The Legend of the Condor Heroes – Chapter 19

After Guo Jing left he sat on the ground, and all kinds of memories came flooding back to his mind: dozens of years of gratitude, grudges, love and hate; he felt like a thick curtain was covering up his mind. Suddenly he heard from a distant the flute, zither, and whistle sounds battling each other. His spirit was stirred; he became agitated; wanted to dash out, and was having difficulty controlling his own emotion. He had been pondering his own question for a while, “My little brother’s martial art is still far below mine, but why is it that the Old Heretic Huang’s flute sound did not affect him one bit?” But after he befriended Guo Jing for many days he started to understand Guo Jing’s personality. That day, after thinking deeply for a moment it suddenly dawned on him; “That’s right! That’s right!” he exclaimed, “He is young, does not understand the complexity of man-woman relationship; does not know its pleasure and heartache. Moreover, he is simple-minded, not ambitious; he has a naïve personality and a pure heart. I, on the other hand, am old; but why do I still thinking about revenge? I am so narrow-minded. It is ridiculous, really!”

Although belonged to Quan Zhen Sect, he had never become a Taoist Priest; still, the Taoist principles were deeply ingrained in his heart: ‘qing jing wu wei’ [peace and tranquility, no action – pacifism], lead a simple life and suppress ambition, all those Taoist teachings. It was like a light bulb suddenly turned on in his head. He let out a long breath, stood up and walked outside the cave. For the first time in so many years he realized that the sky was so blue, the clouds so white. His heart was clear and bright. The sufferings he experienced caused by Huang Yaoshi in the past 15 years simply became a small matter in his mind.

Once outside he thought aloud, “Once I leave the Peach Blossom Island I am not coming back. If I don’t leave some souvenirs for the Old Heretic Huang, how would he remember me in the days to come?” Hence with much eagerness he dug some holes and filled them with his dung and found some jars and filled them with his urine. After working hard for half a day he finally left the cave.

He only walked for several steps when suddenly remembered something, “The pathways of the Peach Blossom Island is strange, how would I know the right path to take? If I leave Brother Guo on this island, chances are more harm would come his way than not; I must take him with me. If the Old Heretic Huang tried to stop, ha … ha …, if the Old Heretic Huang wanted to fight, one Old Heretic Huang won’t be a match for two Old Urchins!” After thinking that he casually swung his hand and ‘Crack!’ a small tree by the pathway was broken in two. He was stunned! “How come I am so strong? This has nothing to do with the mutual hands combat technique.”

He swung his hand several more times and ‘Crack! Crack! Crack!’ without too much effort he had broken seven, eight small trees along the way. He was horrified. “This … this is the energy cultivation from the Nine Yin Manual. I … I … when did I learn this?” All of a sudden his body was drenched in cold sweats. “Strange, really strange!” he muttered.

Clearly he remembered his late martial brother’s death wish; that no one from Quan Zhen allowed to learn anything from the manual. Who would have thought that in order to teach Guo Jing he had to recite the text everyday, his hands moved to give a clearer explanation; unexpectedly the manual was ingrained in his mind. Even in his sleep he would dream about the manual; so unconsciously he cultivated his energy based on the text. Basically his martial art was already high; his understanding of martial arts theory was also profound, plus the Nine Yin Manual was created based on Taoist principle, which he had already learned all his life. Unwittingly the manual was interlinked with his own basic knowledge. He did not want to learn the martial art, but it was the martial art which came to him.

He vented off his frustration by shouting loudly, “Bad! It’s really bad! This is called once the ghost inhabits your body, you cannot drive it out. I wanted to play a big joke on Brother Guo; who knew that by smashing a big rock the debris hurts your own foot.”

He was depressed for half a day and kept knocking his own head. Afterward an idea came to his mind; he peeled off some tree bark and made a rope; then with his teeth he tied his own hands; muttering loudly, “From now on, if I cannot forget the manual completely, I must not resort to violence toward anybody. Even if the Old Heretic Huang chases me, I cannot fight him; so that I won’t disobey my martial brother’s death wish. Ay, Old Urchin, Old Urchin, you reap what you sow!”

Of course Huang Yaoshi could not guess the reason, he only knew the Old Urchin was naughty and weird, so he simply said, “Old Urchin, this is Brother Ouyang, which I believe you have met, this is …” Before he could finished, Zhou Botong had walked around them all, sniffing here and there; and then he laughed, “This must be the Old Beggar Hong Qigong. I know. He is a good man. Heaven’s nets do not miss; my stinky urine only drenched two people, the Eastern Heretic and Western Poison. Ouyang Feng, that time you fought with me, this time I soaked you with my urine; we are even now; nobody suffers any loss.”

Ouyang Feng merely smiled but did not say anything. He came close to Huang Yaoshi and whispered in his ear, “Yao Xiong, this man’s martial art is amazing; he’s already surpassed both you and me. I think it best not to provoke him.”

Huang Yaoshi thought, “We haven’t seen each other for twenty years, how would you know my martial art is inferior to his?” To Zhou Botong he said, “Botong, I have asked you over and over, I want burn the Nine Yin Manual as a sacrifice in front of my late wife’s memorial. As soon as you hand it down to me, I am going to let you go. Where do you think you are going now?”

“I am tired of living on this island,” Zhou Botong said, “I am going outside to take a stroll.”

“Then where is the manual?” Huang Yaoshi held out his hand.

“I have given that to you earlier,” Zhou Botong said.

“Don’t talk nonsense,” Huang Yaoshi said, “When did you give that to me?”

Zhou Botong smiled, “Guo Jing is your son-in-law, is he not? Then he belongs to you, does he not? I have passed on the Nine Yin Manual from top to bottom to him; isn’t that the same as giving the manual to you?”

Guo Jing was surprised, panicky he called out, “Big Brother, this … this … you taught me the Nine Yin Manual?”

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