A Martial Odyssey Book 1: The Divine Calamity – Chapter 58

The Ascension Sect

It was late at night and Yi Ping had gone down the Holy Amalgamate Mountains alone without a word. He had saw flames rising from the foot of the mountains and knew immediately that something was amiss.

Not even a full day had passed after he had fought with the Three Evils of the West.

He was astonished how light his body had been after he had looked into the Emptiness Translucent silver scroll at the Tranquil Clan. His entire body was energized with rejuvenating vigor that even he could find no words for that. He was now more alert and did not even feel sleepy. The amount of sleep that he required was drastically reduced and even a short nap could rejuvenate him like a full rest.

Upon reaching a sheer cliff below, he mustered his Boundless Divine Force which used to be his Aspire Invocation Force as he jumped down to the ground below. Somehow he knew he could make it through the jump. Indeed, he landed lightly and he heaved a sigh, “I can actually jump from this height? In no time I will be able to reach the mountains below.”

He muttered, “Qing’Er, Youxue…Lingfeng, Yunzi…Yu’Er, Mei’Er…forgive me. I don’t want to endanger any one of you anymore. Aside from Xiao Shuai, Gu Tianle, Zuo Tianyi, Yuan Shao, there are still many more powerful exponents on the opposing side. That old man that we fight on the mountainside is also really deadly. I really don’t want to see anyone of you getting injured or even died in front of me anymore.”

Something that he could not explain seemed to be drawing him into the camps of the orthodox clans. Somehow he had an uneasy feeling that the truce was not what it seemed to be. He muttered, “Brother Wuzheng, if I enter the orthodox clan camps alone, then it won’t constituted as a breach of the truce?”

Just as he had begun to whistle a tune, he sniffed a light familiar fragrant as he looked around him with a startled expression!

Two beautiful maiden with long raven hair, in black velvet had just walked enchantingly into view. They were identical and were laughing softly in the windy darkness.

Yi Ping’s heart was beating very fast when he had caught sight of them as he stammered, “Yu’Er and Mei’Er, why are you here? You have not recovered from your wounds yet…quickly turn back!”

Yu’Er flew to him immediately as she looked up to him, “Master, our injuries are almost healed. The Divine Dragon Pill may be a little hard to swallow but it is quite effective in treating our injuries. Other than feeling just a little weird, we are really alright.”

Mei’Er was also beside Yi Ping in an instant as she sighed softly on his neck, “Master, you are thinking of abandoning Mei’Er and goes down the mountains alone? I want to fight beside you, no matter how difficulty the road in front is. You are not going anywhere without us and we are not allowing that to happen.”

Yi Ping smiled bitterly, “It is too dangerous, Yu’Er and Mei’Er. Go back, I command you…”

Yu’Er interrupted, “Look over there first.”

Yi Ping turned and saw four extremely beautiful maidens were standing near the edge of the mountain slope below and they were casting forlorn glances at him; indeed they were Lie Qing in her elegant pink dress, Yunzi in her gray robe, Lingfeng in her white garb and Youxue in her light yellow long dress.

Yi Ping was stunned, “They are also here?!”

Mei’Er laughed softly, “We have been waiting for you for quite some time. So what’s take you so long to be here?”

Yu’Er added, “It is either you go back, let us come with you or…”

Mei’Er continued, “Or…you just have to follow us to protect us!”

Yi Ping signed in resignation as he held their hands, saying aloud in a clear audible voice. “Let’s go!”

Lie Qing, Youxue, Lingfeng and Yunzi had heard him and they were smiling and had immediately turned around and were hopping down the mountains in advance!

When Yi Ping and his companions reached the camps of the orthodox clans, it was already daybreak and the mayhem that they had seen were simply too appalling!

Thousands of exponents were lying on the ground and several hundreds were still fighting and there were also many individual duels!

But when Yi Ping had hopped into their midst, the fighting between the exponents ceased all of a sudden!

Whether the exponents were the orthodox exponents, the unorthodox exponents or the heretic exponents, they had all paused in their tracks!

Yi Ping was startled for everyone was now staring in his direction, causing him to be extremely awkward!

His original intention was to muster a martial shout to get all the fighting exponents’ attention but as soon as he had flew into the camp, the fighting had totally ceased!

While the exponents were fighting, their sixth sense alerted them to the presence of a righteous air that had suddenly descended upon them!

