A Martial Odyssey Book 4: Immortal Realm Chapter 5

The Omnipotent Creation Armor

The World Ruler Fu Xi said coolly, “These are my Blackwinds Legion and they are also some of the finest fighters of the Firmament Citadel.”

Indeed, the hundred or so Desolate Immortals that were approaching were all garbed in black robes and black cloaks!

Yi Ping knew that the World Ruler Fu Xi was not lying. Indeed they were no ordinary exponents for it was definitely not an easy feat to conceal in such a large number!

The reason Yi Ping was able to detect their invisible presence because he had been taught the Listening Rhythm by Xian’Er and that his present martial accomplishment was all too profound; he could even hear a needle dropping from a mile away!

Not even the World Ruler Fu Xi and the Alluring Goddess Theresa were able to approach him quietly without him knowing!

Yi Ping said softly as he grasped tightly the Heaven Defying Sword, “C’mon. What are we waiting for?”

The World Ruler Fu Xi appeared to be patient as he looked at the Alluring Goddess Theresa, “What do you say?”

The Alluring Goddess Theresa groaned softly, “Why are you asking me? You are the one of the two most powerful great lords in this realm and you are asking me for my opinion?”

The World Ruler Fu Xi said matter of fact, “You are the number one exponent of the Desolate Immortals. Naturally I will need to ask you for your opinion.”

The Heaven Goddess Zero hummed coldly, “Naturally our Lord Brother is the number one exponent in the entire realm!”

The Dark Goddess Xia Hsien nodded, “It is just a matter of time before we are able to surpass her!”

The World Ruler Fu Xi laughed aloud as he took a broad stride forward, “Other than the Great Goddess Fantian, I say that the Alluring Goddess Theresa is the number one fighter in the realm. She may be able to fool you but I can tell she is concealing her true strength. All the great lords of the realm that are added together are not able to touch her, not even the slightest bit!”

The Dark Goddess Xia Hsien looked curiously at the World Ruler Fu Xi, “Lord Brother, you never joke. Are you serious?”

The World Ruler Fu Xi replied, “Do I look like I am not serious?”

The Alluring Goddess Theresa laughed alluringly, “I am really too flattered!”

Yi Ping stared at the Alluring Goddess Theresa and thought, “She is the number one exponent?!”

All of a sudden he remembered what the Goddess Lessica had said to him previously; Other than the Great Goddess Fantian, the Alluring Goddess Theresa was actually the number one super exponent in the entire Desolate Realm!

He had actually found it hard to believe!

But now that he observed closely again, it seemed that out of the four of them, the Alluring Goddess Theresa had taken far less damage from their earlier clash!


She had not even taken a single scratch!

What he had observed was merely the dust and debris that had landed on her!

Somehow, she had supernaturally evaded his most powerful technique and was even making counter attacks on her own!

Yi Ping quickly regained his composure as he said coldly, “I am asking you again. Why did you break your promise and why did you attack me!”

The Alluring Goddess Theresa smiled wryly, “If we don’t attack you then we will never know if you are telling the truth, am I right? If we don’t attack you then we won’t ever know if you have the Omnipotent Creation Armor, am I right? The Stellar Sanctuary is the most sacred heritage artefact of the Oracle Clan. It was taken away by Fantian.”

She sighed softly, “To think that you have actually obtained the most sacred secret of the Stellar Sanctuary that we have been trying to unravel for eons…”

She looked piercingly at Yi Ping, “So what do we want from you? Or rather, what do I want from you? I want to duel with you.”

This time round Yi Ping was startled as he blinked his eyes, “You want to duel with me?…”

The Alluring Goddess Theresa replied with a faint smile, “Are you surprise? Are you expecting us to attack you in a group?”

Yi Ping nodded slightly. Indeed he was expecting it to be so.

She continued with a wry smile as she lifted her head, “I have a simple reason to do so. The Omnipotent Creation Armor belongs to the Oracle Clan. I have no reasons to let the others have it first, am I right? Moreover, if I can’t beat you then no one else is able to then!”

