A Martial Odyssey Book 1: The Divine Calamity – Chapter 40

The Perfect Storm

It was only the first day after the battle with the Honor Manor had just been concluded but everyone was looking at one another nervously while waiting for the Celestial Envoy to be presented.

Priest Bai Chongzhen, Priest Ling Kongquan, Priest Liu Qingcheng, Nangong Le, Yi Ping, Mei’Er, Yu’Er and those that were not bedridden were all presented in the Great Longevity Hall.

Priest Ling Kongquan looked at Nangong Le and Yi Ping as he asked politely, “The Celestial Envoy has instructed us to pay her homage at dawn but more than two hours had passed. Hero Yi Ping, you seem to know the Celestial Envoy quite well, where is she?”

Priest Liu Qingcheng interrupted, “Protégé Brother, don’t be rude. No matter how late the Celestial Envoy is, she must have her reasons. It is the honor of the Tranquil Clan for the Celestial Envoy to grace our place.”

Priest Bai Chongzhen said, “Indeed! We are all fortunate to witness the divine grace of the Celestial Envoy. The Celestial Envoy must have been pondering throughout the night to draw out a battle plan for our next course of action.”

As Yi Ping listened, he began to smile bitterly and thought. “Why is everyone so deferent towards Lele and the Celestial Palace? I have never heard of the Celestial Palace…”

Not only Yi Ping but Nangong Le, Gongsun Jing and Qiu Wufeng had also never heard of the existence of the Celestial Palace. In fact, even most of the pugilists in the Western Fraternity did not even know that it had exactly existed!

The Celestial Palace had existed as an imaginary legendary place and was only hinted by a few. Even those few who had heard of the Celestial Palace quickly dismissed it as a myth.

That was why when the Celestial Envoy had shown up at the Holy Hex Sect, she was immediately attacked as an intruder! It was only through her startling martial display that convinced Ji Wuzheng and Ji Lingfeng that she could be from the Celestial Palace after all.

Nangong Le laughed, “Pardon my ignorant but I have never heard of the Celestial Palace before.”

Priest Ling Kongquan whispered, “It is because no one who has ever gone to that place has ever returned alive!”

Nangong Le smiled, “Really? If there are more beauties like the Celestial Envoy there, I will very much like to visit the Celestial Palace!”

Priest Ling Kongquan, Priest Bai Chongzhen and Priest Liu Qingcheng immediately turn white with ashen.

Liu Qingcheng quickly pulled Nangong Le to a side and whispered, “Brother Nangong, listen to me. The walls have ears. Trust me on this. You will not want to go there…did you not see her long black wicked scythe? This type of weapon is meant for torturing and killing. Did you not see her in her red dress? Red symbolizes blood…”

Lie Qing who had overheard it, smiled as she said. “It does seem like she is a horrifying person. I wonder how her martial level is.”

Yi Ping said quickly to Lie Qing, “She is not your enemy.”

Lie Qing looked at Yi Ping and smiled. She had finally got his attention.

She asked, “Why are you defending her? From the looks of it, she has fallen for you. Why are you so flirty? Maybe you can take my title…my grand protégé mistress’ title I mean. You can be the Heavenly Tempter instead.”

She purposely took a glance at Ji Lingfeng, who pretended not to hear and then looked at Ding Yun, Yu’Er and Mei’Er.

She added, “You seem to have forgotten us so fast, especially Sister Youxue and the Celestial Fairy.”

Yi Ping began to flush and did not know what to say.

He could only sigh in his heart. He had owed Maiden Lingfeng and Maiden Youxue so much. They had risked their lives on many occasions just to save his life. How could he not know their affections by now, especially Maiden Lingfeng?

Lie Qing stroked her braided long hair as she pondered aloud, “Anyway, your affairs have nothing to do with me. You have better find me a rich husband so that I can enjoy life to the fullest.” She deliberately took a glance at Nangong Le, who was grinning at her hint.

As she said that, there was a hint of melancholy emotion in her eyes and voice. Even though it was barely noticeable but it was noticed by Lingfeng, Ding Yun, Yu’Er and Mei’Er.

It was because Yu’Er and Mei’Er had already advanced past the ‘Linking Spirits’ progression of the Dual Inertness Intricacy. If they wanted to and were attentive enough, they would be able to sense the emotions of others. So far, only their Protégé Mistress, Xiao Shuai, Yuan Shao and the Celestial Envoy were unfathomable to their Linking Spirits Skill.

As for Lingfeng, she was exceptional intelligent and quick in wits. Almost nothing escaped her notice. It was only through her brilliant guide that her group was able to reach the Tranquil Mountains while being pursued hotly by the Virtuous Palace and the Honor Manor.

Ding Yun was good in observing and was extremely sharp. It was obvious to her from her earlier actions that Lie Qing had plenty of affections for Yi Ping. However, what she was saying now was obviously a contradiction to her actions. The only person that Lie Qing could fool was Yi Ping.

Lie Qing had mixed feeling about the Celestial Envoy.

It was because the Celestial Envoy seemed to be looking at her more than others and she had even called her Luminous Star. She seemed to know her but Lie Qing had no idea where she had met her before even though she too got a familiar feeling about her.

When Lie Qing first saw the Celestial Envoy, she was startled to see her crimson eyes. It was because it could only mean one thing; she must have survived the Divine Calamity. How could it be even possible?

Even though her martial skills were truly astonishing, it was difficult to imagine what methods and techniques she had used to overcome the Divine Calamity when she herself had failed. She could still remember clearly the horrors of the Divine Calamity as though it had just happened yesterday.

She asked herself, “Is this only a trick to get close to me? Or she has managed to overcome the Divine Calamity by sheer coincidences?”

Even though she would like to ask the Celestial Envoy but she knew that her question would not be answered for the different martial clans guarded their martial secrets only to themselves, just like she had lied to Yi Ping and Xiao Youxue.

The Celestial Envoy would likely to spread misinformation to her so as to teach her a harsh lesson for prying into her affairs. Likewise if the Celestial Envoy asked her about the Divine Calamity, she would not hesitate to lie to her as well.

Lie Qing was worried for Yi Ping. It was because he was really such a gullible young man. The Celestial Envoy must have known about Yi Ping weaknesses and had something in store for him.

At this moment, Lie Qing and Ji Lingfeng were both thinking of the same thing.