This was totally different from the usual killing malevolent air and in each of every single exponent’s heart; a weird throbbing feeling had suddenly seized them!

When they had all turned around, they were stunned to see that the righteous air had come from a young handsome man in white who had with him two sword scabbards by his side. Somehow this insignificant young man was the very source of their attentions and there was a mystifying magnetism around him!

They were further stunned when almost immediately after the young man had arrived, six extraordinary beautiful maidens had also appeared into view next to him. Awed by their unbelievable beauty and their elegance expressions, all the exponents began to lower their weapons or soften their combat stances!

Quite a few exponents had already recognized Yi Ping as the young hero that had dared to come on his own to challenge Gu Tianle, Jue Yuan and Zuo Tianyi as they muttered among themselves, “I recognize him. He is Yi Ping…”

Yi Ping shouted aloud as he mustered his martial power, “Everyone! Stop fighting…”

The martial power of his shout was so pure that his shouts could be heard clearly throughout the entire camp and even resonated a few times. Immediate, even the doubtful exponents were immediately in awe of his internal strength!

Mei’Er was giggling to Lingfeng in an almost inaudible whisper, “They have already stopped fighting!”

Yi Ping had overheard Mei’Er as he hummed softly before he shouted again, “Everyone, listen to me. Go back to where you have come from! This fight is meaningless!”

Some exponents were muttering, “Even if we want to retreat, would the heretic exponents spare us?”

Dugu Yunzi stepped out as she eyed the heretic exponents. She knew that they were unwilling to reveal their names and she had no intention of letting the others know that some of the surviving heretic exponents that were looking at them now were actually her clan elders and protégés!

So she said, “I am the Holy Leader of the Sacred Divine Leader. My holy will is the holy execution.”

She raised her long sword elegantly and said demurely, “Sacred Divine of the Heavenly Temptress Will, I command all the Sacred Divine protégés to go now!”

If she had come earlier, the elders of the Sacred Divine Clan may not want to listen to her as they were waiting for the Three Evils to reinforce them. But they had not turned up and most of their numbers were either dead, wounded or suffered from extreme fatigue from the fighting throughout the night. Upon seeing righteous air of Yi Ping and the extraordinary air of their Holy Leader, the elders of the heretic sects shouted, “Go!”

Immediately hundreds of exponents began to pull out of the vicinity, carrying their dead and wounded with them!

The orthodox exponents did not stop them and were only too relieved.

Lingfeng said coolly, “I am the Holy Maiden of the Holy Hex Sect. Those who are weary and did not want to fight anymore can just leave. The Holy Hex Sect does not have the desire to dominate the martial fraternity. The death of the Old Sword Saint was just the result of a friendly duel between my brother and the Old Sword Saint. Whether you believe or not, it is up to you.”

It was mostly the exponents from infiltrators and those clans that had suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of the other clans that had heeded her advice and began to withdraw. But the vast majority of the clans remained!

Lingfeng had no sympathy for these unorthodox clans for they did not fight on the same side as the Holy Hex Sect. Most of the unorthodox clans presented were actually on the side of the Honor Manor and had raised the pretentious banner of righteousness!

This was the martial fraternity, where the lines between orthodox and unorthodox clans were sometimes extremely blurred. If an unorthodox clan joins the orthodox clan, then it gained fame and was considered to be an orthodox clan by the heroes of the fraternity. But if an unorthodox clan joined the Holy Hex Sect, then it was considered to be an evil sect and was branded as an unorthodox clan or a heretic sect!

Even the majority of the orthodox clans were not spared the clan struggles within the orthodox martial fraternity. To be just an orthodox clan required a proven action. It was because an orthodox clan was not yet a righteous orthodox clan and not yet a major orthodox clan!

That was why there were over two hundred martial clans, big and small that flocked to the righteous banners of the Honor Manor, which was leading martial clan in the fraternity. Through the success of the Honor Manor, all the clans presented would be able to gain renowned for their clans!

Youxue said coldly, “They are consumed by their lust for the martial secrets of the Holy Hex Sect. Now that the heretic sects have retreated, they are all thinking that they may stand a chance to storm the Holy Chapter Citadel. Even if most of them are injured, they will crawl up the mountains for a chance for glory.”

There was a cold laughter that shook the surrounding!

It was Xiao Shuai!

Behind him were Yuan Shao, Han Shaodong, the Sword Sage, the Element Sage and many others!

