A Martial Odyssey Book 1: The Divine Calamity – Chapter 62

Celestial Ocean Heavenly Maiden & Endor Vixen Fairy

Lie Qing immediately displayed the full force of her Invincible Divine Force as she extended out her left hand to accept the incoming force of Han Shaodong’s Big Dipper Hand while merging into the recess of the dark halo of her Perpetual Darkness Sword.

Shen Xinyue spoke out softly but her words could be heard loud and clear in everyone’s ears, “I am not going to forgive any one of you!” She too, extended out her left hand. But instead of the Big Dipper Hand, she had displayed a finger stance of the Starlight Divine Fingers!

Almost immediately, there was a thunderous explosive impact as Lie Qing and Shen Xinyue clashed with the Big Dipper Hands at the same time, the resulting impact immediately created three additional ringing burst of shockwave as it broke the advance of Xiao Shuai, Yuan Shao and the Element Sage!

Han Shaodong immediately coughed out a furious bout of blood as he was thrown back in disbelief as he could not believe that their combined martial power would exceed his own!

Even before Lie Qing could press forward with her advantage, she was being surrounded by Xiao Shuai, Yuan Shao and the Element Sage as she parried their attacks aloud with a series of bright clash!

As Han Shaodong landed with a large crash behind, he shouted. “What are you all waiting for? Seize the heretics! And you, Sword Sage and Martial Sage, what are the two of you waiting for? This is a fight between good and evil!”

Immediately, more than a hundred exponents began to draw their swords as they charged forward!

But the Sword Sage, Shangguan Qingyun, Yan Nanfei and the Martial Sage refused to bulge!

They were trembling…

Han Shaodong reminded them, “Have you forgotten our oaths?!”

Shangguan Qingyun lamented aloud as he laughed to the heavens, “The binding oath…”

All of a sudden, he took out his long sword and sliced off the thumb from his sword arm as he cried out in agony!

Yan Nanfei immediately said, “Brother! Why are you doing this?!”

Shangguan Qingyun laughed aloud, “Now I can’t fight anymore. Do I need to be bind by the oath?”

Yan Nanfei was trembling, “Right, right. Now you can’t even use a sword anymore and can’t fight anymore…”

Immediately, Yan Nanfei unsheathed his long sword with a lightning speed and sliced off the thumb of his sword arm! “Now I can’t fight too…”

The Martial Sage sighed, “Is that necessary? Do you know that we still have a greater foe to fight later…”

Han Shaodong reminded them, “Don’t forget that maiden over there is the bane of the martial fraternity. The Invincible Divine Force and her crimson eyes! She is a blood sucking Celestial. If we let her escape today, the consequence will be disastrous! The Invincible Divine Clan wiped out numerous martial clans centuries ago. There are also hundreds of respected exponents from numerous martial clans that were sucked of their blood and their hearts eaten by the red eyes clan. Don’t forget how they have died and so many of us are forced to go into hiding!”

The Sword Sage began to tremble as he raised his huge sword and charged into battle, while muttering. “I didn’t forget how my protégé master had died…”

The Martial Sage marched into the battle with his fists!

Han Shaodong smirked at the sight as he unsheathed his long sword. Immediately, there was a purple glow in his sword as he imbued his sword energy into his long sword. “Xiao Ao, Xiao Fei, what are you waiting for? Execute the Dark Mono Swordplay immediately!”

Xiao Fei was startled. Judging from the energetic sword energy on Han Shaodong’s sword, he could tell that Han Shaodong had been practicing the Dark Mono Swordplay for a long time and his level even exceeded him! He asked with a bewildered look, “You know the Dark Mono Swordplay of the Virtuous Palace too?”

Han Shaodong said coldly, “Not only me. The Martial Sage, the Sword Sage, Shangguan Qingyun and even Yan Nanfei know it as well. We been preparing for this day for a long time.”

