A Martial Odyssey Book 1: The Divine Calamity – Chapter 46


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The Celestial Star Formation

Yi Ping could feel a painful sensation in his heart as he struggled to walk. He had broken into a cold sweat as soon he had walked out of Yixian’s sight.

He was thinking of Yixian, Lie Qing and Lele at the same time. He was thinking of Lele’s farewell words, “Yi Ping, Youxue and Lingfeng, remember the Celestial Star Formation that I have taught you. It is also effective with just three people…”

Even though he was in pain but he was smiling fondly as he thought, “Lele…and you are telling us a few days ago at the Grand Hall of Longevity that the Celestial Star Formation requires a minimum of five…you can’t differentiate three and five? I take it as three then. If it doesn’t work, then I come back and settle the score with you. You’re like a little girl…”

The Celestial Star Formation indeed required a minimum of three. Lele was trying to drag everyone into practicing her Celestial Star Formation that she had so painstaking learnt in the Celestial Annihilating Star Formation.

What Yi Ping and the others did not know, Lele had overcome the Divinity Calamity when she was very young with the aid of the Jade Emperor. Her time of activity was actually very little. Altogether she was not more than twenty, spending most of her time in a slumber to conserve what little strength she had after the Divine Calamity. She was actually very lonely and had no one to talk to…

He was walking hastily because he did not want Yixian, Lie Qing and Lele to see this sight.

Lingfeng and Youxue were alarmed.

Lingfeng quickly said, “Yi Ping, what’s wrong? You…have not totally recovered from your internal injuries yet? Alas, that is an oversight…no one could recover their internal strength so speedily. Don’t tell me, you forcible used your internal strength when you shouldn’t…”

Youxue helped to support Yi Ping as she looked at him with equal anxiety, “You…are you alright?”

Yi Ping smiled weakly, “I don’t know. I’ll be fine. I don’t have internal injuries. It just that…it just that my heart is experiencing some discomfort…”

Lingfeng checked his pulses as she heaved a sign of relief, “Everything is normal…if it is a heart problem, then there is nothing I can do to help. More likely it is an emotion problem. You’re a lecher. Stop thinking of girls and you’ll be alright…”

Yi Ping smiled bitterly, “Lingfeng, I’m really alright now. It works!”

Lingfeng was speechless as she rebuked him gently, “Hmph! So you are just pulling my leg. If I don’t beat you up, then it will be hard to suppress the anger in my heart…don’t you dodge…you such a lecher. I will teach you a lesson. I still can’t believe that you and Lele…I don’t know what honey tricks you have used to trick the Joyful Goddess but it won’t work on me…”

Yi Ping flushed, “No, I didn’t Lingfeng…”

She adds, “So you get a reaction from them and not from me?”

Yi Ping quickly said, “Oh no. I still got a slight pain when I think of you but it is not as painful when I am thinking of them.”

Lingfeng flushed…

She muttered, “You lecher…shut up.”

Yi Ping asked, “Lingfeng, what’s wrong? You’re….alright? Is it because you are attacked by rage emotions? You shouldn’t get upset so easily. It isn’t good for you…”

Lingfeng gave Yi Ping a kick as she called to Youxue, “Sister Youxue, what are you waiting for? I can’t believe that you can listen to all his rubbish and still be so calm?”

Youxue smiled lightly…

Like Yixian and her mother, she had practiced the Emotionless Rhyme for as long as she could remember. Moreover, the Virtuous Palace was a cold heartless place with little affections for anyone. Her only friends were Ding Yun and Xiao Fei, her cousin who she looked up as her older brother.

By all appearances, Youxue always had a cold demeanor and was forbidden. That did not changed even when she had escaped from the Virtuous Palace.

The real her, was full of affections in her heart. It is just that she did not how to display it.

Her smile may be dainty but that already spoke volumes of her gladness and the happiness in her eyes!

She had already given her heart to Yi Ping and vowed to be with him silently. If Yi Ping could be happy, she would be happy too. By now, she already knew what type of a person Yi Ping was. Many times, she had secretly wished that they would be back to the Ice Cavern where they had spent together for more than three months…

Lie Qing and Ding Yun had shared the secrets of the Invincible Divine Force with her. But it was not possible to dissipate her Divine Virtuous Force and replaced it with the Invincible Divine Force as she had advanced too far ahead. There would be severe consequences if she were to dissipate her martial force; she may even lose her Golden Invincible Skill and her Icy Heavenly Tears that she had so painstakingly mastered.

She had taken a path that no one had ever walked; utilizing two martial forces at the same time and subtly balancing both.

The golden rejuvenation pills that she had consumed were able to grow her Divine Virtuous Force but caused an imbalance to her Icy Heavenly Tears. This caused her martial growth to slow down considerably and unable to advance any further. But a chance happenstance in the Ice Cavern, once again revived the strength of her Icy Heavenly Tears.

When she was grievously injured, Lie Qing had imparted her Invincible Divine Force intricate energy into her, advancing her Divine Virtuous Force to a new level. Moreover, Yixian had also imparted to her all the missing parts of the Icy Heavenly Tears when she was grievously injured and saved her life. This caused a breakthrough to her Icy Heavenly Tears as well!

She may not have known it yet but her present martial progression was nearly on par with Yixian, Lie Qing and Lele! What she lacked was their state of divinity to defeat them. In a real fight, martial skills alone were not the only decisive factor, state of divinities played a big part too in the form of willpower, determination, perception, reflexes, flexibility and how fast a martial practitioner was able to recover their martial strength.

Take Xiao Da as an example, he may be a very a powerful exponent and his martial power was extraordinary. Even against more powerful fighters, Xiao Da could last for a long time but he was unlucky to meet Yixian, Lie Qing and Lele who had quickly exploited his weakness; he was lured into carelessness by the seemingly vulnerable Yixian the Celestial Fairy who could conceal her malevolent air. Lele was even more quick thinking as she knocked him down with one hit in the most unlikely of all places.

That was also why Xiao