The Dark Goddess Xia Hsien and the Heaven Goddess Zero immediately took offense as they said angrily at the same time, “Why you, you are too insolence!…”

The Alluring Goddess Theresa laughed it off, “Indeed I am. So what are going to do with me?”

She took a glance at the World Ruler Fu Xi before saying, “So what do you think?”

The World Ruler Fu Xi smiled coolly, “That is exactly why I have asked for your opinion first. Do what you want and I won’t interfere.”

The Alluring Goddess Theresa laughed alluringly, “That is agreed then.”

She turned to look at Yi Ping and said, “Great Lord Yi Ping, do you agree to duel with me?”

Yi Ping bowed with his hands, “I agree!”

The Alluring Goddess Theresa interrupted sharply, “Wait! Don’t be too hasty yet. If I win then you have to surrender the Omnipotent Creation Armor to me…”

Yi Ping thought, “If I can’t win then my fate will be my own demise. Everything that I have got will be taken away from me anyway.”

So he quickly said, “Naturally!”

The Alluring Goddess Theresa hummed coldly, “Don’t be too hasty to say so first. If you win then I will humble myself in front of you!”

Yi Ping was angry, “That is all? You have broken your pledge and all you need to do is to humble yourself in front of me? Send me back…”

The Alluring Goddess Theresa smiled, “Of course not. Not only will I send you back but you can do anything to me.”

She emphasized, “Anything literally. Even if you want to take me for yourself.”

Yi Ping was startled and he smiled weakly, “That won’t be necessary. Just remember what you have promised. Surely you don’t want to lose your honor in front of so many others!”

The Alluring Goddess Theresa smiled, “I don’t care for honor but I will adhere to our agreement. By the Eternal Cosmos, I swear or else I will be dematerialized into nothingness and will never be able to reincarnate. Are you happy now?”

Yi Ping was assured and he said quietly, “This need not be a duel to the death.”

The Alluring Goddess Theresa answered as her malevolent air suddenly increased by a great manifold, “Even then I will not be lenient upon you. So you have better not be too.”

The World Ruler Fu Xi commanded, “Everyone step back!”

The Heaven Goddess Zero commented, “She really thinks she can defeat him alone. He has the Omnipotent Creation Armor. This is madness! I will really like to see her being humiliated!”

The Dark Goddess Xia Hsien said coolly as she walked away, “This is a good chance for us to identify his possible weakness. The Alluring Goddess Theresa is only doing us a favor. Let’s take this opportunity to rest and observe at the same time.”

The Heaven Goddess Zero nodded as she walked away, “So shall it be then!”

The Goddess Lessica said to the Alluring Goddess Theresa, “Mistress, be careful!”

The Alluring Goddess Theresa laughed as she winked at the Goddess Lessica, “It seems that you are more anxious for this Great Lord Yi Ping. For a moment, I have thought that you are actually on his side than on my side.”

The Goddess Lessica protested shyly, “I really dare not. After all, I have brought him to you exactly as you have instructed…”

The Alluring Goddess Theresa interrupted amicably as she waved her aside, “Stand aside. This is my battle.”

All of a sudden there was a red sigil that flashed on her forehead and at the same time her purple eyes were radiating three golden rings from within as the surrounding air exploded thunderously!

Yi Ping was startled at the power of her Ninth Positioning level. He did not dare to be careless as he opened his Third Eye as his golden sigil flashed on his forehead to ward off the disturbing energy waves.

The others were shocked at the power display of the Alluring Goddess Theresa as they took several steps back!

Even the World Ruler Fu Xi was overheard murmuring, “So this is the true strength of the Alluring Goddess Theresa!”

A red sword with a ring on its hilt had suddenly flashed in front of the Alluring Goddess Theresa as she took it and immediately began to swing it. She smiled wryly, “This is my Deadly Melody Divine Sword. Surely you don’t expect me to fight you with my bare fists? This will be too unfair, am I right?”

