Wuxia Manual update: Duan Yu

I’ve updated the Duan Yu article Duan Yu in our Wuxia Manual, also known as our wuxia wiki for those of you who are new. There’s a lot of changes made, mostly additions.

Let me know who I should write about next.


  • Completed the Biography section covering all major events throughout the novel. I only managed to write till him meeting Mu Wanqing in the previous version.
  • Rewrote the personality
  • Added more information about his three epic feats under Martial Arts abilities.
  • Added Yiyang Finger and poison immunity to his Martial Arts abilities.
  • Added commentaries to the Behind the Scenes section.
  • Added a section on revisions between the Second and Third Editions under the Behind the Scenes section.

Footnotes and references will be added along the way as I go through updating the rest of the Wuxia Manual entries. I hope this kind of content is something wuxia fans find valuable.

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As always, let me know if you spot any errors or notice anything missing. The biography section definitely needs more details and I think we can slowly polish with more feedback.