A Martial Odyssey Book 1: The Divine Calamity – Chapter 34

True Friends

As Zuo Tianyi was kissing and holding Ding Yunzi, Ding Yunzi eyes had fluttered as she cried out in tears weakly, “Tianyi, don’t! The Infinity Sword Clan is a reputable clan. You will only be degrading you and me as well…”

As Zuo Tianyi was kissing Yunzi violently, an alluring voice shouted at him. “You’re a beast! You did such a disgraceful thing and say that to her!?”

It was Ji Lingfeng and she had attacked him with multiple flying projectiles!

Zuo Tianyi drawn out his long sword deflected all the flying projectiles to one side. But even before he could recover from his initial surprise, two beautiful maidens in black long velvet dresses were attacking him, causing him to take several steps backward!

He recognized them as the twin sisters, Shui Yujian and Meijian!

He was startled as he thought, “Shouldn’t they be at the seven miles pavilion?”

At the same time, Lie Qing was besides Ding Yunzi in a flash and had covered her with a cloak as she smiled weakly at her, “Don’t shed a tear for this wolf in sheep clothing. I will help you…”

Even as Zuo Tianyi raised his earthshaking swordplay against Shui Yujian, Shui Meijian and Ji Lingfeng, they were joined by Gongsun Jing, Qiu Wufeng and Nangong Le!

Gongsun Jing had a blazing flame in his eyes as he shouted angrily, “After what you did to her, you still have the cheek to beat her. You are worse than a beast!”

Even Nangong Le was clenching his fists as he said, “I may be a playboy but I have never forced myself on anyone.”

Zuo Tianyi said coldly, “Is there a difference between the two of us? Just because you are rich, you think of yourself as nobler as me?”

Qiu Wufeng said angrily, “I thought that you have more honor that that. The protégé master of the Infinity Sword Clan is nothing but a beast. When this spreads out in the fraternity, I will like to see how you are going to defend yourself!”

Zuo Tianyi hummed coldly, “No one in the fraternity will believe anyone of you. It is because in their eyes, you are all villains and untrustworthy people.”

Ji Lingfeng said coldly, “Humph! I have thought that you are a good guy when we first met. How are you able to face the Old Sword Saint and all your clan ancestors in the netherworld?”

Zuo Tianyi said coldly, “My swordplay is not weak. If you are all thinking that you have a chance against me, think again. The Celestial Fairy isn’t here while Yunzi and Lie Qing are injured. Even though I am injured but whom among you other than Yi Ping have a chance against my Infinity-Two Swordplay?”

It was true. Zuo Tianyi’s swordplay was indeed frightening!

Shui Yujian said melancholy, “Where is our Master Yi Ping?”

Zuo Tianyi laughed coldly, “I am afraid that he is now a dead man now.”

Shui Meijian immediately staggered a step backward and fainted as her precious sword dropped to the ground!

Shui Yujian gasped as she caught hold of her before she fainted on the ground, “Mei’Er, Mei’Er…”

Lie Qing got up and she was trembling as she stared at Zuo Tianyi.

Zuo Tianyi said, “But today I am not in a good mood of killing and because earlier, we are all still drinking together, I decide to spare all your lives instead. But if anyone of you dares to follow me, don’t blame me for being merciless.”

Without a word more, Zuo Tianyi walked away.

Ding Yunzi bitterly said, “Let him go. I don’t ever want to see him again.”

The group could only stare in utter silence as they watched Zuo Tianyi walked off.

It was because they still had something very important in mind and that was to look for Yi Ping immediately!

Lie Qing held onto Ding Yunzi tightly as she comforted her with her eyes.

Ding Yunzi cried tearfully in her embrace, “Why are you all here?”

Ji Lingfeng looked at Lie Qing…

Halfway towards the Seven Mile Pavilion, Lie Qing had regained her consciousness.

The first thing she had asked was, “Where is Yi Ping?”

When everyone explained the situation to her, Lie Qing began to walk towards the city, stunning everyone!

