Demi-Gods & Semi-Devils characters


  • Qiao Feng (乔峰 Qiáo Fēng), birth name Xiao Feng (萧峰 Xiāo Fēng) – a young and naïve prince of the  Dali Kingdom.
  • Duan Yu (段誉 Duàn Yù) – the charismatic chief of the  Beggars’ Sect  who possesses strong leadership qualities and exceptional prowess in martial arts.
  • Xuzhu (虚竹 Xūzhú) – a monk from the Shaolin Order with a kind-hearted, submissive personality and a steadfast adherence to the Buddhist code of conduct.
  • Wang Yuyan ( 王语嫣 Wáng Yǔyān) – a beautiful and flawless young maiden independent of all worldly traits.
  • Azhu (阿朱 Āzhū) – a master in the art of disguise serving the Murong family.
  • Azi (阿紫 Āzǐ) – Azhu’s younger sister and a member of the cruel Xingxiu Sect
  • Mu Wanqing (木婉清 Mù Wǎnqīng) – a masked girl forced to follow a strange rule laid down by her master: If any man sees her face, she must either wed or kill him.
  • Zhong Ling (钟灵 Zhōng Líng) – a young girl adept in using poisons and had a venomous pet, the Lightning Marten.

Wuliang Sword School

Eastern Sect

  • Zuo Zimu (左子穆 – Zǔo Zǐmù) – Zhangmen of the Eastern Sect
  • Gan Guanghao (干光豪 Gān Guāngháo) – Eldest disciple
  • Gong Guangjie (龚光杰 Gōng Guāngjié) – Second disciple
  • Rong Ziju (容子矩 Róng Zíjǔ)

Western Sect

  • Xin Shuangqing (辛双清 Xīn Shuāngqīng) – Zhangmen of the Western Sect

Shennong Guild

  • Sikong Xuan (司空玄 Sīkōng Xuán)
  • A’sheng
  • A’hong


  • Mawu De (马五德 Máwǔ Dé)