Yi Ping was struck by the power that was within her divine sword. He thought, “Even though this sword is only a metre long and isn’t as long as my sword but the power of her sword isn’t beneath mine. The strength of her sword seems to be centered on the length of one third of her blade and the ring at the end seems to be able to re-orient the balance immediately. Even if she has missed me, she will be able to retaliate immediately with her full power again. I wonder what is the sanctorum power of her sword?…”

Just by seeing her handling her sword, Yi Ping was able to know how deadly her sword was and he dared not be careless!

He began to raise the Heaven Defying Sword up in a defensive posture. If he was not wrong then this Alluring Goddess Theresa possessed an uncanny ability to sense the minute changes in aura like the Ascension Goddess Ye Yin and the Great Goddess Fantian Xian’Er. That was the only explanation why she was able to evade all his moves!

All of a sudden the Alluring Goddess Theresa disappeared from where she was standing and her voice could be heard in the flurrying winds, “Know this. I am the Great Prophetess now. When Fantian had betrayed the clan she had already chosen to give up her lineage…”

All the onlookers were startled, including the World Ruler Fu Xi. It was because the Alluring Goddess Theresa was moving so fast that she was nowhere to be seen!

The Dark Goddess Xia Hsien was so startled that she blurt out, “I can’t see her at all. This is…impossible!…If she has this startling ability, why didn’t she uses this earlier…”

The Heaven Goddess Zero had turned ashen as she said, “We are all Ninth Immortal Positioning and yet she can come and go as she pleases. Now I know the reason for the death of the Great Lord Aloma…”

Yi Ping was extending his senses beyond his eyes as he pondered intently into his surroundings, “In which direction will she come at me?”

All of a sudden the Alluring Goddess Theresa had made her move and had appeared right in front of Yi Ping!

There several brilliant flares as Yi Ping deflected her attacks and as Yi Ping raised his sword, there was a tremendous windforce that swept the Alluring Goddess Theresa upward!

Yi Ping had only used his a little of his martial strength and was surprised by his own strength!

The Alluring Goddess Theresa had landed immediately and was already charging at him with a mighty streak of cloud that was behind her!

As Yi Ping braced himself for the attack, he was perplexed as he thought. “My sword is longer than her. If she charges headlong into me then I have the first strike…”

A sudden thought struck him, “If she manages to evade my first strike then her shorter sword would have the upper advantage. So that is her stratagem!…”

To his utter surprise, the Alluring Goddess Theresa stopped dead in her tracks, right in front of his Heaven Defying Sword and did not proceed further!

The malevolent air around seemed to have vanished and time seemed to have frozen in place.

Yi Ping asked, “Why didn’t you continue to attack?”

The Alluring Goddess Theresa asked in return, “And why didn’t you then?”

Yi Ping smiled weakly, “Since you didn’t press on with your attack, why should I?”

The Alluring Goddess Theresa quickly danced back as she smiled wryly, “That is because I am not confident and I dare not take my chance! But why didn’t you?”

Yi Ping nodded as he took a step forward, “You are obviously waiting for me to attack first to retaliate against me…”

Suddenly the Alluring Goddess Theresa raised her beaming sword as dazzling sword energies flew toward Yi Ping like speeding meteor. She had cried out, “Now!…”

She had taken advantage of the momentary lapse in his concentration and had launched a furious surprise attack!

Altogether there were twenty beaming sword energies!

All the other onlookers were startled and were astonished!

It was because even for immortal experts like the World Ruler Fu Xi, the Heaven Goddess Zero and the Dark Goddess Xia Hsien, they were only capable of generating only between nine to twelve sword energy bursts. Moreover, the Alluring Goddess Theresa had generated these sword energy bursts in such a short notice!

Even Yi Ping was caught unprepared by these sword energy bursts that were flying at him at point blank!

He raised his sword and deflected twelve sword energy bursts that exploded thunderously like raining shells!

But unfortunately, he was still struck by eight of the sword energy bursts that were like piercing daggers that imploded thunderously on him in a ring of explosive burst!

