Tag: A Martial Odyssey

  • Gongsun Jing Yi Ping did not know how long he had been wandering since he had left the Eternal Ice Palace. Was it days, weeks or months? He could not really remember. That was because all he could remember on the eve of leaving the Eternal Ice Palace, was that he got very drunk; Very […]

  • Jade and Beautiful Sword Fairies When Yi Ping regained his consciousness, he found himself in a large feathery bed. The bed was fragrant and comfortable. He could not believe such a comfortable bed could actually exist. He was feeling so relax in the bed that he did not want to wake up. “Protégé Master, you […]

  • The Battle at Mount Heavenly At the lofty peaks of the Heavenly Mountains, more than fifty pugilists from different sects and clans had gathered. There were sect emblems and heraldries of all kinds. After many difficulties, they had gathered together and there seemed to be an uneasy alliance if it exists at all. Their goals […]

  • The Icy Heavenly Tears Yi Ping said to Shui Yixian, “Xian’Er, now that we have almost recovered from our injuries, we should leave the mountains and head south. There are many top exponents like Huo Fu that have gathered here. You are from the Eternal Ice Palace and the way home is no longer safe […]

  • The Celestial Fairy When Yi Ping regained his consciousness, he found himself in what seemed to be a dimly lit cave. His first thoughts were that he had already died and he was in hell. But when he saw that his wounds had already been dressed and that he was aching painfully, he knew that […]

  • The Mysterious Lady in Yellow The secular sect Eternal Ice Palace was one of the three most influential outer fraternity clans in the martial fraternity. It was located on top of the misty mountains of the Heavenly Mountains in the far north of the northern fraternity. At the top of the Heavenly Mountains was a […]