Five hundred fresh elite exponents from the Twelve Golden Halls of the Honor Manor had also appeared as they quickly surrounded Yi Ping and his companions!

But it was not Xiao Shuai or the five hundred fighters that had surrounded them that had startled Yi Ping. It was because he had caught sight of an angelic young maiden that had walked into view. Immediately they had exchanged glances as the angelic young maiden was also looking at him at the same time. Even though this was the first time that Yi Ping had caught sight of her but he immediately murmured, “The Dark Enchantress of the West…”

Lie Qing had also noticed her and had heard him as she whispered, “You know her?”

Yi Ping shook his head even as all the maidens were secretly annoyed with him. They were all curious who this angelic maiden was and what was her relationship with Yi Ping!

Lie Qing asked, “Then how did you know her name? Don’t you tell me, you know her name in a dream?”

Yi Ping smiled bitterly.

Lie Qing whispered softly, “Be wary of her. She may be a difficult exponent to handle. If I am not wrong, she is already a Celestial and one with extremely high attainment. When a Celestial has reached past a certain attainment, the eyes will turn to gray. That means that she has already got past to the Celestial Divine Stage of Crisis and soon about to Ascend. That’s why she could disguise her crimson eyes.”

Yi Ping smiled weakly, “Indeed she has gray eyes. But isn’t that a strange thing? Only blind people have gray eyes. Don’t tell me she is blind?”

Lie Qing stomped on his foot hard as she rebuked him lightly, “Does she look like a blind maiden to you?”

Yi Ping shook his head as he said, “No…”

Lie Qing said, “This is the sign of a Celestial Ascend. It is called the darkness before the light. When she has ascended successful, then her eyes will turn golden! At that point of time, even if all of us joined hands together, we may not be able to defeat her. Unless, of course we are all Celestials and with at least one of us beyond the Crisis level.”

Lie Qing did not continued anymore because Xiao Shuai had approached within their hearing range!

When Yi Ping had looked intently at the exponents that had surrounded them, he had recognized Yan Nanfei and Shangguan Qingyun among them. He immediately bowed silently with his hands politely when he saw them!

Xiao Shuai had walked in front of Yi Ping but he had maintained a considerable distant away from Yi Ping as he laughed, “What do we have here? The Holy Leader of the leading heretic sect and the Holy Maiden of the leading unorthodox sect are both here? It seems that I do not need to expend any efforts and you have already fallen into my hands. So Yunzi, you are actually the Holy Leader of the Sacred Divine Clan. This is really a surprise. Even though I have suspected the Ding Clan to be associated with the heretic sect but I have never the Ding Clan to be the famous Dugu Clan.”

Dugu Yunzi interrupted coldly, “That’s right. I am Dugu Yunzi, the Holy Leader of the Sacred Divine. Let me introduced you to my grand protégé mistress the Heavenly Temptress. She is the founder of the Sacred Divine Clan and the Virtuous Palace.”

Lie Qing stroked her long hair as she smiled mesmerizing, “Alas, my grand protégé descendants. Why didn’t you greet your grand protégé mistress?”

Xiao Shuai laughed coldly and eyed her with scorn, “You are the Heavenly Temptress? I am afraid that you are several centuries too late! Don’t make me laugh. You are nothing but a pretty face. Not only will the Virtuous Palace not let you off but the rest of the martial clans will also do the same too. You are the descendant of the red eyes clan and we all know that you live by feasting on human blood and hearts!”

After he had coolly rebuked the young and mesmerizing Lie Qing who had claimed to be the Heavenly Temptress, he had expected thunderous shouts and cheers from his side but instead there were total silence!

He turned around and was startled to see Xiao Fei and Xiao Ao were smiling in idiocy at Lie Qing, Youxue, Lingfeng, Yu’Er, Mei’Er and Dugu Yunzi.

There were not the only ones; the Element Sage and his grand protégé nephew Chi Zhengqi were both staring dreamily at them. There were also Shangguan Qingyun, the Martial Sage, Yan Nanfei, the Sword Sage and even Han Shaodong!

For a moment he was too speechless to continue until Yi Ping interrupted him, “You are as stupid as me. I didn’t figure out the last time but now I finally do. The Heavenly Temptress is but a hereditary title. That is why Qing’Er is the Heavenly Temptress. Now you got it?”

Immediately, Lie Qing and the other maidens had burst out in soft laughter as they chuckled softly.