But to his utter surprise, the eight sword energy bursts dissipated harmlessly off him after imploding into a circular burst of energy!

Even the Alluring Goddess Theresa was startled as she stared at him with shock. She was heard muttering, “This is impossible…”

Impossible because he had actually deflected twelve of her sword bursts at point blank and at such a quick time. His reaction time must have been too insane in order to do it!

Impossible again because she had just generated her most powerful martial force, the Life Intricate Force!

She smiled weakly at a sudden realization, “That is because you have the Omnipotent Creation Armor or else surely I will be the victor!”

Yi Ping replied coolly, “You can still try. Your divine sword has the strength to injure me but you can forget about using your sword energies on me.”

At the same time he was thinking, “Alas, it is astonishing that the Omnipotent Creation Armor is able to absorb these killing sword energies so effortlessly. This makes my fight much easier now…”

The Alluring Goddess Theresa pursed her lips as she smiled weakly before she lowered her sword, “I have lost! Not only have I lost, I have lost so terribly!”

Yi Ping was startled. He did not expect the haughty Alluring Goddess Theresa to admit defeat so readily. He thought, “Is this yet another ruse of hers?”

To everyone surprise, the Alluring Goddess Theresa had suddenly fell upon her knees as she humbled herself to say deferentially, “I admit defeat. You are the one. Even if the Great God Pangu is right here today, I won’t give him the least face. It is because he is not the one. Your skills far surpass all the other immortals. I bow willingly to you and I am yours to command. By the Eternal Cosmos, my spirit and body are yours. My lord, please give me your first command.”

Yi Ping was so stunned by her words that he began to blink his eyes, “You…this is only a match…”

The World Ruler Fu Xi was stunned, “Theresa, what is this?”

Even the Heaven Goddess Zero and the Dark Goddess Xia Hsien could not believe what they were hearing as they looked at each other…

The Alluring Goddess Theresa smiled wryly, “I am not his match therefore I am willing to follow him! If you want to be his foe then you have to get past me even if there are a hundred of you here!”

Yi Ping quickly said to her, “Please rise first. It is not worthwhile to lose your life for me. You don’t have to follow me. I just want you to help me to get back to the Celestial Realm…”

The Alluring Goddess Theresa said melancholy as she rose with her eyes lowered, “I can get you back but I am afraid that I have to disobey your other two commands. I am willing to lay down my life for you and no matter how many times you may refuse me, I will still follow you wherever you go!”

The Goddess Lessica moved next to the Alluring Goddess Theresa as she lit a smile before bowing gently, “My respects to the Great Lord Yi Ping! I am willing to follow you as well!”

The Alluring Goddess Theresa lifted her eyes to look at the other desolate immortals before she lit a slow wry smile, “I am afraid that whoever wants to fight the Great Lord Yi Ping has to fight me first!”

The World Ruler Fu Xi was groaning softly as he gripped his sword before he said slowly, “Surely you are not thinking of fighting all of us at the same time? That will be too foolish.”

The Alluring Goddess Theresa replied with a soft smile, “Yes indeed that is my intention.”

The Heaven Goddess Zero composed herself to say coldly, “You are too crafty! Surely you are not thinking of possessing the Omnipotent Creation Armor for yourself?!”

The Alluring Goddess Theresa smiled, “That is impossible. The Omnipotent Creation Armor only acknowledges the chosen master and that master is none other than this Great Lord Yi Ping. Even if you can defeat him, the Omnipotent Creation Armor will return to the Stellar Sanctuary. If you want the Omnipotent Creation Armor then you have to face the trials of the Stellar Sanctuary. I am afraid that you will be dead halfway through it however.”

The Dark Goddess Xia Hsien laughed softly as she stepped forward, “The more powerful we are, the stronger the challenges of the Stellar Sanctuary that it will be. Not only will our recovery be limited in the Stellar Sanctuary but we will also be like mortals in there. Of course we know all that. Countless Desolate Immortals had sacrificed themselves in the past. There is even a saying. If you want to send a hatred foe to his death then let him enter the Stellar Sanctuary. All these, of course we know.”