All of a sudden, Lie Qing had a frightening thought and was coming close to the answer. “Maiden Lingfeng has promised to exchange her blood with the Celestial Envoy to help Yi Ping. Don’t tell me that her true intention is to drain Yi Ping of his blood? That’s right! Yi Ping possesses a much stronger internal strength than Maiden Lingfeng…”

In the meantime, Ji Lingfeng was also thinking. “They are all bloodsuckers. Yi Ping, we are surrounded by enemies. How can we get out of here alive? Is it so difficult for us to live a blissful life together? This Lie Qing and that Lele, they all have red eyes and seem to know one another. Alas…what shall we do? I am really at my wits end this time…now I have really regretted helping her. Ding Yun, why did you let her drain you of your internal strength? If I know she knows this type of evil skill, I would never even consider helping her.”

Ji Lingfeng had a sudden thought, “Yi Ping had a strong dislike for this type of absorbing skill. If I let him know, maybe he would be upset with both Lie Qing and the Celestial Envoy…The Tranquil Clan and the Traverse Clan are both orthodox clans. Such an absorbing skill is considered to be evil in their eyes…”

Her thoughts were interrupted by Yi Ping who had asked Ding Yun gently, “Yun, you have fainted yesterday. It is better for you to rest more. You have given Lie Qing all your internal strength…I am really worried for you…”

Ding Yun smiled weakly, “I’m alright. Thanks for your concern…”

She stole a glance at Lie Qing, who smiled at her.

Ding Yun did not regret giving up her Divine Virtuous Force intricate energy to Lie Qing. Even though she had lost all her internal strength but she had moved Lie Qing deeply. It was only late last night that Lie Qing had secretly looked for her and revealed a martial secret to her; in order to learn the true form of the Invincible Divine Force, the practitioner must first practiced the Divine Virtuous Force and then let it be drained by the Invincible Divine Force!

Also, Lie Qing had deliberately hid some of the intricate formulas of the Invincible Divine Force from Xiao Youxue and her previously. Lie Qing had apologized with full sincerity and revealed the missing intricate formulas but she had also told her that it was pointless to have the missing intricate without first losing the Divine Virtuous Force. The missing intricate formulas were for the advance Invincible Divine Force and not for their Divine Virtuous Force.

Lie Qing also told her not to worry. In just three days, if there was a practitioner with the Invincible Divine Force to aid her, she would surely regain her internal strength. Not only would her internal strength be purer and stronger than ever, she would have also attain the last staging of the Divine Virtuous Force, which was actually only the initial staging of the Invincible Divine Force. This would give her the martial power to start learning the Golden Impervious Body which was what Xiao Shuai and Yuan Shao had been secretly coveting!

The Invincible Divine Force had five staging altogether, the Virtuous Level, Pious Level, Righteous Level, Holiness Level and the Divine Level.

Lie Qing had told her that she was only on the lower tier of the Righteous Level and the Holiness Level was near impossible to attain but in the past, there were a few that had actually attained it. As for the Divine Level, it was a mythical level and she doubted that it was even possible to attain it.

Ding Yun had asked her, “What happens if we can reach the Divine Level?”

Lie Qing smiled, “Then we are truly invincible and even the Divine Calamity is nothing to be feared. However, no one can reach that staging. Some bored practitioners have speculated of its existence but no one has ever been able to prove that it can actually be attainable.”

In the martial fraternity, there were many martial theories and heart intricate formulas. Some martial staging may seem impossible to attain but when the practitioner’s state of the divinity was able to advance, so did their martial understanding and the previous impossible martial staging would become possible.

But there were also many intricate formulas that were pure theories and were impossible to attain in actual practice.

Ji Lingfeng glanced at Lie Qing as she walked lightly to Yi Ping, asking. “Yi Ping, don’t you feel that it is weird that Maiden Lie Qing is able to recover her internal strength so swiftly? Is there such a miraculous thing in the world? And Maiden Ding Yun has coincidentally lost her internal strength.”

Yi Ping clapped his fists as he said aloud, “That’s right! Why didn’t I think of that?”

Yi Ping happily walked over to Lie Qing as he said excitedly, “Qing’Er, you have really recovered?”

Lie Qing and Ding Yun were startled when Ji Lingfeng had suddenly reminded Yi Ping that Lie Qing was practicing a type of absorbing skill and she had drained Ding Yun of her internal strength!

Lie Qing was scolded harshly by Yi Ping in the past for hinting that she may consider absorbing the internal strength of others.

She tried to retain her composure as she looked at Yi Ping, saying nervously. “Yes…I’m…”

Yi Ping held her hand as he said, “Maiden Yun has sacrificed so much. I hope that you can repay her by teaching her the Invincible Divine Force. I know that martial skills, especially the upper tier martial skills are all forbidden arts and no one will impart to others. Ding Yun, she is really very pitiful. What she did is noble. Qing’Er, I beg you to impart the Invincible Divine Force to her…”

Yi Ping immediately fell upon his knees in front of Lie Qing, much to the astonishment of everyone presented as he continued to say. “I won’t get up unless you have agreed. I know that I have no right to ask you to do so…”

Ji Lingfeng and Lie Qing were totally stunned!

Ji Lingfeng was expecting Yi Ping to start rebuking Lie Qing while Lie Qing was expecting an awkward situation, something like asking her to cough out Ding Yun’s internal strength which she was unable to and a severe scolding!

Lie Qing took a longing glance at Ding Yun, not knowing what to say. It was because she had already imparted the Invincible Divine Force to Ding Yun. Moreover, Lie Qing, Ding Yun and Xiao Youxue had an agreement that the protégé leader of the New Virtuous Palace would be Yi Ping. But now their protégé leader was actually on his knees and begging her!

If you were Lie Qing, what would you do?

For the first time ever, Lie Qing was completely at her wits’ end as she blinked her eyes!

Ding Yun winked at her and walked next to her as she smiled shyly, “Sister Qing’Er…”

She took Lie Qing’s hand and wrote with her fingers on her palm.

All of a sudden, Lie Qing laughed softly.

Priest Liu Qingcheng said to Yi Ping, “Hero Yi Ping, this is an impossible request. You have better get up and forget it. If Maiden Ding Yun does not mind, I will be willing to teach her the Dual Inertia Intricacy Force.”

Yu’Er interrupted melancholy, “Protégé Master…you are so prejudice! You have only taught Mei’Er and I the Dual Inertial Intricacy Formula. You have never mentioned to us that there is such a thing as the Inertia Intricacy Force!”

Mei’Er said unhappily as well, “We may as well say goodbye to you!”

Priest Liu Qingcheng was startled as he quickly said, “My good disciples! Wait, hear me out first. The Dual Inertial Intricacy Force can only be learnt at the advance stage of the Dual Inertial Intricacy Formula. Moreover, I only be harming you if I taught you that for it run contradict to your clan’s Icy Heavenly Tears intricate energy which is towards cold and negative force.”