Lingfeng was laughing so much till her eyes had turned watery as she said to Yi Ping, “You are… (chuckle)…so smart (chuckle)…now!”

If the maidens did not laugh, then it would not be that bad for Xiao Shuai’s side. Once they had started laughing unwillingly, their every single gesture had melted the hearts of all the onlookers, as they had never seen such a mesmerizing carefree natural laughter. Immediately, the fighting spirits of the exponents seemed to drop drastically. Even the evil exponents that were looking lustfully at them could not find the heart to hurt them.

Even Zuo Tianyi was muttering, “Yunzi…if I want you back now, is that possible?”

Yi Ping was startled by the maidens reactions as he thought, “This is a serious moment. Why are they laughing at Xiao Shuai?”

From Yi Ping’s blank expression, Lingfeng knew that Yi Ping did not know that they were laughing at him. When she had finally thought she could stop laughing, Yi Ping’s blank expression made her laughed jovially again.

Even Youxue, who usually would not laugh easily, was smiling jovially…

Xiao Shuai did not know why they were laughing too…

He turned to stare fiercely at Youxue as he appraised her, “My daughter. Do you know that I have been looking everywhere for you? It has been three, four years now? You have grown up now and have grown into a true beauty. How old are you when you left the Virtuous Palace? Sixteen?”

Youxue laughed softly, “If you want to know how many Golden Rejuvenation Pills I have left now, I can tell you. I have finished all of it.”

Xiao Shuai was stunned as he thought miserably, “My precious…Golden Rejuvenation Pills…”

When Youxue saw his disappointed expressions, she added cheekily. “If you are looking for the Heavenly Relic to ascend as a Celestial, you can also forget about it. That is because Yi Ping has destroyed it during the battle with the Three Evils.”

Xiao Shuai was stunned.

After some time, he asked. “Where are the Three Evils now?”

Youxue said coldly, “They have already ascended as the Three Celestials of the West and have gone to the Blissful Realm of the Western Paradise now. They are one step earlier than any one of you!”

Xiao Shuai was even more startled when he had heard that, as he muttered. “Xiao Fan didn’t say a word to me…those bastards…they have already ascended…all our plans for nothing now…”

Youxue said, “You don’t have to worry for Xiao Fan. He has been enlightened by the Three Celestials of the West and has gone to become a monk now.”

Xiao Shuai nearly suffered a heart-attack after hearing bad news after bad news.

Xiao Youxue was not telling the truth. She just enjoyed tormenting Xiao Shuai.

Xiao Shuai said coldly, “Do you know how precious these Golden Rejuvenation Pills are and how much effort that I have put to obtain it? Do you know that with these Golden Rejuvenation Pills, I would have perfected the Divine Virtuous Force and learnt the Golden Impervious Body? Do you know that the Virtuous Palace depends on these Golden Rejuvenation Pills to help us to ascend as Celestials and saved our lives later?”

Xiao Youxue said melancholy and her eyes had turned teary, “Do you know that I am your daughter and not your tool? You really want to drink my blood then you will be content?”

Xiao Shuai was a little startled when he saw her tears…

Just as Yi Ping was about to step forward to clarify, Lingfeng had immediately jabbed him and took a quick telling glance at him. He could only smile bitterly and kept quiet.

Xiao Shuai beamed with anger, “My two sons, Xiao Yuanjia and Xiao Da, who among you have killed them!”

Yi Ping immediately said coldly, “I am the one! I am Yi Ping, son of Yi Tianxing!”

There were a sudden mutterings among the older exponents who seemed to recognized Yi Tianxing’s name!

Lie Qing and Dugu Yunzi gasped secretly. It was because Yi Ping was taking all the blame for them upon himself!

Xiao Shuai stared at Yi Ping coldly, “So it is you! I promise you that you won’t be able to leave this place alive!”

Xiao Shuai said to Han Shaodong and Gu Tianle, “Order your men to attack them at once!”

Yu’Er interrupted, “You are not fighting us yourself? You are the one that is talking so much!”

Xiao Shuai hummed coldly, “Young lass, if it isn’t for your protégé mistress I would have taught you a lesson now for being disrespectful to me. Even your protégé mistress dares not be disrespectful to me and you have the cheek to give me a lecture. I am not teaching this young man a lesson personally because I am his senior. I don’t want the heroes of the fraternity to laugh at me for bullying a young man!”

