A Martial Odyssey Book 2: The Celestial Realm – Chapter 52

The Celestial Mistress

The Stellar Heaven Fairy was startled that Yi Ping was literally staring at the scantily dressed maiden!

She had to admit that the Celestial Mistress was really breathtaking and she was alike to Yixian the Celestial Fairy in many ways!

But Yi Ping was not a lustful man and he was not known to be tempted by beautiful maidens. But today, he was staring blankly at her!

The scantily dressed maiden looked at the Stellar Heaven Fairy in the eyes as she said gently, “You have woeful eyes. I welcome you to join the Celestial Aiel Sect…”

The Stellar Heaven Fairy hummed coldly, “Thank you so much but I am happy now.”

She stole a glance at Yi Ping secretly as she smiled to herself secretly.

The scantily dressed Celestial Mistress flickered her fingers and the white translucent curtain veils came down again, “These winds are so annoying! And even the earthquakes are making me uncomfortable.”

She was lying horizontally and was facing them, cladded only in her lingerie. Just now when the winds had lifted the translucent curtain veils, all the sharp eyed male celestial practitioners were all holding their breath as they could see her white bosoms and slender porcelain white thighs.

Even when she had lowered the translucent curtain veils again, her modesty had already been outraged as the white translucent curtain veils were too thinly veiled to really cover anything!

The majority of the hundreds of celestial practitioners here who did not hail from the Celestial Aiel Sect had never seen the face of the Celestial Mistress before and was stunned at her breathtaking beauty!

The scantily dressed Celestial Mistress said gently, “There is righteous air around you that is a beacon of light in this desolate vicinity. If it is not for your righteous air, I will never show up in front of you. That is why I am willing to hear from you but you do not seem to be appreciative of this. A celestial expert with your state of divinity and carrying a divine sword on your back claims to be from the Holy Ascension Sect, isn’t that laudable?”

Yi Ping was stammering, “I am really…from a peace envoy from the Holy Ascension Sect…”

The scantily dressed Celestial Mistress interrupted gently, “You really disappoint me. You are not a Supreme Celestial of the Holy Ascension Sect and I know every single one of them…”

The Stellar Heaven Fairy interrupted coldly, “Yi Ping is a newly ascended celestial practitioner. That is why you have never heard of him. Moreover, we are the peace envoys of the Holy Ascension Sect but we never say we are from the Holy Ascension Sect. We are only representing the Holy Ascension Sect and we are from the Tranquil City…”

Immediately, a maiden in white and green that stood beside the sedan of the Celestial Mistress gasped. “I remember now. This Yi Ping, I think he is from the Tranquil City…he has actually defeated Ximen Nanqing and renamed the Dominating Aura City to the Tranquil City. What more, I have heard that he has actually defeated the Immortal Saint of Swords too!”

This time round even the Celestial Mistress seemed to have become tense as she muttered, “So he is the one? The Lord of the Tranquil City? I have heard that on his grand occasion, the Immortal Sword Sages of the Infinity Sword Celestial Clan and the other celestial practitioners from various clans had come to the Tranquil City to challenge him but they were all defeated by him one by one.”

She paused for a while as she seemed to ponder as she lowered her gaze, “And even the Ascension Goddess has become his consort…”

She lifted her eyes to look at the Stellar Heaven Fairy, “You are his consort as well?”

The Stellar Heaven Fairy nodded as she said, “That is right. We have really come in peace to avert a celestial calamity…”

All of a sudden, the Celestial Mistress interrupted icily, “The righteous orthodox clans will never co-exist with the evil heretic clans. It has been this way since the start and will remain forever…”

Yi Ping was startled at her sudden change of attitude and he could sense her malevolent intent as he wondered, “Why is that her attitude seems to change all of a sudden?”

The Stellar Heaven Fairy sighed in her heart, “She must have taken an interest in Ping’Er but when she has learnt that he is married, she has changed her tone immediately! It seems that this peace mission is not going to be easy and we don’t know if we can get out of here alive. I hope the others sisters are coping much better than us.”

