Sword of the Yue Maiden Third Edition completed

It is rather fitting that I write this as I sit near Lake Tai in Wuxi. The very Lake Tai where the battles between the Yue and Wu waged thousands of years ago. The struggle in Jiangsu during the Spring and Autumn period that Jin Yong depicted in the Sword of the Yue Maiden. Wuxi where the state of Wu stood.

The Sword of the Yue Maiden translation is the first novel to be completely translated in-house. This means it comes with notes to help readers better understand the historical background of the characters and locations, something that I feel is important since Jin Yong was inspired by the myth of the Yue Maiden. He also researched historical texts to be able to paint a picture of what things could have been during the Spring and Autumn period.

The key characters in the story besides the titular Yue Maiden are Fuchai, Goujian, Wen Zhong, Fan Li, and Xi Shi. Jin Yong also made references to other notable figures who lived during that time, including Wu Zixu, Sun Tzu, Gan Jiang, Mo Ye, Ou Yezi, Feng Huzi, Xue Zhu, and others.

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