A Martial Odyssey Book 3: The Stellar Sanctuary – Chapter 41


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The Great Desolate Goddess

Yi Ping was stunned by her sudden appearance behind him but he recovered quickly enough to raise his hands against her to try to grab the heart away from the golden kirin cub. 

It was because he was thinking, “If Xiao Ping has eaten the heart then won’t it become a dark beast? 

But this unearthly regal maiden simply knocked him back with a thunderous impact with a single blow from her hand as she forced down the heart to Xiao Ping!

While she continued to maintain her serene posture, Yi Ping was forced to scurry back by her martial strength as he gasped at her profound internal strength! 

The unearthly maiden lit a smile as though she knew what was on Yi Ping’s mind, “Only practitioners that can discern good or evil is able to thread the path between darkness and light. For a beast that has no concept of good or evil, the heart of a practitioner has no undue effect on them.”

The Universal Old Man, the Lord Supreme, the Immortal Saint of Swords and all the other maidens did not make a single move as they stared blankly at her!

All the bystanders had only one question in their mind, “Who is she?!”

Lingfeng murmured unhappily as she caught hold of Yi Ping, “You know that you are not her level and yet you are so bold as to challenge her. Are you trying to get fresh with her?”

Yi Ping smiled bitterly as he said weakly, “Lingfeng, now is not the time…”

The unearthly regal maiden smiled gently at Lingfeng as she put down the golden kirin cub after feeding it, “You are Lingfeng? Aren’t you the Heaveness?”

Lingfeng was startled, “You know me?”

The unearthly regal maiden nodded gently, “In fact, I know you better than you know yourself!”

This time Lingfeng was truly startled as she thought, “How is it possible?”

When Yi Ping saw the smile on the unearthly and regal maiden, somehow he knew that she had meant them no harm so he began to lower his palm and sword slowly…

At the same time the Sovereign Cloud Heavenly King was shouting aloud and his terrifying martial shout rippled like a shockwave in the vicinity, “Who are you? How dare you steal my immortal sword!”

To the disappointment of all the onlookers, the unearthly and regal maiden said coldly. “You are not fit to know my name!”

The Sovereign Cloud Heavenly King said angrily, “If you still insist on your insolence then don’t blame me later!”

The unearthly regal maiden had all of a sudden lifted the Fantian Sovereign Sword in a forward stance and immediately everyone was swept backward by a sudden explosive martial force in a 40m radius around her that sunk the ground 1 feet deep except for the ground underneath her!

Everyone was stunned at the display of her martial power! 

The unearthly regal maiden said coldly, “It does seem that I am able to use this sword better than you instead. But if you think that you are able to seize this sword from my hand, why not give it a try?”

The Sovereign Cloud Heavenly King was stunned. Even though he did not know who she was but for her to floor them so effortlessly, spoke volumes of their martial level difference!

Naturally he was cautious as he thought, “Who is she? Why is that I have never heard of her before?”

The unearthly regal maiden hummed coldly, “You are not coming for your sword?”

The Sovereign Cloud Heavenly King was stunned by her dare and did not make a move as he looked at the Sovereign Wind Heavenly King who was looking nervously at him. At the same time they were looking at Yong Le as well. 

If they all attack her at the same time then would they not stand a chance?

But Yong Le was looking hesitant and so did everyone!

That was because none of them wanted to be the first to die!

At the same time everyone was also secretly looking at Alice, the Sovereign Cloud Heavenly King and the Sovereign Wind Heavenly King; it was because they had already noticed that their minor wounds were already healed!

The Heavenly Kings and Alice were protected by their Golden Immortal Bodies and were almost impervious to all attacks. Even if they were slashed by divine weapons, it was difficult to hurt them as they were protected by an invisible emulating divine force of their Golden Immortal Bodies! 

Even if someone was to forcefully bypass their divine force, they would still be protected by the invulnerability of their Golden Immortal Bodies which were highly resilient to attacks and depending on their martial level, even their fatal wounds would heal almost immediately! 

To really hurt them, it would take plenty of martial strength and efforts. The Heavenly Kings of the Immortal Realm were all at the pinnacle of the immortal level and it was almost impossible to kill them without a prolong fight!

But today, Yi Ping had actually killed the Sovereign Thunder Heavenly King in such a short span of time!

And today, another unknown immortal had actually appeared out of the blue and floored them down so effortlessly! 

And this unknown immortal had actually attained to the Eighth Immortal Ranking, an unknown level of immortal attainment that was unheard of! 