All of a sudden she bowed on one knee as she smiled at Yi Ping, “Don’t misunderstood! We are not fighting you for real! We really want to know if you are the one that we have all been waiting for. The one and only one that we are looking for! We have suspected that you have possessed the Omnipotent Creation Armor. Pardon us. This is the only way we can know…”

Yi Ping interrupted, “I am not the one you are waiting for. I am myself.”

The Dark Goddess Xia Hsien smiled as she replied nonchalantly, “Yes you are. You are the Universal Ruler that we have all been waiting all this while.”

Yi Ping asked, “The Universal Ruler?”

The Dark Goddess Xia Hsien waved her hands to the rest of the Desolate Immortals, “How insolent. Quickly put away your arms. Can’t you see that the Universal Ruler is already here among us?”

She paused briefly before she smiled at Yi Ping, “Moreover don’t forget that my Lord Brother has already betrothed my sister and I to the Universal Ruler Yi Ping already!”

All the other Desolate Immortals were startled as they looked in the direction of the World Ruler Fu Xi…

The World Ruler Fu Xi sighed softly as he drummed his chest with his right hand to salute to Yi Ping, “Although I am unwilling to submit to anyone but this time I am totally convinced. I must admit that Theresa’s skills are above us and today is really an eye-opening for all of us. And your skills are above that of Theresa. If we were to fight, the outcome will be hard to predict. Therefore I will accept you as my superior and swear my allegiance to you in the name of the Eternal Cosmos. Isn’t this a better solution?”

No sooner had the World Ruler Fu Xi pay his homage, all the Desolate Immortals were all kneeling on the ground as they shouted in unison, “Our most humble respects to the Universal Ruler!”

Yi Ping was startled. He had not expected the World Ruler Fu Xi and all the other Desolate Immortals to submit without a second thought. All of a sudden he was fond of the World Ruler Fu Xi and he bowed quickly in return, “Not at all. I am just a stranger in this place. I have no desire to lord over anyone at all!”

The Heaven Goddess Zero was trembling as she looked longingly at Yi Ping, “My humble respects to the Universal Ruler Yi Ping, I am willing to follow you to the ends of the eternal reaches and to the most forbidden places of the heavens!”

Yi Ping smiled weakly. This expression was something that he was most afraid of. So he quickly said, “There is no need for this. Don’t get me wrong. I am not despising you. It is because I have no wish to be your lord. Moreover I am trying to get back to where I have come from too.”

The Heaven Goddess Zero bit her lips as she said melancholy, “No matter what you have said, I have already made up my mind to follow you. It is our tradition to submit to the superior. Moreover you are the Universal Ruler. All Desolate Immortals have to bow before you sooner or later!”

Yi Ping smiled weakly at her. But he was also glad he had just avoided a deadly battle.

He quickly composed himself to turn to the Alluring Goddess Theresa, asking her. “How do I return to the Stellar Sanctuary? That is where I have last come from.”

The Alluring Goddess Theresa smiled, “Easy. All you need to do now is to will yourself back. After all, you are now one with the the Omnipotent Creation Armor now.”

Yi Ping said weakly as he recalled what the Goddess of Mercy had said to him earlier, “I have already tried but I can’t…”

The Alluring Goddess Theresa nodded as she pondered, “During my duel with you, I have noticed that for some reason you are unable to display your full strength. That may be the reason why.”

Yi Ping sighed softly as he smiled weakly, “For some reason I can only muster two third of my strength. I suspect that is because my physical body isn’t here.”

The Dark Goddess Xia Hsien asked perplexingly, “Your physical body isn’t here? Then what are you?”

Yi Ping found it hard to explain that he had materialized here just like this and he was also bewildered when that happened. Just as he was trying to find words to explain it, the Alluring Goddess Theresa said to him, “You are not of the Seventh Immortal Positioning. Definitely not. Or you won’t be able to withstand our attacks.”