Shui Yujian said, “Where are you going? Master has asked us to wait there for us. You only distract him and hinder him if you are going there.”

Ji Lingfeng said, “I have already asked the Celestial Envoy to take a look. Let’s go to somewhere safer first.”

Lie Qing said coolly, “If Yi Ping dies I don’t want to live either. I owe my life to him. Even if I cannot help him, I will want to die besides him.”

As she begun to walk off, Shui Meijian was besides her in an instant, “You are Maiden Lie Qing?”

Lie Qing nodded, “We have already been introduced.”

Shui Meijian smiled, “Good. I will go with you. If Yi Ping dies, I don’t want to live either too. It is good to know a good friend before I die. Can I call you Sister Lie Qing?”

Lie Qing smiled, “Sure, let’s us go now…”

But before she had finished, Ji Lingfeng and Shui Yujian were also besides her as they said at the same time, “Sister Lie Qing! We will go with you!”

Even Nangong Le sighed, “I don’t mind dying as long as there are beauties accompanying me. I will go too.”

Qiu Wufeng laughed aloud, “I may be a coward but tonight I dare to say that I am not!”

Gongsun Jing said poetically, “Living is for a worthy cause. When dying for a worthy case, it is to build an everlasting name for ourselves. Let’s us go. Even if he is a top exponent, he would not be unscathed in a fight with us. At most, we will all die with him too!”

In the meantime elsewhere….

Yi Ping carried the Joyful Goddess on his back as he made his way in the dark. He was astonished at the heavy weight of her long black scythe.

Lele was astonished at Yi Ping’s endurance and stamina. He had been carrying her for an hour. At first she was reluctant to let him carry her because he was seriously injured too. But Yi Ping was worried that Yuan Shao would catch up with them, so he gritted his teeth and endured his agonizing pain as he carried her on his back.

Lele asked him, “Are you sure you are alright? Your wounds…”

Yi Ping was touched at her gesture as he said, “My wounds have stopped bleeding already.”

Lele was startled as she reached out to touch his wounds, “You can heal so fast?”

Yi Ping smiled weakly, “I don’t know. I seem to have taken some miracle pills previously.”

Lele asked, “Such as?”

Yi Ping said, “The Golden Rejuvenation Pill…”

Lele gasped, “You mean, you have actually consumed it?!”

Yi Ping was puzzled as he said, “That’s right.”

Lele looked at him in envy as she said, “That is an extremely rare precious divine pill and will be beneficial to me…no wonder your blood tastes so good…”

She could still remember the furious fraternity storm and how countless number of pugilists had perished fighting over the whereabouts of these Golden Rejuvenation Pills…

Yi Ping shivered as he smiled bitterly, “Surely you are not thinking what I am thinking?”

Lele smiled weakly, “If you don’t tell me, how I am supposed to know?”

Yi Ping gulped, “Are you thinking of eating me alive?” It was because he had suddenly remembered why Xiao Shuai wanted Xiao Youxue for.

Lele smiled mysteriously, “You are so smart. Do you think I will let you off so easily? Your still beating heart when consumed can boast my internal strength. Perhaps it may alleviate me from my sufferings. So I will definitely not spare you…”

All of a sudden, Lele cried out. “Look out!”

It was because Yi Ping was distracted by her creeping words that he was not looking in front of him and it was also dark. He had missed his footing and to his horror, he had plunged down a bottomless ravine with her!

Lele was horrified as she cried out fearfully, “That old man didn’t kill me…you did! I cannot believe that I will die in such an unnatural manner…”

They had both taken down a great plunge down the ravine.

Yi Ping was surprising calm as he thought, “Yixian, I have come to join you now. Youxue, please forgive me. Lingfeng, I hope you can live well. Yunzi, I hope you escape from Yuan Shao…”

Before he could finish, he had plunged into a cold icy lake with Lele!

Yi Ping was startled as he took the cold plunge and he was struggling wildly in the icy waters, grabbing anything he could catch hold of and that included Lele!