Mei’Er stomped her foot as she said, “Protégé Master, you are so biased!”

Nangong Le could not help adding, “Brother Liu, you are so biased. You teach Yu’Er and Mei’Er the Dual Inertness Intricacy Formula but not me. You know that I am willing to join your protégé clan anytime. That is why I am here today.”

Priest Liu Qingcheng stared at Nangong Le and was amused, “Bullshit! Bullshit! Bullshit! With your jovial character, you will never join the Tranquil Clan quietly. And the last time you want me to teach you the Dual Inertness Intricacy Formula; you are trying to bribe me to be the clan patron saint instead!”

Nangong Le smiled jovially, “Alright then. Let’s put Yu’Er and Mei’Er aside first since they are your protégé disciples now. What about Maiden Ding? I doubt she will really join your clan.”

Priest Liu Qingcheng rebuked him impatiently, “What do you know? Even if I taught her the Dual Inertness Intricacy Force, I doubt she can really master it. She will need many years of her time to seek an understanding to the advance staging of the Dual Inertness Intricacy Formula first…”

All of a sudden, Priest Liu Qingcheng noticed that everyone was staring at him.

Priest Bai Chongzhen, Gongsun Jing and Qiu Wufeng all said at the same time, “Protégé Master Priest Liu, you have just mouthed vulgarities!”

Priest Ling Kongquan pointed at the white wall in front and said, “Protégé Brother and Protégé Master, the protégé clan rules that are described over there mention no profanities within the Great Longevity Hall. The clan punishments for breaking it, is…”

Priest Liu Qingcheng protested, “It must be this Nangong rascal who has influenced me…”

Priest Ling Kongquan said, “And again…”

Priest Liu Qingcheng ahem aloud, “I am the Protégé Master. I make the rule!”

Priest Ling Kongquan and Nangong Le said at the same time, “Such disrespect for the grandmasters of old…”

Priest Liu Qingcheng said hurriedly, “What is the clan punishment for being disrespectful to the protégé leader?”

Priest Ling Kongquan immediately kept quiet.

Nangong Le laughed aloud, “Luckily I am not your protégé yet.”

Priest Liu Qingcheng said, “Not for long. I have decided to take you in now!”

Nangong Le laughed, “Then don’t you regret it. You must teach me the Dual Inertia Intricacy Formula then?”

Priest Liu Qingcheng laughed aloud, “You rascal. You want this all along, am I right?”

Nangong Le and Ling Kongquan roared with laughter and their laughter was infectious. Soon everyone was laughing along except for Yi Ping who was still looking at Lie Qing solemnly.

Nangong Le, Priest Liu Qingcheng and Priest Ling Kongquan had always been close friends. That was why they were able to tease one another so openly.

Ding Yun interrupted with a smile, “Priest Liu, you just said that you are willing to teach me the Dual Inertness Intricacy Force. Do you really mean it? As a grandmaster of a repute orthodox clan, do you mean what you have just said?”

Priest Liu Qingcheng sighed, “Today is just not my day. I have gained a useless protégé and now I am going to give away my clan secret martial skill just like that.”

Ding Yun smiled, “I take that as a yes then. In return, I will leave the Flying Sword Technique and the Divine Virtuous Force Skill in writing to you.”

Priest Liu Qingcheng’s eyes began to beam brightly. He had long wanted to look at the intricate formula of the Divine Virtuous Force, even if he could not practice it! It may improve his understanding of the Dual Inertial Intricacy Formula and advanced his state of divinity!

Priest Bai Chongzhen was envy, interrupting. “Maiden Ding, maybe you will be interested in the Traverse Skills. After all, we are one of the seven major orthodox clans in the martial fraternity…”

He was interrupted by Yi Ping, who was now bowing to Lie Qing, “Qing’Er, say something please…”

Lie Qing deliberately sighed, “Get up first.”

Yi Ping said, “You have agreed?”

Lie Qing nodded slowly, “But on one condition. Get up first. I don’t feel comfortable with you on your knees.”

Yi Ping quickly got up as he said excitedly, “Just one condition? Even ten conditions, I will agree!”

Lie Qing smiled mysteriously, “Don’t be so hasty first. You may regret it.”

Yi Ping said, “As long as it not any wicked things, I won’t regret it!”

Lie Qing began to flush as she said softly, “Is that so?”

Yi Ping said, “What is the condition?”

Lie Qing began to stroke her hair as she looked away shyly, “Not yet. I will let you know soon.”

Yi Ping said aloud to Lie Qing, “Qing’Er, you are so kind!”

Yi Ping quickly walked to Ding Yun and said, “Yun, you should thank Qing’Er. She has agreed to impart to you the Invincible Divine Force!”

Ding Yun looked tenderly at him, “Yi Ping, you shouldn’t have done this for me, especially in front of so many others. Thank you…”

Ding Yun said to Lie Qing, “Thank you!”

Lie Qing and Ding Yun secretly exchange glances, trying extremely hard not to laugh aloud.

Yu’Er, Mei’Er and Ji Lingfeng almost fainted on the spot. How could Yi Ping not know what Lie Qing and Ding Yun were up to?

Ji Lingfeng said to Yi Ping, “Yi Ping, you really shouldn’t have done that for her. You are a dense pigheaded hero!”

Yi Ping was startled, “Lingfeng, why are you scolding me? I didn’t do anything wrong.”

Ji Lingfeng smiled coldly, “You really didn’t do anything wrong or just happy to upset my mood?”

Yi Ping protested panicky, “Lingfeng, what actually did I do wrong? If you don’t tell me, how do I know what it is that I have done wrong?”

Ji Lingfeng kicked him lightly, “Only you are a hero. You are trying to make me look bad by saying it aloud…”

Yi Ping said weakly, “It hurts you know. My wounds have not recovered yet…”

Ji Lingfeng interrupted, “That’s none of my business.”

Yi Ping and Ji Lingfeng were protesting and moving in circles. Anyone that had seen it knew immediately that it was not a real quarrel but an enviable sight that only two very close friends could enjoy. They seemed to have forgotten that there were dozens of onlookers in the hall.

Lie Qing, Ding Yun, Yu’Er and Mei’Er sighed secretly and wondered when they would be in a similar position as Maiden Lingfeng.

“Lingfeng, where are my secret manuals?”

“Humph! Come get it if you are capable. This is to teach you for not listening to me!”

“Lingfeng, when did I ever not listen to you? You…ask me to secretly leave the valley, I did. You ask me to go to the Holy Hex Sect to look for you, I did.”

“Dense, dense, dense! I didn’t ask you to befriend so many…humph young maidens along the way, right? Well, you don’t have to go there anymore.”

