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  • In most peculiar circumstance best friendship at first meeting.

  • The Deer and the Cauldron – Chapter 1


    Updated 5:35 pm

    Translated by Foxs. Crooked bunch went on a rampage courting disaster, discussing early morning moon during high wind. Northern wind as sharp as a blade, ice and frost covered the earth. Along a Jiangnan [area south of the River, i.e. Yangtze] coastal road, a company of Qing troops with sabers and spears in their hands […]

  • New design and updates


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    There was a persistent issue that threw an error for some visitors recently. We fixed the issue and took the opportunity to refresh the design of WuxiaSociety. The previous look has been with us since 2014 and it’s about time we had a new look!

  • The Immortal Realm Yunzi and Han Lin were temporary blinded by a bright light as they lost their orientation. They seemed to have lost control of their bodies and they were afraid! When they finally regained their senses, they were greeted by jovial laughter! Sweet fragrances welcomed them as they blinked their eyes to adjust […]

  • The Divine Wrath At the peak of the Unmoving Mountains where the Holy Ascension Sect was, oceans of drifting clouds were rolling rapidly as strong winds blew furiously! Just below on a gigantic flat platform, countless celestial practitioners from hundreds of celestial clans had gathered for the first observed celestial ascension that would happen! The […]

  • The Martial Fraternity The tavern was large but today it seemed to be a little too small. Hundreds of people had gathered inside and from the first floor to the third floor, it was fully pack with onlookers. The onlookers were standing on the second floor and the third floor as they looked down to […]

  • The Collapse of the Stellar Sanctuary An overwhelming darkness seemed to envelop Yi Ping as he willed himself back to his real physical body. He was dazzled by a sudden bright light and soon after, he was immediately greeted by several familiar joyous cries! A stunning light greeted him when he opened his eyes, he […]

  • Homecoming There were only the six of them remaining; the World Ruler Fu Xi had already dismissed the Blackwinds Legion. The grandeur of the Firmament Citadel was not lesser if not greater than the Verdant Palace of the Great Lord Xuan Yuan. As many as eight white monument bridges hung in suspension to the imposing […]

  • The Omnipotent Creation Armor The World Ruler Fu Xi said coolly, “These are my Blackwinds Legion and they are also some of the finest fighters of the Firmament Citadel.” Indeed, the hundred or so Desolate Immortals that were approaching were all garbed in black robes and black cloaks! Yi Ping knew that the World Ruler […]

  • The Firmament Citadel The Firmament Citadel like the Verdant Palace was a hanging citadel that lay at the outer reaches of the imposing circular Ancient Fortress. Yi Ping found himself standing at the edge of the citadel walls and the winds were lashing furiously. It was not long before several auroras of wavering blue and […]