Lele cried out, “Stop it. Stop struggling. I will save you…stop struggling! You land tortoise, you don’t know how to swim!”

Yi Ping was drowning and he could not really hear what Lele was trying to say to him as he had already given in to panic! He had thought that the more he could struggle; he could keep himself alive…

As Lele swam towards him and caught hold of him, Yi Ping accidentally punched her on her face! She was so stunned and annoyed that she thought she thought of giving him a tight slap when Yi Ping had pulled and torn her dress!

She immediately flustered and at the same time was so infuriated that she actually forgot her agonizing pain as she slapped Yi Ping across his face several times! She did not really count how many times she had slapped him for she was so furious. It was the first time that a man had seen her in the nude.

What little good impression that was left for Yi Ping had totally vanished as her eyes turned murderous.

But when she saw Yi Ping had lost consciousness, her eyes softened and she thought that he was actually cute. She quietly sighed, gathered her clothing and pulled him close to her as she flushed shyly, “I am the Joyous Goddess. I shouldn’t lose my temper so quickly. That is so unbecoming of me. When he has awakened, I will put on a happy expression while I slice him alive.”

The more she mused on it, the happier she was and the more determined she had decided that was to be that outcome.

Lele took another look at Yi Ping before she sighed again, “I have beaten him up so badly that his face is now almost unrecognizable. Maybe I should wait for him to recover first? He should recover fast enough. Then I shall surprise him by slicing his flesh piece by piece for offending me while luring him into a false sense of security?”

She wrestled with her thoughts for a while before she happily exclaimed, “Haiz, I am the Joyous Goddess and have a reputation to maintain. So count yourself lucky today.”

She smiled weakly, “But first I got to pump the water out of his chest first.” She clapped his chest with a loud impact as Yi Ping threw out the water before she fainted from exhaustion on the bank of the lake.

Yi Ping had regained his consciousness and was in a daze. He could not remember very much what had happened. He remembered that he was drowning and when he was near his end, Lele appeared in front of him and had pulled him.

Immediately, his heart was filled with gratuity as he thought, “She has saved my life once again. She is a good maiden…”

As he turned around, he was stunned and his eyes almost popped out. Lele was lying just besides him and she was half naked. Yi Ping smiled bitterly as he thought, “Even though I don’t know where she comes from but she is a little too liberal.”

He quickly looked around and saw her clothing. He quickly got up on his feet as he grabbed her clothing. Just when he had grabbed her clothing and was trying to cover her clumsily as he averted his eyes, he had suddenly sensed a malevolent air.

He hastily turned his eyes around and saw Lele looking at him as she said, “You…lecher! What are you trying to do?!”

Yi Ping immediately dropped her clothing as he stammered, “I…I…I am just trying to cover you…”

Lele’s silent tears began to roll down her face as she trembled uncontrollably, “Do you know that a maiden’s chastity is her most precious thing? Yet, you did such a despicable thing. If I can muster my strength, I will surely kill you right away.”

The thought of being violated by a stranger was too much for her to bear. She began to sob uncontrollably as she could not imagine what Yi Ping had done to her while she had fainted.

She grabbed her clothing with trembling hands and quickly covered herself while staring at Yi Ping with her vacant eyes.

Yi Ping was immediately filled with an utter inconsolable sentiment for her as he quickly said, “I really did not do anything. I just wake up and it is already like this…”

Her tears did not cease at all even as she said melancholy, “What do you mean by it is already like this? You…after taking advantage of me, can still say such lame things? I…will never forgive you, never!”

Yi Ping really did not know what to say. He did not even know what was happening and his mind was still in a complete blank and shock! This time, he was pretty sure that he was not drunk as he thought bitterly, “If she wants to take my life, I am resigned to my fate. I have already seen too much of what I shouldn’t have seen. Alas…why am I so unlucky?”

As soon as Lele covered herself, she took a broad stride towards Yi Ping and gave him a tight slap!

