The Legend of the Condor Heroes – Chapter 20

Ouyang Feng had never seen this mutual hands combat technique before, so he was confused for a moment, giving Guo Jing a chance to send several stances. Talking about true martial art skill, Ouyang Feng was still twice as superior to Guo Jing; only this mutual hands combat technique was so strange to him and it took him by surprise, so Guo Jing was able to gain an upper hand for a while. But the Western Poison Ouyang Feng had enjoyed his title for dozens of years; he was a great martial art master, so he was confused only for a short while but soon had thought of a method to deal with this strange technique. “Ugh!” with a loud grunt both his palms shot forward.

Guo Jing would not be able to block this attack single handedly, he was forced to step back, but behind him a flock of snakes was heard hissing loudly.

“Wonderful, wonderful!” Hong Qigong shouted loudly, “Old poison, you can’t even defeat my disciple; how can you flaunt yourself as a great hero?” With ‘fei long zai tian’ [the dragon flies to the sky] he leaped over both Ouyang Feng and Guo Jing’s heads, toward Ouyang Ke. With one kick he knocked Ouyang Ke down. Hong Qigong then used his elbow and struck Ouyang Ke somersaulting toward Ouyang Feng’s back. Ouyang Feng leaned sideways to avoid his nephew, and because of that Guo Jing was freed from his vicious attack.

“Master’s martial art skill is in par with his, while his nephew’s is below mine; plus, he is wounded. So by two against two, we would certainly win,” Guo Jing thought. His spirit rose, and with renewed vigor his hands and feet attacked Ouyang Feng like a violent storm.

While violently fighting the enemy Hong Qigong opened his eyes wide to all directions. He saw dozens of snakes were approaching Guo Jing’s back; ready to strike. Once Guo Jing got bitten he would certainly die. Hong Qigong anxiously called out, “Jing’er, get out of here, quick!” He increased the intensity of his attack toward Ouyang Feng; forcing him to withdraw from Guo Jing.

Ouyang Feng faced attacks from both his front and rear; he felt quite strenuous. Hong Qigong’s attack had forced him to lean sideways, thus giving Guo Jing an opportunity to dash out of the cabin while Ouyang Feng and Hong Qigong were engaged in a fierce battle again.

In the meantime hundreds of snakes crawling around the deck had surrounded the two of them. “Fighting with pets as your helper? You are shameless!” Hong Qigong mocked, but in his heart he was anxious, since the snakes were countless; they were everywhere. With the dog beating stick in his right hand he crushed dozens of snake’s heads; pulling Guo Jing’s hand they headed for the mast.
Ouyang Feng was secretly alarmed, “Not good! If these two leap to the mast they will be unreachable for a while.” He flew to block them.

Hong Qigong’s both palms made a ferocious chopping motion with a roaring gust of wind. Ouyang Feng’s fist swept horizontally to parry. Guo Jing stepped forward to help his master, but Hong Qigong called out, “Just go to the mast, quick!”

“I want to kill his nephew to avenge Big Brother Zhou,” Guo Jing replied.

“Snake! Snake!” Hong Qigong urgently warned him.

Guo Jing saw vipers all around him slithering about; he did not dare to linger much longer. With the back of his hand he caught Ouyang Ke’s ‘fei yan yin suo’ [lit. flying swallow silver shuttle]; leaping dozens of feet high, his left hand grasped the mast. At that very moment he heard the wind of an incoming projectile, so he shot the ‘yin suo’ in his hand and with a loud clang, two projectiles met midair; both changed direction toward the side of the boat and fell down to the sea. Guo Jing moved his hands and feet and in a short while he had reached the middle of the mast.

Ouyang Feng knew Hong Qigong also want to go up the mast so he intensified his attacks. Even though Hong Qigong was able to hold his ground steadily he could not move toward the mast.

Guo Jing saw the snakes crowding around his master’s feet he was very anxious; with a loud shout he wrapped his legs around the mast and bent his body down. Hong Qigong understood his intention; his left foot kicked the deck, his right foot flew toward Ouyang Feng’s face while extending his dog beating stick toward Guo Jing. Guo Jing grabbed the end of his stick and flung it up. Hong Qigong’s body flew to the air. With a long laughter Hong Qigong’s left hand caught the mast above Guo Jing. This way these two were high in the air looking down to their opponents; thus occupying a superior position.

Ouyang Feng knew that if he climbed the mast he would certainly be at a disadvantage, so he called out loudly, “Very well! We lost this time. Turn the rudder to the east!” With an abrupt turn the boat was sailing to the east.

From high above the deck with their feet on the mast Hong Qigong and Guo Jing saw the snakes were very dense on the deck. Hong Qigong sat comfortably on the sail yardarm; his mouth loudly sang the ‘lian hua luo’ [falling lotus flower], the song beggars sang when begging for food. His face showed complacency, but actually his heart was very anxious. “How long can we stay on this mast?” he wondered, “Even if the Old Poison won’t chop it down we still can’t go down if he did not withdraw the snakes. The two of them can drink wine and sleep, but all the two of us can do up here is eating wind and urinate. That’s it!” As soon as he remembered urinating, he stood up, pulled his pants down and scattered his urine down to the snakes. “Jing’er,” he shouted, “Let those scoundrels drink your urine to their hearts’ content.”

Guo Jing still had his childish character; he followed his master’s instruction while shouting happily, “Please! Be my guests!” Both master and disciple sent their urine down.

“Get the snakes out of here! Quick!” Ouyang Feng barked while at the same time leaped several steps back. He moved so fast that Hong and Guo’s urine did not touch his body. Ouyang Ke, on the other hand, was startled to hear his uncle’s anxious call; some urine drops splashed on his face and neck. He was a neat and clean person, so naturally he was indignant, but suddenly remembered, “Our snakes fear urine!”

Amidst the wooden whistle sound the snakes slowly flocked away, but dozens of them closest to the mast were already drenched in urine. These vipers were all hybridized from the snake valley in the western region where the Mount White Camel was; their toxicity was really fierce. Ouyang Feng had used big bamboo baskets hanging in between several hundreds pairs of camels to transport these vipers thousands of miles to the Central Plains with the intention of using them as weapons to dominate the Wulin world. Only the snakes were afraid of human’s excrements. As soon as they were wet they started to turn around and coil in confusion, biting each other so the snake shepherds were totally unable to control them.

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