All of a sudden a muscular fine man with a fire mark on his forehead stepped forward as he exclaimed aloud, “I have never expected that the Celestial Priestess to be so stunning. This is indeed a feast on my eyes!”

All the other celestial practitioners including Yi Ping were startled at his bold sweeping statements!

Yi Ping immediately turned to appraise him and he was startled by the profound state of divinity of this muscular fine man who was also a golden celestial. And judging from the divine aura of the sword that was on his back, it must be a powerful divine sword too!

At the same time, Yi Ping and the Stellar Heaven Fairy had noticed that the other celestial practitioners seemed to be steering clear of him.

Yi Ping thought, “Just who he is? He is the lord of a powerful celestial clan so that is why he is being so insolent?”

The maiden in white and green that was gasping earlier said coldly, “How dare you speak in that manner in front of the Celestial Mistress! Don’t forget that you are just an autonomous celestial and we are many here!”

The muscular fine man raised his eyes sharply as he raised his fist, “Don’t forget who I am! I am the Mad Conqueror! I say and do whatever I like!”

The Stellar Heaven Fairy gasped, “He is one of the top seven newly celestial fighters. He is said to be the strongest among the seven because he had consumed a Fire Kirin Divine Pill! He is…”

She wanted to say he was a mad man but she had restrained herself!

Yi Ping was startled that he was actually looking at such a super exponent!

It was not fear that was exciting him. It was because Yi Ping had a sudden thought, “Can I defeat him? How strong is he?”

The Mad Conqueror seemed to be thinking of the same thing too as he appraised Yi Ping, “So how strong are you? You can actually defeat the Immortal Saint of Swords? That is really a surprise.”

Yi Ping replied humbly as he bowed with his hands, “My skills are still inferior to the Immortal Saint of Swords. He was gracious enough. If we duel again, he will surely be able to win.”

The Immortal Saint of Swords only lost narrowly when the Celestial Alice slipped from his hands and not because the Immortal Saint of Swords could not defeat Yi Ping!

The Mad Conqueror hummed coldly as he flashed his golden eyes at Yi Ping, “Regardless, I like to know how good you are. I see that you have a divine sword on your back. That is the Celestial Alice?”

Yi Ping nodded slowly, “You know?”

The Mad Conqueror waved his hand, “I have heard that the Celestial Alice was lost to you. However, you may not know this. When the Celestial Alice was first unsealed, I am also one of the top contenders to obtain it…”

He paused to sigh, “…However, the Immortal Saint of Swords got the better of us all and seized the Celestial Alice. Till this day, I am still unable to get over it. It seems that fate isn’t so bad to me after all and is delivering the Celestial Alice to me.”

Yi Ping immediately said, “Fat hope!”

The Stellar Heaven Fairy said coldly as well, “You wish! Don’t forget we are here as envoys. Let’s resolve this peacefully alright? The Lord Supreme has a message for all of you. If you want to enter the Stellar Sanctuary, the orthodox celestial clans won’t stop you. But if you dare to ascend the heaven steps of the Holy Ascension Sect, then don’t blame anyone!”

The Mad Conqueror roared with laughter and immediately his martial shout exploded with a tremendous shockwave that caused many of the celestial practitioners to step backward and covering their ears!

His martial power was indeed profound!

After he had stopped laughing, he stared at the Stellar Heaven Fairy. “You are threatening me?”

The Stellar Heaven Fairy was frightened by him as she stepped quietly behind Yi Ping as she grasped his right arm gently!

Yi Ping was unhappy that the Mad Conqueror was actually raising his voice and threatening Shi Shi so he said coldly, “We are here to resolve a possible crisis. Do you think that after the fighting with the Martial Deviant Clan, your side will still have the strength to engage the Holy Ascension Sect and still be able to partake in the challenges of the Stellar Sanctuary.”

The Mad Conqueror laughed aloud, “You are so ignorant. Judging from what you have just said, you must never have been to the Stellar Sanctuary before…”

Suddenly, the Celestial Priestess cautioned him with a gentle reminder, “Be careful. This is forbidden.”