Her slap was not light as Yi Ping was sent flying off backward!

She immediately looked around for her long black scythe as she lifted it up expertly with her slender fingers as she looked murderous at Yi Ping.

Just as she took another step, Yi Ping was startled as he said. “Lele, you…”

Lele said coldly, “Do you think you deserve to call me by my name? Call me the Joyous Goddess. So you want to beg for mercy now? Then you shouldn’t have begun with what you did.”

Yi Ping broke into a cold sweat as he said nervously, “I know I deserve to die but I really do not know what has happened…I really don’t know. But you…”

Lele said coldly, “Call me the Joyous Goddess. I do have a name.”

Yi Ping smiled bitterly as he said, “Joyous Goddess, you can move now? Your injuries are healed?”

Lele was startled as she immediately touched her abdomen as she thought, “Weird. My wounds have healed.”

She turned and looked at Yi Ping and noticed that his injuries on his face had also faded as she thought, “This icy lake is able to treat injuries?”

Once she had composed herself and was glad that her injuries had healed, she begun to look at Yi Ping intently as she thought, “He has violated me. No matter, I have to slice him to pieces or else it is hard to stomach my rage.”

But when she looked at Yi Ping benevolent expression and the righteous air around him, her heart beat escalated and her fingers were actually trembling. She thought, “Did I make a mistake?”

She tried hard to remember what had happened. All of a sudden, she gasped as she took a step back as she recalled silently, “I have fainted before I cloth myself…”

Lele was confused as she said silently to herself, “This Yi Ping may be your nemesis. You have never been injured so grievously before. The first time you have met him, you have sustained a terrible wound. Next, you almost die with him when you fall into the deep ravine. Why is your luck so down when you are with him? You hate him but why your heart hesitates to kill him immediately?”

She softened her gaze shyly as she lowered her scythe, “Did you or did you not violate me?”

Yi Ping said, “I really did not. I can swear to the heavens…”

Lele interrupted, “You lie…and you have just sworn to the heavens…”

Yi Ping was startled, “I did? I did not…”

Lele said coldly, “You still dare to deny. You have violated me with your eyes and you have looked at me lustfully…”

Yi Ping smiled bitterly as he thought, “If I violated you with my thoughts, then it is counted too?”

Lele said, “You must be thinking that if you violated me with my thoughts, is it counted too? Of course it does, no matter what forms it takes.”

Yi Ping was startled, “You can read my thoughts?!”

Lele said coldly, “So you admit that you have violated me with your thoughts?”

Yi Ping was stunned. The more explanations that he had given, the murkier was the pool!

Lele sighed softly as she said, “From now on, I will follow you and you will follow me. We are a couple now. You have destroyed my honor, surely you are not thinking of shrinking from what you did?”

Yi Ping was startled as he muttered in utter confusion, “I have destroyed her honor…I’m a rascal. But I don’t know what is really happening. Why is she not wearing anything earlier?”

He quickly said, “Joyful Goddess, I am not a good man and there are too many entangle romances that are giving me the headache already…”

Lele interrupted, “Lele! You forget that Lele is my name.”

Yi Ping smiled bitterly, “Lele then…listen to me…”

Lele smiled at him, “Very well, let settle this then. From now on, you will be my consort. Where I go, you will follow me. As for your troublesome entangle whatever romances, I will help you to severe it. Anyone that tries to get close to you will have to first endure my wrath.”

Yi Ping quickly said, “I didn’t agree. They are my friends…”

Lele looked at him melancholy as her tears flowed down silently, “You…you…are such a heartless man. I have pledged myself to you and yet you keep rejecting my advances. Am I wrong? You are the one that have violated me and you didn’t want to be my consort…”

Yi Ping was startled, “I mean, I don’t want you to hurt them and why must I be your consort? I have never heard of a man becoming a consort to a woman…”

Lele looked at him with hurtful eyes, “You don’t want to be my consort, very well then I will be your consort!”

Yi Ping was feeling dazed. Somehow she did not seem to understand what he was trying to say or she did not even bother to try to know.

