The Legend of the Condor Heroes – Chapter 28

On Tiezhang Peak.

Original translation by Foxs

At this time Lu Youjiao was having a debate with the other 3 elders. He said, “We have yet to learn the truth, so we should question them in more detail to determine the fate of our Clan Leader.” The Clean-Faction 3rd Elder said, “We have already established our new Clan Leader, how can we change that at our whim? The rules established on the founding of our Clan states that we must never disobey the orders of our Clan Leader.” The 4 Elders were having a heated argument. Lu Youjiao’s fingers were broken and he bit his teeth to bear the pain but showed no sign of backing down. The Clean-Faction 3rd Elder made a hand sign and walked over to Yang Kang. Elder Peng said loudly, “We only trust Leader Yang. This evil girl helped cause the death of Leader Hong and cunningly escaped death, yet she’s still here talking rubbish. Don’t pay attention to her. Brothers, let’s torture her till she confesses.” Guo Jing jumped up and shouted, “Who dares touch her?” No one dared make a move on seeing his imposing figure. Qiu Qianren and his followers stood a distance away as they stood on the fence, taking delight in the Beggars’ Clan’s internal conflict. Huang Rong said clearly, “Leader Hong is now in the palace in Lin’an enjoying the Imperial Chef’s food and is unable to reveal his identity. Hence he tasked me with the responsibility of this Clan’s Leadership. When he’s done savouring the food, he will naturally return.” All the members of the Beggars’ Clan knew about Hong Qigong’s gluttony and felt there was much truth in her words, but still could hardly believe that such a young lass could be their new Leader.

Huang Rong continued, “This thief of the Jin Kingdom conspired with the Iron Palm Sect to harm me and steal the Clan Leader’s Dog-Beating Stick, yet you people don’t attempt to shed light on the truth? Our 4 Elders are very experienced and knowledgeable, yet how was it possible for them to fail to see through such a simple ploy?” When they heard her, the clan members looked at their 4 Elders with doubt.

At this point Yang Kang could only stubbornly maintain his stand, saying, “You claim that Leader Hong is still alive, so why did he want you to be the Clan Leader? How do you prove your claim?” Huang Rong waved the bamboo stick, saying, “This is the Clan Leader’s Dog-Beating Stick, isn’t this proof enough?” Yang Kang laughed loudly, “Ha ha, this was originally mine and you snatched it away in front of everyone just moments ago. What ‘proof’ is this?” Huang Rong smiled, “If Leader Hong handed the Dog-Beating Stick to you, why didn’t he teach you the Dog-Beating Skill too? If he did, how could I have snatched the Dog-Beating Stick from you?” When Yang Kang heard her mention the ‘Dog-Beating Stick’ 4 times, he felt that she made a blunder and he bellowed, “This is the token of authority of this Clan; what ‘Dog-Beating Stick’? How dare you insult the treasure of this Clan?” He thought that his words could please the Beggars’ Clan members but he was unaware that this stick was actually called the ‘Dog-Beating Stick’. The 2 beggars with him deeply respected the Dog-Beating Stick and did not dare mention the name to him during their journey. Yang Kang had clearly showed his ignorance on the bamboo stick’s name, and the Clan members all glared at him with displeasure. Yang Kang realized that he had said something wrong but could never have guessed that his mistake lay in the fact that the immensely important bamboo stick did actually have such an uncouth name. Huang Rong smiled, “Treasure? Take it if you like.” She held the stick out for him.

Yang Kang was delighted and wanted to take it but was afraid of Guo Jing. Elder Peng said, “Leader, we’ll protect you. Take it first.” Yang Kang jumped up with Elder Jian and Elder Liang. Lu Youjiao saw that Huang Rong was alone and jumped up too. He thought, “Though my fingers are broken, I still have my legs. My name Lu Youjiao (Lu Has Legs) is not for nothing.”

Huang Rong gallantly handed the bamboo stick over to Yang Kang. He was wary of her and made sure his vital organs were protected before taking the stick. Huang Rong let go of the stick and laughed, “Are you holding it tightly yet?” Yang Kang said sharply, “What?” Huang Rong suddenly laid her left hand on the stick and shot her leg up. She tossed the stick down and said, “Once you’ve held it properly, I’ll snatch it again.” Elder Jian waved his sleeve and retrieved the stick. This move was clean and fast, and the beggars around cheered. Elder Jian then handed it back to Yang Kang. He gripped it and thought, “Unless you chop off my hand, you’re not going to snatch it again.”

Huang Rong laughed, “When Chief Hong handed this stick to you, didn’t he teach you to hold it properly so that others wouldn’t snatch it easily?” The crowd laughed as Elder Jian and Elder Liang moved in front of Yang Kang. Elder Jian’s leg moved out as he tried to grab her but Huang Rong used a leaping technique from Hong Qigong’s ‘Carefree Boxing’. She moved like a swallow, causing Elder Jian to grab thin air even though he was so close to her. His heart trembled slightly just as he heard the bamboo stick swishing towards their legs. The 2 Elders jumped away to avoid the strike. Huang Rong laughed, “Pardon me, but the name of this stroke is ‘Rod Hitting 2 Dogs’!” Her white sleeve floated as she stood at the edge, the bright green bamboo stick glowing radiantly in her hand. This time she had moved even faster and no one could see what strokes she used. Guo Jing cheered, “Who did Chief Hong teach the ‘Dog-Beating Skill’ now? Isn’t this clear enough?” The beggars gathered around had seen her snatch the stick trice, each time faster than the previous, and they started debating among themselves. Lu Youjiao said clearly, “Brothers, this lady’s strokes are indeed from our Chief’s martial arts.” The 3 Elders looked at each other. Knowing Hong Qigong for so many years, they knew that it was indeed from his martial arts. Elder Jian said, “Since she’s our old Chief’s disciple, it’s natural that she knows some of his skills.” Lu Youjiao said, “We also know that the ‘Dog-Beating Skill’ is taught exclusively to our Clan Leaders only.” Elder Jian laughed coldly, “That lass learnt some weapon-snatching skills, and though she’s pretty good, how can it be proven that this is actually the ‘Dog-Beating Skill’?”

Lu Youjiao also had his doubts and said, “OK, young lady, please display the ‘Dog-Beating Skill’ for all to see, and if it’s really genuine, all the beggars will be convinced.” Elder Jian said, “We’ve all heard about this skill, but none of us has actually seen it in action. How do we know if it’s genuine?” Lu Youjiao asked, “What do you suggest?” Elder Jian clapped his hands and said loudly, “If this lady is able to defeat my ‘Pork Palms’ with the ‘Dog-Beating Skill’, I shall recognize her as our Chief. Should I have any 2nd thoughts, may my body be pierced with a thousand knives and arrows.” Lu Youjiao protested, “Hey, you’re a top expert in this Clan with your name known in Jiang Hu for 20 years now. How old is this lady? She’s new to this skill, how can she be a match for your decades of experience?” As they were arguing, Elder Liang became impatient and jumped towards Huang Rong, shouting, “The truth about the ‘Dog-Beating Skill’ shall be known now! En garde!” His sabre chopped trice through the air, the cold light glinting on the blade. The chops were fast and fierce, yet they avoided her body with the accuracy of an expert. Huang Rong stuffed the bamboo stick in her belt and without moving her feet, she avoided the chops. She laughed, “With you, why do I need the ‘Dog-Beating Skill’?” Her left hand started her stroke while her right hand tried to snatch his sabre with brute force.

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