“Why? You are angry with me, Lingfeng?”

“Faint! Because I am here now…you…did that on purpose, am I right?”

“Really, I didn’t. You know sometimes I am dense…”

All of a sudden, Ji Lingfeng and Yi Ping had stopped in their tracks. It was because they could sniff the light fragrance of lavender that had suddenly appeared. It came from Lele and she was now standing at the entrance of the hall.

Priest Liu Qingcheng quickly announced, “The Celestial Envoy is here!”

The protégés of the Tranquil and Traverse Clan quickly arranged themselves in neat columns.

Lele was looking at Yi Ping and Ji Lingfeng quietly. Even though she was looking serene but her cold demeanor was unmistaken!

Yi Ping said, “Lele, you are late…”

Lele tone said icily, “You are to address me as the Joyful Goddess, so must everyone here.”

Ji Lingfeng looked at her with silent determination. Even though she had said nothing, it was as though her alluring eyes could speak. It was as though she was telling the Joyful Goddess that she would not give in to any threats and give Yi Ping up.

Yi Ping was startled as he thought, “Why is she so cold towards me today? This is so unlike her.”

Priest Liu Qingcheng quickly added, “The Joyful Goddess must have stayed quite late to ponder on a stratagem to defeat the Honor Manor. That is why she is late. This is perfectly understandable.”

Lele could not resist a soft chuckle. She was trying very hard to be cold towards Yi Ping. It was because she was not entirely pleased to see Yi Ping and Lingfeng on such an amicable term. And moreover, Lingfeng was an extremely alluring maiden and already in the hall, there were many who had already been infatuated by her.

Lele was not called the Joyful Goddess for nothing. She rarely approach things with a heavy heart and acted purely on whims.

When the Jade Emperor wanted to appoint a Celestial Envoy to the Holy Hex Sect to control and understand the situation, Lele had volunteered.

The Jade Emperor had said to her, “You are one of the four Prime Celestials and you have not even fully recovered from your last cycle of sleep. Stay where you are. I will appoint someone else to go.”

But Lele was not even listening or paying scant attention and had left the Celestial Palace immediately, much to the amusement of the Jade Emperor. The Jade Emperor had given up on reproaching her over the centuries as he sighed, “Does she even know that I am still talking to her or is her mind already fluttering with the things that she wants to do in the fraternity?”

The Jade Emperor was bemused for a while until he got a sudden jolt, “She doesn’t even know the mission at all!”

If anyone thought that Lele was like that, just as the Jade Emperor thought she was; then they must be greatly mistake! That was how astute Lele really was. She had joined the Celestial Palace when she was very young and that was what she wanted others to think of her in this manner. That was her way to shrink away from responsibilities and she was never tasked with bringing super exponents back to the Celestial Palace for no one really trusted her to do any task in a proper manner!

That was how and why Lele had become the Celestial Envoy…

Not only did the Jade Emperor and others thought the same of her, even Yi Ping had felt that she was living in her own world. What Yi Ping did not realize was that Lele was actually very lonely and she cherished every chance to express herself.

Lele stroked her long hair as she laughed softly, “Yi Ping, how do I look today?”

Yi Ping was startled by her question. Yi Ping scratched his nose as he said, “Looking great…”

But he added, “Lele…”

Lele looked annoyed, “Joyful Goddess!”

Yi Ping sighed, “Joyful Goddess then…”

Lele said jovially, “Good. Very good. You can call me Lele now.”

This time it was Yi Ping who looked annoyed, “Lele! You!”

Lele laughed softly, “Good boy! Remember only you can call me by my name.”

She deliberated swept her eyes at everyone. Her intention was clear. Only Yi Ping could have the privilege of addressing her by her real name.

Lie Qing obviously thought that it was not funny as she gave a soft yawn and fingered her black sword. She had almost raised her sword to point at Lele.

Yi Ping was clearly annoyed as he said, “You are obviously embarrassing me in front of so many others!”

Lele looked at him with her watery eyes, “I am giving you such an esteem honor yet you do not appreciate it. Do you know that you shouldn’t have revealed my true name in any circumstances? This is the rule of the fraternity. Most of the exponents in the fraternity use a fraternity name to represent themselves. Unless I have given the permission, you shouldn’t have introduced my name to others. I haven’t settled this score with you yet. Now everyone knows my name…”

Yi Ping was startled as he looked panicky around him. When he saw Qiu Wufeng and Gongsun Jing nodded at him, he immediately knew that he had committed a terrible blunder.

Yi Ping immediately said, “I’m sorry. I really did not know…please forgive me…”

Lele broke into a smile, “Since you are quick to apologize, I forgive you then! Remember, you are not to call me by my name in the presence of others. Is that understood? You ignorant third tier pugilist who didn’t know anything at all.”

Yi Ping smiled bitterly, “I got it now.”

Even though Lele seemed to be rebuking Yi Ping, she was actually instructing him lightly like a mentor.

It was such an enviable sight that many in the hall wished miserably that they were the ones that were lectured by her instead.

Yi Ping sighed and asked, “Lele…Joyful Goddess. You are late today. Are you working on a plan for us to fight the Honor Manor?”

Lele had a mysterious look in her eyes as she asked softly, “Yi Ping, how do I look today?”

Yi Ping sighed. He really had no idea what was on her mind. This was the second time that she had asked the same question.

But he was patient with her and said, “You are looking great…what about the battle plans? Surely you have asked us to gather so early in the morning for a reason?”

Lele sighed softly, “These are two separate reasons entirely.”

Yi Ping was bewildered as he asked, “Huh?”

Lele said, “You have asked me why I am late, am I right?”

Yi Ping nodded and said, “That’s right.”

Lele said, “The reason why I am late is because I am taking a bath at the Tranquil Pool. I have heard that it is a renowned pool even before I have transcendent as a Celestial. Today, I have finally visited it.”

Priest Liu Qingcheng almost fainted on the spot while Priest Ling Kongquan had stumbled weakly backward when they had heard it!

It was because the Tranquil Pool was their most sacred pool and no one had ever bath in its pristine water before. It was considered to be sacrilegious to do so!

Lele continued, “That is the reason why I am asking if you notice anything different about me?”

Yi Ping clapped his hands as he said, “No wonder you are looking so great and had a wonderful fragrant around you. No wonder!”

Yi Ping was looking at Lele intently and he was not aware that Lingfeng had covered her face with her hands in embarrassment, while Yu’Er and Mei’Er were trying very hard not to giggle at him. He was not aware that the protégés of the Tranquil Clan all had a stunned expression on their faces.

