A Martial Odyssey Book 4: Immortal Realm Chapter 10

The Immortal Realm

Yunzi and Han Lin were temporary blinded by a bright light as they lost their orientation. They seemed to have lost control of their bodies and they were afraid!

When they finally regained their senses, they were greeted by jovial laughter!

Sweet fragrances welcomed them as they blinked their eyes to adjust their disorientated visions.

They were immediately greeted by the jovial sight of Yi Ping, Isa, Xian’Er, Han Lin, Youxue, Alice, Lie Qing and Lingfeng!

Yi Ping smiled, “Welcome to the Immortal Realm!”

Alice smiled to Han Lin and Yunzi and said gently, “You have achieved attainment. This is the First Heaven of the Immortal Realm!”

This little words from the Goddess Celestial Alice had the effect of stirring the emotions of Han Lin and Yunzi as the realization of reaching the Immortal Realm had finally sunk into them!

Xian’Er was smiling as she took Yunzi and Han Lin hands, “Indeed, this is indeed the Immortal Realm!”

Youxue, Lingfeng and Lie Qing were already crowding around Yunzi as they jostled her happily while Aiel was embracing Han Lin joyfully!

“You have made it!”

“Finally we are together again!”

“Hey, hey are you forgetting about the rest of us?”

It was Lele that was speaking to them!

Yunzi and Han Lin looked up and saw that atop of a hill that was in front of them was another group of people. They were none other than Shen Xingyue the Fiery Phoenix, Ye Yin the Ascension Goddess, Yu’Er the Eclipse Heaven Goddess, Mei’Er the Axis Heaven Goddess, the Goddess Asura, the Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa and Lele!

As they looked up, it was only then that Han Lin and Yunzi had begun to grasp at the wondrous beauty of the Immortal Realm as they caught sight of the dozens of misty rainbows and floating islands that were drifting above them!

Lele laughed jovially, “See, I know that they will succeed. So why all the anxiety earlier? I, the Great Joyful Empress Goddess of the Three Known Realms is here to welcome you. Isn’t this supposed to be your greatest honor ever?”

Yunzi smiled as she looked up to the second group, “You are all here as well!”

Xingyue nodded as she smiled angelically, “How can we miss this rare occasion?”

Yu’Er and Mei’Er were laughing softly as they said together, “Sister Yunzi!”

Ye Yin was however looking at Yi Ping as she said melancholy, “You’re finally back.”

Nuwa turned to Ye Yin as she said indifferently, “Hmph! You are missing him already? He has only been away for just a short while only.”

Asura sighed softly, “A year that is passed in the Immortal Realm is like ten years in the Celestial Realm and a hundred years in the Mortal Realm. That is why the Yi Ping is racing against time to settle the affairs of the Celestial Realm and the Mortal Realm first.”

Lele looked at Asura, “I am so envy that you got to go to the Mortal Realm for a visit.”

Asura protested softly, “That is because I have important matter to settle there…”

But Lele was not paying attention as she had flashed next to Yi Ping in the next instant, “Ping’Er, just now when you are in the Celestial Realm, did you see our little girl Yi Si?”

Yi Ping shook his head as he smiled, “She is probably training very hard to be with us. Moreover, no one knows in advance that we will be descending to the Celestial Realm, not even Isa.”

Lele maintained her smiles as she exclaimed coolly, “If she sees you then it may affect her cultivation. She needs to keep her emotions in check to attain speedily. So shall it be then!”

Yi Ping nodded as he patted Lele on her shoulder, “Yes, it is for the best.”

As he said that, it seemed that the entire Immortal Realm seemed to be shaking tremendously as lightning began to flash in all directions!

Yunzi and Han Lin were startled as a dark gloomy dome began to descend from above as it parted the heavens above!

They were even more startled that it was the Stellar Sanctuary!

Unlike the malevolent Stellar Sanctuary that had appeared in the Celestial Realm, this Stellar Sanctuary looked benevolent and had a red outline in the middle that looked like a sigil which resembled an eye.

And it was now vibrating a donging sound like a bell that tolled throughout the heavens!

Yi Ping raised his thumb to rub his nose as he turned to face all the maidens that were presented before saying out loud. “I am so glad to see all of you again. Now it is time for me to go.”

Yunzi gasped, “Ping’Er, where are you going? Aren’t you the Master of the Stellar Sanctuary already?”

She quickly looked at the other maidens but they had all fallen into a solemn silence.

Yi Ping smiled and said, “I am going to challenge the Stellar Sanctuary again. I want to be stronger. We have only less than a hundred years before the Ancient Fortress returned to the Immortal Realm.”

Yunzi was shaken as she said the obvious, “So you are leaving now?”

Yi Ping nodded, “I am glad that I have made it in time to witness your divine ascension. But now, I have to go.”