The unearthly regal maiden gave a sudden wryly smile, “If you dare to step forward to claim the sword, I may well consider returning it to you. But too bad and too late!”

The Sovereign Cloud Heavenly King was speechless!

The expressions on Yong Le began to flinch!

The unearthly regal maiden smiled coldly, “Actually I must give you some praises. If you have dared to step forward, I may not be merciful towards you. Only a few among you is worthy to spar with me.”

She began to point at those worthy, “You, you, you, you…”

She had pointed to Yong Le, Yi Ping, Alice, Asura, Lie Qing, Lele and Youxue!

Youxue and Lele were startled as they looked at each other as they said at the same time, “Um, we?”

Yong Le smiled coldly when Yi Ping was pointed right after him!

He raised his eyebrows when this unearthly regal maiden had suddenly pointed to Lie Qing, Lele and Youxue!

That was because he had obviously thought of them as beneath him!

So he smiled coldly as he addressed the unearthly regal maiden, “I am Yong Le the Martial Grandmaster and future successor to the Great God Pangu. So who do you think is the strongest and weakest among the seven of us?”

The unearthly regal maiden smiled coldly, “Who is the strongest is still a little hard to say but I do know who is the weakest among you.”

Yong Le laughed softly, “Then I will very well like to know who it is so that person won’t become a hindrance to us.”

The unearthly regal maiden smiled, “It obviously that the person is you. Why are you insistent on asking such an obvious question?”

Immediately, Yu’Er, Mei’Er, Lele and Han Lin were smiling as they exchanged playful looks! 

Yong Le was shaken as he gasped in disbelief as he looked at Youxue, Lie Qing and Lele, “Impossible…I am the weakest? There must be a mistake. It must be a trick!” 

The unearthly regal maiden smiled coldly, “Think whatever you like. So is there anyone else that still wants to take this Fantian Sovereign Sword from my hands?”

No one said anything even though there were more than a thousand potential practitioners looking covetously at the Fantian Sovereign Sword!

The unearthly regal maiden looked at Yi Ping, “You have raised your hands against me earlier. Don’t you want to lay your hands on the Fantian Sovereign Sword?”

Yi Ping gave a hesitated look at her before saying, “That is not my intention at all…”

The unearthly regal maiden scoffed softly, “Or are you afraid to try?”

Yi Ping was smiling bitterly, “I am not your match.”

The truth was that he was trying very hard to suppress his urge to spar with her; all the maidens in his group know by now that he was more passionate in sparring with them than engaging in romantic talks!

But these maidens were wily as well. They would constantly entice Yi Ping with their secret strokes and techniques so that he would actually spent more time with them than the other maidens!

The unearthly regal maiden smiled enticingly, “But why is that your eyes and heart are telling me otherwise?”

Yi Ping smiled most bitterly…

The unearthly regal maiden looked at him intently, “You think you have a chance against me then?” 

Yi Ping said quietly, “You are not invincible for sure!”

Everyone was gasping at Yi Ping’s boldness!

The unearthly regal maiden raised her eyes at Yi Ping with interest, “Oh?”

Yi Ping did not cower from her piercing gaze and instead said, “The Heavenly Kings are really formidable and I am thinking how it is possible for them to be floored on the ground so easily. Then I have noticed that their movements are slightly slower than usual. I am guessing that they are affected by your purple radiance of your Eighth Immortal Heavenly Eye. But it seemed that…”

He took a glance at Alice before saying, “That practitioners of the Seventh Immortal Heavenly Eye are not affected.” 

The unearthly regal maiden appeared to be startled as she re-appraised Yi Ping once again before she said quietly, “What sharp eyes you got!”

The Sovereign Cloud Heavenly King and the Sovereign Wind Heavenly King began to look at each other with startled expression! 

So that was why! 

But even then, that was not the only difference between them for this unearthly regal maiden was truly formidable even without revealing her Eighth Immortal Heavenly Eye! 

Yong Le hummed coldly as he stared at Youxue, Lele and Lie Qing, “The Goddess Celestial Alice and this Yi Ping, I can understand but the rest of them, I can crush them effortlessly!”

The unearthly regal maiden smiled gently, “Oh really? Why don’t you try? Your duels have not ended yet.”

She seemed to be looking at Youxue before she turned to look at Yong Le again.

Yong Le hummed coldly, “And on whose side are you on?”

