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  • Visitors drunk on magical lotus in the Green Willow Manor. They continued their journey for more than a hundred ‘li’s before spending the night on the desert. Zhang Wuji slept until midnight, when suddenly he heard a faint ‘dingdong, dingdong’ of clear metallic noise coming from the west. His heart was stirred. Immediately he woke […]

  • Half a pill of elixir. Surrounded by the mountains, the floor of the Passionless Valley was vast, occupying about thirty thousand acres of land, with winding paths, towering hills, and deep ravines. But Yang Guo and Xiao Longnü used their lightness kungfu to follow the path on the map, and they arrived at their destination […]

  • Heroes embrace the three commandments. E Mei’s Master Mie Jue said to her disciples, “This youngster’s kung fu is very strange, but the four fighters of Kun Lun and Hua Shan have trapped him in terms of techniques. Our righteous kung fu of central plains are broad and deep, much better than the devilish Xi […]

  • Partings and reunions are impermanent. Once again, this quiet and peaceful moment didn’t last very long. Just a little while after Guo Xiang fell asleep, from the east came the distant crunching sounds of someone walking on the snow in quick steps. Yang Guo stood up and gazed out from the east side window. Then […]

  • The six strongest take charge of resolving disputes. Zong Wei Xia became secretly alarmed as he witnessed Zhang Wu Ji capture the heavy weighing Yuan Yin with such ease. But he was already situated in the middle of the battlefield, how could he possibly retreat now and thus reveal his weakness? Therefore, Zong Wei Xia […]

  • Numerous disasters. Guo Fu called out, “It’s my little red horse. It’s my…” As she was saying that, the red horse rushed in front of them. Guo Fu leapt forward. The red horse recognized its master and didn’t need for her to pull the reins. It fought to stop, raised its head, and neighed. Guo […]

  • Joining forces with son to capture the leader. Zhang Wuji followed her a few steps, towards the bed. That little servant girl opened the curtains and got on the bed, still holding Zhang Wuji’s hand. Zhang Wuji became shocked, thinking that although this servant girl is very ugly, she’s still a girl. How can he […]

  • The Return of the Condor Heroes – Chapter 28


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    The wedding. Yang Guo wrapped his right empty sleeve around Xiao Longnü’s waist to support her body and gently said: “Gu Gu, let’s go!” Xiao Longnü gave him a sweet smile, softly saying: “This time I can die by your side. In my heart… in my heart I’m very happy.” Then something came to her […]

  • Disaster strikes when the screen wall breaches the impregnable fortress. Zhang Wuji was brought by the man leaping high one more time. Suddenly he heard someone calling out from a distance, “Shuo Bude, why are you this late?” The man carrying Zhang Wuji replied, “I had to take care of a small matter along the […]

  • The Return of the Condor Heroes – Chapter 27


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    Battle of wits and strength. Guo Jing walked through the door and went to sit in a chair in front of the bed, not saying a word. The two people have been tense and quiet for half the day. Finally, Guo Jing asked: “Where have you been all this time?” Guo Fu said: “I…I’ve wounded […]