A Martial Odyssey Book 2: The Celestial Realm – Chapter 28

The Eternal Heavenly Tears

Shui Yixian had displayed the Divine Emerald Skill to gain a head start over Shen Xingyue, the Ascension Goddess and Lie Qing as she stood gracefully in the middle of the hall.

The second challenger was also another celestial practitioner and not a Golden Celestial! She was marked by her crimson eyes but her dignified air was that of a superior celestial practitioner!

The three Immortal Sword Sages smiled bitterly. It was because these juniors did not seem to know their limitations and were challenging the titans of the Celestial Realm!

The reason why Yunzi was spared from the worst was because right from the very start, all three of the Immortal Sword Sages and the Immortal Saint of the Swords were aware that she was related to the Infinity Sword Clan!

The Immortal Saint of the Swords had secretly used his Great Whispering Skill via his sword intentions to the Immortal Sword Blitz Sage, “This maiden seems to know our sword arts. Be lenient on her. Also, don’t communicate with your Great Whispering Skill. The Heaveness has a Great Listening Divine Skill. We shall communicate via our sect Infinitude Sword Intentions instead.”

The Immortal Sword Blitz Sage had conceded because they were still confident of a victory. Moreover, this Maiden Yunzi was destined to carry on their mantle and they were secretly aiding her.

The Immortal Saint of the Swords willed through his epitome sword intentions, “She is the one! The one that will succeed us! Our Six Negative Ley Infinitude Sword Energy is still incomplete. Our Infinitude Divine Skill seems to be missing something. That’s it! The Celestial Force and the Invincible Divine Force! The Celestial Force is a divine skill that can absorb energies while the Invincible Divine Force is an external martial force skill that can expulse energies! Our Infinitude Divine Skill is the energy core. Only a practitioner that could absorb and expulse energies will be able to reach the highest level of the Six Negative Ley Infinitude Sword Energy; the Six Extreme Energy Pulses!”

He paused for a while and added solemnly, “…She is more precious than the Blue Heavens Divine Sword!”

The three Immortal Sword Sages were excited as well! If Yunzi could join them, then they would have someone to explain to them the mysteries of the Six Negative Ley Infinitude Sword Energies!

In the meantime, the attentions of the visiting celestials were now on Yixian as they observed this heavenly maiden with interest. Since the visiting celestials had entered the hall, they had already noticed her; her graceful beauty and stunning porcelain beauty had already made many curious.

Even though she may be just a lowly celestial practitioner as indicated by her crimson eyes, she held her own with her mesmerizing grace and some of the Golden Celestials felt that she was an even more superior celestial than them!

Now that she had volunteered to take the second challenge, some of the visiting celestials took this as an opportunity to get her attention!

The Deadly Wanderer mustered his courage to say aloud, “Maiden, you ought to consider first. You have seen the sword arts of the Immortal Sword Sages…”

Yixian smiled gently and her eyes were full of appreciation for this warning.

Immediately, the Deadly Wanderer could feel his heart warming and he was smiling at her.

But Yixian said firmly, “Thank you but I have already made up my mind.”

The Northern Tyrant sighed softly, “This is really not a laughing matter. The three Immortal Sword Sages have already restraint themselves.”

Even Lie Qing was worried for her as she said quietly from behind, “Sister, let me battle on your behalf. My sword skills aren’t that bad.”

That was true. Among all the maidens, only the Ascension Goddess and Lie Qing had attained to the sword energies level. There was no doubt that Lie Qing was an expert in swordplay!

But Yixian said quietly, “Qing’Er, the Six Negative Ley Infinitude Sword Energies is a pure internal energies art and is one of the highest levels of the Infinitude Divine Skill. Even though your external martial force is powerful, it is not advisable for you to put on a prolong fight against it. And…”

She gazed at the Immortal Sword Zealot Sage before adding gently, “He is not an opponent to be treated lightly.”

Lie Qing shuddered lightly as she looked away. Yixian had correctly pointed out her weakness. If she could not break down her opponent’s defenses then she would have exhausted her martial power trying to defend against the deadly Six Negative Ley Infinitude Sword Energies! But that was not all, she had no confident against the attacking speed of the Immortal Sword Sages even though Yunzi had already shown them a number of possible ways to defend against their sword attacks!