The unearthly regal maiden smiled gently, “Are you worried that I may be helping them? This, you don’t have to worry at all. I am only here to watch the outcome of the duels. So, what are all of you still waiting for? I give you my word that I will not interfere with the duels in whatever so!”

Yong Le waved his silver fan as he said to the Sovereign Wind Heavenly King, “So what are you still waiting for?”

The Sovereign Wind Heavenly King heaved a soft sigh as he muttered, “We still do not know who she is. How can we be sure that she won’t turn upon us at the first opportunity…”

The Sovereign Cloud Heavenly King said coldly, “She has just stolen my Fantian Sovereign Sword and ripped the heart of our…”

All of a sudden the unearthly regal maiden lifted her fingers and there was a sudden malevolent aura around here, “You have the audacity to raise your sword against me and you are lucky that I am in a good mood today…”

Alice had blinked next to Yi Ping as she looked intently at this unknown unearthly regal maiden before gasping out in alarm, “Just who are you?”

At the same time the two Heavenly Kings were gasping, “Just who are you!”

It was because almost all the immortal practitioners had turned ashen immediately!

Yi Ping was curious; it was because even though all these immortals were not able to recognize her but when she had accidentally displayed her aura unintentional, they seemed to have somewhat recognized her!

And half of the immortals had actually unsheathed their weapons or readied an offensive martial stance!

Asura was also calling to Yi Ping as she lifted her divine staff, “Yi Ping, be wary of her. She is our enemy!”

Even Isa had unsheathed her divine sword as she stepped forward, “You are not supposed to be here!”

Yi Ping stammered out in bewilderment, “Who…is she?”
Alice said coldly, “We mustn’t let her leave with the Fantian Sovereign Sword or else it will spell disastrous for the Immortal Realm!”

Even Yong Le was startled by the reactions of the immortals!

The Sovereign Cloud Heavenly King said quickly to him, “Leave the duel for later. She is our common enemy! If we don’t get rid of her then we will all be in trouble!”

Yi Ping said aloud, “Wait a minute! All of you are ganging against a lone maiden…”

Lingfeng deliberately stepped on his foot as she shot him a cold look, “She is not what she has appeared…”

The Sovereign Cloud Heavenly King pointed his fingers at her, “You have better be honest with us! That is the Great Desolate Force, am I right?”

There were several mutterings and gasping from the rest, “The Great Desolate Force?! What is that?”

Yi Ping could tell that all the immortals were disturbed by it!

Aiel whispered to Yi Ping, “She is an Ancient Desolate Immortal…”

Yi Ping was startled, “Ancient Desolate Immortal?…”

Aiel nodded quickly as she continued to keep a watchful eye on this unearthly regal maiden, “Right. In the beginning of time, the Great God Pangu had tamed the Great Desolate Force with his Universal Force and had sealed the Ancient Desolate Immortals with the Ancient Immortal Artefacts. They are not supposed to appear since no one really knew where are the Ancient Immortal Artefacts are…unless the seals on the Ancient Immortal Artefacts are broken!”

All of a sudden Aiel gasped softly as she took a look at Youxue as she thought, “The Divine Nine Cauldron! That is an Ancient Immortal Artefact! No wonder she keeps looking at Youxue!”

The unearthly regal maiden smiled wryly, “Why all the hostilities? Shouldn’t the whole lot of you be respectful to an Ancient Desolate Immortal? Oh, I have not revealed my name yet. Very well, you can address me as the Great Goddess Nuwa!”

“The Great Goddess Nuwa!” Everyone was gasping! 

Yi Ping and many of the non-immortals were startled; in fact they were a little confused!

The Universal Old Man was looking at the Lord Supreme with a stunned expression, “The Great Goddess Nuwa? The Great Goddess Nuwa that had melded the Heavens?”

Accordingly to ancient legends, there was an ancient battle during the times of desolate that caused the Heaven to shift to the northwest, causing the sun, moon, stars and planets to shift in that direction thus causing watery floods and mounding soils would subside in that direction. 

The Great Goddess Nuwa were said to have killed the Black Dragon, stopping the desolate floods and firestorms by melding the azure skies, pacifying the Great Desolate Force by sealing it into the ten Ancient Immortal Artefacts!

Yi Ping asked curiously, “The Great Goddess Nuwa that had melded the azure skies and saved the world? The Great Goddess Nuwa that had sealed the Great Desolate Force by sealing it into the ten Ancient Immortal Artefacts?”

The Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa flashed Yi Ping an amused look, “You are the first one that heap upon me with so much praises. Are you trying to be my henchman?”

Asura whispered quickly to Yi Ping, “You got it all wrong! She is one of the Desolate Gods and Goddesses that had upset the great balance by releasing the Great Desolate Force. That is why the Great God Pangu had sealed them with the Ancient Immortal Artefacts…in the Immortal Realm, we call her the Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa but she has faded into legends and is forgotten…”

The Great Goddess Nuwa smiled when she had heard Asura, “The Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa? That is such an awesome title. Very well then, that will be my new immortal title. From now on, the Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa shall be the supreme ruler of the Six Realms!”

Yi Ping was startled, “Six Realms? There is only three…does she mean it figuratively?”

All of a sudden the Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa had flashed next to Youxue, startling her as she whispered softly. “Come with me!” 

Youxue flashed a cold look, “But what if I refuse?”

Youxue immediately raised her penetrating hands and there was an almighty shockwave as the two of them exchanged briefly!

She quickly displayed the Divine Emerald Force to steady herself as she took a step back while thinking, “I can withstand her? Good…”

The Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa smiled coldly, “Not bad but how about this?…”

Yi Ping had immediately raised his sword as he shouted, “Youxue!”

Shen Xingyue, Isa, Lie Qing, Lele and Alice were already upon the Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa as dozens of strokes were exchanged and the aftershocks were alarming!

Shen Xingyue had displayed dozens of epitome sword strokes, the Starlight Fingers and the Big Dipper Hands but still, together with Alice, Youxue and Yi Ping, they still could not gain an advantage over her and before she knew it she was dealt a blow that sent her flying backward!

She was quickly caught by Ye Yin!

As she looked up, even Lie Qing, Isa and Lele were sent flying backward leaving only Alice, Youxue and Yi Ping!

She was startled as she wondered, “Youxue is still standing? It seems that this Great Goddess Nuwa is particular lenient towards Youxue…”

Yi Ping had unleashed dozens of sword strokes on the Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa but all his sword strokes were immediately parried with unbelievable ease with just a few simple movements!

The Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa raised the Fantian Sovereign Sword as she said with irate, “I don’t want to kill the first person that heap praise upon me but I don’t like a person that offend me with such killing intent!”

She had imbued the Fantian Sovereign Sword with her martial power and it had turned a bright hue as she slashed at Yi Ping!

Alice had raised her divine sword to interrupt the Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa as she rained down twelve explosive impacts but all her attacks simply fluttered off her harmlessly!

Yi Ping could feel a piercing force that had already ran through to him; even before her sword stance was even upon him, he could already feel the sword will of this particular stance that could kill him on the spot!

He raised his two Celestial Alices as he unleashed whirling torrents sword slashes to halt this incoming attack even as he was forced to take alarming steps back to block it!

This plunging headlong piercing of the Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa may look simple but no matter how Yi Ping had tried to deflect her straight thrust, she would always deflect his powerful slashes with a slight turn of her sword!

The Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa had taken eight steps and Yi Ping had moved back seven steps; in just a blink of an eye Yi Ping had already unleashed dozens of torrential whirling slashes, the Thousand Memories Swords, including the Fatal Masterstroke and the Ultimate Heavens Encompassing Stroke but still he could not halt her advance. He was stunned by the startling intricate strokes of her swordplay! 

Moreover while she was moving forward attack him, she was also fending off Alice and Youxue at the same time!

In truth, the Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa as equally startled as she had expected him to be fallen by the time she had taken three steps forward!

All of a sudden the Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa leapt forward and had slashed Yi Ping with a thunderous explosion across on his chest!

But to the startling surprise of all the eyewitnesses, the Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa had coughed out blood as she was sent scurrying backward in shock as she gasped, “The Universal Force…”

And at the same time the Fantian Sovereign Sword had left the grasp of her hands and had flown into the ground next to Yi Ping!

Yi Ping was protected by his Golden Body and at the last crucial moment, he had mustered all his martial power to display the Golden Invincible Force as six beaming golden spheres surrounded him!

Even though he had received a critical wound but the Golden Invincible Force had quickly closed his wounds. 

He endured the grueling pain as he squared off the Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa in shock; it was because even for him, he did not know what had exactly happened in the final moments. He had received a fatal slash and all of a sudden the Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa was thrown off balance, even losing the grasp of her sword in the process!