To everyone’s surprise, the Mad Conqueror was suddenly quiet!

Yi Ping and the Stellar Heaven Fairy were startled. It was because they had heard this too many times!

Yi Ping curiosity was aroused, “Why is it forbidden to mention anything about the Stellar Sanctuary? What is going on?”

“Celestial Priestess Han Lin,” the Celestial Mistress said gently to the maiden in white and green. “It seems that a fight is inevitable now. Who do you think will win?”

Han Lin laughed softly, “I think it will be this Yi Ping!”

The Mad Conqueror was truly enraged as he unsheathed his divine sword with a brilliant flash of red, “This is my divine sword, Fire Emblem! Do you dare to accept my challenge?!”

It was a beautiful sword with many intricate designs of patterned red dragons on it on its blade and a faint light violet glow could be seen radiating from it!

Yi Ping hummed coldly as he unsheathed the Celestial Alice, “I don’t think I have a choice. Whether I like it or not, you have already made up your mind to fight with me.”

The Mad Conqueror laughed, “That is right. Before the fight starts, the contests of wills have already begun. If your will falter, then I would have already won the fight even before it even began.”

The Stellar Heaven Fairy was startled as she quickly said aloud, “Stop it, the two of you! Can’t you see that it is the intentions of the Celestial Mistress and the Celestial Priestess to provoke the two of you into a fight? Don’t let them sow discord between the two of you and have them reap the benefits of your conflict…”

The Celestial Mistress said gently, “Yi Ping, if you can defeat the Mad Conqueror then I will accept the terms of the Holy Ascension Sect. But if you are unable to, then you will surely die. Not only that, your woman will become his woman and your divine sword will become his!”

Han Lin continued to smile wryly, “Mistress, I betting that this Yi Ping will win. What about you?”

The scantily dressed Celestial Mistress secretly looked at Han Lin as they exchanged a mischievous smile. It was because they did not care if Yi Ping was dead or not. If Yi Ping could injure the Mad Conqueror, then it would be the best. Either way, they would have a chance to analyze the fighting styles of the Mad Conqueror to exploit a possible shortcoming.

The Celestial Mistress replied gently, “I guess so as well. After all, since he can defeat the Immortal Saint of Swords while the Mad Conqueror can’t. Isn’t that the most logical conclusion?”

Her voice was gently but it rung piercingly in the ears of the Mad Conqueror, causing him to become extremely maddened!

In a blink of an eye, the Mad Conqueror was already on Yi Ping with an explosive sword burst that shook the surroundings. It was even louder than the thunder that was overhead and the rumbling tremors that were shaking the mountains!

Yi Ping immediately shouted aloud, “Shi Shi, back!”

Just as the Stellar Heaven Fairy moved aside, there was a huge thunderous impact that sent the earthen ground to explode upward and scattered in all directions!

It was because the Mad Conqueror had raised his divine sword as he hacked on top of Yi Ping; this simple attack stance actually contained all his entire martial power and would crush anyone!

Yi Ping was not slow either as he raised the Celestial Alice to receive the incoming hacking sword stance. He dare not be careless as he gave a great martial shout, displaying the Asper Divinity which was his most powerful attack stance as three powerful martial bursts forth around him and sending thunderous shockwaves throughout!

The Stellar Heaven Fairy and everyone were startled by the astonishing martial force that had erupted!

Instead of seeing either Yi Ping or the Mad Conqueror fell by the explosive martial force or weakened by the clash, Yi Ping and the Mad Conqueror had disengaged almost immediately as they re-mustered their martial power. In a blink of an eye, they had clashed again with several series of brilliant sparks of light as martial shockwaves and furious burning windforces ripped throughout the vicinity!

The hundreds of celestial practitioners turned ashen immediately as they thought secretly, “This is the true strength of the Mad Conqueror? This Yi Ping, he possesses such a profound martial power? I almost want to challenge this Yi Ping to seize his divine sword…”

Even the Celestial Mistress had sat straightened up as she watched the duel intensely!

