Author: Jenxi

  • Three as One The Western Paradise Heavenly King was shaking with rage as he raised his golden rod as he shouted, “That traitor! I am going to get him!…” With a flash, he had already leapt to the next hallway but he was startled to find that Shen Xingyue the Fiery Phoenix was already standing […]

  • Floor 100th There was a bright stellar light and soon after, the group found themselves in a gigantic white gold hallway surrounded by huge monuments of giant beasts, many which they had not seen before.  Yi Ping was the first to recollect his wits and asked, “We are now in the 100th floor of the […]

  • The Secrets of Immortality When Yi Ping opened his eyes, he found himself looking the glaring light of the heavens and by the aromatic grasses that were around him. He was startled by the affectionate cries of a dozen maidens that were surrounding him, everyone was trying to talk to him excitingly at the same […]

  • The Heaven Defying Sword The strong winds beat against Yi Ping, threatening to lift him up to the vortex above. He was now clutching onto his swords and staring at the monstrous monster in front of him. It was so monstrous that the dozens of spiraling tornado vortexes did not even have any effect on […]

  • The Heaven Sundering Divine Calamity Multiple purple lightning crackled thunderously above the dark skies as the mountains itself were shaking violently! Only Yi Ping was left standing in the midst of the howling winds and the relentless tremors. It was because he had said to the group, “Go and seek refuge in the cave over […]

  • Floor 93rd Beside the Feather Sword Shard that had dropped into Yi Ping’s hands, there were also a red fiery pill, two Heavenly Relics, a Sanctorum Relic and a luminous pearl. The Sanctorum Relic was the most precious of all the heavenly metals and its appearance could even spark a war in the immortal war […]

  • The Monster Bestial Typhon The gigantic black obsidian door was pushed opened by a gentle tap. Almost immediately a hot howling wind was felt rushing through! Hundreds of sphere of hovering lights were lit from within immediately, revealing a monstrous dark shape immediately; it was a huge stooping dark giant measuring 10m, with eight bulky […]

  • The Death Gate of the 90th Floor It did not take them long to find a passage in the recesses of the mountains.  This passage was hot and the heat generated was intense.  A 40m towering black gate with golden runes inscribed on it soon greeted them. Yi Ping had taken the lead as he […]

  • Floor 90th When the circles of warping light and faint hexagrams had disappeared, the group found themselves in a great wilderness surrounded by lofty pristine mountains!  Yi Ping was momentarily blinded by the sudden bright light of this place but he quickly recovered his orientation to ask, “Is everyone here? Who is missing? Where are […]

  • The secrets of the Stellar Sanctuary Xian’Er and Yi Ping asked at almost the same time, “Lele, are you alright? Do you feel anything amiss?” All of a sudden they were looking at each other with tender smiles.  Lele smiled wryly, “Nothing is amiss. Why is everyone looking at me in this manner?” The Jade […]