Even Lie Qing and Ding Yun sighed silently and wished that they did not know who Yi Ping was for he was embarrassing himself with his ignorance.

The Tranquil Pool was renowned throughout the martial fraternity for its pristine and rumored miraculous water that could clear the mind for mediation.

Gongsun Jing, Nangong Le and Qiu Wufeng were all stunned as well and secretly thought, “Is he really our sworn brother?”

Luckily, Yi Ping was a hero while Lele was the esteem Celestial Envoy so no one dared to say a word.

Priest Bai Chongzhen was thinking, “Someone actually dare to take a bath in the Tranquil Pool and someone who is already a super exponent in the martial fraternity did not know the Tranquil Pool…this is going to the lore of martial fraternity as one of the most unusual events to happen and I have actually witnessed it today. What an honor, what an honor…”

Lele lowered her glance and even her voice softened to almost inaudible, “I have asked all of you here to gather in the morning because I do not want anyone to outrage my modesty when I am taking a relaxing dip.”

Yi Ping nodded approvingly, “That’s right! All these make sense now. It will be bad if others see you.”

All of a sudden, Yi Ping had a sudden jolt. “What about our battle plans?”

Lele said coolly as she looked at everyone, “You have all gathered here since morning, surely you have already discussed the best course of action?”

Yi Ping looked at Lele as he said, “But we are waiting for you!”

Lele asked, “What have all of you been doing since morning?”

Everyone was too embarrassed to say anything and was looking at one another with an awkward expression.

Priest Bai Chongzhen looked at Priest Liu Qingcheng, who was still in a daze before he said to Lele and everyone. “It is still not too late for us to discuss our next course of action.”

Qiu Wufeng said, “That’s right. Let’s fight our way out.”

Gongsun Jing smiled bitterly, “Brother Qiu, I think that is the last option. We don’t even know if there is an ambush ahead of us.”

Lie Qing lifted her long skirt while clutching her black sword as she stepped forward, asking Lele, “So the Joyful Goddess has asked us here just because she wants to enjoy her bath?”

Even though it was obvious to everyone but no one dared to mention it except for Lie Qing.

Lele smiled, “My good sister…we need to talk…”

Lie Qing interrupted coldly, “Who is your good sister? So the Celestial Envoy who has come to aid us has actually asked us to gather since the wee morning so that she can take a bath?…”

Lele sighed softly, “Of course not! I do have another very important reason to ask everyone to be here.”

Lie Qing asked, “Which is?”

Lele said, “Tomorrow is Yi Ping and my wedding. It is very important to me and I hope that everyone will be able to attend it.”

Everyone, including Yi Ping and Ding Yun were stunned.

Yi Ping asked panicky, “Who is getting married tomorrow? Again?

Lele pointed at Yi Ping, “You are.”

Yi Ping asked, “I am? How come I do not know?”

Lele smiled, “Now you do. Due to unforeseeable circumstances, we are getting married tomorrow and these are our guests.”

Yi Ping was so stunned by Lele’s announcement that he was just staring blankly in thin air!

Nangong Le could not resist adding a sarcastic laughter, “Congratulation for marrying such a beautiful maiden.”

Ji Lingfeng smiled bitterly. Her voice was soft but everyone could hear her, “As though we have a choice of not attending. We are all trapped here…”

Lie Qing said coldly, “I protest.”

Lele smiled coolly, “Good sister, your protest is invalid.”

Lie Qing was stunned at her egocentric behavior that she had raised her fists and had unleashed three quick blows to slap her, saying. “We are all in mortal danger and you still have the mood to celebrate your wedding? That is really too much, even if you are from the Celestial Palace!”

Lie Qing was quick, in a blink of an eye she attacked three times but Lele was composed as she deflected her blows with her sleeve.

Lie Qing was so enraged that she had actually used her martial power when she had missed, as the powerful force of the Invincible Divine Force could be felt!

Lele said coolly, “Luminous Star, you are really serious?!” As she said, there was a thunderous impact when Lele received a blow from Lie Qing with her Celestial Force!

Even Yi Ping was forced to take three steps backward while the weaker pugilists fell onto the ground as they were all in close proximity!

Lie Qing groaned in disbelief that Lele could actually receive the almighty force of the Invincible Divine Force in such short notice. Her achievements in the Invincible Divine Force was so advance that she could muster her martial power anytime that she wanted to and that was really a hard thing to achieve for most exponents. It was because to exponents of the martial fraternity, timing and ability to react were crucial, holding the key to their very own survival!

Lie Qing was so determined to hit Lele that she had used the “Pandora Darkness Fingers’, charging five of her Invincible Divine Force intricate energy channels to her fingers as she struck at Lele repeatedly! “I am not any Luminous Star. I am the Darkness.”

Lele had raised her internal strength through the Celestial Force as she exchanged blows after blows with Lie Qing, absorbing the powerful impact of Lie Qing’s blows with the absorbing martial power of her Celestial Force!

She was secretly startled with Lele’s martial power and was panicky, wondering how long she could last in this duel. Every blow that she had absorbed from her, her Celestial Force began to weaken.

Even though they had exchanged just a few words but more than fifty blows had already been exchanged, knocking people down, overturning decorations and destroying furniture from the bursting windforce of their thunderous blows!

Priest Bai Chongzhen said panicky, “Everyone, back!”

Priest Liu Qingcheng was pleading aloud, “Stop fighting. Alas, no fighting in the Longevity Hall…”

Ding Yun, Ji Lingfeng, Yu’Er and Mei’Er quickly went to Yi Ping and shook him hard, “Yi Ping, ask them to stop please before it is too late…they are for real…”

But Yi Ping was completely fascinated by their fights and did not notice…

Yi Ping had thought, “How come I didn’t know Qing’Er is so highly skilled? What strokes are they using? I didn’t know their strokes can be so intriguing.”

Yi Ping had dueled with Lele on numerous occasions so he knew very well how refine her skills were. He had only witness Lie Qing displayed her martial skills only once and that was against the injured Ye Lu and Qiao Feng. So naturally, he was stunned to see her actual martial display!

Just when Yi Ping was about to step forward to plead with them to stop, he was seized by a headache that caused his vision to blur!

As he looked at Lie Qing and Lele again, all of a sudden he had found their movements to be eerily familiar as though he had seen it before!

For no hymn and reason, he was suddenly in a dream. He saw a young man with a noble bearing and three heavenly maidens. The strong rays of the sunset seemed to have turned their eyes red. The weird thing was, he could not see their faces yet that was the impression he had of them.

