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We have two translations of the Sword of the Yue Maiden on WuxiaSociety.

The older translation was originally published on another site by an anonymous translator, and was later reposted here in 2015.

The new translation is a WuxiaSociety translation done by Jenxi in 2022. It is an ongoing work and you can support it by donating.

WuxiaSociety translation

Older edition


20 April 2022

  • Added Part 1 of the in-house translation
  • Translation of parts the the previous translator glossed over.
  • Corrected wrong translation of the Wu and Yue swordsmen’s clothing.
    • Swordsman in blue” actually wears black. It is a very commonly seen bad translation of the term 青, which means black in older times but have come to mean green and blue nowadays.
    • “Liveried swordsman” wears clothes with brocade, a common uniform for guards of kings and emperors.

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