The Legend of the Condor Heroes – Chapter 20

Hong Qigong and Guo Jing laughed very hard seeing this chaotic situation they have caused. Guo Jing thought, “If Big Brother Zhou saw this I am sure he would be very happy. Ay! A martial art expert of this age had to die in the sea. With their level of martial art skills Island Master Huang and the Old Poison were still drenched in his urine; while my master’s and my urine did not even touch the Old Poison.”

About four hours later the sky gradually turned dark. The boat crew prepared some banquet tables on the deck; meat and wine flowed freely, the sweet smelling aroma drifted upward attacking Hong Qigong and Guo Jing’s nostrils. Ouyang Feng was really shrewd, how could a glutton like Hong Qigong endure this kind of torture? The gourd on Hong Qigong’s back was empty only a short while later.

That night Hong Qigong and Guo Jing took turn for the night watch duty. On the deck below them the crew lighted up dozens of lanterns, while a flock of snakes staying guard around the mast. They really did not have any chance to break up this formidable defense; certainly they could not urinate all the time.

Hong Qigong cursed Ouyang Feng’s ancestors up to 18 generations, with all the fabricated scandals he could think of, adding some spices to make the scandals more dramatic; but Ouyang Feng did not even go out of his cabin. Hong Qigong cursed until his lips were tired and finally he fell asleep.

Early the next morning Ouyang Feng sent a servant to shout loudly under the mast, “Hong Bangzhu, Guo Xiaoye [Clan Leader Hong, Young Master Guo], Master Ouyang has prepared a superb wine and banquet for you to enjoy; please come down and enjoy it.”

“You go and invite Ouyang Feng to come out, we will serve him our urine!” Hong Qigong shot back.

Not long afterward the banquet table was ready under the mast. The foods were steaming hot, looked like they were fresh out from the kitchen. They prepared two chairs on each side of the table; it appeared they were waiting for Hong Qigong and Guo Jing to come down and enjoy their banquet.

Several times Hong Qigong wanted to slide down the mast and plunder the food, but he knew they must be poisoned, so he had no choice but restrain himself. He was so upset and starting his ‘your mother is a b***ch’ and ‘you are a male dog with bird’s brain’ series of cursing.

On the third day these two people were so hungry and thirsty that their heads started to spin. “If only my female disciple is here,” Hong Qigong sighed, “She is so smart that I am sure she will come out with something to counter the Old Poison’s tactic. All we, master and disciple, can do is just staring and swallow our own saliva.” Guo Jing also sighed.

About noon that day the sun was shining very bright. Suddenly Guo Jing saw two white dots on the horizon. He thought they were a couple of white clouds, but the dots moved way too fast for a cloud. They flew closer and getting bigger and bigger, uttering a loud cry. Turned out they were two white eagles. Guo Jing was ecstatic; he formed a hook with his left fingers and put it in his mouth, whistling repeatedly.

The eagles circled above the boat several times before diving down and perched on Guo Jing’s shoulders. They were indeed the pair of eagles Guo Jing had raised in the Mongolian desert. “Master, could it be Rong’er is sailing this way?” he happily asked.

“That would be wonderful!” Hong Qigong replied, “Too bad these eagles are too small, won’t be able to carry us master and disciple out of here. We are stuck here, at loss of what to do. Quickly tell her to come over here and think of something.”

Guo Jing took out his dagger and cut two pieces about five inches square from the sail and carved out two characters ‘you nan’ [lit. have trouble], and a picture of a gourd. [I don’t know how Guo Jing carve a piece of cloth with his dagger, but that’s what written] Then he strapped those pieces, one on each white eagle’s leg, and said, “Quickly fly back and get Miss Huang to come here.” The white eagles made some chirping sound, stretched their wings, and flew from Guo Jing’s shoulders. They circled the boat once then flew toward the west.

About an hour after the white eagles left, Ouyang Feng again tried to entice Hong Qigong and Guo Jing to come down the mast by preparing another banquet table, loaded with food and wine. Hong Qigong was indignant, “The Old Beggar is a glutton and the Old Poison is using this dirty trick to torture me. I practice martial art my whole life, but I have to admit my spiritual strength is rather lacking. Jing’er, what do you say we go down and beat them up real good?”

“The white eagles have already delivered our letter; I believe the situation will change very soon. Please be patient and wait a little bit longer,” Guo Jing replied.

Hong Qigong smiled. A while later he asked, “Among the world’s bad aroma, what do you say is the worst?”

“I don’t know. What is it?” Guo Jing replied.

“There was one time I had to wander way up north. I was caught in a heavy snowstorm for eight days without any food; not even a squirrel could be found. I wanted to eat tree bark, yet I couldn’t find any either. Randomly I dug around the snow-covered ground and was lucky to find five living things, so I could extend my life another day. The next day I found a yellow wolf and was able to satisfy my hunger.”

“What were those five living things?” Guo Jing asked.

“They were earthworms, fat and juicy earthworms. I just swallow them alive, did not even dare to chew,” Hong Qigong replied.

Guo Jing recalled how the slimy earthworms wiggle, he almost threw-up. Hong Qigong laughed heartily. He intentionally talked about the world’s dirtiest and smelliest things to battle the aroma from food and wine below them. He talked some more and cursed some more, before finally said, “Jing’er, the Old Beggar has eaten earthworms, but there is something even more disgusting than they that the Old Beggar would rather eat my own toes than eating that thing. Do you know what it is?”

Guo Jing smiled, “I know! It’s dung!” he exclaimed.

Hong Qigong shook his head, “No, it is dirtier that that.” He let Guo Jing made some more guesses before bursting out in laughter, “I’ll tell you what it is; the world’s dirtiest and most disgusting thing is the Western Poison Ouyang Feng!”

“Right! Right!” Guo Jing also burst in laughter.

After suffering the whole afternoon, that evening Ouyang Ke came out and stood amidst his flock of vipers. He smiled and said, “Uncle Hong, Brother Guo, my uncle wants to borrow the Nine Yin Manual just to take a look, nothing else.”

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