In the meantime, Shen Xinyue was not slow to react either. After she had countered the Big Dipper Hands with the Starlight Divine Fingers, she clasped her right shoulder with a cracking sound as she restored her dislodged shoulder. Immediately, she had picked up the Blue Heavens with her left hand and had swept the blue rippling shrieking shockwaves of her martial force all around her, knocking dozens of skilled exponents aside!

Shen Xinyue and Lie Qing were being surrounded by Xiao Shuai, Yuan Shao and the Element Sage as they sped across them from different directions with the Dark Mono Swordplay. They had displayed the purplish burst of energies in rapid succession at the same time!

The Dark Mono Formation was actually a deadly sword energy swordplay that emphasized on the swiftness speed of the practitioners as they whizzed across a target from three different directions at the same time and at the opponents’ blind spot; this disabled the opponents’ ability to defend themselves!

Lesser opponents would be instantly killed by them instantly!

The onlookers were stunned as they were forced to scurry by the powerful scattering sword bursts that were flickering in all directions!

Most of the exponents were watching in stunned silence as their movements and attacks were simply too fast for them to follow; they could only see shadowy figures and each time the shadow figures intercepted one another, there were more than a dozen of loud impact sound and flashes of light in that split second. It was the only indication that in a blink of an eye, these super opponents had actually exchanged more than a dozen sword strokes!

Lie Qing broke into a cold sweat as she parried swiftly in all directions!

Even though they were slower than Shen Xinyue but fighting them at the same time in three different directions was physical demanding and also, she had to deal with the dozens of exponents that had joined in the battle against her at the same time!

They seemed to have noticed that she was not as agile as Shen Xinyue and seemed to be focused more on her.

Just as Xiao Shuai and Yuan Shao had sped past her and were about to make a U-turn towards her, Lie Qing had suddenly raised her Perpetual Darkness towards them as she had just deflected an attack from the Element Sage; she had displayed the Pandora Merciless Strikes as she sent two arc of sword energies bursting with instantaneous speed in two different directions, one towards Xiao Shuai and one towards Yuan Shao!

They were immediately startled for they did not expected that she would be capable of imbuing her martial power into projectile sword energies and sending it homing towards them with such deadly power!

It was because the art of releasing sword energies as energy projectiles was already in the league of the Old Sword Saint Infinity-One! Other than the Old Sword Saint and Zuo Tianyi, this young maiden could actually reach this level of attainment that all the swordsmen in the martial fraternity dreamed of day and night!

And judging from her skillful display and precision aiming, she seemed to have reached this level of attainment for a long time!

Moreover, even the Old Sword Saint and Zuo Tianyi was unable to display two sword energy bursts at the same time!

They did not know of course that Lie Qing was conserving her martial power for a perfect timing and she was actually capable of unleashing up to seven bursts of sword energies but that feat would drain her powerless.

Xiao Shuai immediately raised his entire martial power and deflected the sword energy arc with his sword. There was a large impact even as he was forced to take several steps backward!

Almost immediately, two exponents near to Xiao Shuai had become his human shields and were killed by the deflected sword energy!

Yuan Shao was taken by surprise when Lie Qing had released a speeding sword energy at him. As he had just attacked Lie Qing several times when he dash past her and had used his remaining martial power to make a speedy escape, he was struck by her cold piercing sword energy!

It was not enough to bring Yuan Shao down as he was protected by the Divine Virtuous Force but he was coughed out a bout of blood as he cursed, “If I am not injured by the Celestial Fairy that day, this attack would never be able to hurt me…”

Actually Shen Xinyue was not faring too well either!

She had not recovered the use of her sword arm and was parrying the whizzing sword energy bursts of Xiao Shuai, Yuan Shao and the Element Sage at the same time when the Martial Sage, the Sword Sage and Han Shaodong too had joined in the battle!

This time, she was furious!

Immediately, she had displayed the ‘Bursting Phoenix Dance’ after Yuan Shao when he had narrowly missed her and his attacks were parried.

At her sudden burst of martial power, her Divine Rejuvenation Force intensified and exploded tremendous around her, instantly killing a dozen exponents who could not escaped in time!

