The Legend of the Condor Heroes – Chapter 22

Ouyang Feng ordered the sailors to change the rudder to intercept that fast boat. Two boats gradually came closer to each other. On the bow of that fast boat stood a man wearing a dark green long robe, in his hand was indeed a flute. He called out loudly, “Feng Xiong, have you seen my daughter?”

“Your daughter has a very strong temperament, how can I dare to provoke her?” Ouyang Feng replied.

Two boats were several ‘zhang’s apart; nobody saw that man moved his body and jumped, yet they saw a blur shadow, and that man had already standing on the big boat’s deck.

As Wanyan Honglie saw his marvelous skill, his desire to recruit warriors arose; he stepped forward to welcome the guest, saying, “What is your surname, Sir? I am very fortunate to receive your visit.” Considering his lofty position as a prince of the Great Jin, he was being unusually modest; but upon seeing he was wearing a Jin country official’s costume, that man only gave him a blank stare, apparently did not pay any attention to him.

Seeing the prince did not get the attention he deserved Ouyang Feng said, “Yao Xiong, let me present to you the Sixth Prince of the Great Jin, Prince Zhao.” To Wanyan Honglie he said, “This is the Master of the Peach Blossom Island, the number one martial artist in the world, his knowledge is unparalleled.”

Peng Lianhu and the others were so shocked that they involuntarily withdrew several steps back. They knew from the start that Huang Rong’s father was a very fierce devil; the Twin Killers of the Dark Wind were his renegade disciples, yet they were able to shake the Jianghu with their might, the face of the people of the Wulin world would change color whenever their names were mentioned. If the disciples were this fierce, how much more would be their master? This time he appeared to create trouble for sure, they thought; everybody remembered that they have offended his daughter. Therefore, everybody’s heart was filled with fear and nobody dared to make a sound.

When his daughter ran away, Huang Yaoshi knew she must be looking for Guo Jing. Initially he was angry and ignored her. But a few days later he became worried, he was afraid she would find Guo Jing on the special ship he built and thus went down to the bottom of the sea together. He was worried to the death for his daughter, so he decided to go out to the sea and search for her.

Knowing they were returning to the mainland, he decided to head to the west. But looking for a boat in a boundless sea was truly easier said than done. Even though Huang Yaoshi possessed an extraordinary intelligence, but after going back and forth searching he could not see even her shadow. That particular day backed by his strong internal energy he played his flute at the bow of his boat, with the hope that his daughter would hear and responded; unexpectedly it was Ouyang Feng whom he met.

Huang Yaoshi and Peng Lianhu and the others did not know each other. Hearing Ouyang Feng say that this person was a prince of the Jin, he did not want to stay much longer; he cupped his fists across his chest and said to Ouyang Feng, “Brother needs to continue my search for my daughter; I apologize for not accompanying you much longer.” Then he turned around to leave.

Venerable Lingzhi was just angered by Ouyang Feng and Zhou Botong, and now he saw another extremely arrogant and impolite person coming on board. He heard what Ouyang Feng had said, but he thought, “Could it be that there are so many highly skilled people in this world? Most likely these people knew some witchcraft and deceived others with their demonical ability. Let me try, perhaps I can deceive him as well.” Hence seeing Huang Yaoshi was about to leave with a loud voice he said, “Are you looking for a fifteen, sixteen years old young lady?”

Huang Yaoshi paused and turned around with a happy expression on his face, “Yes Reverend, did you see her?”

Venerable Lingzhi coldly replied, “I did see a young lady, but the one I saw was dead one, not a live one.”

Huang Yaoshi’s heart turned cold, “What?” he quickly asked, his voice was trembling.

Venerable Lingzhi replied, “About three days ago I saw a body of a young girl floating on the surface of the sea. She was wearing white clothes with a gold ring on her hair; originally her face must be so pretty. Ay! What a pity, what a pity! What a pity her body was swollen by the seawater.” What he described was exactly Huang Rong’s clothes and adornments, every single one was accurate.

Huang Yaoshi’s mind was greatly troubled, his body shook, his face turned pale; a moment later he asked, “Are you telling me the truth?”

Everybody else clearly saw Huang Rong boarded the small boat just a moment ago; now they heard how Venerable Lingzhi was deceiving this man, taking pleasure in other’s misfortune; but even as they saw Huang Yaoshi’s grieving face, nobody made any sound.

Venerable Lingzhi coldly continued, “Beside that young lady’s body I saw three other corpses; one was of a young man with thick eyebrows and big eyes, the other one was an old beggar with a scarlet wine gourd on his back, and the last one was a white haired old man.” He was describing Guo Jing, Hong Qigong and Zhou Botong, three people.

Reaching this point Huang Yaoshi’s doubt was completely gone; he squinted at Ouyang Feng, thinking, “You knew about my daughter so why you didn’t tell me earlier?”

Ouyang Feng noticed his look and realized his grief has reached its peak so he started to have a murderous intent. Although he himself would not suffer a loss this oncoming force would not be easy to resist; hence he quickly said, “Brother had just come in on board this board today, and it was the first time I met all these people. When this Reverend saw some floating corpses, your daughter was not necessarily among them.” Sighing, he continued, “Your beloved is such a good girl; it is very regrettable if she really died in such a young age. If my nephew found out, he would die of heartbreak.” This speech had shifted the blame from his own shoulder, but clearly did not offend either side.

Listening to Ouyang Feng Huang Yaoshi was completely in shock; his heart sank in an instant. He was of the kind who loved to vent his anger to others; otherwise when the Twin Killers of the Dark Wind stole his manual, why did he break Lu Chengfeng and his other innocent disciple’s legs and expelled them from his school?

This time he felt his chest was icy-cold, but his blood was boiling hot, just like when his beloved wife died some years ago. His hands were trembling, his face turned from snow white to crimson red alternatively.

Everybody was looking at him in silence; their hearts were filled with unspeakable fear. Even Ouyang Feng was anxious; he gathered his ‘qi’ in his ‘dan tian’, his whole body was alert, ready to take any attack. The entire deck was unusually quiet. Suddenly Huang Yaoshi let out a long laugh, it sounded like a never ending dragon roar.

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