DSDG Character


Xuzhu was a monk from the Shaolin Sect with a kind-hearted and submissive nature. He believes strongly in following the Buddhist code of conduct and refuses to break it even when faced with life-threatening situations.… Read More »Xuzhu

Xiao Feng

Xiao Feng was the charismatic chief of the Beggars’ Sect and possessed strong leadership qualities, and exceptional prowess in martial arts. He falls from grace after he is revealed to be a Khitan, and after… Read More »Xiao Feng

Duan Yu

Duan Yu Name Duan Yu Nickname Foolish Boy Posthumous name Xuanren Emperor of Dali Affiliation Imperial family of Dali KingdomZhangmen of the Tiannan Duan Clan Shifu None Disciple Third Brother Yue Family Duan Yanqing (Biological… Read More »Duan Yu