Yi Ping was clenching his divine swords and he was trembling while thinking miserably, “Xian’Er, you must win…”

Yunzi was still clinging to Yi Ping and she had noticed his anxiety. She whispered softly, “Ping’Er, Sister Xian’Er will surely be alright. I am sure that she will be able to absorb fifty percent of the strokes that I have deliberately displayed.”

All of a sudden, Yi Ping recalled that Yixian was the one that had caught him the Listening Rhythm!

The Listening Rhythm was a secret skill of the Eternal Ice Palace developed to follow the attacking strokes of the opponents. It was because the skills of the Eternal Ice Palace emphasis more on defense than offense!

But as Yi Ping looked at Yixian, he was stunned!

He seemed to see a white shimmering halo around her and this shimmering glow reminded him of his dear mother!

Yi Ping blinked his eyes several times…

The Immortal Sword Zealot Sage was solemn as he said, “I am the Immortal Sword Zealot Sage of the Infinity Sword Celestial Clan. I am also the seventh protégé grandmaster of the Infinity Sword Clan in the lower realm. I was also a Celestial Sword Sage of the Infinity Swordplay.”

The visiting celestials were gasping. The duel would start as soon as the opponents had formally introduced themselves!

Yixian said softly, “I am the Celestial Fairy and also the Emerald Mistress of the Eternal Ice Palace. I also have an affinity with the Melody Palace in the past.”

The Immortal Sword Zealot Sage said coldly, “I have never heard of the Eternal Ice Palace. However, that does not mean that I will treat my opponents lightly.”

He paused for a while, “The divine sword that is with you is really the Heavenly Earth Sword?”

Yixian nodded gently.

The Immortal Sword Zealot Sage said coldly, “Maiden, you are advised to use your divine sword.”

Yixian smiled gently, “What if I refuse to?”

The Immortal Sword Zealot Sage replied coldly, “Then you will die!”

Yixian answered coldly, “We see.”

The Heavenly Earth Sword was a divine sword that contained the universal force within its sheath. Yixian was aware of it but these celestials were not aware of it. It was a secret that she was not willing to reveal in their presence or else the results would be disastrous!

The Heavenly Earth Sword was the heritage artifact of the Melody Palace. It was not only the mover of the powerful Celestial Star Annihilation Formation, this divine sword was also able to aid the practitioner in overcoming their divine tribulations.

In other words, if the other celestial practitioners had this divine sword then they would not need to fear the worst of their heavenly tribulations, they would also be able to advance their celestial divinity!

All of a sudden, a terrifying aura burst forth from the Immortal Sword Zealot Sage; his killing malevolent aura was extremely intensifying.

The Immortal Sword Zealot Sage said coldly, “Then maiden, don’t blame me.”

The visiting celestials were all gasping, “So this is the real power of the Six Negative Ley Infinitude Sword Energies!”

However, Yixian maintained her composure and did not panic. Instead, she lifted her finger and neutralized the deadly malevolent energies with the martial force of her Jade Icy Fingers!

Immediately, the entire hall was filled with electrifying cold malevolent airs that creep into the hearts of all the onlookers!

No one could tell which malevolent air had come from whom. The atmosphere was extremely tense and the Immortal Sword Zealot Sage and the Celestial Fairy were both surrounded continuously by an icy cold wind that spiraled upward!

Yixian’s long skirt and long hair were fluttering into the air; she was like a Heavenly Goddess that did not belong anywhere else. Her expressions were serene and for a moment, everyone seemed to have forgotten that she was now involved in a life and death battle!

Both the Immortal Sword Zealot Sage and the Celestial Fairy had displayed a finger stance each and their air was filled with their invisible sword intentions!

Even though they were both motionless but they were both in a precarious situation. Any false move or weakness would be fatal! They were both engaging in a mental duel which was even more grueling than a physical duel!

Their internal energies were on a par!

The Immortal Sword Zealot Sage could not believe his eyes! This maiden’s internal energies were on the same level as him!

Yixian had displayed the tenth level of her Icy Heavenly Tears with her tenth level of her Jade Icy Fingers!

The Immortal Sword Zealot Sage asked solemnly, “What is the name of your internal martial art?”

Yixian replied gently, “This is the Icy Heavenly Tears.”

The Immortal Sword Zealot Sage hummed coldly, “Good! This extreme cold negative energy of yours is able to rival my Six Negative Ley Infinitude Sword Energies. Then I shall not withhold anymore.”