Yuan Shao had barely escaped from the shockwave when Shen Xinyue had appeared with a startling speed on top of him as she brought her Blue Heavens down on him, pinning him forcefully onto the ground and breaking the powerful inertia force of his Divine Virtuous Force!

In that single instant, her swiftness speed and martial power had exceeded that of Yuan Shao!

Yuan Shao gave a loud dying cry as his chest was pierced. He discarded his sword and grabbed hold of Shen Xinyue’s hands, pulling her down with him as he shouted. “My sacrifice will not be in vain!”

The Sword Sage, Xiao Fei, Han Shaodong, the Martial Sage and Xiao Ao who had also joined in the battle with the Dark Mono Swordplay noticed an opening against Shen Xinyue immediately!

As Shen Xinyue pinned down Yuan Shao, Han Shaodong and the Sword Sage took the opportunity to go after her and were already descending on top of her!

But before Han Shaodong and Sword Sage could land their swords on Shen Xinyue, they were intercepted by Ji Lingfeng, Xiao Youxue, Dugu Yunzi, Yu’Er and Mei’Er!

Yu’Er and Mei’Er had immediately displayed the Divine Emerald Skill with their swords as they intercepted Han Shaodong and the Sword Sage at the same time!

But Han Shaodong and the Sword Sage was simply too powerful and the martial power that were imbued on their swords were simply too overwhelming; Yu’Er and Mei’Er Divine Emerald Skills were broken in just an instant as they fell next to Shen Xinyue!

Just as they had fallen, Ji Lingfeng had displayed the Aspire Divine Hands with her right hand and the Great Dissolution Skill with her left hand!

At the same time, Youxue’s hands had turn into a golden halo as she displayed her entire martial power at the two crushing force!

Yunzi had also attempted to intercept Han Shaodong and the Sword Sage at the same time by raising her two swords at them!

A ring of mighty force exploded in mid-air as Yunzi, Lingfeng and Youxue were all swept aside!

This gave Shen Xinyue ample time to turn around as she parried the combined attacks of Han Shaodong and the Sword Sage as the crashing blow from them exploded thunderous as they clashed with their swords!

This immediately caused her to slide several steps backward!

This entanglement was noticed by Xiao Shuai as he zapped towards Shen Xinyue at the same time but before he could thrust his purplish sword energy into her, two beaming bright halo knocked him, the Sword Sage and Han Shaodong aside at the same time!

Shen Xinyue was the first to gasp, followed by the rest of the maidens!

It was Yi Ping!

He was wielding the Divine Echo and the White Phoenix!

The two divine swords were surrounded by a bright blue and white halo, as they began to resonate loudly, startling everyone!

He was bleeding profusely from his body and he was foaming a great deal of blood from his mouth!

Shen Xinyue was in tears as she gasped, “Yi Ping…don’t move anymore. Your wounds are still bleeding…”

Yi Ping muttered weakly, “I am really alright, don’t you worry…”

All the maidens had grouped around Yi Ping one by one as they eyed their foes with burning hatred!

Yunzi and Youxue had quietly supported him as they looked tenderly in his eyes…

As they held him, Yi Ping suddenly remembered who they were…

The first time that he had met the Celestial Ocean Heavenly Maiden (Yunzi) was when the Three Star Sisters of Fate brought him to the Great Quiescent Sect.

His first impression of her was one of awe and reverence!

Her quiet demeanor and her quiescent aura were so imposing that he was looking at her in stunned silence. She was not tall but she appeared to be towering over him and there seemed to be a golden halo around her as he stared into her gray eyes!

Revelation Star (Yixian) smiled gently at him, “You are a Celestial and yet you are looking lustfully at the Celestial Ocean Heavenly Maiden? Isn’t that rude?”

The White Sage woke up from his stupor as he panicky said, “I didn’t. I just…find her to be so imposing. Sigh, I don’t know how to explain it…”

Luminous Star (Lie Qing) and Melody Star (Lele) burst into soft laughter.