The young man was suddenly fighting with the three heavenly maidens. The dream seemed to have moved forward and two of the heavenly maidens had succumbed onto the ground. The third heavenly maiden seemed to have lost her fighting spirit and had dropped to her knees on the ground. She was weeping silently and waiting for the young man to end her life.

Somehow, the young man did not seem glad with the victory. There was a hint of sorrow in his eyes. He walked away quietly and found an isolated place to meditate. Many years seemed to have passed as the young man continued to meditate but he did not seem to have aged.

Finally, the young man opened his eyes and looked in the heavens as he saw a bright star in the heavens above that was faltering. His eyes were grayish and seemed void of any light. All of a sudden, the bright star grew extremely dim and seemed to have fallen from the heavens!

The young man said gravely, “Even after three hundred and thirty-three years, you still cannot put this down? You are not going to succeed and this will cost you your Ascend. What right do I have to criticize you? Even after three hundred and thirty-three years, I too am unable to put this down as well.”

He began to get up and now was in another place.

The place was like a dangerous underground maze but this young man carefully dismantled all the booty traps before he reached the center of the maze.

The center of the maze was eerily like the stone chamber that Yi Ping had visited before.

Again, the young man saw the heavenly maiden who had survived many years ago.

She said gently, “You have come to stop me? It is already too late. The Celestial Formations are already on the move and without my divine power to unseal it, you cannot stop me now.”

She still looked the same but was very weak. As she looked keenly in his eyes, she smiled gently, “You have achieved the Ascend? Why are you still here? After so many years, you still refuse to spare me?”

The young man said calmly, “Why are you so foolish as to give up your precious life? Do you know how many painful years of cultivation and lucky happenstances arranged by the Divine Fate that bring you this far?”

The heavenly maiden said gently, “I am not as heartless as you. That is why you are able to ‘Ascend’ while I am unable to. Even if I have to do it again, I will do it.”

The young man said, “You have not reached enlightenment yet. Your sisters are predestined to die. Only you are able to Ascend. It is not too late now. Stop it before your life force is completely drained.”

The heavenly maiden said coldly, “My sisters are killed by you!”

The young man said, “We are on opposite sides and didn’t have a choice…”

The heavenly maiden interrupted weakly, “Why don’t you leave me to my destiny and complete your Ascend, instead of lingering with lesser mortals like me?”

The young man said, “You won’t succeed. There are too many variables involved. And moreover this involves the destinies of three of you. One destiny is already too unpredictable and moreover, you are trying to move three destinies to your wishes.”

The heavenly maiden smiled weakly, “Do you think I do not know? I have spent years of my time divining. Only Melody Star will have the best chance to succeed…I’m happy enough to be in her time…We will surely settle our scores with you when the time comes…”

She had now collapsed onto the ground and had turned into sparkling dust!

When she had pulverized into nothingness, the young man had a great sense of loss. He raised his hands and said, “I have reached the highest level of the Emptiness Translucence a long time ago but why I am feeling a sense of great loss?”

He reached out his fingers to touch the still sparkling lights and suddenly remembered that he and the three sisters had been mortal enemies for more than a thousand years, way before they had even embarked on the the path to divinity.

Suddenly he had turned ashen and there were tears in his eyes for the first time in a thousand year. The sparkling light contained the last vestige of Yun Xiao’s memories. On their last battle, the three sisters had deliberated lost to him so that he could achieve the Ascend, a rare opportunity that they had all been waiting for many years to come.


He was the very reason why the three sisters had been pushing themselves so hard…

“Yun Xiao’s celestial star formation, I can feel it now?”

The young man laughed madly, “I didn’t Ascend because I am guilty. Where are the others that had Ascend? Instead of a new state of divinity, they have all turned into ashes and nothingness. Do you know that you have indirectly saved my life? Today, I have finally understood that I am the most foolish one. My enlightenment comes too late…”

The young man too burst into glowing balls of light and into nothingness even as his silent words could be felt saying, “I will help you to Ascend…this is the least that I can do for all of you even if the odds are one in a million.”

Yi Ping gave a loud painful yell as Lingfeng pinched him hard and stomped on his foot.

Lingfeng, Ding Yun, Mei’Er and Yu’Er were saying panicky at the same time, “Why are you daydreaming at a time like that! Hurry and stop them before it is too late!”

Yi Ping shouted panicky, “Stop!!!”

Yu’Er shook her head, “It no use. They cannot hear us now. The force inside nullified all other disturbances from the outside…”

Lele and Lie Qing had fought from fast to fighting in slow motion. Even though they looked unhurried as they exchanged blows like a normal exponent but they were leaving deep footprints onto the floor with every step and exuding deadly waves of internal energies!

Exponents like Priest Bai Chongzhen, Priest Liu Qingcheng, Priest Ling Kongquan, Ding Yun and Lingfeng immediately knew that to be struck by anyone of them, would mean instant death!

At this moment, they were surrounded by their martial force as their martial power reached its peak. No one could approach them or they be crushed instantly by the surrounding inertia force. Even metals would bend and wood would crack in their mere presence now!

As Lie Qing clashed repeatedly with Lele, blood tickled from the tip of her pink lips. She had used her entire martial power and yet she could not gain an advantage over Lele. Their fight had degenerate from exchanging blows to a self-punishing contest of pure internal strength. If she had not used her Invincible Divine Force to its fullness, exchanging mere blows with Lele would have killed her!

Lele was not faring too well either. She had just coughed out another bout of blood as she took another blow from Lie Qing! She had exercised her internal strength to its fullness that the very air around her was electrifying. Her Celestial Force may be able to absorb the martial force of the Invincible Divine Force but it was now taking a severe toil on her now!

Lele smiled weakly to Lie Qing, “Why don’t you give up now? I let go of your rude offense this time.”

Lie Qing said weakly, “I will only stop if you give up first and you must first apologize to everyone for being late…”

Lele interrupted, “You are the one that raise your fist at me first. You are more unreasonable than me…!”

Just as Yi Ping was about to dash into their middle, Ding Yun and Lingfeng held him back panicky!

Yi Ping asked panicky, “Quick! We must stop them. At this rate, they will both die!”

Ding Yun was solemn as she threw her flying sword into their midst!

Yi Ping was stunned as he raised his voice, “Yun, what are you doing!”

But even before the flying sword could reach them, it was deflected by an invisible force around them and flew to the roof of the hall!

Ding Yun said quietly, “You will die if you go in just like that…”

But before Ding Yun had finished, Yi Ping had raised his entire martial power with the Aspire Invocation and had broken free of Ding Yun and Lingfeng’s hold, charging into Lele and Lie Qing midst!

Even before Yi Ping reached their midst, his eyes had turned bloodshot and he used the last bout of his martial power to take one blow from Lele and another blow from Lie Qing at the same time!