Yu’Er and Mei’Er hummed coldly.

Yi Ping had already stepped forward as he raised his hands with the Heavens Horizon Stance!

He whispered to his companions, “Step aside. Remember what you have promised me earlier while we are coming down. Only when I am in trouble, you can aid me or else I won’t allow any one of you to follow me.”

All the maidens sighed softly and looked affectionately at Yi Ping. Even though they were not willing to let Yi Ping fight alone but they knew that at this moment, they must support him quietly so that he would not be distracted in this crucial battle. They could only nod reluctantly…

Yunzi sighed secretly, “It is obvious that they are trying to force him into exhausting his strength…”

These five hundred exponents that had surrounded Yi Ping were the best fighters that were selected from the Honor Manor, the Infinity Sword Clan, the Divine Sword Martial Clan and many more!

And these five hundred fighters were placed under the alliance leadership of the Honor Manor!

Han Shaodong took a glance at Shen Xinyue for further instructions.

She nodded slightly…

Earlier, Shen Xinyue was startled to hear the powerful echoing of martial force that had swept throughout the vicinity and was amused that someone was actually expending his martial power even before the battle had begun.

The entire contingency led by Xiao Shuai were alarmed that the fighting had suddenly stopped. When Yi Ping had displayed his martial force shout, Xiao Shuai had led them outside to confront the intruder. This intruder turned out to be just a handsome young man with a righteous air, surrounded by six heavenly maidens!

When Shen Xinyue had caught of Yi Ping, Lie Qing, Yu’Er and Mei’Er, she almost gasped in disbelief! It was because she had recognized the four of them!

Even though they were all slightly different now but due to her superior state of divinity, she could recognize them as a previous incarnation of a former Celestial that she had known!

The young maiden who was wielding the divine sword Perpetual Darkness, was in fact Luminous Star, one of the Three Star Sisters of Fate. She had recognized the Perpetual Darkness because that was originally her divine sword but she had lost it during a deadly fight…

But now, when she had reached out to her aura sense towards the Perpetual Darkness, she was met with rejection from her very own sword!

She immediately thought with a sense of loss, “Don’t tell me, she has successful merge into one with the Perpetual Darkness?”

But she quickly got over the loss as she remembered that she had found another divine sword, the Blue Heavens that could also aid her in her ascension. The Perpetual Darkness was a true sword of calamity and was a sword of great darkness. Unless the practitioner had entered the darkness itself and found the light within, then it would be disastrous for the practitioner eventually.

Many years ago, an old Ascended Sage had given her the Divine Sword Perpetual Darkness which was the first artefact that she had owned. Even though he had warned her not to pry too deep into the mysteries of the Perpetual Darkness as she could ruin her state of divinity, she did not heed his advice as artifacts of any kinds was simply too rare even for the Celestials.

Because she wanted to ascend as soon as possible and to reach new stages of divinity, she could not resist the temptations of the Perpetual Darkness and started practicing the divine stages of the Perpetual Darkness. In time to come, among the Celestials, she was to be known as the Dark Enchantress of the West.

Because in the Celestial Fraternity of the Celestials, those who possessed a Heavenly Relic were rare enough, she was soon known as a First Celestial. The difference between a First Celestial and a normal Celestial indicated the difference in actual supremacy between the two.

At that time, the Celestial Fraternity were divided into three main fractions, the Ascension Sect which she belonged to, the Great Quiescent Sect and the Melody Palace. There were other Celestials that did not belong to the three main fractions and were known as the Autonomous Celestials.

Luminous Star was from the Melody Palace while this young man who called himself Yi Ping was known as the White Sage of Emptiness and he was from the Great Quiescent Sect.

She was also known as an Ascendant as she was from the Ascension Sect, so were the twin maidens who were in the same sect as her. The twin maidens were then known as the Eclipse Heaven Goddess and the Axis Heaven Goddess. They were two of the most supreme Ascendants in the Ascension Sect, able to divine all the celestial signs and constellations.

Even though she was a First Celestial herself, the Ellipse and Axis Heaven Goddesses were still supreme. Even in the Ascension Sect, they were a mystery. But one thing was for sure, they had already reached the Ascend Level as evidenced by their golden eyes! It was rumored that that the Ellipse and Axis Heaven Goddess had already survived through a cycle of the Calamity Star in the past. Even though they were in the same sect but they hardly knew one another; the Celestials lived in isolation from one another.