In a blink of an eye, they had exchanged more than a dozen sword blows and had disengaged again and their surroundings had exploded with their martial windforce relentlessly!

The Mad Conqueror was surprised that Yi Ping could escape unscathed after receiving a blow from his extraordinary martial power and that he was even on the offensive against him that he shouted, “Good! Then I won’t be merciful anymore!”

All of a sudden, his divine sword shined forth a brilliant red halo as he raised the hilt with both hands!

In that instant, the ground around him exploded and was grinded into smithereens by the combined divine force of his divine sword and his martial force, “This is my Heavens Encompassing Killing Technique. Be gone!”

Yi Ping was startled at the martial strength of the Mad Conqueror. It was like he was hitting an invincible wall that he could not overcome. But that did not diminish his fighting spirit as he willed himself with the Absolute Spirits as he shouted with all his martial strength, “The Celestial Antonym Alice, the Celestial Synonym Alice!”

Yi Ping had split the Celestial Alice into two as a brilliant halo ushered forth, much to the startled astonishments of the onlookers. The divine aura of the Celestial Alice had suddenly jumped up many notches and at the same time, the aftershocks of the martial windforce increased many folds forcing everyone to take several steps backward!

Even the thinly translucent curtain veils of the sedan that the Celestial Mistress was sitting in were blown apart!

Han Lin and several maidens in white immediately surrounded the sedan as they shielded the modesty of the Celestial Mistress with their bodies and to protect her from the sudden burst of dangerous windforces!

The Celestial Mistress was gasping at the outpouring of divine force that had suddenly increased when Yi Ping had split the Celestial Alice, “What an unusual divine sword. Its true form is actually two divine swords? This divine force that I am sensing…”

She lowered her voice as she muttered incoherently, “…is this the Universal Force?”

As Yi Ping charged towards the Mad Conqueror, the ground beneath him exploded with his martial force! The unique shape of the Celestial Antonym Alice and the Celestial Synonym Alice were like his wings as he charged forward but as soon as he was near the Mad Conqueror, he had exercised the full martial power of his Asper Divinity as he swung the two Celestial Alice into forward attacking stances!

There were a brilliant rainbow and crimson light that exploded with such tremendous martial force that the entire ground that were around Yi Ping and the Mad Conqueror began to rip upward in all directions, flying and scattering the earth as though it was replicating the destructive energies of sword energies!

The Stellar Heaven Fairy immediately gathered her robe as she tumbled backward and leapt on the branch of a tree that was behind her. Her quick thinking had saved her!

Almost immediately dozens of celestial practitioners were ripped apart by the killing energies and the agony cries of the wounded were everywhere!

As for the Celestial Mistress and her clan protégés, they were standing too near to the duel to take evasive action. It happened too quickly and no one was expecting anything like this!

The Celestial Mistress quickly gasped out, “Back!”

But instead of taking evasive action herself, she had stepped forward and exploded the incoming martial energies with her martial force!

“The Inverting Universe!” She cried out as she displayed her epitome martial force technique as she attempted to reverse the incoming martial energies!

She had immediately coughed out blood but she had at least managed to dissipate the incoming martial energies. As she tumbled backward, she was immediately helped by Han Lin and the other protégés who were all calling aloud. “Mistress! Are you alright?”

The Celestial Mistress took a deep breath as she shook her head, “I…am alright. I have never encountered such devastating martial energies before. Even my Inverting Universe is unable to dissipate it completely.”

But her attention was quickly returned to the duel that was taking place. By now, everyone had steered clear of them and had an astonished look on their faces!

She muttered softly, “Now that are the qualities to enter the Stellar Sanctuary…”

Both the Mad Conqueror and Yi Ping had coughed a mouthful of blood but they were still returning attacking strokes at each other relentlessly as they continued to send martial windforce to explode with each thunderous impact!

The Mad Conqueror had expected Yi Ping to give way under his Heavens Encompassing Killing Technique but he was surprised that Yi Ping could actually block his Heavens Encompassing Killing Technique, catching hold of his killing technique by wielding the Celestial Antonym Alice and the Celestial Synonym Alice in a cross shape on top of him!