Luminous Star laughed, “Don’t worry. We are only teasing you. Most low attainment Celestials would have immediately bowed down on her knees. Sister Celestial Ocean’s attainment is really very high. She is about to reach the final stage of Ascend soon.”

The Celestial Ocean Heavenly Maiden asked gently, “Who is he?”

Revelation Star smiled, “Sister, he is a newly attained Celestial. You won’t believe this. Not only did he save our lives, he has even helped us to complete the Celestial Annihilation Star Formation. As his wish is to find a reputable Celestial Sect to join, we decide to approach you.”

The Celestial Ocean Heavenly Maiden was slightly startled as she asked, “A newly attained Celestial actually has the ability to help you complete the Celestial Annihilation Star Formation? That is quite unbelievable…”

Melody Star laughed softly, “That’s right. We find it so hard to believe too. But it is the truth. We hope that sister do us a favor by taking him in as your protégé.”

The Celestial Ocean Heavenly Maiden expressed her concern calmly, “You know the celestial rules? This applies to all the other major celestial sects too. A celestial protégé has to be observed over a period of time for good character or it will be disastrous for the celestial clan. In the past, there are many Dark Celestial Infiltrators. They may appear to be good nature on the outside but they are actually wolves in sheep clothing. The last battle with the Dark Celestials were costly for both the Celestial Melody Palace and the Celestial Great Quiescent Sect. Our opponent was the Celestial Supreme Sect, having been infiltrated and corrupted by the Dark Celestials. I don’t wish for the Great Quiescent Sect to suffer the same fate as the Celestial Supreme Sect. It is actually not a bad idea to be an Autonomous Celestial. At least, he can be carefree and led a happier life. When it is time for him to face a celestial crisis, he can look for me anytime for guidance.”

The White Sage was stunned as he protested weakly, “I am not a Dark Celestial…”

Even though she was soft spoken but she had finished said everything explicitly, leaving no room for arguments!

Revelation Star looked at the Celestial Ocean Heavenly Maiden with a pleading eyes and it was noticed by her.

The Celestial Ocean Heavenly Maiden said quietly, “Unless you can tell me who your Celestial Protégé Master is, there is no other evidence to prove otherwise.”

The White Sage was solemn for a while before he said, “I don’t know if my protégé master is a Celestial or if my grand protégé mistress is a Celestial but I have sworn never to reveal who they are. I’m so sorry…”

The Celestial Ocean Heavenly Maiden hummed coldly, “They sound like Dark Celestials to me to have this type of secrecy. Judging from your celestial aura, you don’t seem to be a half-Celestial but it doesn’t prove to me that you are not a Dark Celestial either. You can go now.”

Luminous Star and Melody Star both pleaded at the same time, “Sister, please consider. We come from afar and you are simply too cruel to turn us away! Have you forgotten how we used to fight side by side?”

The Celestial Ocean Heavenly Maiden was quiet for a while before she finally sighed softly, “This concerns the future of the Great Quiescent Sect. We cannot be hasty…”

Revelation Star turned her head away as she said gently but her tone was firm, “Then this is the end of our sisterhood. You can forget that we have ever met and we have ever been sisters!”

The Celestial Ocean Heavenly Maiden sighed softly, “Sister Revelation, how is it possible for me to forget that we are sisters and you have even saved my life before? Very well then, if he really wants to join the Great Quiescent Sect, he still has to pass a test to prove that he is worthy. What do you say?”

Revelation Star, Melody Star and Luminous Star had immediately cheered up and there were smiles on their faces as they hugged the Celestial Ocean Heavenly Maiden!

Even the White Sage was delighted even though he did not know what the test was about and he was uncertain if he could pass it.

The Celestial Ocean Heavenly Maiden said, “Don’t be too happy yet. It is not an easy test and he has to overcome it himself and no one must help him.”

The White Sage bowed respectfully with his hands as he said, “Thank you! I am willing to take the test anytime!”