When he had said that, he had suddenly flickered his fingers!

Immediately, dozens of bursts of sword energies particles sped towards the Celestial Fairy!

The Celestial Fairy immediately raised her hands and raised her fingers in rapid successions as she displayed the Divine Emerald Skill and the Jade Icy Fingers at the same time!

Immediately, there were several implosions caused by the martial power between the Immortal Sword Zealot Sage and the Celestial Fairy. As the implosions were created, the energy bursts were turned into icicles and chilling cold waves exploded in all directions!

All the onlookers immediately displayed a defensive stance or stepped backward as the cold energy waves were charged with deadly sword energies.

Yi Ping immediately raised his martial power and displayed the Asper Horizon Hand to protect Yunzi but he too, was forced to take three steps backward!

He gasped, “This sword energies…I have never seen anything like this!”

Yu’Er and Mei’Er had already taken out their divine swords and displayed a defensive stance to protect the rest!

The other visiting celestials were all startled as well!

Two of the Golden Celestials were accidentally caught in the aftermath of the cold energy shockwaves and had suffered grievous injuries. They would have been killed if Xuan Kong had not used his martial force to send them flying backward in time!

As everyone was scurrying backward, exercising their martial powers or raising their weapons to deflect the cold piercing sword energies, Yixian and the Immortal Sword Zealot Sage had already engaged in close melee; they were already exchanging blows furiously!

Yi Ping raised his hands in front of him to block the speeding icicles and pebbles that were flying in all directions while anxiously trying his best to observe the duel.

The visiting celestials were startled that this Celestial Fairy was able to exchange more than a hundred blows with the Immortal Sword Zealot Sage. It was something that they had not expected!

The Immortal Sword Zealot Sage was startled that the Celestial Fairy had ingeniously materialized his invisible sword energies into icicles before deflecting it harmlessly aside. It was because there was no force in the entire world that could absorb or neutralize the deadly piercing invisible sword energies, the exception being another equal powerful burst of sword energies.

The numbers of sword energies bursts were too much even for the Celestial Fairy to evade. Therefore she had used her Jade Icy Fingers to halt the speeding sword energies bursts and through her Icy Heavenly Tears, had materialized the invisible sword energies into icicles before deflecting it from her with her Divine Emerald Skill. The martial strength of the Immortal Sword Zealot Sage was even more startling and astonishing than the Immortal Sword Blitz Sage.

The Immortal Sword Zealot Sage lifted his entire internal strength and lifted his fingers, “Ley Negative Sword First Stroke!”

Immediately, a powerful sword energies burst forth from his second and middle fingers as it struck against the fingers of the Celestial Fairy!

The Celestial Fairy felt a powerful sword energies bursting through her Divine Emerald Skill and shattering her Divine Emerald Force. Immediately, she coughed out blood as she evaded backward!

Yi Ping was startled, “Yixian!”

But the Immortal Sword Zealot Sage did not stop there as he said coldly, “That is just the first stroke of the Six Negative Ley Infinitude Sword Energies, the Ley Negative Sword First Stroke. This is the Ley Negative Sword Second Stroke…”

When he had said that, he had drawn two circular waves of blue hues in the air and these blue hues burst forth into two deadly sword energies towards Yixian!

The entire flooring was completely ripped apart as the two bluish sword energies attacks sped towards Yixian who barely recovered just in time to evade the attacks!

The Immortal Zealot Sage was not about to give up as he attacked relentlessly with the Ley Negative Second Stroke, sending a dozen bluish sword energies flying towards her!

Yixian gasped softly. It was because she had never encountered such a powerful sword energies practitioner before. Moreover, his martial level was completely differently from Lie Qing who needed to pause between her energy attacks.

With difficulty, she mustered her vital energies and barely managed to evade again!

She was startled that there were now eight bluish sword energies flying in circular motion around the hall with startling speed, ripping apart everything in its path and not dissipating!

Lie Qing was stunned as she panicked said, “Sister Yixian needs help. Someone help her please…”

The middle of the hall was filled with deadly sword energies flying in a circular motion. To barge into the middle of the duel now, was suicide!

Yi Ping had already stepped forward as he gasped his divine swords tightly while muttering, “Why didn’t these sword energies dissipated? It is impossible…”

The Ascension Goddess tapped Yi Ping gently on his shoulder, “Wait a little longer please…if you intervene in the duel, Yixian will surely lose her focus and her life for sure.”