As he tried to protest once again, she had flown into his embrace as she smiled blissfully, “Yi Ping…”

When he looked into her eyes, his vision became a blur as she kissed him gently…

Lele said slowly in an enticing manner, “From now on, your heart belongs to me only. You shall think of no other maidens. You only have me in your heart and you will love me whole-heartedly…”

All of a sudden, Yi Ping sensed that something was amiss as his entire body became weak; his strength had departed from him and he could not focus anymore. He tried to shake his head furiously but his mind was completely blank!

Lele was kissing him nervously and her fingers in his body. The very next thing he could remember was that he was not wearing anything and Lele was shyly removing her own clothes. Before he knew what was happening, he had passed out.

When Yi Ping regained his consciousness with a throbbing headache, he could sniff the sweet fragrance scent of Lele who was lying beside him. She was naked and was saying shyly to him, “You have awakened? From now on, we are a couple. You must love me wholeheartedly or I will be surely heartbroken. We can flee from the Celestial Palace…”

Yi Ping was horrified as he quickly pushed her to a side, stunning Lele.

Yi Ping shockingly asked, “We….you…you and I….I…no…we…did we…!?”

He had realized that they were totally naked and he was embracing Lele in an intimately manner.

Lele was equally stunned at Yi Ping’s expressions as she said with utter disbelief, “You…you…no, that is not supposed to happen…aren’t you under my…why are you still able to…”

Yi Ping quickly composed himself with the Absolute Spirits as he said nervously, “Lele, why are you not wearing anything?”

Lele was blushing so much that all she could say was, “You…are even worst. You are also not wearing anything!”

Yi Ping was dazzled and his face had turned totally red as he tried to cover himself as much as possible.

Lele had never expected her Bewitching Soul Seizing Skill to fail. It was because she had been extremely confident in her internal strength and her charms. Moreover this type of Bewitching Soul Seizing Skill was the highest order in mesmerizing that requires her to sacrifice her very own chastity. Unless she reversed it, Yi Ping would be totally enthralled by her and be obedient to her. The bad part of this skill was that the enthralled person would lose their free will and would not be their normal self again. The objective of this skill was to cause utter obedient in the target.

So imagine Lele’s surprise as she said with shock, “You not supposed to be surprised…”

Lele did not know that there was another person that knew the Bewitching Soul Seizing Skill and that was Lie Qing. Lie Qing’s mastery of this long lost skill was even more astonishing than her. She had been using her Bewitching Soul Seizing Skill on Yi Ping and Xiao Youxue subtly for months but it would always fail on them.

It was because the both of them had already attained past the stage of ‘Indestructible Will’ of the Absolute Spirits. Therefore no matter how much efforts Lie Qing tried to bend their wills to her, it would always fail. In the end, she gave up and had really fallen in love with Yi Ping.

Lele was overtly confident and had used the Bewitching Soul Seizing Skill on Yi Ping to capture his heart. It was because she did not really want to kill Yi Ping but was afraid of getting hurt. Therefore she would rather turn Yi Ping into her puppet than being rejected by him.

It was also her overtly confident that caused her to be fatally wounded by Yuan Shao.

In so short a time, her self-confident had suffered a huge plunge. She had never felt so low and vulnerable before, not since the time of the Divine Calamity. She had lost her chastity for nothing…

Yi Ping was even more startled as he had a sudden nose bled, “Lele…you better cover yourself because I am really surprise…”

Lele gasped as she quickly grabbed her clothes as her ears turned really red as she sobbed inconsolably, “I really need to dig a hole to hide myself. Look at what you have done…”

Her sorrows and distresses were so heartbreaking that Yi Ping was feeling extremely awkward and miserable.

Before Yi Ping had realized it, he was already pulling Lele’s hands and holding her in his embrace as he comforted her, “Don’t cry, Lele…”

Lele looked forlornly for a long time at Yi Ping with brimming eyes as she tightened her grip around him.