Yi Ping was also astonished by the might of the Mad Conqueror as the ground beneath him gave way and he had sunk into the ground!

But he had quickly blocked the devastating killing technique and had retaliated with the Divine Horizon Swordplay with his left hand, wounding the Mad Conqueror with a quick slash!

The Mad Conqueror was hacking at Yi Ping with a berserk fury as he shouted, “How dare you wound me! You must be courting your own doom!”

Yi Ping retaliated against the offensive attacks, strokes for strokes and blows for blows as he shouted, “You may be strong but I have fought against even stronger adversaries!”

Yi Ping had fought against the black Kirin and had survived.

The Mad Conqueror had derived his supernatural strength from the Fire Kirin Divine Pill and through the combination of his supernatural strength and martial power, he was unstoppable against most celestial practitioners and few celestial practitioners were his match when it had come to a contest of martial powers!

Except that Yi Ping also had the supernatural strength of the Kirin in his blood and was his equal in martial strength when he was exercising his full martial power!

The Mad Conqueror hacked at Yi Ping with startling speed, moving from left to right, right to left. In a blink of an eye, he could hit Yi Ping in six different directions and each of his strokes was like a titanic irresistible force!

However, it was all blocked by Yi Ping!

However, the action of blocking caused Yi Ping to cough out blood for every five strokes that he had blocked, further increasing the severity of his internal injuries but Yi Ping willed himself to continue fighting while ignoring the reversing of his vital energies in his energy channels!

The Mad Conqueror was astonished that Yi Ping could actually receive his powerful strokes without faltering as he thought, “Is he human?”

But for every sixth stroke that he had received, he could retaliate against the Mad Conqueror with a powerful slash with either the Celestial Antonym Alice or the Celestial Synonym Alice!

By the time Yi Ping had slashed him for the sixth time, the Mad Conqueror was seeing red even though he was still protected by his martial force!

The Mad Conqueror was beginning to get startled, “Why don’t you fall. I don’t believe that you got so much martial strength after our earlier clashes! What type of swordplay is this? You can attack and defend at the same time…”

He had already noticed that Yi Ping was always one stroke ahead of him and that was beginning to put him at a disadvantage!

Yi Ping smiled weakly as he continued to return stroke for stroke against the Mad Conqueror, “I am also thinking of the same of you too. This is the Perfect Swordplay!”

Yi Ping martial power was faltering but he had the superior strokes. As for the Mad Conqueror, his martial power did not seem to be affected and that was causing Yi Ping to be concerned!

It was because when he had no more strength to withstand the Mad Conqueror, he would surely be killed in an instant.

The Stellar Heaven Fairy was in tears as she witnessed the duel and feared that Yi Ping may not last much longer as he was now forced to move back a step each time he had coughed out blood!

Even the Celestial Mistress was secretly clenching her hand to her bosoms and forgetting that she was carrying internal injuries on her own!

All of a sudden when Yi Ping had moved the Celestial Antonym Alice and the Celestial Synonym Alice into a cross diagonal shape before slashing at the Mad Conqueror, something extraordinary had happened; the golden lights of the Celestial Alice exploded outwardly in an instant, replicating the extraordinary martial force of the Heavens Encompassing Killing Technique as the ground exploded and was grinded into smithereens!

The Mad Conqueror was stunned as he shouted, “When did you learn my technique…”

He coughed out a mouthful of blood as he forced himself to use his Heavens Encompassing Killing Technique against Yi Ping again!

But no longer had Yi Ping swung the Celestial Antonym Alice as it exploded with the martial power of the Heavens Encompassing Killing Technique, he had swung the Celestial Synonym Alice as well and it too burst into golden lights as it replicated the Heavens Encompassing Killing Technique!

The Mad Conqueror stared in disbelief as two Heavens Encompassing Killing Techniques came down upon him…

The Celestial Mistress gasped quietly, “This is really the Universal Force! Even though it appears that it is actually replicating the martial force of the Heavens Encompassing Killing Technique but the martial force that was generated from the Celestial Alice is much powerful. That isn’t just any martial force that can generate by any mortals…”

She was interrupted by the martial energies shockwaves that were even more powerful than earlier as she took hasty steps behind with her protégés while displaying the Inverting Universe Divine Skill!