When the Calamity Star had suddenly descended one day, panic quickly spread throughout the Celestial Realm for most of the Celestials had never experienced the cruel realities of the event known as the Divine Descendant in their life before, which was the opposite of the Divine Ascendant. This was also the only time that the Celestials were allowed to kill other Celestials without incurring the Divine Calamity and the Divine Wrath.

When the Celestial Descendent happened, every year for the next seven years the Celestials must kill another Celestial and absorbed their celestial force to avert the calamity of the Divine Descendant. This virtually forced the weaker Celestials to fight for their own survival.

There were many stronger Celestials that refused to partake in the killing but after experiencing the deadly calamity effect of the Divine Descendant during the first year, most were too scared or too seriously injured to experience the Divine Descendant a second time and one year was not enough for them to fully recover!

In their weaken state, most of the stronger Celestials who were still recovering from the Divine Descendant were killed by the weaker Celestials who took the opportunity to kill the weaken First Celestials and seized their artifacts!

By the second year, the terrible reality had sunk into the hearts of all the Celestials. No one wanted to destroy their years of cultivation and be killed. A full scale terrible Celestial war began. Many Celestials were killed, including Celestials that were Crisis Level and Ascend Level!

The Ascension Sect was the biggest and most powerful celestial sect, with many Celestials of Crisis Level (gray eyes) and Ascend Level (golden eyes). It was plain obvious that the other Celestials were being outclassed by the more numerous and powerful Ascendant Celestials.

Maybe it was precisely the Ascendant Celestials were too powerful; many of them had actually belittle their opponents and were careless. In the end, they paid the price for being careless with their lives!

She could still remember that day vividly. She had arrived too late to lend the Ellipse and Axis Heaven Goddesses a helping hand. To her horror, they had already fallen on the ground and their eyes seemed to be pleading at the White Sage of Emptiness for mercy.

A fierce fight broke out between the two of them.

If the White Sage of Emptiness had not fought with the Ellipse Heaven Goddess and the Axis Heaven Goddess, she might not be his match. She had recently heard that he had even defeated the Three Star Sisters of Fate. She shuddered to think that what kind of a person he was and what was his level of attainment that even the deadly Celestial Star Formation could not stop him? It was because the Three Star Sisters of Fate was feared for their deadly Celestial Star Formations and few Celestials dared to trifle with them on account of that.

Maybe it was because the White Sage of Emptiness had exhausted himself during the epic fight with the Ellipse Heaven Goddess and the Axis Heaven Goddess, she soon found herself gaining the upper hand!

Just when she was about to kill the White Sage of Emptiness, she was startled to be attacked by the Ellipse and Axis Heaven Goddesses at the same time. Injured by the sudden attack, she had slipped and fell down to the mountain gorges below!

She survived the fall but had lost all her celestial force. It was a lucky thing that she had practiced a type of divine martial art called the Divine Rejuvenation Force. But maybe it was because she had lost all her celestial force, she was also spared the visitation of the Divine Descendant.

Because she had lost her divine sword during the fall and had survived, she gave herself a new celestial name, the Fiery Phoenix! The phoenix was a sign of rebirth. After she had lost her Perpetual Darkness, she forced herself to relearn the Divine Rejuvenation Force again. To her surprise, she made several breakthroughs with the Divine Rejuvenation Force and in her celestial levels after spending more than a thousand years in quiet recluse!

Without the Perpetual Darkness and with a thousand years of quiet time, she had by now broken through the Crisis Level and was now a Supreme Celestial!

To her stunning surprise, when she had visited all the old haunts of the Celestials, she had discovered that she was the only one left. What had exactly happened in the aftermath of the Divine Descendant? Had all the surviving Celestials ascended to the ninth heavens already?

Even though the Divine Descendant was harmful, it had the effect of shortening the Ascend period and returned an auspicious omen when it was time for the Celestial to face the Ultimate Divine Wrath. Once a Celestial reached the Ascend Level, they still had to face one major tribulation in the form of an Ultimate Divine Wrath in order to ascend successfully. Because the Ultimate Divine Wrath was so deadly, an auspicious omen was much needed to lessen its malevolent power for the Celestial to overcome it.

Even though the betrayal had helped her instead of harming her but to this day, she was still bitter about it. Imagine if you were her, having come all the way to lend her fellow Ascendants a helping hand and moreover they were the Supreme Celestials of the Ascension Sect. In the end, instead of appreciating her, they had attacked her!