The Celestial Ocean Heavenly Maiden turned around quietly as she thought, “Why is it that with my attainment, I feel an attraction to him? That is not right…”

But she quickly recovered her composure as she said, “Follow me. Sisters, please wait here for a while.”

The White Sage walked behind her respectfully.

As he looked up to her long flowing hair that reached almost down to her shoes, his heart was pounding hard. He could not explain the reason why he was feeling in this manner. But somehow, he knew that if she could accept him as her celestial protégé, he would be able to advance quickly. From what the Dark Enchantress had said to him, the Celestial Ocean Heavenly Maiden was a highly attained Celestial and her quietness moved him. Maybe it was because his Great Emptiness Translucence was aligned with the heart intricacies that she was practicing and that was what causing his heartbeat to accelerate!

After they had made several turning in the dark passageways, the Celestial Ocean Heavenly Maiden said, “We have reached.”

She took out a bell and rung it before she opened a door politely as she said, “You can go in now.”

The White Sage noticed that she was still staying outside so he asked, “You are not coming in?”

The Celestial Ocean Heavenly Maiden said, “No need. This is your test and not mine.”

The White Sage asked, “What is the test about?”

The Celestial Ocean Heavenly Maiden said, “You will find out when you are inside.” And she closed the door immediately after she had spoken.

However, the White Sage could still see her shadow outside and knew that she was waiting for him to complete the test. Not wanting to disappoint her and eager to complete the test, he took great strides into the chamber and got a shock of his life!

In front of him, he was looking at a most desirable maiden in an explicit sitting meditation pose; she was resting her head with her right hand on her forehead and her legs were spread casually.

She was dressed in light transparent purple silk and her skirt was really very short.

The White Sage gulped and swallowed hard as he thought panicky, “Is this the test?”

The extremely beautiful and desirable maiden (Youxue) opened her crimson eyes and smiled enchantingly at him, “Who are you and why are here?”

The White Sage averted his eyes because her silk dress was really too thin and he could see that she was not wearing anything underneath!

He said hesitatingly, “I am the White Sage. I am send here by the Celestial Ocean Heavenly Maiden here to take a test so that I can join the Great Quiescent Sect. May I know what the subject of the test is?”

The extremely beautiful and desirable maiden sighed softly, “The test may be too cruel for you. You can choose to give it up now before it is too late.”

The White Sage said with great determination, “I won’t give it up, no matter what it takes!”

The extremely beautiful and desirable maiden said enchantingly, “But if you don’t look at me, how do you take the test?”

The White Sage was startled as he looked at her, “What do you mean?”

The extremely beautiful and desirable maiden smiled, “I am the test. You must open your eyes and look at me. If you don’t, then you will fail your test. Do you understand me?”

The White Sage was startled, “What so difficult about it? That is also considered to be a test?”

The extremely beautiful and desirable maiden laughed softly, “That’s right. It is a very easy test as a matter of fact. But you can only look and can’t move, is that understood?”

The White Sage nodded, “I am ready any time…”

The extremely beautiful and desirable maiden smiled enchantingly and with a mystique look with her eyes, “Good. My celestial name is the Endor Vixen Fairy. Nice to meet you. It is rare enough to encounter such a young looking Celestial. I hope that this won’t be your disadvantage after all, young men are hot blooded usually.”

She got up and walked towards him shyly.

The White Sage was already flustering!

If she had not got up, then it was still alright to him. But when she had got up and walked to him, she was like the most moving heavenly maiden that was alive and was extremely desirable to look at, no matter from which angle!

She began to loosen her belt shyly and in that instant her silken dress was loosened!

The White Sage was stunned as he stared at her tempting figure…

The Endor Vixen Fairy reminded him gently, “Remember, you must not move from your position or close your eyes.”

The White Sage swallowed hard as he began to exercise his Great Emptiness Translucence as he muttered its heart intricacy formula, “See no evil, the great emptiness translucence is the absolute emptiness above all material temptations…”

All of a sudden, he got a nose bled when the Endor Vixen Fairy stripped herself in front of him shyly as she asked, “Am I beautiful?”