There were three large explosive thunderclaps. Almost immediately, the mountains began to shake and the entire ground was erupting unsteadily as everyone gasped aloud. However, they could not see past the dusts and debris to see the result!

The Stellar Heaven Fairy was also gasping after witnessing what she had just seen, “Isn’t that the Universal Force?”

She was naturally familiar with it. It was because she was the ex-mistress of the Heavenly Earth Sword!

She also knew that the Universal Force was also the most destructive force in the universe and only a few divine weapons were able to contain it and these are the true immortal weapons!

All of a sudden, she had a conclusion. “If the Universal Force is unleashed, then it won’t be just this little impact. It will even exceed the Celestial Annihilation Star Formation. That is the reason why the Celestial Annihilation Star Formation is created to contain the Universal Force of the Heavenly Earth Sword, counter balancing it with the divine auras of the White Phoenix and Divine Echo…”

She took a deep breath as she watched the scene anxiously, “Has Yi Ping found a way to contain the Universal Force by replicating the Heavens Encompassing Killing Technique? Or that is actually the divine power of the Celestial Alice that is restraining the Universal Force?”

When the martial windforces were beginning to slow down, everyone could see a lone shadowy figure standing in the middle of the thick smog. He was clasping two swords on his hands!

The Stellar Heaven Fairy gasped aloud, “Ping’Er!”

She sped towards him immediately!

But before she could reach him, the Celestial Mistress was already beside Yi Ping as she re-appraised him with a completely new tune as she asked him with a concern look, “Are…you alright?”

Yi Ping was in a daze and he could barely stand.

The body of the Mad Conqueror was lying in front of him. He had won…

All of a sudden, the Celestial Mistress had appeared in front of him and had startled him, “Are…you alright?”

He answered absent mindedly, “Mother, I have won…”

The Celestial Mistress chuckled softly as she gave him a faint smile, “I am not your mother. But if you insist you want to call me that, I don’t mind too.”

At the same time, the Stellar Heaven Fairy and Han Lin were also beside them!

The Stellar Heaven Fairy immediately grabbed Yi Ping as she showered him with concerns, “Ping’Er, are you alright? You…you have won!”

Only then did Yi Ping recollected his thoughts as he muttered, “I have won?”

The Celestial Mistress said gently, “You must know that at your current state, I can crush you as easily as an ant. But since you have defeated the Mad Conqueror, I am willing to make peace with the Holy Ascension Sect…”

Han Lin was suddenly giggling, “Mistress, don’t tell me you have…”

The Celestial Mistress stared at her coldly, “I can see from your eyes too! Hurry and give the Mad Conqueror a proper burial.”

Yi Ping muttered, “I don’t mean to kill him. I am appreciative that the Celestial Mistress honor and respect the dead.”

The Celestial Mistress smiled faintly but she was secretly giving a hand gesture on her back!

The Stellar Heaven Fairy was cursing silently.

It was because she had already noticed that the dead bodies in the vicinity were all disappearing in the shadows. Yi Ping was new and naïve in the Celestial Realm. These dark celestial clans would not waste a chance to further their own practice. The precious heart of the Mad Conqueror was a prize that was worth fighting for!

Almost immediately, more than a hundred celestial practitioners from the various other celestial clans were all stepping forward as they said. “I wonder if the Celestial Mistress will be willing to let us partake in the honorable burial of the Mad Conqueror?”

“How outrageous! How dare you speak when the Celestial Mistress did not give her consent yet!” A feminine voice was heard coming from another direction.

Immediately all the celestial practitioners that had stepped forward immediately offered their apologies and were taking backward steps!

It was as though they were all extremely afraid of this new comer!

A breathtaking maiden whose beauty was on par with the Celestial Mistress had turned up. Behind her were more than two hundred celestial practitioners that were robed in black or white.

