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  • Beggars’ Guild


    Beggars’ Guild

    Beggars’ Guild Beggars’ Guild (丐帮; Gàibāng) was a fraternity organisation for beggars. The Guild was the largest organisation in the lands with over ten million of members. Its membership extended across both banks of the Yangtze River, within and beyond the Shanhai Pass to the east and Jiayu Pass to the west. With its massive…

  • Wuxia Manual update: Duan Yu

    I’ve updated the Duan Yu article Duan Yu in our Wuxia Manual, also known as our wuxia wiki for those of you who are new. There’s a lot of changes made, mostly additions. Let me know who I should write about next. Changes: Completed the Biography section covering all major events throughout the novel. I…