Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils – Book One

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The first book revolves around the adventures of Duan Yu.

Adventures of the Youth 《少年游》

  • Chapter 1 – Righteous scholar travelled the perilous peak
  • Chapter 2 – Moonlight shone brightly on the beautiful cliff
  • Chapter 3 – A swift horse with a masked lady
  • Chapter 4 – High on the cliff away from others
  • Chapter 5 – Tiny steps borne from ripple
  • Chapter 6 – Whose disciple and whose estate
  • Chapter 7 – Helplessly regret being unfaithful
  • Chapter 8 – Majestic and resounding music
  • Chapter 9 – A lady married to a fitting place
  • Chapter 10 – Gleaming sword across dark smoke


Each verse in the poem refers to a key scene or summarises the events in each chapter. This poem uses the 《少年游》 tone pattern, as indicated by the book’s title.

Tone pattern:

中 stands for middle tone. 平 stands for level tone. 仄 stands for oblique tone. (韵) indicates a rhyme.


Original text:



The righteous scholar travelled the perilous peak, moonlight shone brightly on the beautiful cliff.
A swift horse with a masked lady, high on the cliff away from others, tiny steps borne from ripples.
Whose disciple and whose estate, helplessly regret being unfaithful.
Majestic and resounding music, a lady married to a fitting place, gleaming sword across dark smoke.

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