The White Sage muttered, “Very beautiful…”

The Endor Vixen Fairy laughed softly, “Am I desirable?”

The White Sage muttered as his nose began to bleed, “You are the most desirable of the desirables…”

The Endor Vixen Fairy asked, “Am I fragrant?”

The White Sage could sniff her delightful fragrance as he replied softly, “Very mesmerizing fragrance…”

The Endor Vixen Fairy whispered enchantingly as she breathed down on him, “You know, this may be a test to test your willpower but you have to be absolute serious about it.”

The White Sage was startled, “I am serious…”

The Endor Vixen Fairy laughed softly she gave him an enchanting mesmerizing wink, “Oh really?”

She had reached out and loosened his belt!

The White Sage was alarmed, “Maiden, what are you doing!”

The Endor Vixen Fairy whispered softly as she flustered, “This is a test remember? And moreover, you have seen my everything and I have not. Is that fair?”

The White Sage was stunned…

The Endor Vixen Fairy said, “From this moment, you mustn’t say a word more. This is part of the test. Is that understood?”

The White Sage nodded…

The Endor Vixen Fairy smiled softly as she took off his clothing piece by piece, “Good. Let me ask you, are you married?”

The White Sage shook his head, bewildered at her questions but he did not think much of it. It was because his nose was bleeding nonstop as he continued to stare at her. He began to rub his nose but that did not stop his nosebleeds…

The Endor Vixen Fairy asked again, “Are you a virgin?”

The White Sage nodded in embarrassment.

The Endor Vixen Fairy gasped in delight as she said shyly, “You know, I am also as well. I have found no Celestials to be worthy of me. My role is just to tempt them and made them fail the celestial test. However, I can help you to pass your celestial test…”

All of a sudden, she was in his embrace and she was kissing him!

And soon, they were rolling on the ground!

She said with a soft murmur as her eyes turned watery, “Don’t you forget about me. Remember that I have put my tear in your heart for all eternality…”

Soon after there were several sounds of moaning and there were heavy breathing…

The Celestial Ocean Heavenly Maiden, who was standing and listening outside, was trembling and her quiet composure was disturbed!

After some time, the Endor Vixen Fairy walked out of the door and saw that she was still trembling. She smiled enchantingly and said, “He has a tremendous willpower and has passed the test but I am afraid that he has passed out. He lost too much blood from his nosebleed.”

The Celestial Ocean Heavenly Maiden hummed coldly, “What are the two of you doing inside? Did you forget your duty? How can you do such a disgraceful and shameless thing! He has failed the test and he has to go immediately!”

The Endor Vixen Fairy said coldly, “Do you think I enjoy it each time you send those flirty old men to me? Don’t forget that I am the assessor and if I say he passes, then he surely passes. It is not up to you to declare that he fails. If you are not going to take him in as your protégé, then I am going to!”

The Celestial Ocean Heavenly Maiden said in tremble voice, “You dare!”

The Endor Vixen Fairy smiled, “Why shouldn’t I dare not? But really, why are you trembling? Do you have the mortal urges as well? If you are willing, I don’t mind sharing him with you…”

The Celestial Ocean Heavenly Maiden rebuked her, “Outrageous! He…he can join the Great Quiescent Sect but I am to be his protégé mistress and I not letting him see you ever again!”

The Endor Vixen Fairy was upset as she gasped in rage, “You….you…!”

That was how the White Sage had joined the Great Quiescent Sect. He was also extremely guilty thereafter. After that, he spent decades inventing and perfecting a new heart intricacy formula, the Absolute Spirits Intricacy Formula to strength the resolve of the heart!

Unknown to the White Sage, the supposedly invincible Absolute Spirits failed to work centuries later because of her one tear that was embedded deep in his heart and that resulted in a new awakening of his Emptiness Translucence!