Yi Ping sighed exasperatingly…

Yi Ping’s question was soon answered as the Immortal Sword Zealot Sage hummed coldly, “As long as I maintain the Six Negative Ley Infinitude Sword Energies with my internal power, my Ley Negative Sword Energies will never dissipate! I must admit that your swiftness skill is really extraordinary but can you handle my Ley Negative Sword Third Stroke?”

As he said that, he had leapt next to the Celestial Fairy and had brought down his sword fingers onto her in a beaming golden stroke!

Yixian could feel that this Ley Negative Sword Third Stroke was even more powerful than the two previous strokes as she thought, “It is impossible that he can maintain these sword energies so effortlessly. If I persist, can I emerge out of this? Or our martial level differences are really too vast? I have already extended my Icy Heavenly Tears, my Divine Emerald Force and my Jade Icy Fingers to its zenith…”

She dared not be careless. She quickly raised her sword scabbard to receive the incoming attack with her entire martial power. It was because she knew that she had been out maneuvered by him and were surrounded by his deadly sword energies and could not evade anymore.

The Immortal Sword Zealot Sage hummed coldly, “It is useless. The Ley Negative Sword Third Stroke is unstoppable and unblockable…”

All of a sudden when the Immortal Sword Zealot Sage had struck her sword scabbard, there was powerful thunderous shockwave that burst forth in all directions thunderously, shattering all the sword energies that were in the middle of the hall throughout the entire hall!

The solid walls of this entire hall were made of White Celestium, the hardest stone in the Celestial Realm. But even that, cracks began to splinter all over as the entire hall began to shake violently!

The Immortal Sword Blitz Sage and the Immortal Sword Aegis Sage immediately surrounded themselves with their powerful Ley Negative Sword Energies to neutralize the raging outbursts of sword energies while the visiting celestials were all taking immediate action to avoid or neutralizing it!

Yi Ping, Lele, the Ascension Goddess, the Universal Old Man, Lingfeng and the other maidens had all displayed all their martial skills in order to avoid injuries!

Lingfeng said panicky, “There is no time to be wasted. Behind me!”

She had immediately sprung forward and had executed the Divine Invigorate Force to dissipate the hundreds of speeding sword energies that were flying in all directions!

When the dust and debris had cleared, dozens of the visiting celestials were on the ground!

Some were moaning while some were no longer breathing!

It was a terrible catastrophe!

In the middle of the hall, the Immortal Sword Zealot Sage was clenching his chest and there was tickle of blood at the side of his lips! He was startled of the sudden backlash. When he had struck the Heavenly Earth Sword with his Ley Negative Sword Third Stroke, there was a rebound force so powerful that it shattered his Ley Negative Sword Third Stroke in all directions. At the same time because of this reversal, all the sword energies that were swirling in circular motion around the hall were also dispersed in all directions!

Yixian was still breathing feebly and was gripping the Heavenly Earth Sword tightly. She had been wounded by multiple bursts of sword energies. It was a miraculous that she was still alive!

It was a lucky thing that that the Icy Heavenly Tears internal skill was a martial skill that could neutralize external energies force or else Yixian would have been killed instantly when she was caught in the middle of the dispersing sword energies shockwaves. This had to do with the fact that she had also received the essence of the Divine Dragon Pill from Yi Ping or else in her current martial state, she would not have survived!

The Immortal Sword Zealot Sage was stunned as he looked blankly at the Celestial Fairy. He was still trying to figure out what was actually happening!

The Immortal Saint of Swords willed his sword intentions solemnly to the Immortal Sword Sages, “There is only one force that can counteract the Six Extreme Energy Pulses and that is the Universal Force! Now I finally understand why the Celestial Star Annihilation Formation is so deadly. When the Universal Force is in motion, there is no force that is able to stop it. No wonder, so many celestial practitioners had fallen to it in the past. I have thought that it is because their celestial practice isn’t good enough. Now I know better. We must seize the Heavenly Earth Sword!”

The Immortal Zealot Sage willed in agreement but he was soon aware that Yi Ping was staring at him coldly!

But he ignored Yi Ping’s stares and his own injuries as he attacked Yixian again with the intention of seizing the Heavenly Earth Sword!