Yi Ping could see that she was carrying a white divine sword on her side as he thought, “Who is she? She has a divine sword too?”

But he also felt pitiful for her. It was because this ravishing beauty was actually a dark celestial; she had white hair and crimson eyes!

The Celestial Mistress gave a faint smile, “Xiao Qian, so it is you. You are just in a nick of time.”

Han Lin quickly said, “She is one of the three Celestial Priestess of the Celestial Aiel Sect in charge of the Black Faction. Her celestial name is the Celeste Wind Maiden. Weird, where is the Chaste Lunar Maiden? That is her White Faction but there is no sight of her…”

This time, the Stellar Heaven Fairy was truly taken aback!

It was because the Celeste Wind Maiden was one of the newly seven super celestial fighters too! Together with her divine sword the Celeste Wind, the number of celestial practitioners that were defeated by her was no less than the Mad Conqueror and the Ascension Goddess!

No wonder these celestial practitioners seemed to be afraid of her!

The Celeste Wind Maiden said solemnly, “My Mistress, you need to cover yourself first…”

All of a sudden, Yi Ping had noticed that the Celestial Mistress was even more scantily dressed as her lingerie was tattered and he was flustering suddenly!

The Celestial Mistress too had a flush of red on her cheeks. She had virtually forgotten all about it!

Han Lin quickly took off her outer robe and gave it to her as she whispered softly, “Shame on you…”

The Celestial Mistress muttered, “Who is the clan protégé mistress…you or me…”

Han Lin immediately kept quiet but she continued to smile jovially!

The Celeste Wind Maiden said to the Celestial Mistress as she stared coldly at the hundred practitioners that had stepped forward earlier, “I have something urgently to report. Our protégé sister, the Chaste Lunar Maiden has been captured by the enemy. I am afraid that she may have met with mishap.”

The Celestial Mistress trembled lightly as she sighed woefully. She composed herself as she replied gently, “This is the survival rules of the Celestial Realm. Look sister, let me introduce you to this hero. He is Yi Ping and he has just defeated the Mad Conqueror!”

Yi Ping smiled awkwardly.

The Celeste Wind Maiden had already noticed it. She was secretly astonished at the sight of the vicinity. Earlier when she had heard the martial shockwaves that were coming from here, she had already sensed something was amiss and had rushed back here. But she still refused to believe that this Yi Ping had defeated the Mad Conqueror alone so she said quietly, “Well, it is foolish for the Mad Conqueror to challenge the might of the Celestial Aiel Sect…”

Han Lin interrupted with a jovial smile, “Sister, then you are wrong! We didn’t even lift a finger and he had defeated him all by himself!”

The Celeste Wind Maiden was startled as she appraised Yi Ping slowly…

The Celestial Mistress laughed gently, “That is the truth. He is the Lord of the Tranquil City. Even the Immortal Saint of Swords is not his match!”

The Celeste Wind Maiden looked at Yi Ping’s divine swords, “Then this is the Celestial Alice?!”

Yi Ping nodded.

The Celestial Mistress said gently, “He is here as a peace envoy from the Holy Ascension Sect…”

The Celeste Wind Maiden said emotionlessly, “He should be the one that is saying that. What is wrong with you today? You don’t really talk much most of the time and today, you have already talked as much as you do for a week.”

The Celestial Mistress smiled gently, “Well, he is my son…”

The Celeste Wind Maiden was genuinely startled, “Hmph! What did you just say? When did you lose your chastity mark?”

The Celestial Mistress quickly said, “I am only teasing you. Come, you must be hungry. There is a wonderful feast waiting for you!”

The Stellar Heaven Fairy felt like vomiting when she had heard that. She wanted to be done with this peace mission as quickly as possible and to stay away from these dark celestial sects as far as possible!

The Celestial Mistress looked at Yi Ping as she said gently, “You have defeated the Mad Conqueror. You have not only become a newly top seven celestial fighters now but you have the right to claim his divine sword, the Fire Emblem as your own.”

Yi Ping was stammering, “Huh? I am now one of the newly top seven celestial fighters?”

