A Martial Odyssey Book 2: The Celestial Realm – Chapter 19

The New Domain Lord

Yi Ping was now suddenly the Lord of this city as he mused in his room.

His room was large. It was so big that there was a mini hall in the room itself!

This city used to be called the Dominating Aura City and now it had become the Tranquil City.

He felt funny. It was because he had never thought of himself as a lord or a ruler.

He had tried to reject the title but the people of this small city refused to disperse unless he had agreed.

“Who will protect us from the dark celestials if you are gone?”

“What if Ximen Nanqing has returned?”

“Only a righteous hero like you can lead us and help us to rebuild our lives.”

“We will not eat or drink unless Master Yi Ping agrees to be our lord!”

Finally, he had reluctantly relented.

That was how he had become the Lord of the Tranquil City and one of the domain lords of the Celestial Realm.

He was actually thinking, “How big actually is the Celestial Realm?”

But his thoughts soon turned to the large room that he was in, “This room is so spacious. I can practice my martial skills within this room and won’t have to go outside.”

So he began to practice his Divine Horizon Hands as he displayed its stance one by one…

All of a sudden, there was a knock on his door.

He thought, “Who can it be in this late hour?”

He could sniff a light but invigorating fragrance scent.

For anyone to approach the door without him being aware of it could only be Lingfeng, Yixian, Lele, Shen Xingyue or Xiao Youxue.

These five maidens had the best swiftness lightness skill and were the only ones that could approach his room discreetly without him noticing.

So he opened the door and saw an exquisite maiden in a white gold dress standing quietly outside with a flask and a jar of wine.

He was startled. It was because he had never seen such an exquisite maiden before. She had three beautiful gold hairpin adorned on her head, wearing a pair of white jade bangle, adorned with a beautiful tear shape sapphire necklace and wearing a pair of pearl earrings!

Yi Ping was startled as he blinked his eyes to ask, “Maiden, do I know you? Did you come to the wrong place?”

The beautiful exquisite maiden sighed softly as she eyed him with delicate eyes, “You are so heartless and so forgetful. It had only been a few days.”

This time, Yi Ping was totally stunned. He stammered, “Maiden, I really do not know…”

All of a sudden, he totally froze on the same spot!

It was because he had suddenly recognized her delicate voice and from the way that she had looked at him; she was none other than the Ascension Goddess herself!

The Ascension Goddess smiled shyly, “So you have managed to recognize me? Just because I have changed to a new dress and arrange my hairstyle, you have failed to recognize me?”

Yi Ping stammered, “Didn’t you left already? Why are you here? You are here to look for a fight?”

The Ascension Goddess asked softly, “Do I look like I am here for a fight with you or with the others?”

Yi Ping looked at her from top to bottom and from bottom to top again. She was unarmed and did not bring her divine sword.

He thought for a while as he looked at her before he said, “Your hairpins…these are your secret weapons. It can be used as a stabbing weapon or a secret projectile…”

The Ascension Goddess was stunned as she asked him, “You…you really hate me so much?”

Yi Ping was surprised by her question, “If you are not here to fight, what else will you be here for?”

The Ascension Goddess looked at the flask and the jar of wine that she was holding, “I am here to drink with you of course! Aren’t you going to invite me in?”

Yi Ping looked at the wines that she was holding and he was immediately tempted for the aromatic fragrant of the wines were really irresistible!

However, he smiled bitterly. “Is there drug in the flask? Or poison?”

The Ascension Goddess was indignant, “I have come all the way to toast you as the new master of this domain and yet you are suspecting that I will actually retort to such underhand methods to subdue you? You have really thought too lowly of me!”

Yi Ping smiled weakly, “The treachery of the fraternity is not to be underestimated. If we fight, you may not be able to subdue me in just a few strokes without alerting anyone. Therefore you are trying to use a stratagem to subdue me quietly.”

The Ascension Goddess was flustering with indignant, “You…you! Who has taught you all that?”

Yi Ping replied weakly, “My protégé master, the Universal Old Man!”

The Ascension Goddess was startled, “That lecherous old man is the Universal Old Man? One of the seven most powerful celestials in the Celestial Realm?”

She was really astonished. The Universal Old Man was his protégé master and that old man was really the Universal Old Man? She did not believe him at all. It was common in the Celestial Realm to be so and so all the time by false claimants.

