The Legend of the Condor Heroes – Chapter 23

When Guo Jing and Huang Rong were hiding behind the fake hill, they heard Wanyan Honglie’s order to the people to come into the cave and steal the book. They thought if the Wumu Legacy were obtained by him, the Jin army could follow Yue Wumu’s military strategy to invade the south; then it would be disastrous. They realized that Ouyang Feng was around and that they were not his match, but if they did not bravely step forward, how could they bear it if the common people of the world suffer a disaster?

At first Huang Rong wanted to find a way to scare these people away, but Guo Jing saw the situation was critical; they did not have time to hesitate. Immediately he pulled Huang Rong’s hand and slipped behind the waterfall. They were hoping for an opportunity to set up an ambush and attack Ouyang Feng by surprise. Luckily the waterfall’s rumbling noise was so loud that nobody noticed their movements.

Two people did all they can to repel Sha Tongtian and the others. They were pleasantly surprised with the result; did not expect the Manual’s ‘changing muscles forging bones’ to be that marvelous. Huang Rong’s ‘dog-beating stick’ had infinite variations, almost fantastical, that even men of Sha Tongtian and Venerable Lingzhi’s caliber were thrown into confusion and helplessness. Guo Jing would take advantage of the situation to send out his palm, as a result they managed to throw everybody out of the waterfall.

Guo Jing and Huang Rong knew that as Sha Tongtian and the others were defeated, Ouyang Feng would go into action; and that they absolutely could not fight against him. “Let us get out of here quick!” Huang Rong said, “We have to raise the alarm, let the palace guards come over and prevent these people to act further.”

“That’s right!” Guo Jing said, “You go out and raise the alarm. I am staying here to guard.”

“You must not fight the Old Poison,” Huang Rong said.

“Yes. Now go! Go!” Guo Jing said.

Huang Rong just about to go out through the hole behind the waterfall when suddenly they heard a loud grunt; a great burst of energy came through the waterfall from the outside. Two people did not dare to block, they leaped sideways to evade. With a loud sound the Ouyang Feng’s Toad Stance energy penetrated the waterfall and hit the iron gate. The water splashed everywhere, the momentum was astonishing.

Although Huang Rong managed to leap sideways, but her back was still hit by the Toad Stance’s lateral force; she felt her blood was rushing and her vision blurred. She tried to focus her attention and then dashing outside and shouted at the top of her lungs, “Seize the assassin! Seize the assassin!” She ran away while repeatedly shouting.

As she shouted, the palace guards all around ‘cui han tang’ were startled awake; immediately there came shouting everywhere, raising the alarm. Huang Rong jumped up the roof, picked up the roof tiles and ‘Bing! Bing! Bang! Bang!” threw the tiles randomly.

“Kill this little girl first, then we’ll talk,” Peng Lianhu cursed. Launching his lightness kungfu he gave a chase. Liang Ziweng jumped to the left, trying to surround her.

Wanyan Honglie was still calm, he said to Yang Kang, “Kang’er, go with Mr. Ouyang to get the book.”

By that time Ouyang Feng had already squatted on the ground in front of the waterfall. With another grunt he sent another burst of energy and the double iron gate on the cave mouth flew in. He was about to enter the cave when suddenly from the side a shadow came attacking. Before the person even arrived, his palm had already come; launching the dangerous stance of ‘fei long zai tian’ [dragon flies to the sky]. Although in that dark cave he could not clearly see that person’s appearance, as soon as he saw the stance he knew it must be Guo Jing. He was delighted, “That Nine Yin Manual is exceptionally difficult to understand, I only understand two out of ten sentences. If I can capture this kid today, I can force him to explain it.” He leaned sideways to evade the attack then swiftly stretched out his hand trying to snatch Guo Jing’s back.

Guo Jing determined that no matter what he had to do guard the entrance, he could not let the enemy enter. As long as he could hold for a moment, the palace guards would come over; although this group of traitors’ martial arts was high, eventually they have to run away. He was slightly puzzled to see Ouyang Feng did not try to kill him but just want to capture him. His left hand swept the attacking hand away and his right hand counterattacked with the Vacant Fist technique. Even though in term of strength this technique was inferior to the 18-Dragon Subduing Palms, using Vacant Fist his palms were floating with tricky movements.

“Good!” Ouyang Feng exclaimed. He dropped his shoulder and withdrew his hand; trying to catch Guo Jing’s right arm. His hand did not carry the gust of wind that came with his swift and ferocious force.

When he was on the desolate island Ouyang Feng studied the Manual Guo Jing wrote, the more he practiced it the more he felt something was wrong. It never crossed his mind that the Manual in his hand was scrambled to the point of intelligible; he thought that the Manual carried a very deep and profound meaning, which could not be deciphered in a short period of time. Later on he heard Hong Qigong mumbling some gibberish on the raft; he thought that was the key to understanding the Manual. Every time he met Guo Jing he noticed that his martial art was always progressing, he was startled yet delighted at the same time: startled that if this kid’s skill made this kind of advancement, then the power contained in the Manual was truly something to be feared; delighted because the Manual was in his hand; by strengthening his own background, his advancement in the future would be limitless.

Previously on the raft he fought a life and death battle against two enemies; this time he felt that he had gained an upper hand, he wanted to fight leisurely. He thought he would be able to tear apart the manual by watching Guo Jing’s every single move. He did not care whether the Wumu Legacy could be stolen or not; in his heart the only important matter right now was the martial art in the Manual.

By now the light from the lanterns all around had made the ‘cui han tang’ bright as daylight as more and more palace guards arrived. Wanyan Honglie saw Ouyang Feng and Yang Kang had entered the water curtain for a very long time without coming back out, while the palace guards had gathered around them. He was getting increasingly anxious; fortunately the guards’ attention was absorbed by Peng Lianhu and Liang Ziweng on the roof chasing after Huang Rong, oblivious that there was a bigger fight going on inside the waterfall. He realized, however, that sooner or later the guards’ would detect their presence there. He stomped his feet and waved his hands incessantly, while urgently called out, “Quick! Quick!”

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