The Legend of the Condor Heroes – Chapter 23

Huang Rong realized this kind of treatment was similar with meditation to cultivate someone’s martial art. Before reaching satisfactory result one could not experience any external intervention. Otherwise, the mind would be either disturbed with bad thoughts or would be out of control. Unavoidably the result would be fire deviation; not only the whole energy cultivation would be wasted, in the least the person would suffered injury, at the most, dead. That was the reason warriors who cultivate internal energy would always find a secluded and inhabited mountain or field; or closing their doors without coming out; or have a skilled and powerful master or friend protecting on the sideline to avoid their training going astray.

She thought, “In this short moment it’s difficult to find a peace and quiet place; while I am the only one who can help him treating his injury. It’s impossible to rely on this Shagu to guard against external disturbance; she could come and create and endless disturbance herself. If only Big Brother Zhou came back. But then I don’t think he will be able to set his mind to guard us for seven days and seven nights; success won’t be guaranteed, messed up things will be more likely. So what should I do?”

She mused over this matter for a long time; then she glanced over to the bowl in the cabinet. An idea came into her mind, “I got it. We can hide inside this secret room. In the past Mei Chaofeng practiced martial art without anybody protecting her. Didn’t she hide herself up in a cave?”

It was now dawn; Shagu went to the kitchen and cooked some rice porridge for these two people to eat. “Brother Jing,” Huang Rong said, “Wait here for a moment, I am going to buy some food, and then we can start your treatment immediately.”

She thought presently the weather was blisteringly hot, if she cooked some rice and dishes, they would definitely rot if left in the room for seven days and nights; thereupon she went to the village market to buy a picul [approximately 50 kg or 100 lbs] of watermelon.

The farmer who sold the watermelon brought everything back to Shagu’s inn and heaped them on the ground. After receiving the money, on the way out he said, “Our Ox Village’s watermelon is sweet and crispy; once Miss taste it you will agree with me.”

Hearing the three characters ‘niu jia cun’ [ox village], Huang Rong’s heart skipped a beat. “Turned out this is the Ox Village,” she said in her heart, “This is Brother Jing’s hometown.” She was afraid if Guo Jing found out his mind would be disturbed; therefore, she replied perfunctorily.

She waited until that villager went out to go into the inner chamber to take a look. Guo Jing was asleep; blood no longer seeped out through the cotton cloth wrapped around his waist. Huang Rong opened up the cabinet and turned the iron bowl to open the secret chamber door; and then she brought the watermelons one by one inside. At last the only thing remained outside was Shagu. Huang Rong repeatedly warned Shagu not to tell anybody they would be staying inside the chamber; that no matter what kind of earth shattering things happened, she was not supposed to call out from outside.

Shagu did not understand her intention, but seeing Huang Rong’s serious expression, she said she understood; repeatedly nodded her head to give her promise. “You want to eat watermelon inside; you don’t want anybody to know. After you finish eating watermelon, you will come back out again. Shagu will not tell.”

Huang Rong was happy, “Shagu won’t tell, Shagu is a good girl,” she said, “If Shagu tell, Shagu is a bad girl.”

“Shagu won’t tell, Shagu is a good girl,” Shagu repeatedly said.

Huang Rong fed Guo Jing another big bowl of rice porridge, she also ate one bowl; and then she helped him entering the secret chamber. When she was closing the door from inside, she saw Shagu’s simple expression showing a smile. Shagu said, “Shagu won’t tell.”

Suddenly Huang Rong’s heart was moved, “This girl is so dumb; what if every time she meet someone she say, ‘Those two eat watermelon inside the cabinet, Shagu won’t tell.’? The only way to ensure our safety is to kill her.”

She grew up under her father’s way of life; benevolence and justice, differences between good and evil don’t matter to them. Although she knew this Shagu had a very close relationship with Qu Lingfeng, right at that moment she presented a danger to Guo Jing’s life. Even if there were a dozen more Shagus, she would kill them all.

She took the dagger that was in Guo Jing’s waist and walked out to leave the room.

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