Han Lin smiled jovially, “Yes, you are now. But if you have too many divine swords, you can give it away. After all, no one is able to wield two divine swords!”

Yi Ping rubbed his nose as he looked at the Stellar Heaven Fairy, “Shi Shi, then you can have the Fire Emblem. I don’t need it…”

The Celestial Mistress and Han Lin were secretly groaning.

Han Lin quickly said, “If you give her the Fire Emblem, she must also have the ability to protect it. Or else you will only be endangering her…”

Yi Ping smiled, “That is alright. I will protect her.”

In that instant, the hearts of the Celestial Mistress and Han Lin melted. They had never seen anyone such as him before and were envious of the Stellar Heaven Fairy!

Even for the Celeste Wind Maiden, there was an emotional movement in her eyes!

All of a sudden, Yi Ping said solemnly to the Celeste Wind Maiden. “You have said that your protégé sister the Chaste Lunar Maiden has been captured by the enemy? From your expressions, I am able to see your anxiety even though you are all trying to hide it well. Let’s us go find her first!”

The Celeste Wind Maiden said coldly, “If we are able to, I will have already tried. Do you know how many super exponents there are in the camps of the Martial Deviant Clan? Even before we have reached there, we may have already died of exhaustion.”

Yi Ping coughed weakly, “Just give me the directions. I will try my very best to save her.”

The Celestial Mistress was startled as her admiration for him grew, “But you are injured.”

Yi Ping replied with a righteous determination, “No matter. As long as you can keep your words and not to go up to the Holy Ascension Sect, even if I die it will be for a good cause.”

The Celestial Mistress was trembling.

Slowly she bent down to the Mad Conqueror as she searched his body before she gasped aloud, “It is really on him. This is his Fire Kirin Divine Pill, the only one to exist. You can have it. But be warned. Even though it can boost your martial strength but it have a maddening effect.”

She reached out for her hairpin before breaking it into halve as a pill popped out, “This is the Aiel Rejuvenation Divine Pill that I have spent over a century to concoct. It may aid you to quickly replenish your martial strength and aid you in your internal injuries. It can even aid you to further your celestial practice.”

Han Lin was shocked, “Mistress, this is your years of painstaking efforts and it is meant for your Divine Tribulations! Moreover, you are injured now…”

The Celestial Mistress turned around and even though no one could see that she was crying but they could all see her tears dropping on the ground, “If we can save Jing’Er, then it will be worth it. Am I right to say so?”

Han Lin reminded her, “Be cold and emotionless. To dominate the others rather than be dominated. Be selfish, a moment of heroics is always foolhardy. The interests of the Celestial Aiel Sect must always come first. These are your rules. Have you forgotten? Many will surely die if we rush into their formations just like this and you will be wasting your Aiel Rejuvenation Divine Pill. Jing’Er is a golden celestial. The dark celestials will not hesitate to devour her at the first notice…”

The Celestial Mistress interrupted quietly, “Never mind…”

All of a sudden, Yi Ping was trembling as he said aloud. “I will surely bring her back! I will go!”

Everyone was startled to see that Yi Ping face was full of his warm tears!

It was because he knew how precious this Aiel Rejuvenation Divine Pill was to the Celestial Mistress!

To give it up, means that she was also giving up a chance to further her celestial practice!

Or even her life when the time had come for her Divine Tribulations!

And because she really resembled his mother too much and the thought that she may die stirred up the emotions in his heart!

The Celeste Wind Maiden said quietly, “Maybe we can succeed with just a few of us. Let me join you in this undertaking.”

Yi Ping said, “Maiden, this can be very dangerous…”

The Celeste Wind Maiden said softly as she looked at him quietly, “You can call me Xiao Qian. I am no stranger to dangers. I won’t hinder you at all. Moreover by now, I know roughly the formations of the Martial Deviant Clan. There may be a way to avoid most of the formations and time wise, this may prove crucial.”

Suddenly the Celestial Mistress said with a gentle smile, “It seems that the Celestial Realm isn’t such a cold place after all that even Qian’Er can be moved…”