Yixian could barely stand but she still maintained her graceful posture as she lifted her entire internal strength despites her injuries, meeting the attacks of the Immortal Sword Zealot Sage with dozens of defensive strokes and counter strokes!

Everyone had barely recovered from the initial shockwave before the entire hall begun to shake violently again!

It was because when the Immortal Sword Zealot Sage and the Celestial Fairy had clashed again, there were ripples of exploding burst of violent shockwaves exploding each time their fingers had struck against one another!

With every clash, Yixian had found herself on the retreat. It was because her martial strength could not meet the martial strength of the Immortal Sword Zealot Sage! Moreover, she had already over-exerted herself and her internal injuries were not light!

It was only sheer luck and because of her quick movements that she could persist this far. But she was already perspiring and thinking, “Is this the end of me?”

She took a momentarily glance at Yi Ping and noticed his anxiety immediately. He was shaking all over and looked like he could dash into the duel at any time!

The Immortal Sword Zealot Sage interrupted her thoughts with a martial shout, “How about receiving my Ley Negative Sword Second Stroke again?”

Immediately, two beaming sword energies had burst forth from his fingers and flew with astonishing speed towards the Celestial Fairy!

Yixian’s martial strength was faltering. She raised her Heavenly Earth Sword to deflect the two bursts of sword energies with her Divine Emerald Force, worsening her internal injuries!

She coughed out more blood as she evaded backward but the Immortal Sword Zealot Sage was on her again!

Yixian thought, “I have already lost half of my internal strength and can no longer neutralize his sword energies with my Jade Icy Fingers. If I draw out the Heavenly Earth Sword, I may hold on a little longer but that will automatically trigger the Celestial Star Annihilated Formation and many innocent lives will be lost…”

“If Sister Yichi is here, what will she do?”

All of a sudden, the Immortal Sword Zealot Sage shouted. “Ley Negative Sword Sixth Stroke! Wavering Energy Attack!”

A powerful burst of sword burst had erupted from his sword fingers and erupted from the ground into a sword energy wave that sped towards the Celestial Fairy!

Yi Ping was startled and he had dashed in front of Yixian with his body!

All the maidens were gasping!

Judging from the strength of this sword energies, it was definitely powerful enough to rip any opponent into halve and Yi Ping had just dashed in front of Yixian!

All of a sudden, Yixian had turned Yi Ping around and had shattered the fatal sword wave energies into icicles with her fingers, stunning all the onlookers!

Even Yi Ping was stunned as he muttered, “We are alive?” and he could suddenly feel an extremely cold aura around them which was vaguely familiar to him!

His heart was suddenly pounding. It was because this aura had reminded him of the Eternal Heavenly Tears, a consummated internal art skill that his mother Yichi had once utilized!

To Yixian, it was a gambit and she was unsure if it would work. When she saw that Yi Ping was alright, she smiled gently at him before fainting from sheer exhaustion in his embrace.

What had actually happened?

When Yixian saw that Yi Ping was in mortal danger, she was panicky. All of a sudden, she had displayed more than the internal heart intricacy of the Icy Heavenly Tears. Her opponent was too strong and she needed something more. And in that crucial moment, she had pushed her Icy Heavenly Tears to an entire new level, the Eternal Heavenly Tears!

Yichi had once left behind the Ultimate Icy Heavenly Tears intricacy theories in a cave that was in the Heavenly Mountains; it so happened that Yi Ping and Yixian had accidentally discovered that cave!

Needless to say, she had also left behind the intricate heart formula of the Eternal Heavenly Tears. The Eternal Heavenly Tears was a skill that was beyond her reach. But when she was struck by multiple sword energies and was in Yi Ping’s embrace, she felt a familiar feeling. It was as though her Sister Yichi was in her presence. She had suddenly remembered the intricacy heart formulas of the Ultimate Heavenly Tears in the cave.

However, with her current practice she was still unable to divine the mysteries of the Ultimate Heavenly Tears yet. The Ultimate Heavenly Tears required the practitioner to have extremely pure and refined negative internal strength. Even the Eternal Heavenly Tears had the same requirements. So when Yixian was in a semi-conscious state, the intricate heart formula had come naturally to her as she had already memorized all of Yichi’s martial theories in the cave.