She paused to look curiously at him, “You are also not of the Ninth Immortal Positioning. Because no one of the Ninth Immortal Positioning are able to materialize themselves. You have already attained the Tenth Immortal Positioning?”

When the Alluring Goddess Theresa had mentioned the Tenth Immortal Positioning, the World Ruler Fu Xi, the Heaven Goddess Zero and the Dark Goddess Xia Hsien were all looking at Yi Ping with startled expressions. It was obvious what they were all thinking!

Yi Ping saw their subtle expressions and said quietly, “Yes, I have attained the Tenth Immortal Positioning.”

The Alluring Goddess Theresa clapped her hands as she smiled, “In this case then I can get you back to the Stellar Sanctuary.”

Yi Ping was moved as he said excitingly, “Really?”

The Alluring Goddess Theresa nodded as she looked at the Dark Goddess Xia Hsien and the Heaven Goddess Zero, “Yes but you have to borrow some ninth positioning negative nuclear energies from them first. I am afraid that with my strength alone, it is insufficient to do so. Losing a thousand year of attainment is too much for me alone and the risk is high.”

The Dark Goddess Xia Hsien and the Heaven Goddess Zero said at the same time without any hesitation, “I am willing to sacrifice my attainment to aid the Universal Ruler!”

The Dark Goddess Xia Hsien looked at the Heaven Goddess Zero who in turn was also looking back at her. She muttered, “Sister, have you considered already? You will lose your hard gained attainment!”

The Heaven Goddess Zero smiled wryly, “I don’t mind losing three hundred or even five hundred years of attainment if I can aid the Universal Ruler. But sister, you have almost reached the middle tier of the Ninth Positioning level. Is it worthwhile for you?”

The Dark Goddess Xia Hsien smiled wryly as she blinked at Yi Ping, “I have got my eyes on a higher target now.”

When Yi Ping heard her, he began to sigh softly. It was because he was most afraid that something like this would be happening. Yet he knew that he could not refuse them because he badly wants to return to the Stellar Sanctuary. If he stays too long in this place then he could never return to his real physical body again.

The Alluring Goddess Theresa smiled as she whispered delicately, “If you want to go back then you have to assume the mantle of the Universal Ruler and be our lord. You don’t have to feel guilty. As a highly attain immortal, you should follow the course of destiny and not judge by your own morality or else it would be detrimental to your attainment.”

Yi Ping muttered, “To follow the course of destiny…and to assume the mantle of the Universal Ruler…”

The Alluring Goddess Theresa nodded and said, “The ten thousand years of wait is almost over. A great immortal war will soon resume. Only if you are the Universal Ruler can the immortal war be averted or at the very least you have the odds in the outcome. We are your only possible allies in the upcoming war of the immortals.”

Yi Ping looked at all the Desolate Immortals that were presented as he muttered slowly, “Allies…”

The Alluring Goddess Theresa giggled, “That is right. Allies!”

Yi Ping nodded as he said firmly, “Since that is the case, I accept.”

The Alluring Goddess Theresa smiled as she greeted, “My humble respects to the Universal Ruler then!”

All the other Desolate Immortals were also shouting enthusiastically, “All hails the Universal Ruler!”

The Heaven Goddess Zero and the Dark Goddess Xia Hsien were already at Yi Ping side as they asked endearingly, “Did we hurt you earlier? How are you feeling now? We don’t mean to fight with you. We are willing to be punished by you!”

The World Ruler Fu Xi smiled weakly, “It seems that the hearts of my two Great Goddesses have already surrendered to someone else now and not to their Lord Brother anymore.”

The Goddess Lessica was also smiling as she said to the Alluring Goddess Theresa, “He is the one that the Oracle Clan has prophesized. The long wait is finally over at last!”

The Alluring Goddess Theresa looked a little melancholy before she lit a smile, “It is a little pity that the Universal Ruler has too many company.”

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