There was a large explosive force when Yi Ping took their blows as he coughed out blood!

When Lie Qing and Lele saw Yi Ping dashing into their midst, they had already withdrew half of their martial power in panicky but it was still not quick enough!

“Yi Ping!” Both maidens cried out aloud.

Yi Ping coughed out more blood as he collapsed with one knee onto the ground. He smiled weakly, “Good. Now you can hear me…”

Lele rebuked Yi Ping, “Why are you so foolish? Do you know you will die if you barge in just like that?”

Yi Ping said weakly, “There is no other way to get your attention…if your fight goes on, both of you will surely die of internal injuries.”

Lie Qing was uneasy as she said, “Yi Ping…”

Yi Ping was right. If it persisted for another minute, both Lie Qing and Lele would surely die of their internal injuries.

Lingfeng was the first to dash to Yi Ping, followed by Ding Yun, Yu’Er and Mei’Er!

Lingfeng immediately felt his pulse and was solemn, “Your intricate energies are erratic now. Even if you can restore it to normal, you won’t be in time to use your internal strength. Close your eyes and recuperate first. I will use my internal strength to guide your erratic energy to its proper course. There is no time to lose if you don’t want to lose your internal strength permanently.”

With that, they sat down.

Lingfeng had wanted to chide Yi Ping but in the end, when she had seen the extent of his internal injuries, her heart was too heartbroken to rebuke him.

Ding Yun held Lie Qing and Lele’s hands as she said quietly, “Both of you have sustained terrible internal injuries. Until you have fully recovered, it is best that the two of you sustain from using any internal strength.”

Ding Yun added quietly, “Is it worth it? Both of you fighting with your internal strength in this manner just to prove a point?”

Lie Qing and Lele looked at one another sheepishly.

Lie Qing said softly, “I just…I just want to slap her for being so egoistic. She is obviously making a fool out of us.”

Lele looked hurt as she quickly said, “I didn’t want to fight you, Luminous Star…”

Lie Qing interrupted coldly, “You can address me as Maiden Lie. I am not like someone who dare not use her real name.”

She was the opposite of Lele; she had dared to use her own name but not her fraternity name.

Lele said, “I don’t want to fight you, Lie Qing but you have left me with no choice.”

Lie Qing said coldly, “I am not so close to you that you can address me by my name.”

Lele said sadly, “Lie Qing, don’t be upset alright? I apologize to you…”

Everyone was stunned that Lele had taken the initiative to apologize to Lie Qing!

Lele looked at Yi Ping sorrowfully before taking a look at Lie Qing again. She turned to everyone and said softly, “I apologize for being late to everyone…”

Lie Qing was startled that she had actually apologized to everyone. It was totally unexpected and out of character for the Joyful Goddess who seemed to look at everyone with disdain to apologize.

Lele repeated softly, “I apologize to everyone again. I hope that everyone will forgive me for being late.”

Lie Qing sighed softly as she thought, “Maybe the Joyful Goddess isn’t that bad. I should have control my impulse better…”

Priest Liu Qingcheng said solemnly, “Being late is only a small matter. We should plan our next recourse on how to fight the Honor Manor.”

He asked, “Joyful Goddess, where are the rest of the people from the Celestial Palace? Will they be arriving soon?”

The Joyful Goddess looked sheepish as she sighed softly, “How far do you think we are from the Holy Hex Sect? The rest of the Celestial Envoys will be going there. I am the only one here…”

Of course Lele did not dare to tell them that she was a fake Celestial Envoy with no mission. She did not even know if there were other Celestial Envoys that were on their way to the Holy Hex Sect.

Mei’Er said melancholy, “It is hopeless. We have better surrender.”

Priest Bai Chongzhen asked, “What do you mean? Surrender? Never. We will rather die in battle than surrender dishonorably!”

Mei’Er looked at everyone while Lele and Lie Qing were looking sheepishly, “What are our odds of winning now? The Joyful Goddess, Maiden Lie Qing and Master Yi Ping have all sustained internal injuries and cannot fight in the short term. The rest of us have no hope of winning at all.”

All of a sudden, the truth dropped heavily like a thunderous lightning bolt on everyone in the hall!

Lie Qing was feeling so bad now that her eyes turned watery. Mei’Er was right. They had just lost their only hope of survival now…

Lele smiled gently to Lie Qing, “Lie Qing, you don’t have to look so depress. Even if we have our internal strength, we stand no hope against the Virtuous Palace.”

Everyone was startled.

Lie Qing asked, “What do you mean?”

Lele said, “Why do you think I am holding my wedding tomorrow?”

Just when Lie Qing had started to have a good impression of the Joyful Goddess, she seemed to be back to her own world again. But Lie Qing was too tired to guess or remind her to come to the point directly so she simply said, “Why?”

Lele said softly, “It is because my divination shows that we will all end up in defeat in three days. We are simply not their match at all. That is why I am holding my wedding tomorrow to spend my last days with Yi Ping…”

She swept her glances at Yu’Er, Mei’Er, Ding Yun, Lingfeng and Lie Qing as she looked at them pitifully. It was as though she wanted to tell them of the cruel fate that awaits them in three day time.

When everyone had heard that, they could only smile most bitterly.

Even Lie Qing and Ding Yun were stunned at her answer.

Yu’Er smiled bitterly to Lele. “My Joyful Goddess. Your divination is so right. We do not have any chance now!” She was indirectly being sarcastic.

She wanted to say on behalf of everyone, “How can you base our fighting chance on irrational thing like divination. Now it has really come true because of you.”

Lie Qing was trembling, “We may not lose if we give our best…but now…”

Mei’Er wanted to cry aloud but she withheld her tears as she said, “If only our protégé mistress is here. Then we have nothing to fear from the Virtuous Palace.”

Lele sighed softly, “I am afraid that even if your protégé mistress is here, the result will still be the same!”

Mei’Er said coolly, “Says who? That Xiao Shuai seems to be afraid of our protégé mistress!”

Ding Yun said, “He is not afraid of your protégé mistress. Or rather he gives an order not to hurt the protégés of the Eternal Ice Palace. Or else do you think that even if you have ten lives, you can even survive yesterday battle with Xiao Da?”

Mei’Er asked curiously, “Why did he give such an order?”

Ding Yun shook her head, “I do not know the actual reason but he seems to know the Celestial Fairy.”

Yu’Er asked, “Is the Virtuous Palace so formidable? Surely, Master Yi Ping, Maiden Lie Qing and the Joyful Goddess can match their martial skill?”