All of a sudden, her thoughts were distracted by the cries of five hundred exponents that had charged and had surrounded Yi Ping!

Yi Ping had displayed a flurrying of blows and immediately the windforce of his Divine Horizon Hands caused a dozen exponents to fall and roll on the ground with cries of pain!

Barely had a dozen exponents fall onto the ground, Yi Ping had displayed the Asper Continuum Horizon Hand in a desperate bid to deal with the more capable fighters that were all displaying their best killing techniques on him!

Immediately, more than two dozen exponents were rolling on the ground after they were struck by the irresistible martial force of the Asper Continuum Horizon Hand!

Even before the confusion had ended, Yi Ping had dashed through the hundreds of exponents as he displayed his Divine Horizon Hands, felling dozens with every change of stance as he displayed strokes after strokes!

All the exponents were astonished!

It was because they had never seen anyone who could move so fast, while changing stances with such lighting speed at the same time!

Even Lie Qing was stunned.

It was because the Divine Horizon Hands and the Asper Continuum Horizon Hand was a type of martial art that consumed a lot of martial power and strength. That was why it had to be displayed while stationary to conserve as much martial strength as possible. After displaying it, the practitioner would be tired and continuous display of the same stance would only cause the stances to be weakened and hence become an exploit for the opponents!

But Yi Ping was just displaying his Divine Horizon Hands as he walked swiftly in all directions, knocking one powerful exponent after another!

Even Xiao Shuai was taken aback as he secretly muttered, “He still have so much strength? I barely even step back to relax and one hundred expert exponents are now lying on the ground!?”

Han Shaodong was shouting, “Readied the sword formations and don’t panic! Fight martial power with martial power.”

Gu Tianle was enraged as he shouted, “Are you guys all lambs? Use all your strength and don’t underestimate your opponent.”

He was so enraged that he mustered his martial power and leapt towards Yi Ping as he shouted angrily, “Young man, do you dare to accept my Ultrapowerful Force!!!”

Immediately the surrounding air around Gu Tianle was busting with his martial power and the harnessing of his windforce. Everyone knew that this was the moment that they were all waiting for; the clash between the Ultrapowerful Force and the Asper Horizon Hand!

Xiao Shuai, Han Shaodong, the Martial Sage, the Sword Sage and the Element Sage were both humming coldly to themselves as they thought, “Your grandfather is an old friend of ours. We all know the weakness of the secret techniques of the Divine Horizon Hands and the weakness of the Divine Horizon Hands itself. You can only use it at most just a few times. Then you will be overcome by exhaustion and will eventually succumb!”

Yi Ping was still sweeping and fighting the exponents with the Divine Horizon Hands when Gu Tianle had leapt upon him with the Ultrapowerful Force. But he simple raised his hand up with a simple movement and there were a thunderous explosive impact as he sent Gu Tianle flying in the opposite direction, as he crushed and landed with a huge thunderous impact!

Lingfeng, Yunzi, Yu’Er, Mei’Er, Youxue and Lie Qing were so worried when Gu Tianle had suddenly interfered in the battle and had started the battle with his famous technique, the Ultrapowerful Force!

When Gu Tianle was sent flying in the opposite direction, all the maidens were baffled as they secretly gasped, “What is this martial force?! How did his martial power improved so tremendous? He wasn’t this strong when he was fighting against the Three Evils. Did he secretly consume the Divine Dragon Pill?”

That was actually Yi Ping newly acquainted Boundless Divine Force. When used together with his absolute equilibrium martial force and with the Circular Rejuvenation of the Origin, Yi Ping martial power had not only increased tremendous but he was also regaining back his martial strength rapidly if his opponents were not on par with him, allowing his unconsumed martial power to be converted back to his martial strength again!

The maidens were not the only one that were surprised, Xiao Shuai and most of the exponents were all stunned that Gu Tianle, a super exponent could be flung off so effortless!

While they were stunned and were looking at Gu Tianle who was struggling to get up again, Yi Ping had fell another fifty exponents onto the ground!

Shen Xinyue inhaled deeply as she calmed down. She was startled when Gu Tianle had suddenly jumped into the battle. “I am worried for him? No…I just want to kill him myself…”

Zuo Tianyi had a burning hatred for Yi Ping as he stepped forward while saying coolly, “Let me take care of him. I just happen to know his fatal weakness.”