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  • Leisurely ride on a shark. Original translation by Foxs Huang Rong saw Ouyang Feng carry his mud-drenched nephew to the shore, his face was beaming happily from ear to ear but never uttering any word reflecting his thankfulness to Guo Jing and herself. She pulled the sleeve of Guo Jing’s clothes and they returned to […]

  • Huge rock of a thousand jun. Original translation by Foxs Ouyang Feng felt his the surroundings become hotter and the deck of the boat was shaking trememdously and he knew the boat would sink any moment. But Hong Qigong was attacking more furiously and did not slacken his pace so if he did not use […]

  • Fake scriptures of Nine Yin. Original translation by Foxs Hong Qigong and Guo Jing saw that Ouyang Feng uncle and nephew led Zhou Botong to a cabin in the back; while they were taken to a different cabin to change their clothes. Four white-dressed maidens served them. Hong Qigong laughed, “The Old Beggar has not […]

  • A shiver of sharks in the big waves. Original translation by Foxs Not in his wildest dreams did Hong Qigong think the memorization contest would end up this way. Guo Jing could beat Ouyang Ke and make him roll around on the ground seventeen, eighteen times would be ten times more believable to him. He […]

  • The Legend of the Condor Heroes – Chapter 18


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    The cripples of Wuhu. Original translation by Sunnysnow Guo Jing went toward where the snake noise came from. After dozens of steps under the bright moonlight he saw millions of green snakes crawling together as a flock. There were more than ten men wearing white clothes carrying long poles herding the snakes. Guo Jing gulped; […]

  • Ambidextrous fighting. Original translation by Sunnysnow “Did you think my martial brother had become a ghost?” asked Zhou Botong, “Or did you think he came back to life again? No not at all. He was faking dead.” “Ah!” Guo Jing gasped. “Faking dead?” “Yes,” Zhou Botong answered. “A few days before he died, my martial […]

  • Scriptures of the Nine Yin. Original translation by foxs Guo Jing and Huang Rong left the Cheng’s residence and were very tired since they have not had any sleep for the rest of the night. They had wanted to go back to the inn to rest, but suddenly heard the sound of hoof beats came […]

  • Divine dragon shakes its tail. Original translation by foxs A moment later Lu Guanying remembered their other guests; he helped Wanyan Kang to stand up but he could not move because his acupoints were still sealed; only his two eyes were rolling. “I have accepted your Master’s request, you may go,” Lu Chengfeng said. He […]

  • Master of Taohua Island. Original translation by foxs What he saw was six people – five men and one woman entering the hall, they were the Six Freaks of Jiangnan. They have been wandering around the north and south, and on that particular day had arrived at the Tai Lake, where they met some Jianghu […]

  • The three test questions. Original translation by Sunnysnow When Huang Rong returned back to the inn for the night, she though in her heart how she had done a good deed and was extremely delighted. Following that, she fell into a sweet sleep, and told Guo Jing all about it when she awoke the next […]