celestial Antonym Alice and the Celestial Synonym Alice with a powerful martial shout, “Heavens Encompassing Stroke!”

As the Fire Martial Master and the Dark Spectre once again utilized their extraordinary attacks to engage this new arrival, they were met by a thunderous martial force that swept them aside!

They were not the only ones that were being swept aside by the earthshaking martial force; a dozen epitome fighters that were beside them were also caught by the sweeping martial force!

Before the Fire Martial Master and the Dark Spectre could steady themselves, the Celeste Wind Maiden had suddenly appeared in front of them and had pierced through their hearts!

Lie Qing was startled by the appearance of Yi Ping. Only more so when Yi Ping had displayed the Heavens Encompassing Stroke which was even more powerful than her Invincible Divine Force!

She muttered as she fell into his embrace, “Ping’Er, is that really you? I have thought that I will never see you again…”

In that instant, her martial power departed from her and her Perpetual Darkness grew dim.

Yi Ping forced himself to stand still, using the Celestial Synonym Alice as a support while raising the Celestial Antonym Alice protectively over Lie Qing. “Qing’Er, I am here now. Don’t be afraid…”

Lie Qing gasped weakly when she had suddenly noticed that Yi Ping had turned completely white!

She burst into tears as she tightened into his embrace, ““Ping’Er…Ping’Er…why…”

“Qing’Er, I am alright…how are you?”

Surrounded by thick columns of dust and powerful martial windforce, in that instant it was as though time had stood still for the two of them!