She had received a boost to her internal strength when Yi Ping had transferred the essence of the Divine Dragon Pill to her. Also, when she had given up her chastity to Yi Ping, she had accidentally absorbed the essence of the Forget Affections Wine and this Forget Affection Wine had the effect of further refining the internal energy of the practitioner!

That final act was what made the Eternal Heavenly Tears possible!

Yi Ping was embracing her tearfully, “Xian’Er, Xian’Er. Rest first. I will take your place…”

Yi Ping was holding Yixian in his arms and his eyes were bloodshot!

Two other maidens had also walked quietly beside Yi Ping and they appeared to be equally upset! They were Lele and Lie Qing! Their eyes were equally bloodshot as they stared at the Immortal Sword Zealot Sage!

The Immortal Zealot Sage hummed coldly, “Have you forgotten about our agreement? This is a fair duel. It is a life and death duel that is undertaken by the willing. You shouldn’t have reacted in this uncultivated manner.”

Yi Ping was trembling as he held Yixian tightly while transferring his internal strength to aid her. She had completely turned ashen and was extremely feeble.

Lingfeng walked next to Yi Ping as she said gently. “Leave Sister Yixian to me. I will take care of her…”

Yi Ping interrupted bitterly, “If I don’t use my divine swords, can I be the challenger instead?”

The Immortal Sword Zealot Sage hummed coldly, “Can but you have to surrender the Heavenly Earth Sword.”

Yi Ping hummed coldly.

Lingfeng hummed coldly, “So that is your true intentions?”

Lele was not happy and she wanted to pull up the Heavenly Earth Sword to set the Celestial Star Annihilation Formation in motion. However Lie Qing gently shook her head and stopped her with a sharp look.

Not only Lele, both Shen Xingyue and the Ascension Goddess were also agitated at the same time. They were saying at the same time, “Let me be your challenger then!”

Shen Xingyue said, “I am the root of this. You shouldn’t meddle in this.”

The Ascension Goddess said melancholy, “Xingyue, you have witnesses their strength. You still lack the experience to fight them. Let me challenge them alright?”

The Stellar Heavenly Fairy said softly, “I am a Golden Celestial. Surely I have the right to duel too.”

The Immortal Sword Aegis Sage said coldly, “Let’s don’t waste any more time. We have won this round. You can choose to concede if you want to if you are afraid. Lowly celestials simply do not stand a chance against us so don’t overrate yourself. So which of you will be the next challenger? Why don’t we raise the stake a little higher for the next fight?”

Yi Ping asked, “What do you mean?”

The Immortal Sword Aegis Sage said coldly, “If you lose in the third duel, then surrender the Heavenly Earth Sword to us for safekeeping for ten years. If we lose to you, then we will be your temporary allies when the Stellar Sanctuary has descended. What do you say?”

Youxue said coldly, “Why did you want the Heavenly Earth Sword for?”

Almost no one could hide their ulterior motives from Youxue!

The Immortal Sword Aegis Sage said, “If we have won, we have to be sure that you will surrender the Blue Heavens Divine Sword willingly and not go back on your words by initiating the Celestial Star Annihilation Formation. With the Heavenly Earth Sword in our hands, we will feel much secure. The Infinity Sword Celestial Clan is a reputable celestial clan. Surely you don’t doubt us? Moreover, there are so many celestials today as witnesses. Ten years later, we will surely return you the Heavenly Earth Sword!”

Youxue hummed coldly, “I am sure there is more, am I right?”

The Immortal Sword Aegis Sage refused to answer her.

The visiting celestials were all smiling bitterly. It was because many of them were already grievously injured and many of them feared that they may not be able to get out of the hall alive. Yet, none of them wanted to be the first to leave; that would mean the loss of their honor and standing in the Celestial Realm!

The Northern Tyrant had already regretted coming. He was a powerful domain lord in the Celestial Realm and not many celestials had dared to affront him. But today, there were simply too many powerful secular celestials around!

He wanted to teach Yi Ping a lesson but he had suddenly discovered that he was also not someone that he could cross too.

Meanwhile, Yi Ping had said coldly, “We don’t have to up any stakes…”

The Ascension Goddess had already sped towards the Immortal Sword Aegis Sage as she raised her Despairing Heavenly Divine Sword, saying coldly. “That’s right. I will be your next opponent! If I won, every time you see me you will have to address me as your grand protégé mistress too!””

Shen Xingyue gasped softly, “You…wait!”