Even Alice and Youxue were startled but they did not press on their attacks on the Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa since the Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa had already halted her attacks. They simply had no confidence of defeating her and they were equally curious to learn what had exactly happened!

The Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa looked at Yi Ping, “You…are the Great God Pangu?”

Immediately there was a large commotion that had suddenly erupted from everyone as they began to exchange furious and startled shock between themselves!

Yong Le was shouting, “Rubbish! I am the real Great God Pangu! I am the real God Pangu. They are obviously in cahoots with each other!” 

He stepped forward to say to the Sovereign Wind Heavenly King and the Sovereign Cloud Heavenly King, “She is injured now. Now is your chance to take her down and to seize back the Fantian Sovereign Sword…”

Yi Ping was muttering, “What is going on?”

The Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa lifted her trembling fingers as she said almost audibly, “I shouldn’t have used the sword of the Great Goddess Fantian against the Great God Pangu. In the end, I am injured by the Universal Force of the Fantian Sovereign Sword when it has awakened…”

Yi Ping was startled as he asked curiously even though he was not expecting the Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa to answer him, “The Fantian Sovereign Sword has awakened? What does it mean?”

The Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa looked at him intently before saying, “You are now the new master of the Fantian Sovereign Sword now. There are two seals on the Fantian Sovereign Sword, the divine awakening and the sanctorum awakening. The blood of the Great God Pangu will unseal the divine awakening while the blood of my Great Desolate Force can cause the sanctorum awakening.”

Yi Ping took a look at the beaming Fantian Sovereign Sword that was just within his hand grasp and it seemed to be beckoning to him. He muttered, “This immortal sword is the Fantian Sovereign Sword. Shouldn’t it be the blood of the Great Goddess Fantian that is required to break the first seal?”

The Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa said coldly, “This Fantian Sovereign Sword belongs to the Great God Pangu and not the Great Goddess Fantian…”

Yi Ping was startled and just as he was about to ask further, the Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa continued. “The Great God Pangu and the Great Goddess Fantian both has an immortal sword that they named after each other…”

By now Asura and Aiel were also by Yi Ping’s side as they whispered to him, “It is said that the Icy Heavenly Divine Sword is the immortal sword of the Great Goddess Fantian, so named after the demise of the Great God Pangu. It is also called the Heavenly Earth Sword to commemorate the parting of the Heavens and the Earth by the Great God Pangu…”

Yi Ping thought as he touched the hilt of the Fantian Sovereign Sword, “So that is why…”

The Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa raised her translucent scarlet robe as she smiled coldly, “So today there are two Great God Pangu. Apparently, one is a fake and the other is the real. Farewell!”

She divine whispered to Yi Ping, “When I have recovered from my injuries, I will surely come back for you…”

She had also divine whispered to Youxue, “You have with you, the Divine Nine Cauldron and I can teach you to harness the Great Desolate Force to further your attainment. It will be a pity if you let your potential be wasted just like that…and thank you for breaking my eternal prison…”

All of a sudden she began to flash out of her encirclements!

Yong Le shouted, “Don’t let her get away!”

Immediately hundreds of practitioners began to step forward to intercept her, including the Sovereign Wind Heavenly King and the Sovereign Cloud heavenly King! 

But the Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa simply floored them back with her martial force even as she said coldly, “If I want to leave, none of you will be able to stop me. If you value your lives, step back!”

She turned around as she struck the forehead of the Sovereign Wind Heavenly King with her fingers, “I have warned you already. I won’t be merciful the next time round!”

Immediately the Sovereign Wind Heavenly King screamed aloud as he was flung to the ground in a great thunderous impact!

The Sovereign Cloud Heavenly King gasped as he called out panicky, “Brother, are you alright?”

But as the Sovereign Wind Heavenly King tried to move his lips, all of a sudden his head had exploded much to the horrors of all the onlookers! 

The head was the most guarded and the most impervious portion of the body but yet this Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa was able to stab him on his forehead and channeled her Great Desolate Force into him in such a short time to explode his head, this was indeed extremely shocking!

Not to mention that the victim was a first generation Immortal! 

Yi Ping shivered at her cruelty and he began to gasp silently as he recalled her earlier unblockable technique, “I have almost become like the Sovereign Wind Heavenly King…”

The Great Desolate Goddess Nuwa was gone in a flash. It was not that everyone was intimidated by her but she had simply moved away too fast!

The Sovereign Cloud Heavenly King had flown in a burning rage as he stared at Yi Ping and his group, “I will be the next challenger! So which of you will be next?!” 

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