After Yi Ping had remembered who Youxue was previously, his nose started to bleed as he looked at her in a new light!

The maidens were all gasping with concern when they saw the blood tickling out of his nose…

Lingfeng quickly popped in a pill into his mouth as she said with concern, “Swallow this. This may help you a little and stop the bleedings. But you should not move at all…”

Yi Ping muttered, “Lingfeng…thank you…”

Lingfeng smiled alluring at him, “Not at all…let’s hope it is not too hard to swallow…”

Youxue and Yunzi, who were standing behind Yi Ping, had covered their mouths in shock for they had seen Lingfeng reaching into Yi Ping’s pouch and what she had just given him was the Divine Dragon Pill!

Immediately after Yi Ping had swallowed the pill that Lingfeng had given him, he felt energetic and his wounds were not as painful as before. He clasped his chest and was stunned to find that his bleedings had stopped…

He thought in wonder, “What is it that Lingfeng has given me?”

Xiao Shuai interrupted his thoughts coldly, “You are now surrounded by the formidable Dark Mono Formation. If we all attacked at the same time, surely you know of the consequences. So be smart and dropped your weapons!”

Indeed, the Sword Sage, the Element Sage, the Martial Sage, Han Shaodong, Xiao Fei and Xiao Ao had surrounded them in six other different directions!

Yuan Shao had stood up weakly as he walked towards Xiao Shuai , “Good…my sacrifice is not in vain…”

But he could only take three steps forward before he stumbled onto the ground!

Xiao Shuai muttered, “My benevolent teacher, I will not let you die in vain.”

He stared coldly at Shen Xinyue as he said to her, “You have killed my protégé master. Do you know what this means and what are the consequences will be!?”

Shen Xinyue began to tremble!

It was because with her extra sensory senses, she could feel the cold malevolent air of Xiao Shuai as he stripped her naked with his stares!

It was because no matter how Xiao Shuai had looked at her, she was an extremely beautiful maiden and Xiao Shuai was not going to let her die in such an easy manner and he was projecting his lustful thoughts at her, not knowing that she could actually sense it!

Yi Ping shouted weakly, “Remember, unless I am down you are not to take actions against any of them! If you have a score to settle, you can come after me first!”

Xiao Shuai hummed coldly, “That agreement is now voided!”

Shen Xinyue looked tenderly into Yi Ping’s eyes, “Unless they have what they want today, they are not going to let any of us off. If only I…”

She wanted to say, “If only I am alone, I will be able to deal with them…” But her heart was unable to say it aloud. It was because after these maidens had intervened to help her, she could not bear to use her Divine Rejuvenation Force at such close proximity!

But Han Shaodong knew what she was thinking as he said coldly to Yi Ping, “What a joke. She can’t even use her most powerful divine skill, the Divine Rejuvenation Force because she did not want to hurt anyone of you. With her swiftness speed, she can probably abandon you and yet you are trying to protect her!”

Mei’Er said, “What are you waiting for? We are not afraid of you. If our protégé mistress the Celestial Fairy is here, you will be the ones that are begging us for mercy!”

The Martial Sage interrupted, “Is Xian’Er well?”

Yu’Er said coldly, “She isn’t happy that you are fighting against her two protégés now!”

The Element Sage said to the Martial Sage as he reminded him, “Don’t get distract and get careless. She is just taunting you.”

Xiao Shuai shouted aloud, “Youxue, I want you to come over here right now. Or don’t blame your father for being ruthless later.”

Xiao Youxue hummed coldly, “You have always been ruthless. That’s doesn’t concern me.”

Xiao Shuai said, “Very well, don’t blame me then. I will take care of you personally and kill you by my own hands.”

He was in fact indirectly trying to warn the others not to touch her. In this way, he could protect her from harm…

Xiao Shuai had now waved his left fingers forward as he gave the signal for the Dark Mono Formation to take effect!

The rest of the exponents who could still stand were all holding their breath in nervous anticipation. Unless they were in their martial class, they could only watch now…