He paused as he looked at all the other maidens before saying, “I have to be strong, to be stronger to protect all that I have loved. This is the least thing that I can do. The Stellar Sanctuary is the most perfect place for trials…”

His eyes were beaming. Perhaps this was the only emotion that he could still remember and had an emotional attachment till now.

As he looked at Youxue, Xian’Er, Yu’Er, Mei’Er, Lingfeng, Yunzi, Lie Qing and Xingyue, he remembered how he had met them one by one in the Mortal Realm…

Back then he was only a young startup. He had experienced many fights and experienced more than what others could in their entire lifetime. Because of that, his body pain threshold got denser and denser and his strength improved rapidly.

If a person had never been beaten before, if a person had never suffered before then they would never be able to overcome their own limits and that of that their opponents.

It was easier said than done. Even if you have the will to crush iron with your thumb, would you be able to do so?

Yi Ping had the resolute and the will. He was never deterred by his physical limits and his resolute will would always stretch against his entire strength to maximum his future potential. It was because failure to do so would mean between life and death!

That was the reason why Yi Ping was now able to stand on the lofty peak. But now he needed more challenges. It was because he was now at the initial stage of the Tenth Immortal Positioning and he was striving to attain the intermediate and the late stage of the Tenth Immortal Positioning!

That was why he had to summon the Stellar Sanctuary once again!

Only this time, he had sealed off the entrance of the Stellar Sanctuary to none other than himself!

So now he had become a flash of white brilliant outline!

In a few moments, he would be traversing to the Stellar Sanctuary to begin his new trials!

All of a sudden Lingfeng had flashed to give him a violent kick, causing his focus to be distracted!

He turned around to ask with exasperation, “Lingfeng, what are you doing?”

Lingfeng laughed as she waved her hand to the other maidens who were all nodding, “It is not only me that wants to give an insolent fellow a kick!”

Yi Ping smiled weakly to say, “You mean me?”

Lingfeng laughed softly, “That’s right. When did you become so smart?”

Yi Ping groaned softly, “Isn’t it obvious?”

Lingfeng softened her tone and said, “Ping’Er, we are going with you. No matter how dangerous it is going to be!”

Xian’Er held Yi Ping’s hand to say gently, “We are all determined to go with you. To be together again is not easy. I know that you want to say this will affect our cultivation and meditation but we don’t care.”

All the maidens had already gathered around Yi Ping!

Nuwa was smiling, “You know I hates that place and I don’t want to ever go near that place again. But where you are going, I am going as well!”

Isa was also saying, “The affairs of the Celestial Realm can be put aside. I don’t really want to be the Ruler of the Celestial Realm. Maybe in the past, yes but no longer anymore.”

Alice was also smiling, “I have already delegated the affairs of the Immortal Realm to the Joyful Empress.”

Lele was also laughing jovially, “And I have delegated it back to my grandpa. He is the original ruler anyway!”

Lie Qing leapt into Yi Ping’s embrace as she tapped his nose, whispering mesmerizingly to him. “Just like old times.”

Ye Yin folded her arms as she looked at Xingyue with a wry smile, “We are divine sword practitioners. What better place to test our skills other than the Stellar Sanctuary?”

Xingyue smiled angelically, “Skills at arms is just one thing. Cultivation is another matter.”

Ye Yin smiled amicably, “You may be right or else why you are able to catch up with me. So is our challenge, is it still on?”

Xingyue smiled, “Naturally! Whoever kills the most number of big bosses or contribute to the party the most will be the most superior!”

Yu’Er and Mei’Er said at the same time, “Don’t forget about us as well!”

Yi Ping secretly smiled. It was because he knew that the two of them had already put aside their bitter rivalries and were now very close sisters. In fact, Xingyue, Ye Yin, Yu’Er and Mei’Er were particular close to each other!

Even Aiel was saying, “I may not be of much help but I have brought ample supplies of healing pills for this trip!”

Han Lin said excitingly, “I don’t want to be struck at the lower heavens and I want to be with everyone. Only the Stellar Sanctuary allows us to be in the same group. This is all that I want. Let me go as well!”

Yi Ping said aloud, “Since everyone has already made up their minds, let’s go then!”

All the maidens nodded happily and excitedly!

Before long, there were a brilliant white outlines that surrounded everyone as they were drawn into the Stellar Sanctuary!

All of a sudden the white form of Yi Ping turned to Lingfeng and said, “Wait Lingfeng! I have upped the difficulty of the Stellar Sanctuary by five times and it is irreversible until the time is up…”

Lingfeng’s voice could be heard scolding him lightly, “You buffoon! You pig head!…”

“I didn’t know that you are coming! So why didn’t you tell me in advance?…”

The rest of the maidens were all laughing jovially as their white outlines flared brilliantly before they disappeared into the Stellar Sanctuary!

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