The Legend of the Condor Heroes – Chapter 13

Huang Rong tugged on Guo Jing’s sleeve and whispered, “ Look at the art pieces, don’t look at him.”

The two turned around and lowered their heads to the calligraphy works. Actually Wanyan Kang didn’t know how to swim and thus when his boat sunk earlier on, although he was well versed in martial arts, he could not save himself. He then fainted and when he regained conscious, he was already captured and brought to the manor for questioning by Lu Guanying. Wanyan Kang saw that the guarding pirate did not carry his usual dagger and secretly came out with a plan. He summoned his internal strength and used his fingers to grab onto the ropes, which bounded him before yelling out and used the “Nine Yin White Bone Claws” to free himself of the ropes. The group of guards were stunned and rushed forward to capture him but were attacked by his claws and fell to the ground. Wanyan Kang ran off but who would have guessed that the manor was structured with bizarre mazes and if a stranger did not know the secret to the formations and did not have a guide from the manor, he or she would get stuck in the manor. Wanyan Kang got anxious after he could not find his way out and barged into Master Lu’s study. Although Lu Guanying saw that he had freed himself of the ropes, he knew that Wanyan Kang would not be able to find his way out of the manor and thus did not worry. He chased after Wanyan Kang and saw him dash into Master Lu’s study. Afraid that his father would get hurt, he hurriedly dashed forward and stood in front of his father. The various section leaders of Lake Tai blocked the doorway.

Wanyan Kang was furious for being trapped, he pointed a finger at Lu Guanying and yelled, “ Despicable pirates! You people used dirty tricks to sink my boat, have you no sense of shame, aren’t you afraid to be mocked by other Jiang Hu swordsmen?”

Lu Guanying laughed heartily and said, “You are a Jin Prince, what business do you have with us Han swordsmen? What has Jiang Hu people got to do with you?”

Wanyan Kang answered, “ When I was in Beijing, I heard of many stories regarding the heroes in Jiangnan and thought that the men in Jiangnan were all upright and courageous but hah! Who would have thought in actual fact, you people…hai, you people do not live up to your reputations at all!”

Lu Guanying was furious and shouted, “ So?”

Wanyan Kang answered, “ You people are no more than just despicable cowards who use vast strengths to win over one person!”

Lu Guanying laughed coldly, “ So if anyone takes you on solely and win, then you will die without regrets?”

Wanyan Kang was actually using words to infuriate Lu Guanying so as to trick him into saying exactly this. He immediately replied, “ If the manor has one person who can win me in terms of fighting, I willingly give in and will die without regrets. But I wonder who would I spar with?” As he said this, he arrogantly looked through the crowd with hands behind him and laughed coldly.

These words angered Lake Tai’s Mo Li Peak’s chief, the section leader, Golden Rock head who shouted, “ Bastard, I am going to beat you up!”

With that, he rushed into the study, stretched out both fists and using the stance “Sounds of the striking bells” he aimed towards Wanyan Kang’s Taiyang point. Wanyan Kang gently shifts his body and flips his left palm to grab hold of his opponent’s back robe before swinging him out of the door.

Lu Guanying seeing Wanyan Kang’s vicious strikes, was secretly alarmed. He knew that none of the section heads were his match and yelled, “ Excellent skills, let me exchange a few stances with you. Lets go out to the yard.” Lu Guanying knew that his opponent was strong and was afraid that if they fought in the study, one of them would accidentally harm his father and his guests, as none of them knew how to fight.

Wanyan Kang answered, “ It’s the same wherever we fight, why not just stay here? Please display your stance section leader!” when actually his tone was hinting another meaning which Wanyan Kang was actually thinking in his heart, “ I only have to use a few stances to defeat you, why bother to change a place to fight?”

Lu Guanying was secretly seething and said, “ Alright, since you are the guest, please start first then.”

Wanyan Kang relaxed his right palm but used his left palm to attack Lu Guanying’s chest. His first stance was already using that of the “Nine Yin white Bone Claws”, bent on injuring his opponent.

Lu Guanying secretly scolded, “ Arrogant fellow, let me show you what I am capable of.”

He sucked in his chest subtly but did not retreat. Instead, he used his right fist to attack his opponent’s moving elbow, while two of his left fingers pointed towards Wanyan Kang’s face, with the intention of piercing his eyes. Wanyan Kang saw that his stances were swift and was a little nervous; he secretly thought to himself, “ Who would have thought there would be such a skilled fighter in this rural place?”

With that, he hurriedly retreated half a step, flipped his wrist and aimed at Lu Guanying’s shoulder. Lu Guanying twisted his waist towards the right and took back both of his arms. Wanyan Kang knew that his opponent was strong and did not dare disregard him anymore. He became serious and displayed the Quanzhen fist techniques, which Qiu Chuji had taught him. Lu Guanying was the favourite pupil of Reverend Ku Mo of Yun Qi monastery. He learnt the fist techniques of the Xian Xia School, which was affiliated to Shaolin monastery in the hills of Henan. Therefore, the skills Lu Guanying learnt were also orthodox; he was cautious of his opponent and used different skills to counter whatever his opponent used. He knew that Wanyan Kang’s claw techniques were superior and thus made sure that he didn’t let Wanyang Kang’s fingers touch his body. When he saw the chance to attack Wanyan Kang, he used his legs. His teacher had taught him, “ Use thirty percent of your fists and seventy percent of your legs. Your hands are just like fans, concentrate on using your kicks.”

Lu Guanying learnt skills that did not belong to his family and his kicking techniques were excellent. The longer the two fought, the faster their stances became and it looked like two dancing shadows sparring with each other in the study. Guo Jing and Huang Rong did not want Wanyan Kang to recognize them and thus retreated to the sides of the bookshelf and secretly observed the fight.

Wanyang Kang was getting agitated the longer he fought on and secretly thought to himself, “ If this goes on, even if I can defeat him this round, there will still be others wanting to spar with me and by that time, how will I have any energy left to fight?”

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