Lele said softly, “I have already lost to Yuan Shao that night…”

That night, Yi Ping, Ding Yun and Zuo Tianyi had also been defeated by him!

She did not want to reveal to anyone that she was planning to sacrifice herself to bring Yuan Shao down. That was why she had decided to call for a wedding even though she would be inviting ridicule and contempt. But now, she could not even muster the Celestial Force…

Ding Yun said, “If I am not wrong, Yuan Shao must be planning to use the Dark Mono Sword Formation against us.”

Lie Qing asked, “What’s that?”

Ding Yun said, “If this sword formation is made up of three super exponents, then it is capable of withstanding the strength of nine super exponents. That is how powerful it is.”

Lele coughed softly as she asked weakly, “Is there a way to break this sword formation?”

Ding Yun sighed softly, “It is difficult. The changes are profound. And if the formation consists of the three of them, then they are really invincible.”

All of a sudden, Yi Ping had coughed out black blood and had opened his eyes!

Everyone that knew Yi Ping was calling his name!

“Yi Ping!”

“Are you much better now?”

“How are you feeling now?”

Lingfeng was startled that he could clear his blocked channels and spat out the bad blood out so fast. Normally, the bad blood would remain in the body until it could dissipate slowly. This process could take anything from weeks, months to years!

She was astonished with his constitution!

Yi Ping was overwhelmed by the concern shown to him as he said, “Brother Nangong, Brother Qiu, Brother Gongsun! Yun, Lele, Qing’Er, Lingfeng, Yu’Er, Mei’Er…”

He got up and said weakly, “Lingfeng, I am alright now. Thanks for helping me…”

Lingfeng was so happy that she began to cling tightly to him as she helped to support him up.

Yi Ping looked at everyone as he said weakly, “I have overheard what Yun has said. No matter, I will surely fight them with my last breath.”

Yi Ping asked Ding Yun, “Just how strong Xiao Da and Xiao Fei is when compared to Zuo Tianyi?”

Ding Yun asked him instead, “Just how strong do you think Youxue and the Celestial Fairy really is? Then you will know that Zuo Tianyi is just a small fry.”

Yi Ping could not help sighing when he had thought of Xiao Youxue…

But he quickly said, “Why compare Yixian and Youxue with them? Their martial skills are nowhere near Lele…”

Lele interrupted with a smile, “Joyful Goddess.”

Yi Ping said weakly, “Does it mean that Xiao Da and Xiao Fei martial skills are weaker than the Joyful Goddess as well?”

Yi Ping answers stunned Ding Yun, Lie Qing and Qiu Wufeng.

Qiu Wufeng said, “You are there at the Heavenly Mountains as well. Surely you have witnessed the Celestial Fairy fighting alone against so many top exponents?”

Yi Ping had suddenly remembered the scene that day…

Qiu Wufeng added, “Do you have any idea how powerful Tian Kui really is? He is considered to be one of the top super exponents in the martial fraternity. Even Gongsun Bai dare not trifle with him!”

The Celestial Fairy and Tian Kui had fought that day in the lofty tops of the Heavenly Mountains! Yixian had known Tian Kui for a long time and had restrained herself. Tian Kui was probably the only person to have dueled with her previously and had survived.

Yi Ping was only seeing Yixian as a vulnerable maiden that needed to be protected and not so much of her martial abilities…

Ding Yun added, “You should have known about this. Youxue almost kill the Celestial Fairy that day…”

Youxue had defeated both Tian Kui and the Celestial Fairy singlehandedly!

Lie Qing continued weakly, “If it isn’t for the fear of Youxue, I may have left you a long time ago. Do you know that she has already mastered the ‘Golden Impervious Body’ at her young age and has reached the peak of her Divine Virtuous Force?”

Ding Yun said, “Why do you think she can steal the Golden Rejuvenation Pills from right under the nose of Xiao Shuai and can evade the Virtuous Palace for so many years? Pure luck? Do you know that Xiao Da is most afraid of whom? He is none other than Xiao Yuanjia and Youxue has already defeated him!”

Lie Qing added, “I have secretly observed their fight from a distance. Xiao Yuanjia is ten times more deadly than even Xiao Da…”

Yi Ping had a sudden jolt as he recalled the first time he had seen Youxue; she was already displaying her extraordinary martial force in an inexhaustible manner.

He muttered, “I didn’t know that Youxue is this strong…”

He quickly asked, “If Youxue is this strong, how is it possible for Yixian to fatally injure her?”

Lie Qing kept quiet. She dare not tell Yi Ping that she had a hand in injuring Youxue as well.

No one else except for Lie Qing, Ding Yun, Nangong Le and Zuo Tianyi could possible imagined Youxue martial level unless they had witnessed her fight with the Celestial Fairy!

Ding Yun looked at Lie Qing before she said, “The Celestial Fairy is the real monster. The three of us combined cannot even take her down. If you really want to know the martial depth of the Celestial Fairy, I say she is even more formidable than Yuan Shao and the Joyful Goddess. However, the Celestial Fairy may not be able to break the Dark Mono Sword Formation on her own.”

Lele interjected, “They have the Dark Mono Sword Formation but we have the Celestial Star Formation. It is a far more formidable formation than any known formations.”

Yi Ping looked at Lele, asking enthusiastically. “Will the Joyful Goddess teaches us the Celestial Star Formation then?”

Lele nodded, “The Celestial Star Formation requires a minimum of five and a maximum of nine to complete it.”

Lele looked at Lingfeng, Yu’Er, Mei’Er, Ding Yun and Qiu Wufeng.

Qiu Wufeng was astonished and was looking at Yi Ping, “I am to be the hero this time?”

Yi Ping said hurriedly to Lele, “Joyful Goddess. I am alright now. Let me be in this Celestial Star Formation…”

Before Yi Ping could even finish speaking, he was swept off his feet and flung off by Lele who coughed weakly as she muttered. “You can’t even take one weak blow from me now. Forget about it.”

Qiu Wufeng was gravely solemn as he said, “Leave everything to me.”

Gongsun Jing helped Yi Ping up as he said, “At the very least, we have a battle plan now.” But he was secretly groaning, “This is terrible. Three of our best fighters just put themselves out of action from infighting. Even the best formation cannot propel any fighter’s strength to exceed his potential. A formation is only good for maximizing the effectiveness of the fighter…”

Nangong Le could only smiled bitterly and envied Qiu Wufeng as he thought, “If I am not injured…”

While everyone was looking at the Joyful Goddess, Qiu Wufeng and Yi Ping, no one had noticed that Priest Liu Qingcheng had completed turned ashen as he stumbled backward while muttering to himself. “This is really happening…it happens during my lifetime…”