Yi Ping said exasperatedly, “Maiden, he is my protégé master. You shouldn’t have called him names…”

The Ascension Goddess cast away her shyness and hummed coldly, “So what if I call him a lecherous old man? He is what he is. The way he keeps looking at me, if he is not a lecherous old man then what he is?”

Yi Ping said firmly, “He is my benevolent master…”

The Ascension Goddess hummed coldly, “So you are saying, your benevolent master can be a lecherous old man…”

Yi Ping was startled, “That is not what I have meant! You should leave immediately.”

The Ascension Goddess was startled as she softened her tone, “You…you really want me to leave?”

Yi Ping replied, “Yes. That’s right.”

The Ascension Goddess was hurt, “You think I am imposing upon you?”

There was a hint of a tear that was about to drop from her eyes.

Yi Ping was startled and he was suddenly panicky as he thought, “Did I say something wrong to make her cry?”

The Ascension Goddess said melancholy, “The night is so cold now yet I have come all the way to savor this extraordinary celestial wine with you. Instead of appreciating my efforts, you are doubting me instead. Are you a man or not?”

Yi Ping was immediately guilty and was ashamed of himself so he said panicky, “Maiden, please forgive me for my rudeness. Please come in…”

As soon as the Ascension Goddess heard that he was actually inviting her into the room, she broke into a smile and the sorrows in her eyes disappeared. “Thank you!” She quickly entered the warm chamber and had already seated herself comfortably.

Yi Ping was stunned at her quick movements.

He sighed softly as he quickly closed the door before he walked quietly to her.

The Ascension Goddess smiled and asked, “What are you waiting for? Have a seat and enjoy this celestial wine with me.”

It was as though she was the host and he was the guest.

He reluctantly seated himself next to her but averted his glances from her.

The Ascension Goddess asked, “Why don’t you look at me?”

Yi Ping smiled bitterly, “No need!”

The Ascension Goddess said softly, “You really should.”

Yi Ping asked, “Huh?”

The Ascension Goddess said quietly, “Even though you are a super exponent and have a keen hearing but if you avert your eyes against a super exponent like me, you will be at a disadvantage. Am I not right to say so?”

Yi Ping was startled that she had actually tried to warn him. He could only nodded quietly as he asked, “Surely, you didn’t come here just to have a drink with me?”

The Ascension Goddess asked with a mysterious smile, “Surely you are so bored that you are practicing alone. So I have come to spar with you!”

Yi Ping was startled, “You shouldn’t have possible know that I will be practicing my martial arts. I have only just thought of that earlier…”

The Ascension Goddess laughed softly, “That’s because I am good in divining!”

Yi Ping smiled bitterly. He was most afraid of another maiden that was like Lele. That was because he was not good in guessing their intentions.

The Ascension Goddess saw his expressions and she winked at him, “I am only teasing you. Don’t you think too much, alright? Come, let savor this wonderful wine together!”

Yi Ping had already sniffed the wonderful aromatic of this celestial wine and was actually tempted to try but he had not let down his guard.

He asked, “Does this celestial wine have a name?”

The Ascension Goddess replied, “It is called the ‘Forget Affections Wine’.”

Yi Ping muttered, “What a weird name. Is there any reason why the name is called such?”

The Ascension Goddess smiled, “It is said that those who drink of it will forget all the unhappy affections that they have been experiencing, hence the name.”

Yi Ping sighed, “Hopefully…”

It was because he had been troubled by the affairs of the heart all too often.

The Ascension Goddess began to take a wine cup from the table and poured the aromatic fragrant wine from the wine flask as she took a sip, “Won’t it be great to forget about all the troubles of the world and be carefree?”

Yi Ping did not think she was here to harm him so he had actually let down his guard. So he broke the paper cover of the wine jar that the Ascension Goddess had brought as he gulped the wine that was in it.

The first taste of the wine was heavenly! In fact he had never tasted such a wonderful wine in his life before! He praised aloud, “What an excellent wine! What heavenly wine!”

Before he knew it, he had actually finished the entire jar of wine!

The wine was extremely intoxicating and after finishing it, he was feeling a little pitiful that there was no more. He had never drunk such a wonderful wine before in his life before!

But when he looked at the Ascension Goddess, he was a little startled that she seemed to be staring at him with a weird beguiled expression!

He asked wobbly, “What is wrong? Here! A toast to you!”

The Ascension Goddess murmured, “You are not supposed to drink all of it at one go…”

Yi Ping said jovially, “What will happen if I finish it at one go? There is nothing to worry about…my tolerant for alcohol is really strong…really very strong…”